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Channeling on Humanity and Climate Change

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time, whatever the time is in your particular location.

Everything is interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated. All of these terms suggest a singularity of expression in terms of the differentiation of reality into its component parts. The inner environment is a reflection of the outer environment, and vice versa? So one lives inside of one's environmental reflections.

So it is then that human consciousness is imagining into existence the external components. How one looks at the world is how one experiences the world as everything else in the same way. So if one looks at the world as if it is in its final steps of destruction, then of course one will respond in such a fashion. And on the internal frame, you also experience the emotionals that align with that concept. If however, one considers that all of these changes are necessary for the evolution of human consciousness, then you begin to welcome change in whatever fashion it is necessary for the bringing or waking up of the total human species.

Enough for us to begin this conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan, for being with us again today. How does human thinking affect the weather?

I have spoken a number of times about the fields of influence. One lives inside of the consequences of beliefs, the ideas and attitudes that one holds in oneself, that influences others around oneself, which influences the greater field - the social environment and the national environment - and, of course, the planetary environment, which is called climate and weather conditions. Whatever you consider, whatever judgments you make will, of course, return with their component of the gathering storms.

There is a timing of all of this. Of course, the natural patterns are to bring something if you like to plant a seed. The seed might be a physical seed. The seed might be a mental seed; an idea that begins to germinate when there is enough sunshine, that is, enough light is poured upon it. If it is nurtured enough, it will begin to grow eventually to blossom and to bring about its harvest and then it falls towards the ground yet again to begin another cycle.

When that is in the depths of winter, that is when one is reevaluating where one has come to. The cycle of becoming as an individual, as a society, as a family and so on is pertinent to the nature of the cycles within the yearly unfolding. And on one's day-to-day approximations, one then is casting out one's reactions and responses. If one begins to buy into the rhetoric that is the stories of leaders and so on, one begins to see there is something outside of self to blame. This is the reason why, this is the cause, but it is always to throw it out of responsibility.

In the end, what is the nature of recycling? It is to take care of one's wastage. That is to be responsible for one's own inner world. So that one is not casting out and throwing out into the world things that belong to oneself. Does this begin to shed some light on our subject?

It does, thank you. So what sort of thinking affects climate? Is it only thoughts about the weather or the climate change that affects climate?

Not at all. It is always the things that one is experiencing. Let us say, for example, because I want to say the climate - that is, the external weather patterns - are not separate from the financial disruptions. When one begins to take out of circulation that which keeps things into balance and allows all to prosper, then you will find the weather patterns following suit. So, you take it out of circulation; the weather begins to disrupt the circulation. That is so your fruit and your vegetables are not fed.

So, you understand it is not that you can deal with something separate. If something is in pain or in suffering, it will cause; let us call it a blow-out into the world. It is like a rolling cloud that moves out into the world, and then one gains the responses that are connected to that outburst. If you like, then the hurricanes are brought into being by the amount of depression that is being felt in the world.

All of that is brought about by the management of the social order. The social order is managed by the financial stresses and the financial stresses interfere with all the relationships. They interfere with production. All of this is connected to the climate crisis. So one does not have a crisis as per one thing without all of the others following suit. It all emerges from within the collective. When there is disparity and dislike and criticism of others, one is automatically affecting the whole.

So then we should say that whatever thoughts one has causes a charge in one's system. It causes the emotions to be stirred, and that is what affects the fields of influence which are particles, if you like, (more like) because when you talk about waves and particles and so forth, it does not quite capture the energetics of consciousness. So science wants to make things into physicalities, but physicalities is the end of a fall through the rates of vibrations. That is, the frequencies as it begins to slow from, shall we call it, the blueprints.

So the blueprints are the cause and the wave patterns come from the emotional responses which ultimately form the patterns within the climate. In other words, when some of the total, that is, the human species, have not enough, then you will find there will be drought - not enough. And when there is oversupply, then you will find oversupply. Then you will find floods and storms and so forth. Does that make sense?

It does, and you've mentioned that drought is a representation of not enough - floods, oversupply - and we've got hurricanes being brought about by depression. Is there a specific spiritual energy for every single individual natural disaster?

