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America, Destruction before the Quantum Shift, Dealing with Conflict: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions discussed with Mercredan in this channelling session:

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 11th January, 2021, New Zealand/Hawaii (via Zoom)


Mercredan: Good evening. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

To begin considering the state of creation, as if individual events in many places across your planet are somehow disconnected, but of course, that is not the case. Everything is in place.

For many years there has been an expectation for a quantum shift in consciousness, and while there is much use of the word quantum, it is rarely understood. The idea of quantum is first one thing and then another thing. There is no movement between the two. It is simply this, then that.

What occurs is the shifting mechanisms, which provide the impetus for final agreement in which a shift in consciousness can occur.

First of all, in any death there is always a struggle to continue, always hanging on, always fighting the inevitable. And then the letting go. It takes a certain point where it is recognised the old simply cannot continue on; it is no longer a viable alternative. And that occurs inside of consciousness.

And so the quantum shift is waking up inside of the dream, waking up to one's personal responsibilities that no matter how much blame you want to put onto somebody else, it is not any of their doing at all. It is one's own responsibility. And that is one's responsibility inevitably to consciousness itself. So it is not the responsibility to the affects that one perceives, but one's responses and reactions to it.

When one makes the other wrong, inevitably one has descended into conflict, and conflict will hold one in its grasps forever.

It is the very nature of what you would call the state of the hell spoken about so much. The fires of hell are really the raging of fury and anger. And it consumes the qualities of mind. It consumes the soul and takes one deeper and deeper into the state that will destroy. And it will destroy everything around you including, in the end, one's self.

So one can look at the external and watch with compassion as many descend into such a breakdown. And of course, the breakdown dissolves the patterns that it begins or wishes to hold.

So what is on the surface in one country will of course be reflected in every other country in private approaches, different approaches, depending on the consciousness of that particular group.

And you see that in your own country [USA], all over different groups breaking down, breaking up and accumulating in different armies in order to attempt to impose order in the way they would like order to be. But of course, the order that they wish will, of course, cause distress even if they were able to impose it.

So the groups are trying to impose particular ideals on other groups, rather than seeing that the whole is no longer valid in the current state of consciousness.

Question: And so in our country [USA], would that be true for both sides of the political spectrum, then?

Mercredan: Of course, you understand. The problem is there is no unity, there is no agreement of what is important, because the population as a whole has lost its trust in all of the organisation. They have not been given truth, and so they cannot believe anything at all.

Whether that is in your country or in the many other countries which are fighting what seems to be an external attack from, shall we say, another realm of organism?

It is always the same. Humanity is out of balance with its environment, whether you want to be other people or other sentient beings, whether they are animal and so on, so forth.

The human species has outlasted its framework of organisation. So as things break down, everything loses its values, because everyone is always fighting each other. Now it is on the battlefield itself.

But it is no different to what it was before. In the office, you went in and tried to undermine someone else and get your foot on the ladder of success to take more power and more money and more of everything for self.

Your stock markets are all about not making money, but transferring money from one loser to one gainer. Nothing is created. Nothing comes about except losses.

So you have been fighting this battle with others, which of course are always with self.

So the consciousness itself has to reframe and retrain itself. It has to recognise that you were always in the Garden of Eden. That is, you are always given enough for everything you needed. But that was never enough for some. And now many are deciding to take what they want. They are not any longer interested in what you would call the rule of law, and rule of law is to put someone in a position where others can take from them. And now that is no longer sustainable.

So the consciousness is to rise above this. You are the creators of your own universe. Do not descend. Do not fall. Because the great books of instruction, all of them, tell the story of the fall from grace! The fall that was caused by the separation, the fall that brought about the division of good and evil. So it is said that one fell by eating of the apple of the tree of good and evil. Of course, that is the lie, because this was truly the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So that if one truly ate of that fruit, one would discover how good and evil came into being. Does this make some sort of sense?

Question: It did up until that very last part. Could you elaborate on that a little further about the knowledge of how it came into being?

Mercredan: You understand, it is said -- and not just in your own book of instruction, but in all the books of instruction -- that there was a fall from grace. The fall came after perceiving good and evil, perceiving others as separate from self, that one's own intentions were always good and therefore those others must be evil.

But that is not the truth. The truth is that one rises up to understand the knowledge that if I make someone else wrong, I make myself right; then I am divided and that can only lead to confrontation and the confrontation will always lead to death.

Question: Will we survive this?

Mercredan: Humanity is going through a shift in consciousness. And so as one comes out of the old system, one has to redefine it.

You understand, in other countries there is this biological war. But in the future, the biology will be seen that it is not a conflict of something outside, but a conflict between what humanity has brought upon itself. And that given the natural situations, humankind would develop its own protections if humankind had not interfered with it by producing a need for one group to benefit over another.

So it is natural for humankind with consciousness not to become involved, but to see the purpose on the planet is to look after it, to provide and serve the planet for the benefit of all. And it always arrives that for the benefit of all. That is, not divisions -- and there are so many divisions.

