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Our Story

The Story of Channelling Mercredan with trance medium channeller Francis Evans

Mercredan is setting the landscape for a more unified and compassionate world for now and generations to come. ♥︎


Bring an open mind and be a part of the preparation for an enlightened planetary civilisation and together we can help uplift the planetary vibration! 

The Channelling Mercredan team currently consists of three humans; channeller Francis Evans, his number one supporter and wife Delaine Jones and his daughter-in-law Libby Evans, conscious marketer and passionate student of the planetary shift in consciousness.


Together they are supported by many of Mercredan and Francis's long-time fans and friends. 🙏

Libby had her first session with "Merc" (an endearing term for Mercredan) in 2004. Since then she has had a keen desire to "bring Merc to the world". In May 2019 Libby asked Merc about partnering with Francis to spread Merc's messages and he responded: "There is a time. The time is now." He said he has been waiting for humankind to be ready for the message to be heard and begin to apply what is being said and now is the time.


Read Francis's story below about his story of learning to channel and getting ready to bring his gift to the world. ✨

Head over to the private channelling session or group channelling session page if you are keen for a session with renowned trance medium channelller

Together, our purpose is to...

Inspire people to shift in their consciousness

Encourage an understanding of selfless over selfish

Build the recognition of 'the unity of consciousness without separation'

Uplift the planetary vibration

Create a more stable and evolved world for future generations. ♥︎

"There is no doubt that humanity stands on the edge of a precipice and we need all the help we can get to navigate it and to help settle the new species children into place. This, I believe, is the role of Mercredan and those like him have to play at this time."

- Francis Evans

About Mercredan

Consciousness speaking through Francis Evans since 1989

After learning hypnosis and through some other extraordinary peak experiences, Francis was able to take himself into a deep hypnotic state and access an unlimited source of intelligence.


Unlike psychic channelling where the psychic connects with their guide, a trance medium channel, channels higher consciousness. This state of mind identified itself as “Mercredan” and comes from a higher perspective. Some call it a higher dimension, but when asked about this, this was his response:

"Even the dimensions themselves, the levels that even I talk about, do not exist as such. They are simply ways of defining and describing something. So if you want to say I am from the 9th dimension, that means I am above the 5th and 6th and 7th and 8th and so on. And then the next thing you will have is someone saying I am from the 13th Dimension, and then the 300th dimension and so on it goes. But all of these are distinctions are put in place by the consciousness that is still in competition. And there is no competition. It doesn't matter."

He explains where "he" is "from" as a point of reference;"a place where knowledge is formulated earlier, that we call the Light or the Unity".

Mercredan can give us a different perspective and a deeper understanding of what is going on in our minds and globally, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events.


He explains his and Francis's roles as simply translators of one consciousness to another.


"We are translating a soundless language into terms and terminology that an individual can understand."

When Mercredan was asked why Francis, he replied: "He was taken down a path of education that led to a deeper understanding of the inner workings of nature."

Recently Libby asked Mercredan what key message he would like to share with the world is and he responded:

"I think it is important that the world, the species learns that manifestation comes with responsibility and that learning to manifest without that responsibility and higher purpose will cause more problems for themselves than not being able to manifest at all. And that is why it has taken humanity such a long period to arrive at this point. And only because the very nature has caused them to review as it had in other times beyond."

Mercredan has helped people all over the world find clarity and solutions to their earthly difficulties. Mercredan has said he doesn’t give the solutions but guidance that helps the investigator discover their own answers.

Mercredan is available through Francis during private or group sessions. To find out what sort of questions you can ask and what else is involved in these sessions, visit the Private Channeling Sessions or Group Channeling Session page. 

About Francis

The Journey of a Master Channeller
Francis image.png

"There are no accidents. If you let them, events conspire to lead you

to where you're supposed to be going. My story is no different.


The Teacher that Started it All


I came under the influence of a wonderful psychic and teacher who was waiting for us children. Her name was Margaret Davies, with whom I studied with for just three years, and whose influence has guided me and remained for a lifetime.

In 1970 Wellington, New Zealand, Margaret taught a small group of us how to meditate, as she knew it.

In effect, she was teaching the art of channelling, but none of us knew that at the time.

She was a rather biggish Scottish woman with quite an accent, yet on the rare occasions she channelled Ah Tu for us, she seemed to shrink and spoke with a distinctly Chinese accent. For us, it was impossible to fathom.

Her encouragement was always “open your mouth and let it speak”, more easily said than done, Margaret. After I got through the initial test, I was quite attuned to it but thought very little about it.


