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Channeling on The Real Reason Behind Health Issues | EP08

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everything is unified; everything is interactive, interrelated, interdependent, and interdynamic. So everything is connected to everything else. So the fields of influence are nestled together, each one interacting with its superior and its inferior. So it is a moving whole. And so it is that one's personal experience cannot be separated from the experience of the whole and the interdependence of it all.

So there are many ways in which the interaction occurs. If you take for example: There are always a number of wars on the planet as such between groups and so forth, and yet the very wars influence the very impact that they have on the nature, and thus nature in its response affects everything else. You cannot separate them. Enough for us to begin this interesting conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan, and thank you again for being with us today and for that wonderful introduction. My first question today is: What are the primary causes of health issues? Are they diet or stress or is there something else?

Imbalance. Always one wants to separate. One wants to look at what is the cause of my specific illness, and so on. Let's not deal with my beliefs and attitudes towards others because they have nothing to do with my personal experience.

And so it is that on a whole. The nature of humanity is out of control. It is constantly consuming its neighbor. That is the nature of the disease of cancer. And so the very disease that humanity is provoking elsewhere becomes a major concern of the individual.

So there are those that are emotionally distraught by the very nature of the society they are living in. They are seeing it and emotionally connected to it, as if this is a wonderful social scheme to take and take and take. And those on the other side are emotionally connected to the hatred of it and they hate those that do, and so on. And all of it becomes personalized. And so one begins to feel out of odds with one's life. Then one is out of alignment with the body, and now the body takes on that particular framework. Now we can manufacture it within the body. We can bring it in and begin to consider it from a higher perspective. In other words, the very disease itself is asking the consciousness to consider what it is aligning itself with. Does that shine some light on the major cause?

I have chosen just one example, but many examples exist. Let us even take another: heart problems, of course, it's obvious. There is so much difficulty in getting to the heart of the matter, to flow in life and to give and to receive. In the old way of working, the craftsman gave of his greatest gift for reward. The reward was equal to the gift offered. There was a balance of happiness; but in the modern world, you are constantly buying things that do not fulfill their potential. And so the heart is feeling as if it is being strangled. That is, not every single person the same, of course.

So can you tell us in terms of - you've given us two examples: cancer and heart, and heart being around getting, the difficulty being that getting to the heart of the matter and being in flow with life - how do we work out what our own individual health issues, diseases, disorders are telling us? Why have we created them? Why are we experiencing them in a certain part of the body? And how can we use that for information to help us heal?

First of all, as I have pointed out in the past, the single problem is separation.

So there is a holistic approach which says, "Of course, the body is a whole thing, so we have to treat it as a whole thing. But let's not take too much notice of the inner bodies.” That is, let us not put too much emphasis on the emotional responses. Some emphasis, but not too much. And of course, the mental body with its thinking and so on, let's ignore that entirely. And yet one is not even considering the interactive bodies of the social order one is in. In other words, society is also at play - that is, the attitudes and so on of society, its values, and one's personal alignment with those values, are to play. So you begin to see why it is that universal health problems are beginning to assert themselves in local environments.

To try to discover one has to arise to the higher place. First of all, what are my attitudes to life? What am I avoiding in my life? What am I desiring in my life? What is it that drives me forward? And in what way does my sickness put brakes on that? How am I held to account? Do you understand what I'm saying?

The emotional body then puts energy into that, but it is at the mental or the attitudinal framework that the basic formulation takes place. Does that answer enough of the question?

It does. It provides us with a good set of questions that we can ask ourselves if we're sitting there and in balance with our health.

I want to say this, and that is why the primary importance is to disassemble the idea of separations: You do not have a physical body. First of all, you do not have a physical body separate from an emotional component that is driving it, and you do not have a physical body driven by emotional content without a direction that is being afforded by the intellectual structures and the attitudes and containers of that. And beyond that, you do not have a separate physical, emotional, mental body separate from the social body of one's community. So, you are in a game together.

So everything interplays on everything else. The health of society will reflect itself in the individual. And so it is that you are being overtaken by endless expensive treatments for burgeoning difficulties, that is illnesses and so forth because the whole system is out of balance. Individuals, families, communities, societies, nations, and so on - all of them are demonstrating their specific illness.