All events that arise from within consciousness - remember this: the human species is the highest component of awake consciousness. I want to say, everything is a part of the whole of consciousness, but humans have choice of where to put their conscious frameworks, their conscious ideas. So it is truly important that one sees that every aspect of the creation is designed to awaken consciousness in the species; to bring about an evolution in consideration for others and other species and other parts of the whole creation. That is that humankind is brought to being aware of its responsibility to build an aligned consciousness for unfolding.

So then, what you call difficulties are not at all; they are lessons. One is posed a question in the examination. The question is not a simple, easy [one] that anybody could answer. It is a question that one answers because one has learned. And one has taken in the concepts and now one is putting it into operation as one's individual purpose.

So there is not a single thing, not a single particular thought or idea that causes such things, nor is there some sort of spiritual purpose. It is an awakening to the responsibilities one has as a co-creator of the collective universe.

This might explain then why individuals are often not affected when all around them is in disarray, because the consciousness is offering something to bring a peaceful solution. So peaceful solutions arise when a person is peaceful. So you cannot particularly try to make everyone else change their perspective. Nature itself will carry that out whether or not there is anyone in its pathway.

So, when you put your own attitudes in alignment with the divine concept of bringing peace and well-being, then you automatically bring that into the patterns, the shifting patterns of the climate response. Such things then will affect the field of influence as it stands. But until there is a greater energy to bring such patterns to a close, the weather will continue to cause disruption. It is disruption in the supply. If there is a big enough disruption in the supply, then there is no further need of storms and external disruption. Does this make some sort of sense?

Yes, it does. Thank you. Can we ask if the weather events are worldwide or are they local, specific to local situations?

They are both at the same time. In other words, there are localized events as is possible to perceive. And there are more general events. That is, they are more distributed and yet still localized. So the whole is influenced but when one place is in storm, another is in peace. That is, one has respite time to review. And then if there is no change, then another period of influence. I want to say this: Controversially, that is, I have referred in the past to the Book of Instruction. I want to say this is not a religious comment. It is a comment about prophecy. Prophecy is to suggest changes to attitudes.

So in the Book of Instruction it talks as if one is praising what is called in the old days a false god, then you will bring destruction to the land. And the destruction will be famine, floods, and droughts - exactly what has occurred. So while we can see it is a book of instruction and that we have created exactly what was predicted, then the only question left is to what false god have we bowed to?

So the religious community would have it that it is individual others not self. But they are also at the forefront of the destructions that have arrived. The idea here is there is a vengeful God taking out, extracting from the people. And yet that allows you not to acknowledge that you as the co-creators of the experience, there is no external god punishing anybody. You are bringing it on your own heads in order to learn responsibility to the garden.

So if one elevates one's views, as it were, one can often watch what is happening. And yet somehow it carves around oneself. It is not affecting one's own abilities. Whatever affects one has, then it is to look at what am I holding onto, what in my own attitudes and discriminations? What thoughts and blame and shame am I holding onto that brings this into my experience?

So it is the Divine offering its service. Of course there is the consideration, because human beings have truly only one concept that life ceases at the end of one's earthly sojourn. And while one holds to that, no matter what else one is saying, one can believe all sorts of other things. One can pretend that there is an eternal [existence], but if you are holding on to the physical life as if it is the only point then you cannot understand the integration of all things.

If there is a continuation, if life is the awakening to consciousness, whether you are in form or beyond form, there is an ongoing relationship with consciousness. And even at that point, in the early stages, one can even influence the cosmic field. The cosmic field interacts with the galactic field, which interacts with the solar field, interacts with the planetary field, interacts with the patterns within that. That is the climate, and its fields that surround your planet that keep everything in order. That is the magnetic fields and the atmospheric fields because the patterns occur at a higher frequency than simply Earth-bound experience. That is what I have to say on that.

Thank you. So we've talked about this before, but I'm right in assuming that the global natural catastrophes are on the rise, and that's because we're leading towards; precipitating more of a global wake-up? Is that correct?

