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Everyone Must Wake Up In 2024 | Live Channelling with Mercredan | EP01

Updated: Mar 7

Transcript/session notes kindly provided by a member of our YouTube community. Full video can be found here:

Important Points on this Channeling:

Our beliefs shape our reality by creating distinctions from the unity and defining experiences. These distinctions become more relevant and prevalent, leading to an ever-descending series of sets of definitions.

People long for freedom and are waking up from external restrictions and systems that no longer function and are responding creatively, leading to increased conflict but also recognizing interconnectedness.

A comprehensive shift in conscious awareness has arrived affecting individual, social, and galactic realms, leading to a fundamental transformation across all levels of existence.

One should focus on personal creation as a means to take positive action and support new directions. Your individual field of influence affects the national field of influence.

Observe and enjoy the process of change objectively. Conflicts signal the final stages of it. By staying in one’s highest reaches as a beacon of light, one attracts those with similar lights. The goal is for all to succeed.

Eventually, all individuals will ultimately awaken and recognize that their experiences are shaped by their actions, perceptions, ideas, beliefs, and attitudes, creating their own existence. Defining someone as an enemy, builds a framework for conflict that is ready to be actioned.

Harmonizing anything means giving up a particular set of viewpoints. Growth and expansion are unsustainable and will inevitably lead to contraction. Unless you take systems down from the top and are willing do so, there will inevitably be a collapse at the bottom.

Global interactions lead to a reevaluation within national arenas, where countries need to design new approaches to limit the effects on their populations. Every group, every individual, is within the whole and coherence becomes essential and is part of the awakening.

The progression of objectives in our world wars is territory, values, and now mind control. There are attempts at persuasion by feeding into our lowest energies. Crucial in present times is self-awareness, critical thinking, and evaluating all information for reasonableness.

Channeled Transcript:

You create your own reality. You create your experience and every experience is created by definition by distinctions. Every distinction separates one from the unity of all and in doing so becomes more relevant and more prevalent. If you believe you are a spirit then you exist within the realm of spirituality. If you believe you have a body then you’ve arrived in the physical dimension. If you believe you are [a citizen of a particular country] then you begin to take on all aspects of that particular viewpoint. Everyone creates an ever descending series, sets of distinctions and definitions.

Our beliefs shape our reality by creating distinctions from the unity and defining experiences. These distinctions become more relevant and prevalent, leading to an ever-descending series of sets of definitions.

Everything is obvious. Human kind have arrived at the place where one of the greatest desires is freedom, and freedom from controls and the collapsing nature of systems that no longer provide. So individuals all over the planet are waking up to the restrictions placed upon them by external identities, structures, and events. That has heated up the qualities and definitions. When one is hot under the collar, when one is heated in debate, one stands opposed to others and there is a lot of friction and then you expect that your planet will not heat up. Everything is interconnected, interdynamic, and interrelated. So whatever one thinks and does affects the whole. In the same way that the definition came into existence, the fields of influence flow outward. So it is a point of time where the old systems of domination are no longer working to any degree. So individuals are becoming more responsible. They are showing their responses and awakening to the inner qualities of creativity. So you are see all sorts of evidence of how that might become relevant. All sorts of inner and outer conflicts, whether that is military wars but also ideological wars and so on and individual inner conflicts. The spirit is somehow against the physical world, but of course in all reality everything is interconnected.

One has arrived at this perspective and point of change. The change is reflected in all the realms, all the fields of influence: individual, the family, the community, the society, the civilization, and the solar aspects and realms of planetary interrelationships, and in terms of the galactic field and beyond into the cosmic field and so on. Consciousness is once again “turning over in its bed.” A new realm of conscious awareness of forms is taking place.

Regarding progress in the process of waking up, [there are] those in difficulties and there are those that are awakened to their position within the creation. There are those involved and those observing. Those that see it is a creation and they should not add their energy to the disputes and the physical conflict.  There is an awakening but until the whole is shifted, it is better to withdraw one’s energy into one’s personal creations. Then one may take positive actions. One can support the changing of direction and so on, or one will move into fear and support that which will attempt to hold on to the old and cause further and greater conflict and suffering. One does not from this perspective want to get involved in your politics but you and everyone has to be aware of a spiritual degree of activity. That is within the political frame of reference. Your individual field of influence affects the national field of influence.