In your present place even your communities have lost touch with the very fundamentals of life. That is, the cleanliness of the air, the cleanliness and the distribution of water, and the impossibility of reducing and removing waste products and treating it effectively. If that were applied to a physical body, you would not be alive. Do you understand what I'm saying?

I do. So are you telling us that society is making us sick? Or that it's playing a role?

Of course, of course.

Is society giving us cancer, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer's, all of that?

Not at all. One is choosing which of the notions on the idea. Look at it this way. What is the greatest increasing difficulty in the human body? I will tell you it is people are losing their minds because they cannot any longer function within the madness of society. And so what is that causing? Is there any solution? Of course not, because it is madness being manifested in individuals that is individuals choosing to manifest that issue.

And so it is less of a problem than anything else because they have withdrawn out of the madness of society. I want to say this. As always, as soon as we open our mouths to anything at all that shows signs of truth, those will get trodden on and reactions will occur, and most of all, the reactions will come from those most invested in their personal health issues.

So can we protect ourselves by just focusing on our own lives and our own joy and our own happiness?

Of course. As soon as one realizes that one influences those around you and one begins to choose what one influences with. If one constantly carries the notion of joy and appreciation. So someone comes to the door and offers and says to you, "I am from the neighbor and I want to just introduce myself." Then if the person on the door responds with, "I appreciate that because it is our neighborhood that holds us together." There is upliftment all around.

But you have even your media wants to make a joy out of having neighbors fighting one another. And everyone is watching it with glee to see who can do the most damage.

What sort of madness is that? And it is not just in your own country, it is across the planet. Everyone is adopting the notion that there is a survival of the most outlandish. That is, those the most aggressive will survive. But I am telling you, nobody will survive with war.

Can you tell us, is there a genetic link between our health issues or reasons, or not.

Genetics are keyboard, as it were. Some notes are played and some notes are not played. However, through family and social interactions, ideas are implanted in young minds. You are told this is good or this is not good. Then there are characteristics that are the creation of ideas made manifest in the body. Here is an example: The parent is telling the child that the family has never been very beautiful. It is in our genetics. We put all this weight on because it's in our genetics. And so it goes on and on and on until someone wakes up to the thought, this is not necessary. Do you understand? Then by judicious challenging to the system, then things begin to change.

So yes and no, there is of course a genetic component. The question is: Is it in the physical body? Is it in the emotional body? Is it in the mental body? Or is it a combination of all three because they cannot be separated? And if you take it further, it is within the species. That is, is it within the characteristics of the race? Is it in the characteristics of the species? Or is it an important part of the human conscious learning? That is, to learn how to acknowledge and appreciate difference.

I have another question here that we've been tiptoeing around. Can spiritual awakenings cause health problems? And what can we do to then counter that if it's so?

Once again, it depends on the attitudes that are applied. Let us say one has a spiritual awakening and the attitude is this is a more enlightened form than the physical body. So I am not going to give the physical body any more energy. What is going to happen? The body has to be released. So you create an illness that either holds you into the physical body by pain and suffering, by restrictions of movement and so on, or one simply eliminates the physical body. But there is still no separation. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual nature of every individual is a unit. You cannot eliminate the spiritual body even if you try. Because it will distance itself. It will turn off its conscious light as it were, and one can remain in a darkness without any purpose.

If one's purpose is simply to create in the physical world and to hand it on to generations in the future, for what point and purpose does that take? Not only that, but when one does not have a spiritual purpose, one is always looking at the end of all things. And the emotional body will resist that at all costs. Now all sorts of attitudes and behaviors become normal. We are, of course, not talking about gods. We're not talking about religions and so on. There is no separation even with a god. You understand there is no god that is outside of humanity. That is the first and only sin if you want to term it that way.

Thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add for us today?

I think I have just added that always, of course, the greatest freeing of all health issues is to retain a sense of humor to see that what a silly Billy I am creating this. Even the very notion of silly Billy uplifts and allows one to perceive it from a higher perspective, loosens it. However, one has always to remember: damage done to the physical body takes time and effort to repair. It is not so much as a given.

That is it for today. Once again, it is my privilege to spend this time with these discussions. Thank you and I will go.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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