One of the important qualities of the time is what you would call immigration. Immigration comes about so that humankind might assemble with their fellow humans -- not separating from them, not pointing fingers, not attacking. So across the planet, there is a moment. And as I have pointed out before, it will take until 2024 before all the old systems no longer operate in an organised fashion. At which point humankind has devised new methods of caring for the survivors.

Question: And is that the quantum shift?

Mercredan: That is the quantum shift. It will not be slow. One often asks whether it will be fast or slow. It is gathering speed as it arrives at the point, and then it is instantaneous. The quantum shift is first one, then the other. So all of the old ideas will dissolve, and in the shift in consciousness, the human spirit will become perceivable. You understand? Then, the whole nature of quantum mechanics, quantum theory and philosophy and the nature of consciousness itself will be discovered -- and with it the responsibilities of that power.

You understand, a number of years ago, I talked about the nature of accountability, responsibility and the necessary transparency. And now it is time to bring this back to attention.

So it is personal. One's reality and the karmic consequences, the instant consequences, will deride one to understand the nature -- how one has to let go of old, outdated ideas and patterns; to dig into one's own resources; to bring out of the shadows those parts of one's self that one has been hiding inside -- often hiding behind as well.

And in doing so, the first principle is stillness. Amongst all of this activity, all of this threat, to remain calm, to remain still, and to realise that as long as you are still, you are not disturbing that conflict around yourself. So when others want to engage in conflict, better to say, "I don't have very many thoughts about it. I watch what is happening, but I can see all sides. So I am trying not to take any side at all. I am trying to see it in its wholeness," and in such a way one rises above the conflict. And when conflict comes about, others will ask your advice because while you are still, you are not caught up; and it is that which will help to shift consciousness.

Question: So when they ask for my advice, what does one tell them? Be calm?

Mercredan: Of course, one has to ask the question: Why are you involved? What is the benefit for your personal involvement? What do you get out of it? And on the other side, if you were to get your way, who would lose? Because in all conflicts, nobody asks what is at stake for the other side. Why would someone be fighting so ferociously if they did not believe in loss, in lack? And so if that is the case, then such a person lives in a state of want, in a state of fear. And who would trade places with that?

I want to say this: against what would seem like the natural consequences, if one is still, what you need will come to you. It is only necessary for you to recognise it. So it is your creation.

And when you are creative, everything you need will flow with you, not to you, because that is as if someone else will miss. But if you are in the flow of the river, everything you need is flowing with you. And so whatever is necessary comes. Do not hang onto it because that will drag you down. But if you feed and let others have their fair share, more will be coming. It is not limited; in other words, what is needed is not limited; what is wanted certainly is limited. So that you begin to recognise that everyone is a unit of the whole. And you cannot see others being forced out while you are carried to the heights. That is nonsense. You understand? So let us see what questions arise from this.

Question: Well, when you made that very last point about the imbalance of one rising while others descend; it seems to me to be almost at the essence of evangelical approach to life, that that you're going to rise and the others will descend. And that's such a fundamental part of that belief system. How can those good hearts understand that that belief isn't in accordance with what you were saying about being to the benefit of all -- that there are winners and losers.

Mercredan: The understanding arises, of course, when truth proves itself. They are in a world that is collapsing around them. They are at the central core of the very things that are causing their whole world to fall apart. How much longer is it going to take that they are not better off, that they have lost also; everyone has lost. Do you understand?

Then comes a new message and the message is a repeat message because the great teacher himself says all that is needed. It is not that they are not exposed to good teachings. It is that the good teachings have been usurped by the God of judgments, the one that would cause conflict. Of what is that to do with the great master? Nothing at all.

Question: And yet the great master is portrayed to be judgemental. You're going to get judged at the end of this?

Mercredan: Not at all. The great master says, "those who are without their own problems may they cast the first stone.” And as it is said, if you have your own things, don't throw stones inside a glass house. You understand? The same thing; it is, "Judge not lest you be judged." And of course, the truth is that in the end, you will have to judge yourself. You will have to come up with the answers. At the very last breath, you will know what is true and you are then required to cast judgement on self.

Question: And do we not know what is true until the very last breath?

Mercredan: Shall we say, unless you have put self aside, that is true. Unless you have risen above judgements, how can you possibly see the truth? You are caught in your own judgments. You are caught in the very conflict that you created. And so, once again, you create your reality from the beliefs and attitudes that you deliver. The world responds directly to that. So you want to belong, so you go to the church and the church is filled with people of the same attitudes. How will you ever see different?

How will you be able to stand aside and appraise yourself if everyone is telling you how wonderful you are, and how bad everyone else is? And you will pick up even when you know there is something wrong, even when your inner self is alerting you, you will put it aside, you will push that away. And on the last breath it will come out again and there will be nobody to protect you from yourself. And then comes the judgment, the appraisal.

