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Channeling on The Hidden Forces of Cults, Coercion and Control | EP31

Channeled Transcript

Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everything fits together as a whole. That's obvious, of course, because everything is indeed a unity and a whole expression. And within that form the fields of influence. Enough for us to begin our conversation.

Thank you Mercredan and thank you for being with us again today. Today I'd like to talk to you about cults. Now we've been aware of cults for decades but I guess with mainstream media they're becoming more well known. There's a lot more publicity around them. We've even got Netflix documentaries. Cults are going online rather than just based on location. So we'd like to ask you why do cults form and what psychological and spiritual need do they fulfill for their members?

We have talked so recently about the forming of fields of influence. And when one belongs to a field of influence one automatically determines, “Can my field of influence affect everything else?” And if there are certain other fields of influence that seem in a different realm then one defines them as objects of division. One sets them apart as what is called your cult. Everyone belongs to a cult of one form or another. Is it a big one? Is it unified within the social arena or is it exclusive, inclusive?

Then you have your government, your politicians, your cult. They are playing within their realm of influence. Or is it what you call the criminals? Or is it the police? Is it the religious fanatics? Is it this? Is it that? Always there is this necessary notion, and the cult of course accepts anyone who will belong to it, who will adopt its limited conditions.

So if it is the politician then one's party accepts those that will adopt its ideas and promote that. Is it the pop idols, fans and so on? All of them are exclusive fields of influence.

Then what is the important element? Can you belong? Are you included? And who else is excluded? Can you be given a certain power, if you like? Is one to be adopted as a family might adopt? Shall we call them, often unwanted children? Do you follow what I'm talking about?

I do, thank you, and I think for the purpose of the session, I'd really like to focus on what I guess society refers to as cults that are born from religious fanatics or ideology and where there are set rules and I guess exclusion or fear-based dogmatic approach to running the cult, where people are either in and then they're locked in and maybe they're not aware of their freedoms being taken away from them, or they are but they feel I guess imprisoned in some way.

One is then talking about imprisonment. Society likes to imprison those that do not go along with their ideology, their way of thinking. Sometimes it is to protect the wider community and sometimes it is to protect those that are in power. Sometimes it is to defend the ideology.

So often those that join into what you are calling these specific cults are not accepted in the wider community in ways that they can appreciate. So there is often the idea that the family wishes to bring the member of the cult out of it back into their own field of influence. But it is just as limited, just as controlling and so forth.

Those that find their way into cults do so to find their way out of cults. I understand this is not a very pleasant discussion. I can easily be attacked for such a concept. But you understand when there is a sense of opportunity, when there is an agreement that everyone has a place and an acceptance into the wider social environment, then you will find less appeal in such limited, protective cults.

A group of people get together to defend themselves against the greater whole. So there is already an ideological battle that is in place. There is not a willingness because societies as such do not promote love, peace, acceptance, agreements and so on. There is always the nature of isolation, how to control others is to isolate them from the wider agreements.

There are few, if any, society, nation, or whatever that is based on finding the best way for all. There is one group that has an ideology to place over everyone, and another group offers the opposite ideology to place on top of everyone, and no one is looking for the best for all.

And so one creates societies with conflicting fields of influence and when conflicts arise, defense becomes an important quality. And so you have many who are coming together to defend or to present acceptance. Does this make sense?

It does. I get that society still has a lot to learn in order to become more unified and more accepting, but how is it that the fields of influence is just as limited when there are many cults where if you do things like you have to give up your money or you have to give up your freedom, you're not allowed to see your family, you have to work for free, and if you don't do this you're told that you'll be damned to hell or when you die you go to hell and live in a…

Of course, and that is how the defense occurs, isn't it? Every field of influence is defending itself against the wider consent. So those that join are looking for a leader or an ideology with power to protect from whoever is deemed. You understand?

So what is the best way of doing that is to create, shall we call it, an army of the Lord. The Lord, of course, is the ideology. The Lord might be a wide group of people. You understand? You have created all sorts of religions in order to control and set in place those that belong and those that are excluded.

