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The Urgency of Awakening & The Wisdom in Your Creations: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions asked in this channelling session:

On the shift in consciousness/global awakening

On creating your own reality

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 3rd November 2021


Mercredan (channelled by Francis Evans): Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Humanity stands on the very edge of the shift in consciousness. Not the shift in consciousness as yet but the shift in consciousness that is shaking up the very foundations of reality as it appears. So many threats from many places are coming together in a standing place where the old mechanisms no longer can operate. Enough for us to be getting conversation.

Libby: Thank you. Thank you so much Merc, thank you for being here with us again today. Today I would like to talk to you about the information you have shared with me recently, regarding waking up in the shift in consciousness, I felt that there was a real sense of urgency to the information, am I right in assuming this?

Mercredan: Of course. The urgency is the shaking ground. Humanity has no longer any leeway. Already it is clear to everyone that the way forward is not on the same track as appeared at least in the past.

However, many people are waiting for things to get back to normal. But they have forgotten that normalcy was not serving the planet as a whole. So more has become more and more evident that you cannot simply continue on and leaving behind the rest of the planet.

One of the great shifts in consciousness is the waking to unity. The awakening that every action has a consequence.

And one always needs to first of all ask for the consequence. ‘What is if I take this action, what result do I expect that is in line with the action?’ Of course, one could simply delude oneself thinking that it has no effect. So many times, humanity has said ‘well what can I do as an individual, I have no effect’. But in reality, every action has an effect. First of all, within the locality, that is the local field, but it accumulates and spreads and so on.

So does that answer the question that of course it is urgent, in the sense that for so many human beings. Unless it is urgent nothing happens.

How much time have you being given before urgency arises?

Libby: I have tried to tell people what you have shared with us and some are really not ready to hear it, they either interrupt and literally saying they don’t want to hear anything negative or say that it’s interesting, and then they move on…

Mercredan: You have to recognise whatever someone perceives is in their world of perception. So many people think that something they see is negative, rather than seeing that the way they are seeing it is negative.

They do not want to be accountable for their own projections, their own negativity. You are not going to change such a person; such a person of course must meet self.

As has been said so many times; such a person must meet the consequences of that perception. If you do not want to see what is happening, then you will meet the result of that. It is a little like driving on the road; you are on the road and you are simply saying I don’t like what I am seeing, I am going to close my eyes and keep driving. The consequence is obvious.

Libby: But does this really help, I have been told that words really don’t teach so how useful is it really?

Mercredan: It is supportive. What is happening in your world today is many people coming together with momentum. They are finding that what is going to change things. It is not sitting in the silence, what you have called the silent majority is becoming more the silent minority. Louder comes the calls from more and more people, while less and less people can control everything. It is an underswell.

You think that is going to happen from the surface where people can see it but of course the shift in consciousness is a groundswell. It is shifting the ground underneath where everyone thinks they are aware.

For most of humanity the idea of a shift in consciousness is a conscious shift. But it is not going to occur in that fashion. It is not going to be a general shift in consciousness as it has been in the past, it is a radical shift, where a sudden explanation changes the entire patterns. I have been saying all along that individuals do not jump the barrier if you like, everyone accumulates together and the shift occurs on mass.

Libby: I follow other channels and a number of them are not really talking about the dire situation we are in with the sense of urgency, they tend to more focus on building people up and being positive, can you make comments to this?

Mercredan: One has to tap in to the underlying framework, if you like. And for so many, the ideas need to be profound in order to change the driving force. Shall we suggest that there is an adoption of the idea of spirituality, as if the spiritual will come down to the pre-existing reality, that people will in their physicality, tap into something beyond it. Rather than spirituality is the whole.

There is no universe outside of the consciousness, outside of the willingness to express what is needed. The physical world has to be rebuilt. It has to be re-imagined and it will not occur while one is inside of it, the inside of it in the sense that you can manipulate the physicality from within.

If you are really clear, creation as it occurs, occurs from the Divine. And when that is understood, one has to be focused in the divine for creation to be the re-imagined. That has to be a shift out of the physicality into the higher realms in order to manifest.

