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Channeling on The Law of Paradox

Important Points of the Channeled Message

  1. The universe is a unified whole where every aspect fits together like a giant puzzle.

  2. One should not take anything at face value as the only observable reality, as perception (such as right and wrong) depends on one's position and viewpoint.

  3. The law of paradox is both true and false, showing its truthfulness.

  4. Everything exists and yet nothing exists in the endless potentials. The paradox is that something must come from nothing.

  5. The world is a dynamic between what can be seen and what is hidden, a dichotomy of exposed and unexposed.

  6. Paradox forms from opposites and requires seeing both sides to rise above it. If one perceives both sides of the coin at the same moment, one must ultimately be the coin itself.

Channeled Transcript

So hi everyone and thank you so much for being here with us and joining our very first live webcast with Mercredan. So my name is Libby for those of you who don’t know me, I'm from and I'm also Frances's daughter-in-law.

Today we are going to be talking to Mercredan which is consciousness channeled by Frances Evans on the law of paradox and how understanding this law we can rise above it and enjoy a higher perspective which comes of course with more peace and compassion and gratitude and of course more control of the reality in which we experience.

So in a moment I will bring Frances up to the screen to present with me but firstly for those who don't know Frances or Mercredan I’ll give you just a bit of a brief background. Frances first learned to channel around 50 years ago now in the early 70s. Originally, he was actually an industrial chemist, but went on to study things like hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics programming, astrology, amongst many other things. And through some peak spiritual experiences, he learned to take himself into a deep hypnotic state where little of himself was left. This had advantages as well as disadvantages. He explains back when it happened that afterwards he was more difficult to navigate life and he seemed to have stepped out of time, as per se. His mind was mainly empty of thought, as if he was consistently tapping into a vast sea of consciousness. He describes this as a sea of total thoughts of all mankind over its entire history, what others refer to perhaps as the Akashic Records. And it also allowed him, through the channeling experience, to access an unlimited source of intelligence and remove his personality during a channeling session at a distance farther than most. And what this means is that his channelings are clearer and free of human traits like judgment, ego and prejudice of any sort.

Francis initially started channeling a teacher called Ispar for a number of years, but in the late 80s, Mercredan started to come through, and then Mercredan’s been with him ever since. Mercredan means the master of mercy, or better translated as compassionate leader or teacher. Mercredan has never incarnated on this planet. He is not a he at all. In fact, he is just a pronoun that we use simply because Francis is male. It's more of an it. And unlike other channeled entities, he doesn’t claim to be from a certain dimension or aligned with a terrestrial group or religion. He is simply consciousness itself, from the light or source.

And because of Francis and his extraordinary gift and willingness to help, Mercredan has helped people all over the world find clarity and solutions for their earthly challenges. So now we're going to bring Francis to the virtual stage. He will take a moment to get himself into a meditative state, which I think he’s been doing already in the last few minutes, and bring Mercredan in to talk with us. So I hope you enjoy today's session. Now let's get Francis up to the screen and see what Mercredan has to share with us today. All right, Francis, over to you; Mercredan.

Good morning, good afternoon or evening, wherever you are. Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. The universe is an integrated whole. Every aspect of it fits together as if it is a giant puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle that everything fits into, including all of the opposites. So everything is a unified whole.

And from this perspective, one must never take anything at its face value as if it is the only observable reality. Because one observes it from one's position, from one's standpoint. And every standpoint has a vision and a viewpoint that brings that, shall we say, that reality, into closer and closer focus. One then sees the world from the standpoint one is sitting in or standing in. So the world appears to be one way, and yet from another point of view, it is entirely the opposite. And from one point of view, shall we say, the coin has only one side.

One side is shown and the other is completely hidden. In that way, one sees it from one perspective. And yet, shall we say, from the other viewpoint, it is the other way around. And yet, shall we say, both viewpoints, both opposites then, are available at the same time. And so everything is seemingly true and false. And even the law of paradox itself is both true and false. So it, shall we say, is the only law that in itself shows its truthfulness. That is enough for us to begin our conversation and our presentation. Shall we start the conversation?

Yes, thank you, Mercredan. Thank you so much for being with us again today. Our first question is, you say the first law of the universe is the law of paradox. Why is this so?

Because, shall we say, in all the offering of the law of paradox, there are two opposing, opposing viewpoints, two polarities? So when one takes one viewpoint, the very same opposite appears at the same time. So it is the first in the, shall we say, the viewpoint that creates opposites, that creates the world as it is polarity, as it is in sense a dual version. Shall we say this also? Because one pole of the existing reality always will wrap around the other poles.

