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Practical Tips on How to Create the Reality You Want | Live Channelling | EP02

Steps to Creating Your Own Reality

  1. Review the last seven years of your life to identify what you’ve been developing and desiring.

  • How has that affected your current circumstances?

  • Let go of the emotional investment in your past and embrace your freedom to decide who you are in the present moment.

  1. Make space in your life by letting go of things you no longer need.

  • By releasing in this way we create a vacuum which serves as a magnetic field to draw in what we desire.

  • Ask yourself what you are holding on to that you no longer need and who could benefit from it?

  • Develop an attitude of deserving, which will help you release old things freely and open up to new creations.

  1. Decide clearly what you want to create, keeping in mind that it should be beneficial to yourself and others.

  • What will serve best in the current situation?

  • Don’t think in terms of permanency.

  • One uses that for the moment and maybe passes it on when it is no longer needed.

Channeled Message Transcript

 Full video can be found here:

Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. The saying says where your energy is, attention is. Your attention creates the flow of creation. I want to start by saying that the human condition is reflected in every aspect and so shall we say there are models you have your cinema, your story lines, your television series and so forth that are reflective of certain aspects of reality.

So we have said that the new species began to find its beginnings in the year 2000. It is also said that it takes 12 years for the egg of a dragon to catch. So shall we say then there are first of all seven years where it seems to be sitting there doing nothing and five years as it begins to crack. Shall we say it takes 12 years for the dragon to reach its maturity. That is from birth to maturity. So we are at 2024. The beginnings, shall we say, of the mature new dragons. Enough to begin a conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan, and thank you for being here with us today. Just following on on your introduction for the clarity of the audience, you've talked about this before with us, but you've never used the analogy of the dragons. Can you give us another example so that we understand that we're talking about the years and time for those that are ...?

Shall we say the patterns of time are often recognized, shall we say, in a series or patterns, whether it is, shall we say, the cycle of one month, the cycle of one year, the cycles, of, shall we say, two years, three years, seven years. Do you understand? Five years. These are all patterns that show the growth of consciousness in certain forms. So shall we say the significance then in terms of the physical reality, are the series that bound by the numbers of five years. The five year moment of time, when what was hidden begins to show its form. So we say it takes five years for the child to begin to show its personality with any degree. Then it takes seven more years to develop that into, shall we say, an ordered system. So shall we say then there are 24 years, 36 years, 48 years and so on in the cycle. And 7 years, 14 years, 21, 28 and so on in that cycle. Do you understand? So shall we say then for your topic, you are talking about creation and how to apply the laws, shall we say into form. To begin to structure what it is that you have been, shall we say, desiring or focusing attention on. So let us begin the conversation.

Thank you. Thank you for that. So if we can go straight into talking, about practicalities, like what are some practical ways or practical advice that you could give us to help us intentionally create the reality that we desire?

First of all, review the last seven years of life. In other words, look back over your life period and see what has been developing. What is really at the base, shall we say, of one’s desire. Because creation arises, shall we say, setting desire into motion. Because, shall we say, the creation of reality is based on two aspects, two polarities, that is the desire and the resistance. So many even most people want to create out of resisting something that they sense [has] worth. They are not creating out of, shall we say, the desire for some inclusion. One aspect, shall we say, of creation then is alignment with the popular framework. In other words, if you are creating against the flow it will become harder to maintain unless one has carrying the degree of certainty that is required. First of all then, one has to recognize that a desire is for something that one does not have. You understand? Then if one does not have it there is an empty vessel. That is, there is something in your reality that has to be filled. One cannot create on top of a filled world.

Shall we say then, as an example, if one wants to have a relationship, a partner, then shall we say, clear out some space. How can such a person come into one's world if one has consumed all the opportunities, all the space around. And that applies to everything else. Often people want to create vast sums of money. Shall we say their attention is focused on money but there is still no room for it to appear. And they have no idea truly what to use the money for. It is to gain and to gain and to gain and to be a consumer. And when one consumes, one immediately begins to consume everything around one. And so there is, shall we say, an energy field, which I talk a lot about the fields of influence. Your energy field then is, shall we say, consuming everything that comes into its space. Nobody will be willing to enter into that.

Then begins aloneness and many other, shall we say, negative results. So shall we say then, what if one's creation was for self and others? What if your creative potential has an aspect for the benefit of all that one contacts? Then, of course, many more will be attracted into the field of influence. Then you begin to meet those people that will help with the creation. So you meet more helpful people because one is already helpful in oneself. Does this follow what I'm saying?

So one's attention then, first of all, is to decide what am I looking to create? What is it that I do not presently share, that will be beneficial to myself and to the whole? That is, if I were to have this, how would I be able to help others in the same way? And in doing so, one is attracting. One is not just attracting the object or the focus of the attention. One is attracting into the field of influence many other intentions. Does this follow? One is building one's community for the benefit of everyone. And there is potential in that arrangement. Does this answer the question to some degree?

It does. So what I got out of that was to clear out some space if we're trying to bring something in or we want to attract something into our lives, make sure there's space for it. And to think about not just self but others, creating in a way that benefits others, so that that works together and rather than consumes everything around you, it helps build up and uplift. And then ultimately decide what I'm looking to create. Is that right?

That is essentially what I am saying. I wanted to say when you review the last seven years, then you begin to look at what, am I holding on to that I no longer need? And secondly, is there someone else that would benefit from this? If I am to get rid of it, who can I give it to that will benefit? You understand, now we are, shall we say, stepping into the realm of giving. By giving, one is freeing oneself of things that are no longer useful. One is clearing out the space.