So, if you are ingrained in a physicality, if you are talking about managing the physicality, then of course you want to remain positive. But if you want to rise to the divine and to evaluate, what do you see? Do you see a world of enormous positivity? Or do you see a world that is out of harmony? And is it positive to call it out of harmony, is that a positive statement? Of course not, it is saying to you, you must change. You cannot continue destroying, you are destructive, not individually, of course not. But as a whole. And every individual destructive activity is building into the whole.

So, what occurs in your so-called social media, people are destructive. Are they constantly uplifting? Of course, some, but often in the main, if someone doesn’t like what they see or hear then they want to be negative. And they want to say the other person is the negative one. How negative can that be? Rather than looking inside to what is being offered. Is there an uplift-ment? Is it uplifting back to the divine, to re-imagine the possibilities?

You wanting to remain positive, but not always will it work. And so far, humanity has continuingly overridden and destroyed.

The very fall of humanity from the higher realms, the descent into physicality is designed to bring about understanding consequence. Often it was called karma as if life time after lifetime is carried forward in some form of punishment, but is that valuable? But if you see that your actions produced results. And those results will come back to the world.

So if you look into your history - what is the history? It is the legacy that led to where you are at the present moment. All of it, the history is designed to shift attitudes, to wake up to the reality and to take action to rebuild harmony, to re-assert authority, that is the divine authority each individual is given. Or I want to say, in a sort of humorous way, the authority that individuals are burdened with. Because, you have to use it for the benefit of the whole. And in the main, most people use this authority for personal gain. Not looking for the consequence that it will play out on the whole either in the moment or eventually.

Libby: You have talked about the great rebalancing, where everything is redistributed equally. Does this mean the average person could lose their house or everything that worked hard for or does this mean more that the super-wealthy who have been hoarding their best billions are more likely to be re-balanced?

Mercredan: Let us look at it in a sort of different framework. Everyone needs somewhere to live. Everyone needs somewhere to live that does not consume them. Everyone needs enough food on their table. Everyone needs enough to survive. Everyone needs enough of the right things for social integration. If you unbalance that in whatever way, then of course there is going to be internal conflict. One thinks the internal conflict is between others, but if one is living inside of a community, inside of a society, inside of a nation and all of those nested fields of influence, it is going to be a psychological conflict as well.

And so many people deal with their psychological conflict by expressing anger. They want to pick on others that they see are the fault. But the consequence is poor health, because you cannot have anger in your being without it affecting the organs that deal with such organisations. The physical body is not free of the psychological one that one has indoctrinated with all of the ideas because one wishes to live in an unbalanced world.

So does it mean that individuals will lose their houses? Of course not. But look at it. What is under threat by the actions of humanity? Is it simply what you are calling climate changes? Of course.

But it affects the coastal zones, which are the best and most expensive places to live, the coastal zones. Are they going to be inundated? Of course, because humanity simply refuses to take notice.

But the conflict is not a physical one at all, it is a spiritual one. It is in the divine field that manifests. If one has lost one's way, in the definition of the spirit of equality, that is divine reward.

So, if you have lost your way in the divine, then the manifestation of that loss of direction begins to take shape. It is not separate, you cannot simply say there is a physical world, and some people think there is a spirit or I think there is a spirit and God is looking after me because I go to church and so on; I pray to the divine in some fashion. But it is not the same as divine equality. Divine harmony. The divine looking out for the creation as a whole, including all of the species and all of the creation itself. Do you understand?

Even the very structure of the planet is expressing divine thought.

So, you look at it as if the climate is something in the clouds, in the sky, but in the end the climate is a psychological framework of the entity called your planet, your homeland. As if it is just as real as your own inner workings, the planet has its own reality.

So, human consciousness is the highest order of consciousness, given the ability to perceive reality from the divine perspective. And that is called awakening.

Libby: Would you say that if we see a problem around us then we are part of the problem? So if there's something around us that we don't see as a problem but we're conscious of it existing, is it still a projection of our own inner selves, for example, malaria in Africa, I am conscious of it but it doesn't affect me personally, am I part of the problem still?

Mercredan: I want to say, within the localised field, of course not. But as the nested fields inclusive, of course. Does humanity, in another location, have the answers? Of course. Does it apply the answers, and if not, then it is separated from the divine. But it is not an individual task, it is an awakening task.