I want to say it is appraisal, it is not a judgment. One can only do to the level of one's conscious awareness. So it is time, as has been said so often, become aware. Wake up! Not wake up to being right, but wake up to seeing it as it is -- that it is a great play in action. And have you played your part to the fullest? Have you lifted yourself into the mind of the hero, the heroine? How many can see that? And the difficulty is those that are in positions of power are caught up with these positions; how can they come out of that? Only a very enlightened person can lead from that position.

Question: Are any such enlightened people leading on this planet right now?

Mercredan: They have been and are, but they are generally rather low key players; they are often be overlooked. And yet what they do and say effects far more people than you would understand. What I mean is some of these great leaders are unknown to the general population, and yet their actions affect many millions.

Question: You're talking about individual people that are on this planet right now?

Mercredan: There are individuals, of course. One could attempt to name some, but in doing so, then it brings up conflicting evidence within others. And so it is much better to simply say that of the many thousands, they are less known. There are many, many leaders, and as consciousness prepares itself for such transformation, more and more are coming to the surface. The very nature of your technology brings them to the surface.

Question: How does that work?

Mercredan: Shall we say, little by little. Someone reads something, hears something and passes it on to others, and it resonates or not. And as it resonates, others recognise that it connects with this one. And so the network of light bodies that is connected across the planet grows ever brighter.

Question: Okay. So through the technology that we already have or a technology that's yet to come?

Mercredan: All of it. There are technologies that were around a long time ago still operate and new technologies and ones that have yet to be defined. They are in operation of course. Humans are talking to one another more or less consciously than ever before. You understand, sometimes what is said and what is heard are very different things. And sometimes the very words awaken someone, even though the one that inspired it had no idea of the potency of it.

Question: I understand. Okay.

Mercredan: There is so much love circulating. And as a result of this, hatred is exploding at a greater and greater rate. And one could judge the hatred. But in the end, that is the destructive nature that is required to put a stop on the old and the old systems.

So I want to say this in conclusion: what you are seeing in your nation [USA] is the end of your political system as it stands and the beginning of a re-evaluation of the structure and nature of the nation itself. The question then arises is, who is going to bring it together? Who is going to propose a completely different perspective, a completely different type of structure -- a reorganisation of what democracy means.

Democracy is the laws for the benefit of the whole -- not exclusively for certain groups over other groups, not for the domination of others, not for the aggrandising of certain ones, not for the producing of wealth for certain ones and property for others. All of that has ended. And if you want to fight it out, then you will; or you will come to terms.

The end of political parties and persuasions; the grouping of people together that have to apply rules in a certain way, rather than being truthful to themselves. That are representing other people; that stand for them, are respectful of them and truly represent their qualities, their needs. And that will come about when the ordinary person on the street assumes responsibility for their actions. Not saying words, not talking about it, but assuming responsibility and requiring accountability from others, from their friends, their neighbours and from their leaders. Accountability. And accountability will not come unless honesty and transparency are part of the deal.

And so you are in this moment of conflict. Doesn't matter who wins, because in the end whoever wins will lose unless they come together as a nation to hold fast as a unit to prepare for the future. Does this make sense?

Question: It does.

Mercredan: Is there any other questions, shall we say, any other burning questions?

Question: I believe someone that I'm thinking of is struggling but I'm not sure whether I should be proactive in reaching out to her or not.

Mercredan: The question is not about reaching out. The question is how to reach out without implied judgment. With simply reaching out and offering support. "Whatever you want to do, I will try my best to support you in that." Because when that occurs, eventually (and often not very long), consciousness breaks through. One is not having to defend oneself against others. One has a true friend, one who is not talking of good and bad, right and wrong, but one who is actively engaging a person to find their own solution.

You follow what I mean, because their own solution will bring their conflicts to the surface, and they will find they have conflicts, they are not sure what to do, and that is where not solving it, not suggesting what they should do. Only reiterating that they have the answers within if they simply take some moments of silence and listen to their inner self, to their soul nature. You are encouraging only that consciousness breaks through.

And you know, very often you can sit with such a person and invite them in. "Shall we sit just quietly together and let's see if there is something that simply comes to us. I will work on my conflicts, my thoughts, and you work on you, us and if you like at the end, we could share what we have discovered." You understand, then it is the beginning. You often find when this occurs, then someone else wants to come to your quiet moment and soon you could have a little group of quiet moments. Do you follow? What happens, then it is not a religious thing. But it is certainly a spiritual one, because one then generates love and compassion for others.

Mercredan: Is that enough?

It is thank you so much.

Mercredan: Then once again, thank you for your time and your appreciation and shall we say life will continue at all levels because in its nature, it is infinite and eternal. That is time and space for all the options. So nothing is forbidden. Nothing. If you wish, you can have or be or do anything. But in the end, you will account for it. Once again, thank you for your time and good evening.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 40 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years. Mercredan can give us a higher perspective and deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives and planet, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events.


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