So now one has distributed those things that are no longer necessary, useful or desirable in one's own life. By distributing that, one creates a magnetic opportunity. When there is a hole, shall we say, when there is a vacuum, everything is attracted toward it. Now you have begun the, shall we call it, the law, of magnetism. At the moment it is not focused. But [will be] as soon as you put your attention on what it is, with clarity. Because the universe cannot deliver what is not being specified. Do you understand?

So, shall we say that you sit for a moment and decide what it is that you want? What size should you have? What will serve best in the current situation? It is not, shall we say, to create for permanency. But, shall we say, [with] every small step one ascends the stairs. Do you understand? One uses that for the moment and maybe passes it on when it is no longer needed. Do you follow what I'm getting at? One is constantly attracting. And this is the other side of everything. You understand? Every polarity has another side to it. So, shall we say, if you are holding on to something, and it is, shall we say, no longer needed or necessary or useful, it will affect your state of being. Illness, as a whole, is the result of such attitudes. Most illnesses, that shall we call it suffering, comes from the challenges of living life fully. And living life, is to use what is necessary, what is there to use, and releasing it when it is finished. Taking in one's food and releasing it at the other end. If you don't release it you will suffer. Do you follow what I'm saying? So the act of creation is tied to the whole experience of living.

Thank you. Can you give us any examples that will help us understand this more in terms of holding on to something? I know you've talked about illness, but can you give us any practical examples so that we can apply that?

Many people want to hold on to old things. Rather than passing them on, they will build a new cupboard. You follow? So you move from one place to the next, and there is always, shall we say, an emotional difficulty in letting something go. When it has gone, shall we say, one is still holding on to it. One still is thinking, oh if only I had kept that, if only and so on. The if-onlys of life hold one back in terms of creativity and creating one's pathway. So shall we look at it in reverse? One creates one's personal reality, undoubtedly. The reality one is occupying is the result of one's creations. In other words, what you have is what you have created. When you look at your life, what you have created, it is not just looking at what you have but your attitudes to life. You have created in your world what you deserve. Do you follow?

So if you want to be creative, one has to be deserving of it. And that is where one has to develop one's personal valuation. That is not what other people say about you. It is what you feel about yourself. So then develop an attitude of deserving. And then you will find that you can release old things because it is beneficial to someone else. You are not holding them for any reason. You are not trading them to make a profit or anything. You are freely allowing it to go. So you are acknowledging that you do not need to, shall we say, worry about the future because you are deserving of your creations. Then life opens up as it does.

I love that. So ultimately it's developing an attitude of deserving. So I feel that I deserve this or I feel I deserve what I'm trying to create.

Let us say this and when there is a moment in anyone's life where they feel they deserve something, suddenly their creations flood in and they wonder why am I so lucky? You are not lucky, you are deserving.

So can you help those out that will be sitting here saying I struggle, I struggle to feel that I deserve this or that or anything. Where would they start to be able to create a better attitude around them valuing themselves and deserving things?

First of all, one recognizes the attitudes begin in a past life. I want to say I am not talking about other lifetimes, I am talking about about every moment from the present stretching into the past. Someone began to program, shall we say, with ideas that were adopted. First of all, at five years they were unconscious. At seven you began to take them on and carry them along the path. Someone said you are not good looking, you are ugly. And then you move on thinking, I have to adjust my life because I am ugly. I am not well liked. Then you discover you are truly not well liked. You are the oddball. You are picked upon. Why are you picked upon? Because you are ugly. And so on it goes. The creation, shall we call, snowballing, gathering bigger size, bigger energy, until you are completely covered. Then shall we say, if you remember, the past has gone. The past is irrelevant in the present moment. You have choices in the present moment. Your past is your memory of it. It is not accurate of course. It is the distortions of your memory brought about by the attitude you carried along with it.

So shall we say then, as soon as one gives up one's past, one becomes free. You do not know who you are at all until you decide in the present moment who you are. Your decision to be deserving is yours to make. It is not something that others donate to you. Do you follow what I mean? Of course, there are many, many people around that can help to uncover these hidden ideas, from where they come from and so on and so forth. But in the end, at the end of all the time that you spend doing that, the only thing that arises is that you have let go of the past. You have changed it. You have re-evaluated it. And come to a different decision, a different evaluation. And so one arrives in the present moment without the burdens of the past. And along with that, one forgives oneself for blaming others. You understand? Often you want to forgive others for their behaviors and so on and so forth. But it is when you forgive yourself for attaching all of that to others, that you are free of it. You are free to talk about your own experience.

That is a wonderful message, thank you.

You understand that you are constantly at that moment deciding to accept that you create your own reality and have always done so. I understand it is extraordinarily difficult for some people to acknowledge this because they have an enormous emotional investment in retaining it. And also they are unfortunately chained and imprisoned by it. Freedom comes when you are deserving of it. Is that useful?

Very, thank you, very much so. Before we wrap up, do you have anything else you'd like to add on this subject?

If anyone wants to look into the dragons, then comments and thoughts would shed some light on what I am talking about. Enough for today. And once again, thank you for your time. It is important at this time in history that the new orders begin with freedom of expression. When you become more and more caught up in the roles applied to you by others who have no idea what they are talking about. So once again, thank you and good morning.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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