Shall we put it another way. Does the deserts in Africa affect the climate that is destroying the wealthy? Does the desert that was created by one portion and now it is returning the reward of it. And so is the malaria reflective of the whole? Does the malaria, and the ecological framework and everything out of balance in that particular locality, is it free of affecting the whole?

Everything is interconnected, interdependent, interrelated.

Libby: Okay, thank you. So you said that it's been this is the first time in history that we all shift in consciousness as a whole, the entire planetary population…

Mercredan: I want to put it in your history, your history goes back a certain distance. But in the history of all eternity, and eternity is not localised, in that sense. So, of course there have been such major shifts in consciousness but not in your written historical memory, not in the memory, even the underlying psychic memory. But there have been shifts in consciousness in other times.

This time is the first moment that technology as you have designed it, has connected the forces of all together. This is the first time in history that you have the ability to speak as one unit.

Libby: Can you give us some advice, people that are going through their awakening, how can they then help?

Mercredan: I want to say, when you give advice to anyone the first inclination is to be pushed away, no one wants to be told what they should do. Even if they ask ‘what should I do’, they do not really want you to tell them what to do because it plays on their own selfhood. So, first of all the shift in consciousness as awakening is the ability to create reality. To create one's own way of life, one's own happiness.

Shall we say then, if you are in a space, you are always happy, you have always everything you need, there is no sense of loss or lack. It doesn't mean that you can simply purchase, consume everything, but it is awareness that certain things are good for you and certain things are not. Then you’re in balance. And then you are demonstrating this. If someone comes to you and asks you simply by saying, well I’ve learned how to create my reality, I could let you in on some of what I’ve learned but it's up to you.

Then they are in the position of asking how to. And you can offer coaching. If you learn this, let's take it a little bit at a time. Let us learn what is divine source and what is my mind. So, it is not advice as such but walking alongside.

And if you look at your life, someone has always walked alongside until you have got the basic ideas, the basic structure, the basic patterns, the tools, shall we say. And the way to work with the tools. Always you have been shown that. Whether it is from direct divine intervention or it is another human being.

So you are not setting yourself up as the expert but simply, shall we say, the words are “this is the way I’ve done it, these are the steps I’ve taken, but you must find your own steps, I can share mine, I can be a guide in your unfolding”.

Libby: Great, thank you. So, when we go through the process of understanding truly that we create our own reality and that we have the ability what you called it to manufacture whatever reality that we want, how do we then dis-create any really sticky bits that may have been programmed, part of our subconscious and are creating a reality or fragment of a reality we do not want?

Mercredan: Remember this, creation happens when one is caught up in it, when one is feeding it with attention. If you take your attention off it, you see it as it is; this is something that I am feeding, I am simply going to take my attention off this and I am going to use my attention in a direction that I prefer. So, you are removing the attention that is feeding it.

Libby: So, do you have to become conscious of the attention? What if you're not conscious of the triggers or the behavior that's resulting in the result?

Mercredan: Of course, if one is not tracking, if one is not experiencing the result, if one is pushing the result away and pretending it does not belong to you, you are not involved inside of it, then there is no path out of there. Because the threads that you are looking to follow are inside the creation, when you put yourself in to the creation and experience it and what it has to offer. The creation has some wisdom in it, even the most difficult have wisdom. And when you learn the wisdom of them, they dissolve in their own fashion.

Experience is for wisdom and as soon as the lesson has been integrated, not just learned, you can learn something and not apply it, but it is integrated into you. This is what occurs, then you will see it is the consequence of action. It is the consequence of beliefs, of indoctrination and so forth.

Let us take an example of this. Humanity in most cases is indoctrinated into the certainty that the physical world is the eternal world. This is the world that exists and nothing can be done about it. Therefore, every challenge and problem in the physical world has to be dealt with in a physical way. Then you have to roll up your sleeves and begin digging oneself out of the muck.

If one realises the physical world is simply the manifestation in time and space of the inner constructs, the inner frameworks, the conflicts of the inner world manufactured, manifested in physicality in order to gain time and space, in order to gather the wisdom.

