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Channeling on The Law of Magnetism

Updated: Mar 14

Channeled Transcript

As usual, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

The laws that govern the physical reality are mirrored within the metaphysical world as well. So it is that everything comes to existence with its own personal reflection. Whatever manifests in the physical world also manifests its opposite kind.

So it is that the law of polarity begins to assert itself. But in doing so each side of the polarity is endowed with a certain charge. The charges then are opposite to one another. In other words, whatever spins in one direction, its opposing part spins in the opposite direction. So it is is then that we say like attracts like. And of course, that it is like or attracts its identical polarized charge. So whatever it is that one wants to draw to oneself is charged in one direction, and that which is attracting into it will bear the opposite charge. And that is why this is the law of magnetism.

And one other consideration is: in the world of magnetics time is of no consequence whatsoever. So one often thinks that when one creates one's reality when one attracts then one somehow has to wait in the side for it to come as if the creation is not an instantaneous flow. So shall we begin with some conversation, some questions so we can begin to explore this phenomenon together.

Thank you so much Mercredan for being with us here today. Our first question is how can one apply the law of magnetism to attract what we want in our lives?

First of all, one has to have something that is energized. One wants to draw from the metaphysical universe; one wants to draw it towards oneself. That means that one first of all has to charge the desire that is in a negative fashion. That is, the desire is something one does not already have. Most people, of course, are not desiring anything; they are trying to avoid the opposite.

So shall we take an example? You want to have a nice relationship. But what truly you are putting out is "I do not want to have some horrible relationship. I would sooner be by myself." And there it is exactly as you command it. So the universe, consciousness follows the commands that it is given. This is so very useful because if one is careful to perceive what one has, one will automatically be told what one is charging the universe with. What is the command one has given?

Thank you. So is the law of magnetism the same as the law of attraction?

The law of magnetism is exactly the same as the law of attraction with the corollary that it is recognizing polarity and charge.

Because if you think that you can have something, you are imagining that you have what you already want; then why would the universe give that to you? But if you are imagining that you do not have what you want, then you have created a space in consciousness to be fulfilled.

That is, you have created a negative environment because, of course, everybody so dislikes the idea of negativity as if that can be avoided. But of course not. Everything that has a positive charge will find somewhere in the universe its negative opposite. But when one does not avoid living one is ready to explore both sides of the coin of polarity and learn to operate with charges.

The greater the charge that one has, the greater the energy pull it exerts. We already know that, but if you have a charge upon yourself and you are interacting with something with the same charge, it will push it away. So it is partially that the law of attraction is not truly dealing with the nature of polarity and the nature of energetic charge.

And as a result, then one has minimal charge, that is minimal attraction, and also one has increased the idea of allowing the time to pass. And so as a result instantaneous opportunities are ignored, because I am waiting for the right person (as if) or the right thing. I am wanting it to fit with something that is ill-formed.

Nothing ill-formed can fit with something that has a deliberate form. It is trying to fit something into a hole that is not made [for it].

Thank you. So how do we then create more of a charge for something that we want?

There are two things that are essential to understand. That is the principles of desire and the principles surrounding resistance. Here is an interesting concept, because you have the saying "what you resist persists." In other words, whatever you resist is charged up to come into your world. How is it that you can charge a resistance so thoroughly and yet be less vital with one's desires?

So (it is) the charge is brought about; one creates a blueprint in the mind and one charges it up with the astral body, the emotional field, the heart is in its desires. What will this bring? How will you feel when you have first encountered it? If you think that suddenly it is all available not just partially, not something that almost fits the bill, but what will it be like when you are overwhelmed with suddenly being delivered? Because then you are filled with what is called the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the nature of divine charges. Then of course, whatever it is that you wish is brought to bear with the proviso that first of all, you deserve it. If you are holding ideas that you are not worthy, then that will take precedence. You will find that you can almost have it but not quite because you are not truly ready for it.

So it is all of the ideas and beliefs about what it is, how it fits, what your charge is, how much is going to benefit. But if it is something that holds some ideas, some beliefs, that will not truly benefit the whole being, then it will create inner conflict. You understand?