So even in the law of polarity, one pole is dominant or, shall we say, seemingly dominant while it wraps around. When one is then, shall we say, viewing both poles at the same time as, and beginning to resolve their apparent oppositions, one can perceive the paradox within them and rise above it. Then it simply becomes the one pole of yet another degree of polarity. Eventually then one realizes that everything exists, shall we say, and yet nothing exists. And resolving that one arrives in the endless potentials. That presupposes the existence of a reality.

Yes, thank you. Next, can you give us some examples of the law of paradox that impacts our lives or could impact our lives?

Shall we say this? When you take a torch into a darkened cellar, one can shine the light in many corners. One can expose what is there. At the same time, one cannot see all of the corners at the same time. Let us then suppose you put a light bulb in the ceiling and you turn on the light. Now you cast shadows from whatever is there that hides what is once again hidden. You understand what I'm saying?

So the world as you view it is a dynamic between what can be seen, what is obvious and what is hidden. The world then is a dichotomy of exposed and unexposed. The question then is which one takes precedence? One always looks for what one can see and forgets what one has hidden away. So the paradox then seems as if the world is made up of things. But shall we say underneath all that it is always made up of not things as well. That is those portions that are hidden from the self. And if one begins to bring those ones to the surface yet others disappear into the background.

So you have this relationship between foreground and background and yet they are all part of the whole element of potentials beyond both. So shall we say this? One has tried to find the idea that when one descends into incarnation, the first concept one has to begin is to separate oneself from the unified field. One becomes something separate. The baby then views the world as it is one element. It is the center of a universe. Over time then it begins to realize that there are seemingly elements that do not fulfill its every wish and it begins to isolate and separate self from others.

So it is descending into a conceptual point of view that is the notion of separation. And all creation then relies on an idea or concept of self and other. Indeed even self against the other. And so becomes the struggle of life. The struggle to overcome those elements that one cast off in the beginning. So shall we say then the paradox is that you think that you are a unit but you are only shall we say the total unit. The concept of separation is the paradoxical application of the following law that is the law of polarity. One chooses a pole and casts out everything else.

If one begins to recognize this, one rises back out of the manifest world. An example of course is one has to choose beyond the first sense of an I. One has to choose masculine or feminine, boy or girl. And one casts out from oneself that which does not fit. If one begins to integrate both, one has to rise out of selfhood or rather back to the singularity that I exist. And everyone can experience this process. One exists of course. And yet that separation is always set. So shall we say when one recognizes I am a boy then the separation is reaffirmed. I am a boy means I am not a girl. I am not the opposite. I am acknowledging my status. Does this answer the question as you think of it?

Yes it does. Good examples thank you. So we don't get hooked into the paradox of any situation or life. What is the easiest way for us to then rise above it and not get dragged in?

Good question because it is paradoxical. It explains once again the law that it pertains to, of course. If one were not within the paradoxical realm, if one was not, shall we say, deeply involved in the world, one would have no abilities to relate to it. One has no relationship without the separation. In other words if you want to have a relationship with somebody one has to perceive them as separate from self. Even if at a higher consciousness one realizes that they are simply a different standpoint. And their and their standpoint has its own intrinsic value and that value is so useful as you learn to ascend your consciousness. That is when you can integrate another's point of view you are a greater being.

You talked to us before about the background and the foreground and what we focus is on is brought to the foreground. Is the background stillness?

The ultimate background is all of potential. So if one has a limited viewpoint, if one takes on an idea, "I cannot achieve what I want," then the potential background is replaced by the limited background. Nobody is limited except through their own perspective, their own point of view. And if they were to find somebody who is successful at what they would like, and they were to learn to stand in that point of view and discover how is it that such a person sees their world. Then you begin to learn how to access different potentials. How to manifest the potential into one's own experiential reality. The more viewpoints you have, the more potential you also get. That is one then has to remove judgment on other points of view. And it does not matter what point of view, everyone has a different presentation of its potentials. More viewpoints, more potential. So, more integration of the whole, the more potentials you might actuate in one's own life.

