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Channeling on Roe vs Wade, Keyboard Warriors, Tall Poppy Syndrome, Ghosts & Déjà vu

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 6th July 2022

Topics discussed in this session, with timestamps:

  • 1:34 Roe vs Wade: What is happening and what can we do about it?

  • 7:53 America: Are we moving towards are civil war?

  • 15:47 Keyboard Warriors: As society, or as individuals, what can we do about these people?

  • 20:20 Anger and Hurt: How to deal with it?

  • 24:32 Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia & NZ: What can we do to change this?

  • 32:00 Ghosts: Are they real? How to help them move on?

  • 45:23 Déjà vu: What is it?


Mercredan (channeled by Francis Evans): Good morning. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

It can be seen, as the old order begins to collapse. You understand that across the planet many of the old approaches are no longer valid, no longer working and as that appears in the world, so new thoughts, new organisations, new interactions begin to form. In the end of an era, new thought begins.

So that is a beginning, Shall we begin a conversation?

Libby: Yes thank you and thank you so much for being here with us again today. So today I have an eclectic mix of questions and firstly I’d like to start talking about the US supreme court over turning the roe versus wade case ending a constitutional right to abortion so what is happening for us here and what can we do about it?

Mercredan: I want to say this. For change to occur one has to drop in a disruptor the system was already in collapse, the system was already polarising and it has to polarise for the energy that was tied into that to be released. So the conflict inside each being is brought to the surface.

The land of the free is revealed never to have been that, but the land of the controlled. And the issue is not, shall we call it, the abortion or the law change, but the issue is the controls that have been applied for individuals to prosper on the, shall we call it, the backs of the whole.

So individuals benefit while, shall we call them, the whole is not progressing. Now it is revealed and it is testing the waters of a complete re-evaluation of all of these political nightmares.

The Russian crisis challenges that style of control. The presidential completion challenges that style of control. The United Kingdom - that is not united and never has been united - is collapsing of course. The United States - that has never been united - is breaking apart of course, as it must. Because individuals have to find themselves and they have to answer to the greater good of all humanity.

So it is all these conditions. Look at the breakdown in the United States, they have not wanted nor are ready to put into place the controls that are needed, but attempt to control those things that are not needed. And so endlessly they have more and more and more deaths by guns. More and more and more and more and it will escalate, only escalate, until there has been enough.

So both of these conditions are the same. The courts want to control the abortion but not the deaths by guns. That is because the united conditions are based on a set of circumstances that is long past. Now is a different era, a different epoch and there is waking up.

Does this answer the question?

Libby: Yeah. So what advice would you give those who are living in the United States and having to experience the frustration and the anger against the people that are in power, I mean what do they do about it?

Of course there has to be enforcement of laws, you have to enforce and when people unite, when there is a united front then you will have, first of all civil disobedience and finally the civil war that everyone wants. Do you understand, and that is where it stands.


Libby: So, America is leading towards a civil war in your opinion?

Of course, until they recognise the freedoms of others. And what is that war going to achieve? Certainly the breakup of the false unity and then their influence in the world becomes undermined. The difficulty is when you are in a world in which others take control.

This is not just an issue for the citizens of that nation, it is a condition for the citizens of the planet. And so all over the world, challenges are brought to bear. Changing climate of everything. The physical climate is a reflection of the inner climate of consciousness. So it is attempting to break free of the past.

Libby: So, talking about this impending civil war, I know that you don't like predictions and time frames etc but can you give us any guidance and are we like, are we getting close to building up, or do we have to see more things break down?

I want to see say this, while I say a civil war, but it is not necessary a civil war of violence, it is a civil war of conditions, you understand how is it possible that those with totally different philosophies can stay together?

It is an impending conflict and what has the citizen power to do? I will tell you this, they have the power to buy a high powered machine gun and put themselves in a roof and shoot indiscriminately at anybody because of the impending anger that is circulating in the field.

It is not necessarily those with anger that are doing this, but the field is filled with it. You cannot separate ones inherent sense of powerlessness. And those who are susceptible will take that to its extreme.

So I am not saying there will be a physical alignment of armies and so forth, but they are already in place, they are already filled with anger and disgust.

So, how is it possible for a resolution without a complete change of perspective? And this is not as I point out, not just a condition of the citizens of a single nation, it is a condition for the transformation of human consciousness.