Young and Still a "Sponge"


I, like many at the time, was experimenting with psychedelics such as cannabis and LSD. During one of the LSD trips, I was taken to the edge of annihilation, or insanity and experienced a meeting with a great being or light. This experience was to stay with me.


I went to England in early 1973 and there I encountered Human Potential Movement and the “Orange People”, followers of Bhagwan Rajneesh who later became Osho. “Accidentally” I discovered Primal Therapy and broke my defences to childhood traumas, and to some degree freed myself from their influence. Over the course of several months, I dipped into a variety of other techniques and practices.

At the end of 1975, I made the decision to return overland to New Zealand and as a parting gift, I was given a copy of “Seth Speaks”, the channelled work of Jane Roberts. It spoke to a place in my heart.

We arrived back and settled into normalcy. Really, that didn't happen, because I was far from normal.


Hypnotic Trance Leads to Channelling


I joined the only psychotherapy course going at the time, incorporating hypnosis. I learned hypnosis and was bored in two minutes by the repetitive patter. I was introduced to the Erickson style and I was captivated; this was it. I became entranced with hypnotic trance, and the more I practised the deeper I went into trance myself. Maybe I become a “trance-junkie”, but once again my temperament didn't have the extremism needed.

After only a short period I was taking myself into deep hypnotic trances.

At the same time, I had started a group to study the emerging works that Seth was producing. During one of these early discussion forums, I casually mentioned that I had been trained in a meditation technique very similar to what Jane Roberts was doing.


One of the group members encouraged me to “give it a go”.

So, one Sunday evening I went through getting ready to “speak out” in meditation and a character who called himself “Is'bah” started speaking.


At this stage, I was barely able to retain present reality awareness in the trance state I had induced in myself.


A few weeks later I completely released the need to stay and the first channellings happened. We began recording them on tapes which I refused to listen to as I was disturbed by the voice change.


Is’bah, the First Teacher


Is'bah claimed to be a past-life teacher of mine in middle ages Persia. He was instructing in science and mystical Islam, or Sufism.


Over the next two or three years, we amassed a huge library of tapes that were probably never listened to by anybody. The group members discussed the readings and I generally absorbed the essence of them, by both listening and by osmosis.

Eventually, the Seth group broke up and another friend suggested I start holding evenings for anyone interested in listening to this phenomena.


So, I began holding hour-long sessions for a small donation. Is'bah continued to come through with what was apparent wisdom.


The Introduction of Mercredan


Then, one evening, quite out of the blue a new voice and quality entered the room. It was evident right from the start that it was very different. The voice introduced itself as “Mercredan”. This was late 1988 - early 1989.

Mercredan explained that “he” was a nothing and nobody, that the name was really nothing more than an address by which to connect in with, much like a telephone number. Remember the internet and emails were still in the future. He reminded us that when you ring the number you expect it to be answered by your friend.


He said that Mercredan was made up of two words meaning a “Master of Mercy” or better translated as compassionate leader/teacher.

He also explained that there was no separation in consciousness, that “he” and me, Francis, were not independent, but were also not the same. This was one of the earliest references to paradoxical reality.


He discussed that Mercredan, as a point in consciousness was unique to my (Francis) perspective and that everyone was able to access the unlimited sea of consciousness for themselves.

They could have their own “mercredan” but it would not be the same location. He pointed out that the reason for choosing me was by mutual agreement. I had a certain openness to the field that had been demonstrated over time through Is'bah, and that I had a vocabulary that suited his vision and temperament.


There was no prohibition for others to access the endless sea of awareness, but their inability to eliminate the personality would taint any messages presented to them.


He also spoke about a person's ability to understand the delivery he makes, so that over time, listening to the private session recordings would more than likely change what was being heard. For these reasons he said, some messages were made for a future period. I have had a number of clients report this back to me.


Earlier Sessions


The early sessions were more about getting comfortable in the setting.


I was going ever deeper into trance and releasing all connection with my personal identity, and to some extent, Mercredan was cleaning out the inner rooms.


The sessions were often intense and contained, but I always emerged from them invigorated and renewed.


There was some sort of mental realignment happening. I have been asked whether it is tiring, but this has never been my experience. It is as if the sessions provide a space for personal healing, and sometimes there is a palpable intensity in the energy of the room during sessions. Each of the personal sessions seemed to be attuned to the participant.


Scientist turned Channeller


While I was becoming very comfortable in the sessions, I was not comfortable being a channel, after all, I was an Industrial Chemist professionally, a scientist. I tried to rationalise these two mutually exclusive parts of myself without much luck.