So people so often want physical things; they want to have more money. More money, of course, will not benefit the whole because then you have to hold on to it; you have to protect it. You have all these other needs. And in the meantime, energy is flowing into things that are less important to the whole being.

Thank you. So can you give us an example then of how we can use the law of magnetism to manifest new love relationships into someone's life?

First of all, decide whether what you wish to have a relationship with. In other words, in your modern world, there are all sorts of relationships. Shall we take an example? One wants to be in a same-sex relationship; then one of you has to become polarized into the receiver - that is, the one who is gaining the love - and the other is giving the love. There is a charge that has to appear, so you have to either find one person who will be as you normally aspire; shall we call it the masculine quality? Then one becomes polarized into the feminine quality.

Because otherwise, if both people want to occupy the same polarity, the charges will simply push them apart. Sometimes it is possible for those people to swap polarities in certain conditions, but even that will have challenging moments. So if one wants to build a truly strong relationship, decide on the polarity you wish to express. And then choose and draw in someone from the opposite polarity.

Now I want to add something else. If you have done this, stop complaining that they are not doing what they are supposed to do because this is part of the qualities.

So if one truly then decides to hold one's birth-given polarity, then how is it to be that gender as it were? Because the more potentized as that gender you are, the greater the attraction will be for someone who is expressing the opposite gender potentials.

The more you share the middle ground, the less charge there will be, and then the less attraction. And the energy of attraction is called love in this situation. So, the more one loves someone from one's position, one's charge, the more one will be given love in return. But they are not going to be the same expression of love because this is a world of polarity.

Can you also give us an example about how we could use the law of magnetism to manifest more money into our lives?

More money comes with more service. If one is charged to be honorable, that is to honor self and others, then first of all, one will give value. And in return, one will ask for the value that one has given. In other words, it is a transaction of equals. If one asks more than what one is truly of value, then of course there will create imbalance, and the imbalance will draw to it inequalities in other aspects of life. Nobody gets away with unbalancing the divine order.

If societies begin to unbalance that, then societies begin to break down, and the results are social disorder. Humankind has forgotten such principles; forgotten that the law of magnetism requires energy to flow in balanced order. Whatever the universe creates on one polarity, an equal and opposite one will be manifest at the same time. So in the physical terms, this is called the law of conservation, and so often it is misunderstood in terms of the levels of conservativeness. As if holding on to old mechanisms is the right thing to do even when it causes imbalance. But nature also says everything develops, so the laws have to be kept alive.

Thank you. So are we really creating our entire reality, and if so, what about the trauma that we are born into?

The idea of birth: one comes in a totally newborn with no past. But of course, that is not anything like the truth even if we have to give more of a presentation here. Birth then is the opening of a door into a new room. So you arrive in the new room with issues that were not completed the last time around. So often human beings have gone through all sorts of events; they have been the subject of and perpetrators to all sorts of horrors as it were over lifetimes.

And as I have pointed out at the end of the epoch, as humankind is getting prepared for such a shifting consciousness, the old karmas of ancient times have to be put to rest. And the only way one puts to rest a lesson is by learning it. So what appears on the surface to be a world filled with horrors and traumas and so forth is simply the completion of ageless unfinished reserves as it were.

So each person reviews their internal aspects as it were and chooses which challenge they might deal with in this life. Nobody is given more than they are capable of dealing with.

What practical guidance, tools, exercises or questions can you advise us on that will help us stop in creating the things that we don't want to create in life?

When you are fully aware then one does not resist anything. One sees what is coming in what one is creating in the sense of avoidance. What is it that I do not want to experience? And then experience it. Put yourself into the position where you are experiencing what that is. Because when one has experienced something, it is complete. It did not turn up for no reason at all. It turned up because you are creating it. You are creating it for the purpose of dealing with it.

But it does not have to be physicalized; it does not have to be in concrete terms. So first of all, find yourself in that situation. How would you best move forward? What would be the divine plan? What would an ascended master do in such circumstances?

You find, because each one has been through this. In the stories, it says that the great master was taken into the desert and tested by the satanic force. That is just another way of saying all of his challenges were brought to him in a place where there were no external resources. And so he was tested.