Everyone must wake up to the danger that they are bringing to bear.

Do you understand, even in your own country [New Zealand] there has arisen a movement of despair because everything is out of control, because of conditions that are controlled by a wider base of community. Does this follow what I am saying?

So it is unification of the masses arising in consciousness that puts the whole above one's individual benefits. Do you follow? Otherwise everyone will feel the pain of that until it occurs. And that is in the field. It is not something that you can alter by certain behaviours or feelings, that one can love another, it is in the field that is outside that manages all of the individuals. So, as it becomes more and more tainted, individuals take it upon themselves to take action.


Libby: Thank you. So my next question is about people who make really abusive or inflammatory or derogatory posts behind the comfort of their computer, so on the internet, we call these keyboard warriors. So as a society, or even as an individual, what can we do about these people, should we be doing anything at all or…?

I want to say it is the same thing. In the field is anger and despair and violence and all that happens is that individuals take it upon themselves to act. Do you follow what I mean?

And who is going to take any effect whether it is a shooter, or someone who is abusive in the home or abusive in the mall or abusive on your internet. It is all the result of the breakdown and the separation into groups.

Libby: So what can we do, you know if we're faced with a situation where we encountered the abuse as an individual, what could I do? do I stand up or do I not stand up, do I walk away, what's your advice?

Mercredan: I want to say this. One can call it out. That is well that is necessary, is to point out to the person themselves that one is sending them goodwill thoughts because obviously they are in need of love.

Because it is said, the dark side, the negative, the what is called the satanic forces, shy from the light. Isn't that the truth?

So one shines in the light. One puts aside one's own anger, realising that anger feeds the force, and one rises above it, one treats it as a great gift to rise above. do you follow what I mean?

Because if one truly can release that, to see that this soul is in pain, this person has a challenge, a problem, and they are trying to deal with it, they are trying like everybody else to survive in the conditions they find themselves in.

Each one living with anger, and anger affects the body, affects the heart and the digestion. Do you follow what I mean? What sadness one feels in the unity for such pain.


Libby: So if you were a person dealing with anger, what's your advice, how do we best deal with anger?

Mercredan: Always to remember this, anger is the cover for hurt. One is hurt first before one can get angry. And when one opens up the wound of hurt, then one can treat it. But if you cover up the hurt, it will fester and it will become putrefied and eventually will kill you.

So anger is there to put the focus back on the hurt, so that you can identify, what is the hurt, how did the hurt happen and most often it is misunderstanding in the distant past.

Many people abuse others because of the hurt they did not ever understand. So often, often it is those that think they are doing the best, have not looked at themselves first.

Libby: So what advice do you have for someone that is ready and willing to heal their hurt, how would they start?

Mercredan: The moment you reveal the hurt, the moment you start to see and acknowledge, I am hurting, already it begins to be healed. Shall we take it in a physical sense, one cuts oneself, if one covers it up without cleaning out the bits of dirt, whatever that needs, as soon as it is exposed to the fresh air, it begins to heal. Just naturally, this part of the natural process. And sometimes you need someone to take care of it. Sometimes you need a witness to listen to the hurt and to see how that can turn into other things, fear or anger or revenge, all of these things arise from an undisclosed hurt. And when you have a witness to the hurt, then you are too, are not alone.


Libby: My next question, in Australia and New Zealand we have a cultural issue that we call Tall Poppy Sndrome, where people cut down or criticize people who of their success or their achievements can you shine any light on what's happening here and what we can do culturally as a nation or as people to break that down?

Mercredan: Everybody wants to shine and everybody has a gift in which you to shine.

When it is said, the great master, when two or more are gathered in my name, there too am I. Do you follow, it is not about religion, it is about healing the world.

So if two or more gather to uplift someone who is hurting, who feels that they are unappreciated. If two or more come and appreciate, what happens? Then more and more people gather. It is part of that collective.

When the energy begins to collect, it builds upon and builds upon. So then how is it that someone will be pulled down when they are surrounded by affirmation, surrounded by acknowledgement for their gifts.

This is not about acknowledging for one's pride or anything else, but it is to acknowledge the gifts each one has. Do you follow what I mean?

