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Channeling on The Relationship Between Giving and Receiving | EP30

Updated: Jul 9

Channeled Transcript

Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. There is a word in the English language translatable into many others. The word is gracious. Not so often used and it defines a certain characteristic and if it is as one engages in the spiritual quest one finds such a gracious teacher. Let us begin our conversation.

Thank you Mercredan. We're talking about the topic today between the relationship between giving and receiving. So can you expand on this topic about that and does there need to be a balance between the two?

One of the greatest challenges an individual meets is the perception of a unified whole and an individual within it; like defining a drop of water in the ocean. Every moment one picks out a small amount of the water, the ocean, one does not leave it any less ocean and yet the drop of water is separated as soon as it is given and joined back with its ocean nature. It dissolves within the whole. There is this principle, the paradox of combining of opposites and so humankind in order to experience anything has to separate self from the rest. And so it is within this context of giving and receiving.

So one takes action, that is you give into the whole, and there is a response from it that one either chooses to ignore or chooses to receive. So the interplay of giving and receiving is the very act of living, to fully engage in the process of giving of oneself of sharing of one's beauty, sharing of one's experience, sharing of even how one feels unworthy; always brings back its due receipt. So there is always the reflections of movement that is the very nature of life, of growth, and of perceiving the truth. Because the more one receives, the more one integrates what one has received and turns that into perception, one delves deeper into the mystery.

So life then is an unfolding mystery. When one asks a question of the mystery it delivers the answer and it is from one's personal ability to understand that brings the greatest joys. Does this shine a light at least on this question because giving and receiving is not in balance, it is undeniably connected together. You can not have one without engaging the other. So it is a great gift if you like from the divine so that one can understand the relationship between self and whole. Does this answer the question?

Yes it does. Very well thank you. So what happens if we give too much while others give very little?

When you give too much, first of all you receive too much in response. In other words, if you give too much it will be as the old saying casting pearls before swine. It will not be valued. You are giving and giving. You are not truly giving at all. You are buying.

So like all things, whatever you buy you have in return. So you are giving too much then you will be taken for more because that is your nature. You are being rewarded with a lesson in life. You are taken for more and more and more until you wake up.

Then when you wake up and you are in perception of what you have been doing then the gift that you receive is greater than everything that you gave before. You are paid in like. So many people are giving and giving to be welcomed and accepted and so on and yet no matter how much they are giving they never gain what they are looking for. And yet when they finally wake up they are given the attention that they were constantly wanting, desiring.

So often this is the case. You understand too, so many take the alcohol and the drugs and so on, are wanting to gain quiet from their ever demanding self. But the self simply demands more and more so it is not working at all. When they stop they can see what has happened. Now they simply are at peace with themselves.

So it is always this constant desire and the opposite desire that brings resistance from the universe. One ceases to desire and what one was desiring is delivered. The give and take of the individual and the whole acting as divine. Is this useful?

Very useful. So if we... how can we be more aware of at that moment when we're giving out of need versus giving unconditionally I suppose? We're looking at the feedback and we notice that. Is that the turning point?

Of course. Of course, it is one's desire to understand. When one stops such desire one offers the question to the divine and is open to its response. The answers of the divine do not always or even often come in words. They are often those random elements that are presented in the environment.

So you have questions and you - it is about money and so on - you're walking on the street and there is the money sitting in front of you. And then is the questions that arise from that. There are all of these answers, what I have previously called opportunities.

The the experience is a mystery. It is magnificent and magical. When one understands the magic of life, one lives inside of the magical universe, all things are possible. All things are possible. If you are outside of the magical universe then you have to make things occur.

You have to work at it. You have to work at yourself. You have to give in order to take. You have to discover what is the currency. What do I have to pay in order to get? But that is not giving and receiving. That is paying and getting. Do you understand the difference?

I encourage a viewpoint that the universe is a magical thing, ready for your imprint, ready to expand upon your creativity to provide the environment in which your authorship takes place. This is the giving and receiving of life, the pulse of life, the breath of life. All of these qualities, the tide that offers the ground beneath for a moment and then returns to refresh it.

The tide covers the beach but in the covering refreshes the beach, cleans it as it were, before offering it again for a time of enjoyment. Do you follow what I mean? Everywhere you look there are lessons that are so useful in understanding the nature of your environment.

You look at it as if it is a resource that you can take from, and it will give but it will also respond. It will offer you gifts but often they are not the ones that allow you to continue. So there is always this giving and offerings, giving and offerings, and as an individual perceives the nature then their understanding of the laws that govern the inner planes become more polished. Some other questions.

Thank you, thank you. That's brilliant and I love your examples.

I want to say this: If everyone was to take a walk for an hour and to look at what turns up, what is the universe giving, and asking the question, “How best can I receive this?” Because most of humanity find it easier to give than to receive, easier to give a compliment than to receive one, easier to donate a little parcel than to receive someone else's gift. Your turn.

So in receiving, if we're not that good at it what can we do to, you know, sharpen our skills around receiving?

Practice, practice. You understand this is the very nature of graciousness that someone offers something and you accept it with graciousness. So one is practicing the nature of how to be gracious, and if you find the meaning of it you will realize this is indeed true spirituality. This is uplifting one's own soul because you have uplifted someone else.

Yes the giving back is equally as good isn't it?

I want to say: The receiving automatically gives the response back. You understand, this is not taking. Someone does something, gives something, one accepts it with graciousness. That is the key point. One is simply taking it in a heartfelt manner so that the person feels for once someone has accepted my gift without grabbing it; taking it without any true intention.

So it is the graciousness that one is receiving it. It is not something that you need but it is gracious to acknowledge the gift.

It's beautiful isn't it?

That is what turns the ordinary into magic.

Is there a way we can remind ourselves, maybe at the beginning of our day, around the magic of this very concept giving and receiving?

Better just to remind yourself each morning. When you get up you look around and you acknowledge in this way, “It is magical that I am in this universe, this world, this community, this field of influence. It is magical that I am here within it.”

So then everything becomes a magical inspiration. The universe is inspiring and you take on you receive that inspiration and pass it on. You become the inspiration for all those you touch during the day.

Giving something, receiving it, allows you more to give. You are the flow of life, the current that passes through you, the food that nurtures you passes through and continues its journey in the circle, the cycle of life. Everything is useful. Every piece of waste is food for another.

It is not that it simply flows from one place to another but it is a cycle of life. Eventually it returns to the beginning.

Are these experiences in life like archetypes and they are available for every generation in perpetuity, you know, forever?

It's a useful question because as I pointed out all answers are yes and no. Of course the archetypes of humanity are consistent. They are inner forces but they are also evolving in a force. So the archetypal ideas, the great frameworks of gods, are endlessly evolving along with their expression in the world.

So the individuals are evolving and evolving their field of influence. Their field of influence evolves the containers and so on and so history evolves. Even the genetic codes are evolving. The very structure of the container that is the human body is evolving. It is constantly improving along with consciousness.

It is all a consistency of evolution. The proof of the great saying, “The only consistency is change.” We could say the only consistent field of nature is evolution. And humanity evolves by acknowledging the gifts it is given.

Thank you. That is brilliant.

Then once again thank you all for your involvement in the great journey of evolution. Thank you and bye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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