Unless you join with the belief one is going to be sent to the lower regions, one is sinning, one is bound to be sent into hell as you put it. Whether it is financial hell, whether it is isolated hell, whatever hell you want to impress upon you, either belong to a group or you do not. Even in the fields of influence in your business community, if you do not drink the favorite drink you are not going to arrive in heaven. In other words, you will be cast out with all the others who are suffering.

That is the message. You need this in order to be happy. Otherwise, you will be suffering. Everything is based on this sense of ideology. Everything then is in those terms a cult. If however, one begins to meditate, one is not held by any of it. There are few if any cults that will kill members who walk out of the door.

They might not have anything of course. They are having to leave behind all of the ideology, all of the fears, and all of it. They must find first their inner resolve. You cannot force someone to be kind. You cannot force someone to be self-empowered. You cannot force anyone to be confident. Do you follow what I mean?

But if they choose any of those, they will see through all of the cults. Do you see what I'm getting at? So when you become self-empowered, when you breathe in and know that you are in the world only for a brief period of time, that you are not separate from the divine itself, that you are and cannot ever be unlovable, then you are free.

In other words, when you are free, you are free of all cults. You see all of the fields of influence attempting to draw you in from one cult to the next.

Do you understand the power that this means?

I do, very much so.

So if someone wants to rescue someone from a cult, first of all they must offer a better outcome. They must offer something that is more valuable than belonging. They must empower the person to realize that they no longer belong to the cult, that they (are) no longer believe in the ideology nor the fears or projections that have been placed upon. Then they become self-empowered.

Interesting. Thank you.

This is as always, we try to put it into perspective because everything is interconnected, inter-dynamic, inter-related. So the cult as such is a creation of the society it embraces. It was formed out of the failings that society engendered.

So what can we do better to make society better, I guess, so that these things don't happen?

Once society realizes as a field of influence it is a unity. Everything that is within it is a creation of it. So when you look at your society and you see there is crime, that is the function and creation of the society. And when you see there is harm and all sorts of divisions and so forth, you look at all of those and you begin to see that society created it all. When there is imbalance there is injustice.

This is the challenge that individuals have within society to bring about their field of influence in order to rebuild because when there is suffering the society suffers. Humankind think that if they personally are not suffering all is well, but in the end as unity begins to take place, as the shift in consciousness begins, it becomes increasingly aware that society and nations - that is, the communities that build up, make up the society, make up the nations, make up the species, make up the planetary whole - cannot be complete until every single unit - that is, every cell - is given its needs. The whole shift in consciousness will arise at the speed in which humans are willing to transform.

Interesting. Thank you. So I have a question here around not just cults. I mean it could apply to a cult of a fanatic kind where someone feels trapped but also if someone's in a controlling relationship or any types of coercion or control what advice could you see? Actually, is there any karmic lessons that are around that or soul agreements that has been brought about for people to be in that or it differs for everybody?

Of course. Each one has embodied, embraced the reality that they experience by holding ideas. When one transforms the beliefs that sustain the reality, the reality itself transforms without coercion. You understand? You have to do less than change how you consider events oneself, one's attitudes, and so on.

In other words, if one considers oneself weak, one will be attracted to those that are strong, and those that are strong will dominate those that are weak. Do you understand how that occurs? Of course there is a marriage of ideals. So it is important then that one takes responsibility for the condition one finds oneself in.

And then when there is a shift in the systems and structures and ideas, not only have you a greater sense of personal wealth but you will find you have created support that arrives from many different directions.

So when the old, that is lifetime resonances, have been laid to rest, one has in fact completed one's karmic tasks; then whatever is left requires a new being - something to become. Those that come out of such situations understand what has to be performed on the inner realms.

Thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add before we close off today?

In the future, we will talk more about the interactions within the fields of influence and how that builds the ideal of love which I will call connection.

Once again, thank you for your time and your willingness to consider because whatever words or advice or thoughts that I can share are just that. How you apply them affects yourself, your attitudes, your fields of influence going forward and upwards and outwards towards the integration of the assets of your communities. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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