And so he discovers inside what gifts of forgiveness, how he can not fall to the temptation, not arise to the anger and depressions and all the rest of it, but simply to explore it and find their own internal resource. He is becoming resourceful, filled with all of it.

Now when you look at the realm that you are exploring, you will find there is no attraction, no fear of creating something you do not want because you have fulfilled the primary purpose. Now you can create that which will fulfill oneself, will bring you greater gifts. That is as with the great master; these are not material gifts as much as they are gifts of the soul, mostly called resource. To recognize opportunities, to recognize one's potentials and to act upon them without self-doubt.

So when one truly touches that which you fear you might create, that which you want to avoid at all costs, [the] paradox is that one approaches it and engages with it. It is like jumping out of the airplane. One is at the doorway; the wind is blowing; it is a long way down; one’s fears are uppermost, and then one jumps.

First of all, panic, and then there is an updraft. You are uplifted. And when you reach the ground, you find the fear has gone, and the excitement is already wanting to go again. For the excitement. Isn't that what everybody has experienced?

Thank you. Earlier, you talked about when we are trying to create something or we want to create something using the law of magnetism, we need to allow for space or create space for that thing that we desire to come into our life. What happens if we are already in a situation like a job that we don't like and we want to create a new job? Do we need to let go of the job that we already have to make space for a new one to come along?

In the mind, of course, one has to recognize that the present job is holding the space. You understand it is simply in the space to hold it. One is not charging that up. One is neutral. When one's energy is neutral to something it simply holds no charge. So you are not resisting it. You are not demanding a replacement. You are simply putting yourself in the optimum position and recognizing that the old will dissolve away because it is not real. It is just holding space.

Thank you. My next question is: physical magnetics are measured by strength in Gauss meters. Is there a similarity for psychic mechanisms?

Of course. The energy one feels; you have walked into a room and you can feel it. There are people in there who are attracted to each other. They cannot hide it. It is traveling across the room in as solid a fashion as if you could see it.

So, the resonance of one's own being realizes what one is attracted to. One already has that attraction. The question then is whether you have seen it. Your perception is one of having the attraction fulfilled. That is, one already has it or it is an empty space. That is, you have created the negative position for it to feel.

Let us give an example of this. You are in a happily married relationship and you walk into the room and you see there is somebody you are attracted to. But when you see them, you realize that the image that comes in there is positively charged because that role is fulfilled. It doesn't need to be replaced.

So even while one recognizes one is attracted, it is nothing to be acted out upon. It simply says that you have an understanding of the nature of the universe. That there are things that will pull you and things that will not. That is not to say that the other person would not want to draw you in because they are not fulfilled.

Thank you. My next question is, "We think, therefore we are." Do our thoughts have a charge that brings what we think towards us?

Everything will have some form of charge. The dependency is only on the strength; how much one has given to the desire. Often one is simply not that interested. One is not creating it by charging it up. In other words, one is trying to start one's car. Let us say the battery is not enough. So the motor almost doesn't turn over at all, but the battery has some charge in it - just not enough. In order to get it to work again, one has to charge it up. Everything has some charge, but one has to give it enough input, enough energy, to bring into your field that which it is representative of.

Do the male and female energies have positive and negative charges? Is that why there are the attractions and animal magnetism? I know we've already covered a little bit of this.

Of course. What else do you think it is? The question is related to convention. Somehow, you think that the masculine is positively charged, and then you have all those added details as if this is the good side, and negative is not to be conceived of. What nonsense.

The two are balanced. And there is a fundamental difference. If one wanted to put a conventional notation, then the female would be positively charged. That is because it is from the female perspective that all things are given birth. It is from that that it comes into being from the vastness. Then the masculine is what you would call the electron flying around the outside, tiny but potentized. So the masculine energy is irrelevant but contains the potential.

You want to have a child? Then the feminine has all of the accoutrements except for the potential. Then she requires the masculine to deliver the potential. Then nature unfolds.

Thank you. If one is following a compass, the North and South Poles are reliable until you get to the Bermuda Triangle. What is with the Bermuda Triangle?

The universe is filled with stories. The question is of course there are magnetic anomalies all over the planet. The North Pole and the South Pole of your planet are wandering. They are demonstrating that there is not a fixed identity for either pole. They are wanderous. They find new spaces and, of course, there are also the anomalies along the way.