One has more knowledge. There is more interconnection that occurs. First of all, as I have pointed out in the past, the field of influence used originally to be neighbor to neighbor, traveler to traveler, the minstrels and so forth. And then one had the horse and cart, and then the telegraph, and then the telephone, and then the television, and so on. So though one has immediate interaction, one can see what is occurring at any place upon the planetary surface.

However, the field of influence always moves towards the most dramatic. What point is there to share that you're having a lovely day with a beautiful sunny time and nothing is out of the ordinary? That is not going to gain attention. So humankind has become addicted to attention and so forth, and such attention brings with it dramatic responses. In order for something to gain attention, one has to increase the dramatic content.

And so humankind plays a game with itself: Who can bring the most dramatic to the table and so forth. Now you want to watch even stronger lightning storms, hurricanes, cyclones, and so forth. One even goes out in one's cars to look for them and to drive into it to gain the greatest impact. But what is not so clear is that the very thoughts and ideas increase the power of the storm.

Now you are integrally important as part of the everlasting dramatic response. Is it any wonder that there are more of them turning up?

So there is the interaction, that is the interrelationship and the interdependence. One's involvement is bringing more to the experience. There is more and more desire for more and more intensity, and of course with that, there is more and more charge and more and more divisions. Divisions cause rapid changes in pressure. Rapid changes in pressure cause stronger winds. The winds cause greater damage more and more attention. And now it is circulating. Now you have a cyclone as it gains more and more intensity, more and more attention.

So it's not necessarily the fact that it precipitates the wake up and that's what we're going through as part of the shift in consciousness? It's also because we are focusing on this and we have a desire for more drama or an intensity, and the cyclical patterns happen from there?

Of course everything is interconnected.

And this is the greatest difficulty for evolved spirituality. That is, to stay calm amongst the storm. When there is a fight going on, a dispute going on, to stay calm. That is not to stay out of the dispute but to stay calm within it. So one brings a calmness, an energetic lowering of the tensions, lowering of the pressures. And so the gathering storm clouds within consciousness begin to dissipate and there is greater willingness to hear different perspectives. And so the patterns of the weather do not arrive as predicted.

And so one has often experienced that there is a prediction that does not bear out in reality. This concept was brought into the mental field many years ago. [It] is the idea that if many people meditate together they influence the fields around them. That is so true. If many people meditate together, it also affects the gathering storms - that is both the weather patterns and in the social and political and environmental fields of influence. Then physical manifestation becomes less violent.

Interesting. Thank you for that.

Violence breeds violence, and so patterns that are brought to bear are not random. They always target where the energy is coming from. In one way they point to the true perpetrators. Often you are told in your media that there is a certain perpetrator, but when you watch the weather patterns you can see where it truly is. Where is it coming from.

Then once this would be understood, there would be no hiding. Then you would have a greater understanding of what is happening in the world and what one has to do to truly come together as a collective to address the imbalances.

Can I ask: some people say that the sun has more influence on climate change or climate variations than carbon dioxide emissions. Can you comment on this please?

The solar center of influence, that is the solar system as such, is the container of the planetary field. So it has a greater influence with less intensity. In other words, what comes up from the ground has a greater localized intensity, but it is never free of the solar influence. So the solar influence is directly connected to spirituality. That is, it provides light; it provides the opportunity to see into the darkness. The other, the carbon, is the trap. So it blankets it, diffuses the light and traps the heat. The solar influence of course is building up within the trap caused by human denials. The diffusion that is particular and so on of the light is not shining as it should; not illuminating underneath the surface. It is always metaphorical because the whole creation is still a creation. It is a co-creation of intensity brought from the whole within the field that it influences.

So if one wants to alter the balance then one has first of all to remove the blockages to insight. And that is in this particular case what you are calling climate gases; whether they are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogens and the components of those materials; whether it is various forms of other gases and methane and so forth. All of those are distortions to shining light.

And so there are many, shall we call them teachers, that are shining lights, but they are designed to cover up. There is so much to be understood if one takes a little bit of time to put your attention, your consciousness onto a subject. And to truly consider it and consider what beliefs and attitudes you already hold in that realm.

