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Channeling on The Cycle of Life and Death | EP19

Updated: 6 days ago

Channeled Transcript

Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everything is in harmony because everything is a unity. What you believe comes into one's personal reality and so it is so difficult to understand one's judgments are the sets of beliefs that draw you into the world as you see it. As we come together to watch and listen to these discussions, it is as if we are all sitting together to receive and what you receive from the divine is your own personal understanding of the words as they appear in your personal experience. Enough for us to begin our conversation.

Thank you, thank you Mercredan for being with us today and a lovely introduction. Many of us who have been following your insights over the years have talked about how we interpret things differently, and I think that's exactly what you're saying in your introduction - that our beliefs or understandings or our perception of what you're saying is different based on I guess our filters.

Of course, and as a result one experiences those special perceptions.

Thank you. Today I'd like to start off by talking about the cycle of life and death and the challenges and opportunities that having a finite physical life brings us. Can you talk to us about this?

Every moment is a birth and a release. One arrives at the crossroads of events. One experiences it to whatever degree. One makes determinations of its importance, its meaning, and thus creates the next moment in one's personal evolution.

So it is important to recognize that there are cycles within cycles within cycles. One can integrate a certain amount of understanding. That is, one can experience life for a short moment before one has to integrate it and to take out what is to be experienced and saved. So at the end of a day of time one has transformed oneself in certain ways.

Unless of course one is holding on to old perceptions then one's cycle is a repetition, is a repetition, and in such a way one limits the importance of such a life's dramatization. So at the end of the day one has been birthed, one has transited and experienced and integrated and falls into the depths.

In the depths then one begins to sort out what is of value into the deeper consciousness often determined as the unconscious storage facility. In other words when a piece of information is no longer valued at the present time one puts it into the archives. So one is constantly archiving what is of value and bending what is not of great importance.

After periods of times - a month or a year or a decade or a lifetime - one is constantly accumulating valuable information, and at a certain period… Because during this time one is also accumulating all sorts of destructive ideas.

When one holds on to something that was a past dilemma, that is where opposites are in conflict; one accumulates it, settles it into the framework of one's life. The archive then becomes rigidified. The body facilities harden.

Because they become limited in their expression, the body becomes less mobile in terms of whether that is the mobility of the digestive system, the mobility of the bones, the muscles, the heart, the brain - all of it is the limitations brought about by accumulation of the toxic environment. I think one could make all sorts of perceptions of how that affects one's personal experience. Shall we move on?

Thank you. So going back when we talked about the cycles within the cycles within the cycles, and you said that if one is holding on and I guess is not learning, not transforming, then they repeat. So they're repeating the cycles within this life, but are they also repeating physical lifetimes if they're not learning?

The accumulation becomes rigidified in the system. At the end of the life, like at the end of the day, one slips into the dream framework where limitations are released and opportunities are developed. So if one wakes up in the morning having remembered the dream: Let us take example that one is trapped, that one is in a place where you are unable to get out of, then one wakes up in the morning and has a deeper understanding that one has to allow oneself more freedom.

The unconscious has unpacked that in the archival structure of one's total experience, and so the next day one is a little less stuck. Often one might have realized that the work one is doing is not serving one, and so one begins to review. At the end of the lifetime, the entire experience of the preceding times is reviewed.

All of the decisions, all of the limitations, all of the events, and most important, the consequences of it, are reviewed. And it is from that greater review that one can eliminate that which is unimportant and to bring to consciousness - that is the universal consciousness - what has been explored and what has been concluded.

And from that, whatever remnants are left to be completed. That then is the final - for most experience at least - the final field of influence. So consciousness then is left with the remnants of that field and that will be picked up in the resonance of another incarnation.

Interesting. Thank you.

As you can see, it is all part of the universal whole. There are indeed special cases where someone arrives at that point of release without judgment of anything or anyone and as such there are no remnants to be redistributed. Such an entity as such can find itself alive in the paradox, that is, alive as its individual consciousness within the total consciousness as a unified whole. That is a difficult structure.

So do they reintegrate themselves rather than incarnate?

As such, there is a unification in consciousness as a unified being.

And are these the souls those that have reached a higher level of enlightenment whilst they are in the physical frame...?

One could say that.

The likes of Jesus?

Of course. One thing to remember is, as I pointed out at a lesser degree of course, the fourth law of differentiation, of definition, creates that experience so when one defines soul then one separates it from the whole. Spirit as a unity is within the paradox of the living being known as the undefined.

So that brings me to my next question when we were talking with Francis about this topic last week. It's a little bit over my head but he said if paradox causes polarity then there has to be a paradox of life and death. If there is a life and death polarity, what is the paradox this is uncovering?

Of course, because first of all, the paradox is, what is life? Because the incarnation into solid form is a separation that does not indeed exist. There is no separation.

Let us give an example. The actor is coming into the movie studio to take on a role in the great epic drama. They come in and divest themselves of their own individuality and adopt the individuality of a script writer. They begin to shift their very nature in the way in which they walk, the way in which they talk, the way in which they think. That makes it believable and at the end of the day they return to the self. Did they exist as the role? Of course. Otherwise where would the movie be? But do they really exist as the role? That is the paradox.

Of course, because otherwise the drama, the story, would not touch the audience, and if the drama does not touch the audience then the actor has failed to become that identity. So you arrive in your drama. The only difference is you have forgotten you are the actor. You have forgotten that you are also the script writer and everyone else is taking on their own parts in each other's dramatic events.

So you are all the creators, the script writers, the actors, the sub-actors, and the audience of your own unfolding. And for what? For consciousness which is the overall understanding of each element and each understanding and perception from every point of view.

So because we are talking of personal evolution, let us add here that when one interacts with another, if one shifts one's attention into being that person and to recognize that every action they take, every thought that they have, every understanding, is accurate for that point of view, then one has expanded one's own point of view. Now you are viewing from a different level of experience.

So you can look at your history, you can look at the events that have determined who you are and to recognize what was it that occurred in that event from every point of view. So one is looking not just from one's field of influence but from multiple fields of influence and one is expanding and integrating into a higher being.

Can I ask around the analogy you used before - actors and script writers, is the script of our lives written before or during our physical lives?

The question arises because one separates before and after. However, the script as it is is constantly evolving from the perceptions of one's consequences. Though one is exploring and experimenting through the nature of involvement. To the degree that one enters into the experience, the benefits and the consequences become much clearer. Does that follow?

It does, thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add before we wrap up today?

I hope that as we make these discussions a wholeness of the vision becomes clearer and clearer and one's ability to manifest within it is a greater power.

It is difficult to understand that giving energy to one side of any enterprise powers the whole. That is, if there is a war going on and one takes a mental side, one is truly feeding the very conflict. If one then elevates to understand, “How is this possible and how can I bring compassion without interference?”, that is without taking part in it, brings it slowly but surely to its natural conclusion.

Consequences will come about throughout the history of human design. I want to say, the consequences of the history may be expressed in eyes of the past or other future. That is enough for today. Thank you for your time and such valid questions. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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