So when we try to make a law fixed it has its own anomalies. Because, as I have pointed out, the highest law is the law of paradox. Try to make something fit exactly as if you can nail it down and it will create an anomaly. So there are places all over the planet where the compass is less than reliable. And of course it is affected by so many other energetic streams. When the sun is ejecting its magnetic fields, do you think the Earth's magnetic field is not disturbed, distorted and a new anomaly appears even if for a short period of time? The universe is dynamic. You are dynamic within it. So when one is alive, one understands and interacts with the dynamic nature of oneself.

So some moments in history, some moments in your life you are more potentized to creating certain experiences and other times potentized to different ones. So there is an interrelationship. This is because the universe (is not…); it is paradoxical in the sense that everyone creates their own reality in a co-creation. How can that possibly be? How could it possibly be that someone can create their own world while the rest of everything is having to meet the order? It is seemingly an impossibility. And that is where the law of paradox applies itself.

Thank you. Why are we attracting these weather patterns? What is the underlying thoughts from mankind?

As I have pointed out before, the internal weather and the external weather are in cahoots. They are one and the same thing.

So humankind has polarized itself in order to bring about; everyone wants to win. So you see this with all of your political and religious organizations. Everyone wants to win. And the truth is none of them can win while the planet itself is at risk. So internally there is so much internalized rage. People are raged because they blame someone else. It is the Muslims, it is the Christians, it is the Jews, it is the Africans, it is the immigrants, it is the right wing, it is the left wing, and on and on and on and on it goes. Because nobody wants to own up to their own failings to co-create a universe for the benefit of all.

And yet within the realm of the hopeful, the universe oversees it all anyway. So if you are not creating in line for the benefit of all, one will create one thing and cause another. Do you follow what I mean? The polarities will be balanced; the charges will be balanced, and so forth.

So the shift in consciousness is arriving because at a certain point there is the breakdown of organization that upholds with such madness.

And so it is that everyone is on notice. Uplift yourself, bring yourself to the highest degree. Put aside your hatreds and your rages and your blames and so forth, and recognize that it is I that created it all. It is I that created the traumas of my life. I that am repeating them over and over. It is I that have a problem, and I can solve it if I trust myself.

Thank you. Is there a way that we can read within our body in a way that we can feel within our body, or read it that lets us know that we have created for the whole and that it will benefit the collective and Mother Earth?

Isn't that already obvious? Everybody knows that inherently, it is... The divine does not withhold anything from anyone, when it is beneficial to the whole. If one creates a life with lots of finance, shall we say, and then one uses the excess that you do not need for the benefit of those that struggle. Wouldn't you think the rewards would be something other than physical? They will be upheld inside yourself. You will begin to feel as if your life has been blessed. Blessed, not because you have more, blessed because you are able to do more. And so that is how one recognizes it.

Thank you. And our final question for today: How do we channel our own in a guidance of consciousness?

The answer is: get out of the way. Everybody is a divine being. But when one is focused within the physical world, then that is what you create - being focused in the physical world. When one lets that go, all that remains is that one is devoted to the divine order.

But that is not to say everybody does what my dear friend does. Because that is not the way for everyone. If everyone were to do that, they would be no movement in consciousness because it is how one offers oneself in service to the divine. And then the divine will put in its order, testing the waters of course, to see whether you have the capabilities.

And the response that one gives allows the divine to re-hone its next request. Then as you unfold your wings, as it were, along the way, you suddenly realize that you have become the angel that you thought was in some other realm. The angel is oneself with one's wings opened up.

Thank you. I think we're ready to wrap up for today. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

This is such an important topic because it is the way in which all of the universal laws operate in the physical world. This is where you see the results. So it is an important test and a testament. A testament is when one has achieved the test. So this is a testament as to one's true purpose.

So it is such an important sequence of lessons to explore. You cannot learn by hearing descriptions. One has to put it into practice - trials and review. What is the result of my experiment? Because that is how one finds one's way out of the desert.

Enough for today. Once again, thank you for your time. It always is work for the benefit of all of consciousness. So thank you and good day.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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