It is, align oneself with the light of understanding. As a key, in this regard as a key, you will not have an emotional response to it. It will be clean and clear. This is what is now. All I have to ask is: What should I in my personal addition to the collective, what should I do to make it more clear for myself?

So you are responsible for your additions to the discussion itself. If you see that the sun is bringing consciousness, light and life to this planet, you will welcome it as you can. And withdraw all of the fogs that you are putting in place with your attitudes and ideas, particularly those that project out into the environment. Something that truly belongs to yourself.

Can you talk to us about what influence chemtrails have on climate, nature, and humanity?

There is a lot said about such trails as if someone has the willingness, the financial ability, and the technology to create all of this way up in the sky. When they could do it far more effectively, far cheaper on the ground. Such trails as they are, are simply a result of the interaction between one thing and another. In other words, the very nature or notion of travel at speed, which everyone truly likes, has the result that at certain times within the natural environment will leave descriptions of where they have been.

In a place then where there is multitudes of aeroplanes and travel and so on, there will often be many such trails, and in other places hardly any at all. So it is, where does one find that? Of course over cities and accumulations of industrial and military sites. And so, then all of such trails are evidence of the enemy's spying; the enemy is attempting to poison everyone, and on it goes.

I want to say, take away all of the fears of your being and begin to recognize that you have a responsibility for your beliefs and their outcomes. Ask yourself, if I am choosing to believe this, what effect does it have on my consciousness and on my neighbor? If I am sitting in "they are poisoning me," I have first of all chosen a "they." Now I have an enemy to focus my angers and resentments and so on instead of looking at myself. So that is of course the challenge that the human species contains at this moment of transition into the new reality, that is the shift of perception.

We have talked so much about a shift in perception, and this is primary to it, that one understands the nature of the fields of influence. This is truly what is called the quantum world in its true consideration. It is energetic. It is influential effects held together as if by glue by other different qualities. There can be so much understood as the nature of the physical reality begins to be broken into its components, into its energetic components that arise within the structure of time and space. Enough said. That is deep. Enough said.

Yes, thank you. Thank you. So if climate change is the consequence of my belief, then can I reverse it by altering my beliefs? And do I have the right to reverse it since the majority have seemingly come to believe that it is changing?

What a good question! You understand you can continue on the same beliefs or you can change them. It is not to change them for a result. It is simply to change them because that is pertinent to the desire to serve the whole. Serving the whole means serving others.

You understand you are not going to affect the whole. You are going to affect the local, that is, your personal environment. So it is immediately beneficial to self and it is beneficial to the collective. And when one puts one's attention on the benefit to the collective then you find yourself in a more powerful system. There is others within the collective that will support your choices.

Our final question for today is: How can we as individuals manage our thoughts more practically?

First of all, one has to discover what they are. Discovering what they are is reading the responses from the environment. Whatever it is that you wish to attract - everyone has these wishes for fulfillment - whatever one wishes to attract will manifest in alignment with the beliefs that you hold. If it unobstructedly creates then there is no defining barrier to that. However, if it does not appear then one has something in the way. If one simply begins to delve, not into why things happen but delve into the position: how do I make this happen? How is it that I am the total creator of my experience? That I am having this experience, and what if I were to remove the ideas that hold it to solidity? Then my experience will alter and I will discover a new set of ideas. When you are comfortable with the results then you are comfortable with your belief system at the time. That might change in the future, but if you have learned how to align yourself with one's place in the unending, the eternal discovery in consciousness.

So it is about reading the reflections, recognizing that there is a mirror; and I believe we will talk even more about this in our next encounter because we are going to talk about relationships. And this is the most important aspect.

I want to say this: When you come together with others of like mind in your meditations, in your group alignments, simply put into place; may the patterns of our climate in our local area align with what is best for the people, the plants, the land, and the other sentient beings that we share this delightful planet with.

So you are not asking for your own benefit but it is going to benefit you. But you are asking for the benefit of all concerned, and that is always the highest thing you can ask for - that which will benefit the most.

So thank you for your time as we let go of this particular framework. So thank you and good day, as it were, wherever you are. Thank you.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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