So it is about gathering everything is gathering around. Collectively, humanity is beginning to see they are a unit, a body of work.

So it is that one would not expect a cell in the heart muscle to be much good at digesting food. That is not its gift. Its gift is to be part of a whole, operating in the pumping department. Of course there is a similarity in the digestion and in the digestive tract cells if you like, of course, but they are not the same.

And so, if you want to break down a cell in the heart muscle then treat it badly, and you have weakened the whole, you have weakened but when you come together to hold that one, to repair itself the whole becomes stronger again. And as a unit it becomes stronger than it was beforehand. Do you follow what I mean?

So it is the shift in consciousness that is occurring all over the planet. Those that would tear someone down are becoming more exposed, they are starting to be shown that they are not supportive, and as such, they become part of that which repents. Do you follow what I mean?

So the consciousness of your part of the world is moving ahead in great leaps, the old isolation that was traditional when there was no global unity. Do you follow what I mean?

So one does not have to be a Tall Poppy, as you call it, in your own country, you are to be a tall poppy in the world. And what little effect does a population have on such a global condition. Do you follow what I mean?


Shall we say, the wheel has turned.

And I want to say this look at the leadership that is arising in these two nations. The leadership that is showing itself outside and beyond to all the rest.

Inside the countries, of course, those would like to tear it asunder, but in the world the leadership is clear. And no matter what is decided that element of leadership will not be withdrawn.


Libby: Next question is, are ghosts real and what are they?

Mercredan: The question is whether more and more people are capable of seeing the effects. In other words in the, shall we call it for simplicity, the astral planes. That is in the descent of consciousness through its condensations, ideas appear and actions appear, in more and more solidified forms.

So the field, shall we call it, above the physical is the remnants of old actions, and if one is to focus upon it one will begin to perceive it.

Let me give a more physical explanation. If you go to the shopping centre and you see a young child on its tricycle. It is motoring across in front of you. You can watch it move forward or you can adjust your viewpoint so you can see it doing that as a whole, as if shall we say, the thread of time has stood still.

Is that an illusion, or is it the ghosts of time. You understand that there is a ghosted image of time left inside.

So what are ghosts but the ghost images of time. So are they real in the sense is it occurring in the present or are they simply the residual concepts left as an image in time.

Libby: So it's potentially the resonance of something that happened, so if say somebody saw a ghost in the garden, that doesn't necessarily mean there's a spirit in the garden, it's more they are tuning into the resonance of that shape of that person that had happened previous times, so it's like time overlapping?

Of course, if one goes to a site of a dreadful occurrence, one can see the images that are left in the frame, in the field as it were. Why are these images left there, because of the emotional impact that set them in time.

Libby: Is there an emotional resonance too?

Of course.

Libby: Or is that is that our emotional reaction of the images?

I want to say, in the descent into physicality the emotional framework is what is leaves in the astral field. So it is always how one is attracted, how one applies one's concept if you like, one's desires into the world.

So everyone wants a certain thing, even if it is resistance to a certain thing, it has just as much emotional impact to bring that into being.

Libby: Are you talking about the focus an individual might have on a particular place or an energy and either whether they're trying to tune in and focus or they have resistance of something, either way…

Mercredan: In the terms of the ghost image one of course has to be open to it. Otherwise the physicality and one's own emotional intent overrides. One sees the physical world as one is projecting it.

Libby: Okay

Mercredan: But if one is open then often one sees the residual images left in that position. Always, of course, to the degree of the attachments to that place.

So if one is not highly energised, one will not see all the rest of the images.

Libby: So if somebody moves into a house for example and there's a lot of residual images and resonance of emotions, is there a way, I know that there are people that do offer services but is there a way that we can clear that those imageries and residual emotions?

Mercredan: When one acknowledges something, that it is real in the sense of where it is, then one would naturally communicate. One would speak to the image, one would acknowledge the particular experience and suggest that unless they are willing to release that, they will be trapped in that place for a long time.

Libby: The images will be trapped in that place or the…

Mercredan: Of course, and of course the energy leak that is tying the soul up. The consciousness is trapped, better to say the consciousness is trapped in the image, in other words in the event of which they have not processed the lesson.

Libby: So they are still tied to the event and they've not been able to fully move on?