It is OK for those to sit back and help others. When the change is coming along, or when the bus is coming along, what are you going to do at the bus stop. You have to wait for it to arrive. Will you become bored and do something destructive like scratch your name in the seat while you wait, but the bus will eventually turn up on time. So you are watching the final stages of the great game as it were and the question is who wins the game or do you watch the game for its activity. Do you enjoy the game and it is irrelevant who wins it? Because one then is making oneself out of the emotional input. One is not feeding the game at all. One is observing it and enjoying the final moment as it plays out. The choice of enjoyment is always in one’s own court. In order to enjoy something, one always has to belong and be in touch. Often it appears as if there are difficulties, but the difficulties come from conflicts within. When you observe the conflicts, it is the end of the game. You are seeing the end point where anything will go in order to win and in the end what occurs does not support anything at all. So when one stays in one’s higher reaches, when one stands tall as a beacon of light, one then draws to one those with similar lights or those who are attracted to it and then you can settle down and take on the new aspects and as you take on the new way of integrating or to see everyone is in the same field of influence. When one fails all fail. When one succeeds, the joy is universal.

It is inevitable in the longer term that everyone will wake up. There are those who pass into the inner realms in order to avoid responsibility. Then they must be reborn as we have talked about in the past to clear up the old unfinished disturbances within consciousness. But in the end all must awaken. All must arrive and see that the experience that they have is driven by their actions, by their perceptions, by their ideas, beliefs, and attitudes, they are creating their own existence. There is no way out of that. If you define someone as an enemy – they do not have to have done anything – but if you define them as an enemy you are at war. And then you will take action as if they began the war. But already it is sitting in the framework ready to be actioned.

Coming events will boost the coming awakening because they occur across the nature of the world at conflict. Because harmonizing anything means giving up a particular set of viewpoints. First of all, the idea of endless growth is flawed, and so endless growth will not continue. The event then is contraction. When something has reached its maximum then it must contract. If you breath in, there comes a point where you are completely filled and you cannot even hold on to it because it has to be released. First of all, endless expansion cannot continue and with that comes the endless expansion of the financial systems of the world. So you are seeing the contraction occur, and it is always talked about as if it is to be expected; cyclic and predictable but in the great awakening the sense of sudden understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, there is no need any longer for the systems as they stand. Therefore governmental systems begin to collapse. Expansionary sense that each and everyone has more and more and more when there is never a sign of enough. So you bring that into action when the financial system ceases to operate within that realm. And it will become evident and it will be fast. A collapse is like a tower of bricks. If you pull out the bottom one it will all collapse. If you pull out the middle one it all collapse still again. Unless you take it down from the top and willing do so, there will inevitably be a collapse at the bottom.

The interactions of the global sense but with that comes a reevaluation within the national arena. Individual countries will have a need and design new approaches that will limit the affects on the population. You are already beginning to realize what occurs as the social coherence breaks down in every area of the world. When there is coherence there is a resonance between every aspect of life in the national interest. Every group, every individual, is within the whole and coherence becomes essential and this is part of the great awakening.

Conflicts will begin to calm down after 2024. When there is no further support and if you do not have the money to make armaments, who is going to fight. Nobody wants to fight. It is ideological warfare. As we have talked in the past, there were 3 world wars. The first one was for territory. The second one was for your values, your heart. And the last one that you are in, is the war for your mind and the great players are playing it out by delivering all sorts of mental persuasions and ideas and all of it feeding into the lower chakras of life. And waking up means human kind choosing what they believe in. Choosing who they listen to. Choosing to review every thought, every article, every news item or anything to ask is it reasonable to accept this. Or does this sound like one side is promoting ideas. That is what you are all worried about. Fakeness, fake news, fake people, fakes of everything. You are brought back into your own self to awaken. That is significant for the awakening of human kind.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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