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Unlock Your Potential

Whether you have an existing challenge to overcome or a keen curiosity for answers to personal or global questions, you're in the right place. Anyone with an open mind will benefit by considering the guidance from Mercredan.

Private Channelling Session

Get your personal questions answered by Mercredan
  • 1Private 60-minute "readings" for 1, 2 or 3 people

  • Online via Zoom (step-by-step instructions provided)

  • Great for getting multiple questions answered or digging into a significant 'block' or issue in your life.

Group Channelling Session

Receive group guidance with Mercredan
  • Small group 60-minute "readings" (up to 12 participants)

  • Online via Zoom Room

  • A great option for group discovery or to share the investment among multiple people.

Live Channeling Webcasts

Be a part of the preparation for an enlightened planetary civilisation
  • Attend live webcasts (replay will be available)

  • A great option to explore the shift in consciousness, global events and learn from a variety of questions

  • Participants have the opportunity to submit a question prior

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