So the greatest, shall we say, masters have been able to integrate the greatest number of potentials. That does not mean they have to put into place everything such a viewpoint holds, but they can choose which ones to tap into and recognize how to apply that in your own life. Shall we take an example? Most illness, most physical disabilities are caused from a limited perspective. However, if one holds it from an early age, one can certainly permanently damage the vehicle. Often then those with inbuilt, shall we say, disabilities arise from the prior to incarnation. That is to tap into a completely different set of potentials. And one might find that difficult to align with. But even so, if one can integrate with such a person, such an expression, one might very easily tap into the potentials. An example. Many people come in, shall we say, with a limited mental ability. Often that is a mechanism to open the heart in ways that are often and perhaps usually not available. Such beings, however, have such an intriguing ability to find love for another. So if you really want to learn how to love, integrate with such a being and take on what it is to tap into that potential. Not to lose oneself in it, that is not to turn off one's mental abilities, but to integrate one's heart structures. Does this make sense?

You've said before that this shift that we're experiencing would be a quantum event where it's first this, then that. Does this mean that every sentient being on the planet will experience it all at the same time or will some not even notice?

That is a little difficult to explain. Every sentient being will, of course, experience the shift as it appears. However, how they perceive it can be extremely different. Someone who is arriving at such a shifting consciousness or a change in status of a certain perspective, might arrive with fear-based and even resentment and so forth. However, in the longer term the shift takes on its own momentum.

Shall we say then that the early generations that arrive at this point with, shall we call it the new species, will reproduce their own kind. And within a very few iterations of generation, the old mechanisms will no longer hold any valid content. One will simply review history as a difficult time in the evolution of humanity.

At a certain point, human consciousness will recognize it is no longer a human, a Homo sapien, that is one who is learning, but a sentient being in which the nature of consciousness and its expression is understood. Now one is learning to manage one's creative abilities. And that it is clear then that all humanity is on the same boat, as it were, on the same spaceship. In that way, everyone's actions are effective and affecting the whole experience.

And so one learns more and more to become part of the family of humanity. It is then no longer separate, shall we say, races, but one is the family of humanity itself. And everyone's survival depends upon everyone else's actions and their ability to tap into their own potentials. So shall we say this? Because all things generate the opposite, the two worlds, the new world and the old world, are separating out. One's choice is to which mechanism, which standpoint do you align with, as the two dissolve into separate realities. It is a subtle shift. And many, will find that they are leaving it to the last moment in which to make that choice. The worlds then are rapidly separating at this, what could be called time. But time in this moment of creativity. Because time and space, that is the continuum of space-time, is a consciousness realm. It is, shall we call it, a field of resolution.

Thank you. That was a slight diversion. In the law of paradox, is it for us to learn and use for the evolution of souls, the greater soul and collective consciousness? Is that one of the reasons or the reason for it to exist?

Everything is in its evolution, even the greater consciousness. All potentials exist simultaneously, but certain potentials are, shall we say, available. And others are yet to become clarified. So the unity(?) whole is as yet unfinished in its perspective. To put it in the ordinary terms, God is in the process of evolution.

Of course, humankind it is as you often put it, to understand how this is, is well above your pay grade. So it is not necessary to truly understand how the paradox of a greater whole can even become an evolving greater whole. The paradox is that wholeness, is as yet incomplete. That is the fundamental of the law of paradox.

Thank you.

You understand how difficult that is even to perceive. You understand however, that your personal details experience depends on your personal understanding and its opposite also. So one's understanding of reality is dependent on one's experience of it. If you are limited in your understanding, then you will not create the evolutionary experience. And if you do not create the evolutionary experience, one cannot experience it to become more evolved.

So it is that both sides of this dynamic are occurring at the same time, even though it appears that one must come before the other. Do you follow how difficult it is to understand that?

Yes, thank you. So using our knowledge and understanding of the law of paradox, how could we then reconcile something so large and potentially catastrophic scale like climate change?

Very important question. As everyone knows, the earthly creation, that is the unitary involvement, is to begin to put brakes on the endless appetites of humankind. If there were no such crisis, humankind would simply keep indulging its appetites until it had destroyed itself with them. So the creative body, that is, the unified body of the field, brings about certain challenges, if you like, to bring to awareness, humankind's appetites. And so humankind is called upon to review itself. If it cannot do that, and as I point out, one element is separating from the other. The appetites will destroy all life on the singular body. All that will be left is the seeds that are needed for its regeneration.

