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Private Channelling Session with Renowned Trance Medium Francis Evans

  • Do you feel like you desire something that you may be blocking (e.g. a new job, more money, a partner or improved relationship, starting a family, having better health or freedom from self-defeating behaviour)?


  • Are you at crossroads and would benefit from clarity (e.g. leaving or taking a job, moving location, starting a business)?


  • Do you feel like there's something you are supposed to do but you're not sure what or why you are drawn to a certain direction?


  • Are you seeking the guidance of Source to help you heal, maybe nothing has been able to help and now you’re keen to get some understanding from a higher perspective?


  • Are you looking for specialist information but can’t get it from anywhere - there is no information or books out there to help you?

  • Are you interested in “past” lives or alternate realities and how they might be influencing your current reality?


  • Do you have lots of questions about life or feel like there is more to life than what you see?

You're In The Right Place!

Who Are Channelling Sessions For?

Everyone with an open mind! 

Anyone feeling stuck, confused or looking for clarity in areas of their personal or professional life; health, relationships, parenting, career, finances, family, historical issues, past-lives and even scientific explorations.

Anyone craving more or looking for answers to bigger questions like why am I here, what is my purpose, what is consciousness, have I been here before, have my partner & I shared a past life together, is there other life 'out there', what happens when we die and so on.

Anyone looking to get a higher perspective on universal matters or events such as politics, the environment, economy, war, technology, education, healthcare and the shift in consciousness.

Your Questions, Answered

Clarity and Peace Await You:
  • Channeling sessions can offer you powerful insights that can change your life and clarity on subjects that you have lacked momentum on, whether its relationships, money, career, family, health or spiritual…

  • Channeled readings can help you feel inspired with thought-provoking guidance and answers that can help you on your path...

  • Asking your questions to an experienced trance medium can give you a sense of peace for where you are now - often people comment that they feel any worry and anxiety lift immediately as they hear the wisdom from Mercredan...

  • Channelled readings can give you  a deeper understanding of the cause of any health issues, helping you let go...

  • Working with a trance channel can give you an expanded awareness of limiting subconscious beliefs helping you move forward in your life towards manifesting your desires, whatever that might be... love, money, fun, fulfilment, peace, happiness and more!

  • Come away with nuggets of wisdom to better understand what’s really going on in this planet and what’s really beneath our recurring patterns which sabotage us.

What's Included:

Each 1-to-1 private channeling reading is 60-minutes long and conducted online via Zoom. All you need is a device with reasonable internet and space where you won't be interrupted for an hour. You will receive step-by-step instructions at the time of booking (you won't need a Zoom account).


Private sessions are $150 in your currency and include a downloadable video of the session (mp4) so you can re-listen and continue to get more from your session for weeks and months to come.

Are You Ready For Clarity?

Our purpose is to raise the planetary vibrations and to inspire people to shift in their consciousness.


By helping you find clarity, direction, peace and more joy through a higher perspective and the wisdom shared by Mercredan, you're helping us create a more stable and evolved world for future generations ♥︎

What to Expect:

A guide for booking and attending your private channelling session

The Channelling Session:

Channeling sessions, with trance medium Francis Evans, are conducted online, like an ordinary Q&A style conversation. After a brief greeting, Francis will enter a hypnotic-like state to allow the energy known as Mercredan to communicate through him. Because of this, Francis voice can sound a little weird as Francis's brain works to translate the communication. 

What a channelling session is like with Francis/Mercredan:

  • The conversation is directed by you, the enquirer, so have questions prepared but also be prepared to have more questions as you receive answers.

  • Mercredan is pragmatic and direct, while still being compassionate.

  • You can find out about health, finance, relationships, historical issues, past-lives, even scientific explorations.


What a channelling session is not:

  • Francis/Mercredan is not a psychic and in the main will not make contact with deceased relatives, however, if asked, can comment about the progress of those no longer in physical form.

  • Mercredan will not answer questions about another person, other than commenting on the questioner's relationships or influences between them.

  • Mercredan can comment on questions about health, but not offer medical advice.

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Booking a Personal Channeling Session:

  1. Click the "Book now" button and you will be taken to our online booking page

  2. Click the "Select Service" button for the service you are interested in e.g. Private Channeling Session

  3. Select a day and time for an available appointment on the booking calendar and click "Book". If you are not based in New Zealand, you will be given the option to change to your local timezone.