So, the loss of wisdom of any situation creates the situation. Until the two are brought back together, then one must continually manufacture the same old situations over and over and over again. And that then the bringing together of situation and wisdom, is waking up.

Libby: Nice. Thank you. So are there any, in terms of like tackling our subconscious programming that…

I want to stop you in your tracks. Subconscious programming is a creation that puts it out of reach.

Libby: What can we call it instead then?

Mercredan: Shall we say that if you shine the light of awareness, if you look inside your activities, if you look inside the creation that you were experiencing, you will find that the unconscious is not so unconscious.

The purpose of all life is bringing consciousness to the unconscious.

Libby: So I was wondering if there was some sort of process or modality that could help people with that ?

Mercredan: Once again experiencing… the unconscious programming creates certain experiences. If you experience the experience, that is, if you are not being in denial, if you are not pushing it away by saying I don't like having this feeling. So, what the feeling you are having is the feeling of not liking the projected feeling you think might occur. You are not feeling the actual feeling of the experience, that is pushed away, it is in another reality.

So, if you cease avoiding it, if you see it and recognise ‘I am pushing this away, because I haven't yet fully experienced what it is, without putting an idea into it’. Once I take my preconceived ideas off and simply sit in it a while, explore it, see what can be gained, look around from within that experience, and look for the wisdom. What is the reward for being here? What am I being rewarded with?

Shall we take an example? You have a sense that you want to be free of an addiction? So, you experience what it feels like to be addicted to that substance or thing. And you sense that right away, when you are experiencing it, what a good feeling it has? You are now not avoiding it, but you are experiencing it and realising how good it feels. What is the wisdom from this? The wisdom from it, or at least one of the wisdoms, is that I am not getting enough in my life to feel this good. So, I am having to rely on this other activity to get fed what I am not feeding myself in other ways.

You understand, now you can look at it and ask ‘what else would there be that would give me the same uplifting feeling?’ ‘What would I have to create that would be beneficial for myself and for others?’ You understand, unless you put in “and for others” you are still individualising and causing separation. And you will not find that sense of goodness in separation.

Libby: Very good, thank you. Can you tell us more about the steps of how to commune with nature?

Mercredan: A good question to follow straight on. Most people see nature separately. As if nature is something that they are observing outside of self. But the nature is you. This is who you are and if you see something in nature that is not connecting with you, then what in yourself are you not connected with? What is it that brings out that sense of belonging in the world?

So, you walk in nature and you see, shall we say, the tree; the brother, the sister tree - this is your family. It is your family; it is welcomed in to your home and your home is the field that you expand. So if you feel yourself in your body, you are happy that your body is who you are. And if you put your attention a little further out, you say this is my personal space, I don't want anybody in my personal space. And this is my family environment, I can include my children, my husband, my mothers and everyone else in that field. Now if I say ‘here is the tree, this is my family, come into my field, you and I are one, come in to my personal space’. You extend your personal space out and you touch the tree. You hold the tree in your personal space as part of the importance, you are then not separate from it, it is part of who you are.

And then you begin to appreciate everything in nature. It is not a separate world, this is my world, this is my walk in nature, this is my connection to nature. Nature and I are family.

Libby: Fantastic, thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us today?

Mercredan: Humanity is standing on the edge of the most amazing shift. But it will be as difficult and as upsetting as you project onto it. If you are willing to fly, then one has first of all to jump into the unknown. If you trust the divine, you'll fly. Of course, it doesn't matter whether you live or die because you will always be eternal, but if you feel that you are living a single life as long as you can against all the odds, can you possibly jump into the unknown. Of course not, then you are trapped in the physical and the difficulties that that presents.

So, humans are standing on the edge of an awakening that is so freeing, after a long many millennium of waiting. But many have to give up their destructive tendencies. They have to give up their victimhood and their aggressor-hood; both sides of the coin.

Libby: Thank you

Mercredan: Thank you for your time and patience. So, life progresses and with it one notices just how in tune one is becoming. How do you notice it, because you are experiencing it. Thank you for your time and good afternoon.

Libby: Thank you, thank you very much.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years. Mercredan can give us a higher perspective and deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives and planet, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events. Click here to read more about Francis’s journey and Mercredan.


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