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Francis Evans, Deep-Trance Medium, channelling for over 40 years:


"Mercredan is on another level."

"Francis is an extremely gifted medium."

"Nothing as profound & lifechanging..."

"These teachings are blowing my mind! When people find out how good this wisdom is being channeled, it will explode!"

"You have no idea how much your channel is helping me. Thank you."

Truth awaits

  • Are you are curious about the changes in the world and the collective shift in consciousness?


  • Do you have questions about higher consciousness, planetary evolution, life after "death", alternative realities, global destruction/global unity?

  • Do you seek clarity and guidance on how to achieve your desires?

  • Would you like to learn more about the "new species” (new children that started to trickle through since 2012), their abilities and their purpose on the planet?

  • Are you interested in understanding the higher truth about global events e.g. in politics, climate, economy, war?

  • Do you feel like there is more to life than what you see?

Anyone with an ability to have an open mind will benefit by considering the information in line with their own existing technological, scientific or philosophical knowledge.

Who is Mercredan?

Higher consciousness channelled by Francis Evans

Mercredan has never incarnated on this planet, "he" is a consciousness that comes from a higher perspective; "a place that we call the Light or the Unity". He can give us a deeper understanding of what is going on "behind the scenes" in our minds and personal life, and globally; in politics, war, climate, economy and the shift in consciousness.

Mercredan has helped people all over the world find clarity and solutions to their earthly challenges. He doesn’t give the solutions but gives guidance that helps the inquirer discover their own answers.


Click the Channeling Mercredan Sessions link below to find out what sort of questions you can ask and what's involved in a private channelling session.

Enjoy more peace

Get your personal questions answered in private Channelling Mercredan sessions and enjoy clarity & direction. 

  • Get clarity and direction on subjects that you have lacked momentum on…

  • Inspiration with thought-provoking guidance and messages that can help you on your path...


  • A sense of peace for where you are now...


  • An expanded awareness of limiting subconscious beliefs...


  • A higher vibrational frequency, receive information and insights yourself and feel more in touch with your own intuitive guidance...


  • Worry less and appreciate the now...

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs to help manifest your desires of love, money, fun, fulfilment, peace, happiness and more!

Francis Evans is an expert trance medium who has been channelling for over 40 years. Although British born, he's a New Zealander who spends half of the year in Bali & half in NZ.

Meet Francis Evans

Channeller of Mercredan

Francis is an expert trance medium channeller which basically means he can put himself into a hypnotic state and allow for higher consciousness to utilise his body to communicate with us. 


Unlike a psychic medium who mostly communicate with spirit guides or loved ones who have passed on, a trance medium channeler like Francis communicates with consciousness from the realm of the 'unknown' - source energy itself.


When Francis began to channel Mercredan in 1989, he had already spent 17 years exploring a deeper understanding of the inner workings of nature and developing his spiritual understanding, meditation, hypnotherapy and honing his channelling skills.


The reason Mercredan is from such a high frequency is that Francis himself operates from a high frequency and has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. What this means is readings from Mercredan are not only clear, direct, informative and inspiring but they are completely free of any 'human' traits like judgment, vanity, ego or prejudice of any sort.

What people are saying...

Grant Bridger, Actor/Writer/Singer/Theatre Director

“Francis is an extremely gifted medium. I have been to sessions with other channels but none compares.


I could go to Mercredan with nothing on my mind or huge problems on my mind and always come away feeling fulfilled.

I am a convert. Until one has had a “Mercexperience” – you don’t realise what high connections Francis is able to access

There is no question that Merc sessions have been an integral and inspiring part of my life and anybody who is open, I guarantee you will be inspired by having a session.”

Ready for Answers?

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  • Channelling Mercredan on Facebook
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