  4. We have implemented a fairer fee system. Select your fee based on your location. If you are in Australia, its NZ$165, if you are in USA it is NZ$245, all of it converts to being around $150 in your currency.

  5. Fill out the booking form and check the booking summary on the right. Add any coupon codes and click "Pay now".

  6. Enter your payment details and click "Pay Now".

  7. A confirmation page will load. you will also be sent a confirmation email including a guide to the session including what to expect, using Zoom, and advice on preparing your questions.

  8. That's it! More details will be given at the time of appointment booking but if you have any questions prior, please feel free to reach out.

Are You Ready For Answers?
What Others Say:

Stories from people who have had private sessions with Mercredan.

Grant Bridger.jpg
Grant Bridger, Actor/Writer/Singer/Theatre Director

"I would count myself as being one of the greatest Mercredan fans, I probably had a session a month for a few years,  relishing the collective wisdom of ‘the group on the 'other side’.

Wonderful and grateful to have had the connection with Francis, an extremely gifted medium. I have been to sessions with other channels but none compares.

Mercredan brings great energy and challenging yet marvelous insights both personal and global. I could go to Mercredan with nothing on my mind or huge problems on my mind and always come away feeling fulfilled. The exclusivity of being able to sit in a room and get some valuable insights into problems/causes/solutions and directions in life.


There were times when info was shared with us which we were encouraged to keep to ourselves – for example, an insight into the disappearance of a certain plane some years ago.

I am a convert – absolutely, but must add – beware of the charlatans that are out there and call themselves channels. Until one has had a “Mercexperience” – you don’t realise what high connections Francis is able to access. 

I unreservedly recommend a channeling session for anyone no matter what they do – just take an open mind. There is no question that Merc sessions have been an integral and inspiring part of my life and anybody who is open, I guarantee will be inspired by having a session. 

I love Francis and respect so much his work and dedication to bringing clarity and positivity to people’s lives while at the same time encouraging them to play an active part about the personal footprint we leave on ourselves and in turn the planet."

Melissa Jane, Founder of Soul Nourish, Homeopath, NET Practitioner, Intuitive Healer & Coach

"I found mercredan through a family member I have had around 6 sessions if not more and at the time I was very depressed. I was at a crossroads and I found the session so powerful I now book a channelling reading any time I need clarity & direction. I trust sessions for all major life decisions.


I was really depressed, had a lot of stuff going not well in life and I was desperate for answers. Kinda like well life is shutting all doors I try to go through so maybe this session will lead me to the door that is open.


I felt surprised at how accurate the channelled readig was, all questions answered in the opening of the session/reading. I felt the depression lift in the room because of the clarity I received in the session and I really never felt lost like that young version of me did ever again.


I love how much trust I have for the guidance, it really is life-changing how certain you can feel about this in a positive way after a session. I love the understanding and direction. I love how things I was worried or confused about never get a second thought after a session.


I have a channelling reading once every few months. I view him as the thing I utilise for life guidance, I view him as a trusted life advisor.


It will change your life for the better. Do it because there is nothing quite as profound and life-changing like it available in my experience and I have been to a lot of readings, healings, coaches etc and Merc is close to number one in my life enhancement toolbox. There is nothing else I have ever experienced that has been so helpful for me."

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 9.48.31 AM.png
Grant Smith, Homoeopath, Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, Martial Arts Instructor, Sound Healer & Reiki Master

"I grew up in an environment where channeling or trance mediumship was not unusual, and as such have had readings since childhood from a variety of mediums and sources, not to take anything away from these other practitioners, as each one was beneficial and life changing in their own ways, but Mercredan is on another level. 


Having also trained a little in trance mediumship myself, I have to say that the consciousness manifesting to us as Mercredan is truly on an advanced and elevated level. 


The readings from Merc are not only clear, direct, informative and inspiring, but they are also completely free of any 'human' traits like judgement, vanity, ego or prejudice of any sort. 


This itself is a testament to the quality of Francis as a channel, and we are eternally grateful to him for volunteering his body as a vessel for this work. 


Mercredan has assisted us with all manner of life choices, be they personal, private, business or familial, even past life information that guides this current life. 