As time went by, I came to see that my scientific background was a benefit, not a curse. I was sceptical at first, and for good reasons, I have retained that scepticism. I see no reason for there to be a conflict between open-minded high-level science and metaphysical reality.


Another Breakthrough


In 1991 I was sent a brochure about a program called the Avatar Course, a new personal development course. I never found out how this found its way to me, and while there is a whole story about this, it is enough to say I brought the first Avatar Courses to New Zealand and I had another breakthrough or it is better called a breakout.

During one of the processes I returned to the light I had seen twenty years earlier on the LSD trip. I was amazed, dumbfounded and intrigued all at the same time. I bathed in it for probably twenty or so minutes before I realised it might not be the end of the process.


In another moment it had dissolved entirely and I was held in the richest darkness I could never have imagined. I was in a home beyond home, in which I could have stayed forever, and it took Will to come back, forever changed.


Tapping into the Sea of Consciousness


Following this experience, the sessions with Mercredan became clearer and free from residual contamination.


During these sessions, there was little of myself left.


Life was also more difficult to navigate. I seemed to have stepped out of time, which had advantages as well as disadvantages.


My mind was mainly empty of thought as if I was consistently tapping into a vast sea of consciousness. I describe this as a sea of the total thoughts of all mankind over its entire history. It might be what the ancient wisdom schools call the “Akashic Records”.

The sea of consciousness actually helped me to see problems in the work environment more easily. If I distracted my thought process by reading magazines, solutions to problems that had been evident simply dropped into my consciousness as if they had been worked out elsewhere by a team of engineers.


Closet Channeller


At about the same time, 1989-1990, I started doing private sessions outside of family and friends. Mainly these were for people who had come to Sunday evenings.


At this time, I had not even contemplated “coming out”. 


Many in the gay community have related their conflict over “coming out” and for me at least, it was equally as difficult “coming out” as a channel. I felt there was something weird about it, and anyone who did this stuff was just as weird if even it was myself. I admit that I was ashamed of it. This seems an odd thing now, but it certainly wasn't then.

It wasn't until I left the corporate world in 1996, becoming a full-time counsellor and trainer that I started acknowledging the “weird” as a gift, and started using it, and astrology, as my tools of the trade.


By this time I had developed a method for dropping the identity and swiftly engaging into the vastness of that sea of consciousness. I still used the method I had learned from Margaret but by this time it was automatic.


Teaching Others to Channel


I had also developed a training programme to teach others the Channelling process but I generally found that dropping the ego presented a major challenge for people. Many of the participants were fearful of losing control and entering an alien dimension.


There was, and still is, a desire for protections; candles, crystals and smudging, whereas I was certain that in order to meet unwanted guests one had to first create them and then invite them in, something I wasn't about to do.


Mercredan’s “Moral Code”


Mercredan was clear from the start that he wouldn't interfere in someone else's reality.


He would not give information about someone else's journey except for how it affected the enquirer.


He wouldn't tell someone what to do, as he said if he were to do that why would they need to live?


He offers guidance about the elements that are playing out in any situation, from which an enquirer has more understanding from which to make choices.


Sometimes he may refer to other lifetimes, but even here he has a different perspective to most.

The Present


Since around 2012 - 2014 Mercredan has been hinting about the coming shift in consciousness.


For a long time, he said it was imminent but that humanity was not ready.


He always talked about a critical point, and early 2018 he made the pronouncement that it had begun and there would be a separation between two worlds. One would move to a different layer of consciousness and the other would stay stuck in the old. He said that over time the old one would not, and could not survive. He also said that there would be a final time for choosing before the separation gap would be insurmountable.


At this point, he also told me that events would move to the point I would have to make a similar jump and become visible. This happened when Libby approached me to be a team and go out into the world.


There is no doubt that humanity stands on the edge of a precipice and we need all the help we can get to navigate it and to help settle the new species children into place. This, I believe, is the role of Mercredan and those like him have to play at this time.


To understand the motivation for doing this, one has to consider whether there is a choice really. Of course, I could choose not to do it, but at what cost?


With the background knowledge, I have been given I agreed to the gift because I agreed to the task.


Mercredan, myself and the whole of humanity are not separate but a single unit in all of consciousness.


From the other side, Mercredan once said, “the others” referring to the non-incarnated, look at those who choose to incarnate as heroes. He says they look at them this way because they are “doing the work” required for the library of experience.


Thinking about it will not do!

Aroha and peace, 


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