On the other side of the coin as it were, on the other polarity, such appetites become conscious and one begins to review what appetite serves the evolution of humanity and which appetites destroy it. There is not so much judgment on the appetites as on the balance and the viewpoint. If one considers some negativity, then one automatically produces its representation. That is truly what has occurred. So humankind has lost its desire for greater insight and has indulged in physicality to such a point. Physicality includes of course consuming, and consuming everything in sight eventually consumes itself.

So some would say that we are currently living in an incredibly tumultuous time and some would say that life has never been better. Is this a case of just whatever you simply focus on?

Humanity individually and en masse are learning to manifest reality out of the potentials. In the end, shall we say, the solid world is a creation of one's self, one's projection into it. The shared reality, that is the co-creation, is of events that uphold or bring chaos into one's life. So the world seems a certain tumultuous time because so many people are focused upon it. So many people are believing all sorts of rubbish rather than learning discernment. What is it to bring into my personal existence that builds unity, that is not to create more division, more division, more diversity. One is integrating and coming together.

Some places can do this more efficiently and effectively than others. Some places are tearing themselves apart because they will not nor cannot see another point of view. So when you are in this paradox that the opposite must be destroyed, then, of course, destroying its counter will destroy oneself because all of the viewpoints are projections of one's shadows. One's inner turmoil is projected outwards. When one is calm and peaceful on the inside, one will project calmness and peace to the outside. Then one is working for the harmonious integration of humankind.

Thank you. Law of paradox is in everything. So why and how did this come about from the Universe?

When something wakes up, in other words, when all potential was in its static state. Nothing was occurring, no growth. And when there is no growth, no evolution, then its opposite must occur. One starts to break down. So the first occurrence is divine intervention. That is, divinity awakens and reality. realizes that for something to begin, there has to be, shall we say, a creation. One has to make the first statement. And that is to exist. First of all, there has to be a point. A point of singularity from which all things emerge. That is the flood of potential's streams forth.

First of all, in the beginning to fill the cosmic field. That is, to fill the first field of influence. So the cosmos arises. It begins, shall we say, in a thread. It begins by flowing outwards. In the historic terms of humanity, that seems to be a singular moment in time. But I want to say all creations begin with a recognition of a potential. So, shall we say, you want to manifest a relationship. A good example. First of all, you have to recognize the potential that is there. That it is a possibility. Then that it is a probability, and then it is a vision, and then it is a blueprint, and then it is a charge upon the blueprint, and a gathering, shall we say, of the elemental zones around. So that the attraction begins to manifest into experiential reality. Whether it is the gathering of forms from the divine cosmos and from the divine into the galactic fields that populate the cosmos. Whether it is into the solar fields that populate the galactic fields and so on down into human experience. So it is tied up. First of all, the law of paradox says something must come from nothing. The first element is to apply consciousness -- consciousness of the possibility of the potential to manifest it. Follow what I'm getting at? Then having manifested it, then the other laws of polarity that is, shall we say, a cosmos contains both matter and “immatter”, no matter. There is that balance that is the, shall we say, the accumulation of energy into solidity. And the accumulation of energy into no solidity. That is why there is more space than there is matter. And why the energy is distributed more evenly than it is condensed. Does this make some sort of sense? So when one applies the process, it is always the same. First, there is a paradox. Then one recognizes the polarities, the opposites. And then one brings them together in ways that will manifest into physical, experiential reality. So I want to say, while I say the law of paradox is the highest law, it cannot exist without the other two. None can exist without each other. This, then, one could call the ultimate trinity. And it is said that the nature of God is triune. It is a trinity.

Thank you. Good question. So how can we use the law of paradox to gain a deeper understanding around the hardships and struggles in our life?

If one recognizes that the struggles in life are manifest from one's inner descriptions of the world. If one is struggling in the world, then one realizes the world is not an easy experience. If it were easy, then where would the struggle be? You understand? So they bring about each other's inclusion. And yet when I say the world is an easy place, those with struggles will immediately move into denial. How can you say such a thing? I have all the evidence to prove otherwise. But the evidence that one has is contained in the experience one has of it. So all it is proving is that you are holding the viewpoint that is the charged element of the opposite side. And the paradox is that it is energized by oneself. Everything is, shall we say, concretized potential. If one has concrete potential, one first of all has to break up the concrete. One has to break it apart. And disable, shall we call it, the forces that hold the particles of that form in the order they are in. So often, the first sign of this is that the order of one's life becomes chaotic in order for one to be able to choose where to apply one's focus of attention.

Thank you. So if you are in a situation where you're focusing on the struggle or the hardships or your belief that life is hard or in your hard place, what practical guidance could you offer for them to be able to pivot and change?