He has also given us invaluable information regarding our son, and greatly influenced our approach to parenting. 


We generally do one to two sessions a year, approaching each session with a plethora of questions that are all comprehensively addressed.  Time with Mercredan is time well spent."

Delaine Jones, Counsellor/Writer

“I had my first channelling Mercredan session back in 2003 when I first met Francis with his incredible talent to surrender to universal wisdom. Someone recommended him to me. I was most impressed.


I nearly always take issues I’ve had with relationships in my life & Health issues.


I trust it/he implicitly to give me an unbiased view. It’s like consulting with an infinite mind which has the right amount of compassion, encouragement and it leaves enough for me to figure out myself.


It explains the hidden cause for many of my issues and helps me to get on top of those issues. Either by creating an understanding that I was lacking or whether I go away with proactive steps to bettering my health by having insight to the emotion behind the causes of my dilemmas.


I always feel very relieved, sometimes emotional as it brilliantly identifies the hidden culprit inside my confusion or struggle with others for a long time. The answers Mercredan gives me lighten my worries or doubts about myself.


I love the sense of I’m no longer alone in this world. The relationship with having Mercredan in my life means I have a “go-to being” whom can help me master my evolution. 


I value it strongly that I can evolve quicker than I would without it. I love that it is so gentle with me and at other times it will crack the nut inside me which I find difficult to admit to myself. But once out in the open, I feel incredible gratitude for this resource in my life. 


I have regular sessions speaking with Mercradan to expand on my knowledge around events happening in the world. That’s incredibly interesting to gain overviews of each situation I ask about. I then share with my friends what I learnt… e.g. why are the whales beaching themselves as this affects everyone.


Mercredan is the best being I’ve ever dialogued with on a personal level. I’d recommend this opportunity to everyone! A reading with Mercredan will give you incredible clarity around your relationships, your health and your truth, your destiny. You will come away with nuggets of wisdom to better understand what’s really going on in this planet, what’s really beneath our recurring patterns which sabotage us. Also of immense value is getting to the bottom of what’s causing your health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. Speaking with Mercredan you gain powerful insights that can change your life.”

Libby Evans,  Conscious Marketer and Mum-of-2

"If you are looking to expand your consciousness or get answers on questions you are struggling to find answers on I would wholeheartedly recommend a session with Mercredan. Any time you wished you had a crystal ball or anytime you are ready to level up in your spiritual awareness.

I first had a Mercredan channelling session in 2004 when I found out through Francis’s partner that he was a trance medium and had been channeling for decades - I’d already known him for 3 years by then but had no idea!

I was super eager and curious. I had had psychic readings and astrology readings but never had I sat down with a channel who channelled a higher consciousness, beyond a spirit guide.

I was blown away. I immediately wanted to have another session. I had so many things I wanted to ask. I was so excited and thrilled that I had found someone with an extraordinary gift that could help me personally with guidance in my life.

I love knowing that I can get guidance directly from someone or something much much higher than anything I have ever known. It has raised my awareness exponentially.

I have had around 2-3 sessions per year for the last 15 years and Mercredan has been a pivotal coach for me in my life. Although I have now learnt to open the channels to my higher self, there’s nothing like cutting to the chase and getting validation and direct guidance from Source itself."

Graham 2.png
Graham Wilkinson, Health & Wellness Practitioner

I got into natural health to get my health right and after being trained in 12 different healing modalities over the last 20 years I have been helping people find their own way back to wellness. Over the last few years Mercredan has helped me with healing myself and clearing myself after I conduct healing sessions for others. He’s helping me evolve to a higher level as a healer.


His channelling sessions are enlightening and reflecting on them has made me realise I need to use him more to develop my skillsets. His sessions are not only informative and challenging but they’re helping create growth for me.


If you want to learn, be challenged and be enlightened then definitely consider a Merc session. Francis is not a normal channeler. People who see a psychic channeler want them to tell them the future – he’s not like that, he comes from a much higher place. He gives you much more to think about and sometimes the answers are not always what you want to hear but he’s often right and it makes you look more closely at yourself and the direction you really want to take.


I feel like I’ve learnt everything in the physical world over the years but the information I’ve gotten from Merc over the sessions I have had is so profound it has going to help take me to a new level.

Are You Ready To Level Up?
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