Mercredan: Of course and then they are energising it. They are feeding it into existence. How else can it stay there, it's not a permanent thing without energy. Everything requires energy to manifest it at whatever level that is

Libby: So that it's not just images or the resonance of the residual emotion, there is a consciousness still tied up?

Mercredan: Of course

Libby: Fuelling it and the energy?

Mercredan: Of course

Libby: But they haven't been able to… so if the consciousness has moved on from the physicality, have they not then been able to do their review and move on into consciousness, are they still tied?

Mercredan: The review is held up of course, because the residual concept is still there in their consciousness. For example, there are many hotels that you like that are filled with alcoholics, they are yet to release that nature, and one more drink is all that is required in their mind. So they attempt to attach to others in their consciousness form.

Libby: So they're basically trying to attach to those that are under the influence of the same addiction that they had in their physical life?

Mercredan: Of course, of course and so it feeds both ways. So both are energised and of course that is less helpful to the one who is still in physicality.

Libby: So the consciousness may not be able to move on for decades or even centuries in our human timeline?

Mercredan: Of course, of course, and that is been the case in many circumstances and sometimes even talking to such residuals will not free them, they will not be ready or willing to forgive. So many of these are held back by vengeance, a willingness to damage others. And sometimes that certainly occurs and if a person is open to that, if there is an underlying guilt.

Libby: Okay. So if somebody takes over a premises where there is that residual energy and they are focused on it and they're affected by it, if to have then a conversation with this residual energy, but if that energy or that consciousness is not willing to, is it heal, is the right word? Then what, you have to live with it?

Mercredan: I want to say this. Such a situation is a rarity. In the end, if this were clarified one would simply move from the situation because it is… they are going to continue but it is rare. It is very rare and very often these are old places with significant events having occurred.


Libby: Okay, thank you. So my final question is can you talk to us about what déjà vu is? What is déjà vu?

Mercredan: When you talk in this terms one is simply continuing the idea that time exists; a past a present and a future. But when all of it is occurring simultaneously, then one is simply seeing what is in the state of being. One can either perceive it and forget it. Do you follow what… because then when it arrives one recognises one already perceived it.

It seems as if the future is determined but the future is determined by the present actions.

So whatever one perceives as, shall we call it, your déjà vu is already part of the activities that one is engaged in. Does this make… I understand this is quite confusing because it is difficult to perceive fifth dimension experience, that is when time and space unify as a singular system.

One is then overseeing the whole. So when one perceives such an event, that one seemingly has seen in the past, one has at that time shifted viewpoints to see an overall cascade of events.

So the future event is mirrored by the past event. In other words, when you see something in the future it is a result of something that was in your past. Do you follow what I mean? Even though all of it is simultaneous.

It is a function of the overall influence of consciousness. It is a mathematical function determined by consciousness, individually on mass.

Libby: So when you, when somebody’s experiencing the feeling of déjà vu, are they reading the consciousness, because generally it's only a few seconds …

Mercredan: You have arrived at what you perceived. So it is it is a memory to demonstrate that consciousness is within the space-time continuum.

So such a space-time continuum is not, cannot be perceived as a flat piece of paper, a flat plane, but it is jagged and it reflects on itself. It twists and it turns in many degrees. Do you follow what I mean?

So sometimes one could visualise this by, if one were to look at a turn on the road you can see the what is ahead even before you arrived at that place.

Libby: So you only have déjà vu when your prediction of the future based on the present is accurate

Mercredan: That is correct

Libby: And so what about people that have frequent déjà vu, are they just

Mercredan: They are very good at predicting. They are very good at seeing what consequences lead to, because all of this is about consequences and lessons. When you can understand a behaviour and its consequence, then one has learned a lesson, a valuable lesson at that.

So one then begins to take actions that lead to desirable consequences. If you tell someone you love them, you can be fairly certain you will get a desirable consequence.

If you are angry at somebody, you will get a different consequence, less desirable. And so then you begin to take action, you learn from consequences, that is the nature of the physical world that requires time. Because without time the consequence and the action are the same

Libby: Okay thank you is there anything else you'd like to add before we finish today

Mercredan: That is enough for today.

Libby: Okay, thank you.

Mercredan: Once again thank you for your time and your responsibility. It is always a pleasure to work together. Thank you and good afternoon.

--- END

Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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