First of all, one has to recognize that it is a projection from one's inner core onto the background, shall we say. From one's point of focus, that is the self, onto the background. And then one shifts one's viewpoint to the background itself and makes that experience the foreground of your life. Looking back at self, you are powerless because the power lies in the point from which it was created from. One has to find inside oneself one's point of power. That is the essential ingredient that is tapping the potential [of] consciousness itself. If you are not consciousness, then there is little that you can do because you are caught in the addiction of experiencing on a loop over and over the same reality and maintaining it is true.

So the idea then, that one creates one's personal reality from one's personality that my desires I can have anything I want is not valid. Because it is only that which taps into the ultimate potential that brings into being that which is beneficial, you understand, that which is useful in one's personal evolutionary growth.

So we can't just create anything we want to? We don't have unlimited potential to create.

If that were the case the planet would have passed into the nether regions long ago. What would happen is everyone would be against everyone else. Everyone diving in to have more and more and more and more and more. It is an endlessness that would not do at all. And I am not saying that that has not occurred, but those -- shall we call them realms because they were never physicalized, they did not last long enough to have a physical manifestation -- they are long gone. These beings destroy themselves and everything else well before manifestation. So it is humankind that have developed enough powers and skills to avoid that demise.

Interesting. So when it comes to creating and creating our own reality, it still needs to be in alignment with our personal destiny or personality.

Of course. For the higher good. If one is creating for the benefit of the whole, you will find it far easier for it to come into reality. For example, if one is desirous of a relationship. We are looking for it. The benefit of such a thing is not just for self, but for another. And not even for just those two, but for their wider community. That is, their family and friends are being drawn into this interaction. You follow what I mean? If the interaction holds dear, that it is for personal and social evolution, then the friends and families will be supportive. But if it is, shall we say even on one side it is for personal self and aggrandizing and so forth, and there is selfishness, the other side will immediately become warning. They will not be supportive at all. And that will automatically cause disruptions in multiple fields.

So when we're creating, what really matters is what our intention is.

Of course.

The intention for the whole rather than selfish.

And if one takes this as it is presented, one will discover that the benefit of the whole paradoxically is for self. What is the perfect for self is the perfect for the whole.

And vice versa.

Of course. But in the end, one is the creative force. One is the focus of the intention. One is bringing it into being. And if it benefits the whole in some form, then it will certainly more than compensate the individual.

Thank you. One more final question. Let me see. Does the law of paradox mean that, there is in fact no right and wrong and everything is truth?

Understand this. That is both true and false. You understand? Because one has to rise above right and wrong as viewpoints. Everything is true from a perspective one stands in. And yet every action has its consequence. And some consequences are ones one would not wish on another. So you understand? It is both true and false. Of course, something that is, shall we say, has moral wrongness with it. Let us say one kills another person. The consequences, whether one is caught or not, will be brought into action. There are many then, in the present framework, who are being met, shall we say, with the karmic consequences of lifetimes. So, shall we say, in this period before the shifting consciousness, all old karmic needs resolution. And so many are finding that -- becoming ready to work with that. And then, shall we say, much could be said of its right and wrong. But from which perspective? From the present moment, it might seem wrong. But from the overall karmic completion, it might be the perfect answers. You understand why that then becomes difficult always to answer because paradox is truly viewpoints.

So the a key message here is to rise above the viewpoints that don't benefit the whole.

That, of course, and also to begin to perceive how does the paradox form? Paradox forms from opposites. Polarities are needed. In truth, of course, as the paradox forms, so do the polarities. One can then see both sides of the coin. If one perceives both sides of the coin at the same moment, one must ultimately be the coin itself. You understand now one rises above the question, "is it head or tails?", and one becomes quite clear that is nonsense. What has it got to do with the beingness of coin? You understand what I mean? It is impressions. That is all. But the impressions have been given identities and meaning. They are either ors of something that was never that at all.

Thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us today before we wrap up?

I think you have covered quite a wide range of topics. And shall we say, when we present our next episode, as it were, then it becomes clearer and clearer how polarities emerge and how they operate within themselves. Enough said.

Thank you. Thank you so much for being here with us today.

Then once again, as always, I'd like to offer the thought that whatever one takes into consciousness and applies in one's personal life benefits the whole. And as such, brings you ever closer to the potentials that one can draw into one's experience. Thank you. And let us end our call.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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