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Awakening: The Great Shift in Global Consciousness

With Francis Evans, one of NZ's top trance channellers
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Join us as Mercredan share's a higher perspective on the Universe Laws and how understanding each law can help us create more enjoyable lives.


Mercredan tells us: "You want to create your physical reality for enjoyment. In order to do that one has to understand the law of magnetism. In order to recognise and understand the law of maximum charge (magnetism), one has to understand polarity. And in order to understand polarity so that one can apply a charge, one has to realise that it is always paradox. It is not what it seems.


So often people want to think that you can understand something by using one's mental thought process, but you will discover that is the paradox. Of course one has to use imagination, that is within the mental concept, but you cannot figure it out. It is not an organisation; an application of some form of energy making it happen.


It is a co-creation with the divine. 


And the divine that you are having the co-creation with, is yourself.


Now you understand, how possible is that? Because the divine and yourself seem on the surface, to be exclusive. They do not seem to be the same thing and yet when there is no distinction, that is, there is no separation between you and the divine, everything ceases to exist in that moment; in that space.


Then you must be nothing in order to co-create with the divine, which separates and begins its differentiation out into the world, to draw what you are wanting to manifest.


This is consciousness."

Mercredan, channelled by Francis Evans, will answer 4-5 pre-written questions then allow time for the audience to ask their own questions. Questions can be found on each webinar's registration page.


Come join us and perhaps expand your awareness with a higher perspective and get any answers you seek about spirituality, consciousness or the evolution of human kind.

In previous live channelling we've had questions on a vast range of topics including the new children, spiritual development, law of attraction, politics, heath conditions & healing, religion, ascension, dreams, life purpose, science & spirituality and much, much more.

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Who is Mercredan?

Consciousness Channelled by Francis Evans

Francis is an expert trance channeller, which basically means he can put himself into a deep hypnotic state and allow for higher consciousness to use his body to communicate with us.

Francis learnt to channel around 50 years ago. He has been the channeller to 'Mercredan' since the late 80's. 

Mercredan has never incarnated on this planet, "he" is pure consciousness from a place that some call the Light or Source.

The reason Mercredan is so extraordinary is Francis's unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. What this means is his readings are not only clear, direct, informative and inspiring but they are completely free of any 'human' traits like judgment, vanity, ego or prejudice of any sort.


Mercredan has helped people all over the world find clarity by giving a deeper understanding of what is going on "behind the scenes" in our personal lives such as finances, relationships, work and health, and globally; in politics, war, climate, economy and the shift in consciousness.

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"Mercredan is truly on another level!"

Grant.S., Australia

"Francis is an extremely gifted medium. I've had sessions with other channels but none compare"

Grant.M., NZ

"Nothing is as profound & life-changing..."

Melissa, NZ

"These teachings are blowing my mind! When people find out how good this wisdom is being channeled, it will explode!"

Dee, Scotland

"You have no idea how much your channel is helping me. Thank you."

Sedona, USA

Are you ready for clarity?

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No upcoming events at the moment
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