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Channeling on Spiritual Development in the Physical World | EP15

Channeled Transcript

Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Let us start with an allegory: Consciousness as an energy is like a waterfall. At the top all the streams are in alignment and as it falls downwards it begins to break up to circulate and to interfere with its own flow, as it were, to bring about greater and greater disturbances and interactions and frequencies and resonance until it reaches into the solid form at its base. Enough for us to begin a conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan, and thank you so much for being here with us again today. So recently you said that this life presents our fastest opportunity for spiritual growth. So we'd like to start a series of discussions around physical life as a spiritual playground where we talk about personal development insights that can perhaps help us learn to live this life to our fullest potential. And we thought we'd start by opening our conversation by discussing the unique perspective that the physical life brings. So is this okay with you?

So let us take that up once again as if one is playing a board game. One starts to learn the rules of the game. One starts to see how it interacts with the other players as if one is either in competition or one is in cooperation. As you would understand, a team game where there are a lot of people playing in cooperation is going to stand a better degree of interactions, of learning, of abilities. And yet humankind is predisposed to isolation, separation and competition. For what true reasons does that help in the understanding of the physical realm? Because the physical realm is one where there are great opportunities. Of course the opportunities escalate in numbers when one is acting in cooperation. Does that open the discussion?

Very much so, thank you. So I guess a good place to start is if you can discuss the life in this physical dimension and how it's unique in comparison to other experiences of reality.

Humanity most often sets itself up in the belief that there is indeed a physical reality. And like anything you believe, it is true the moment you begin to believe that. If one begins to recognize that the physical reality is dependent on the frameworks and beliefs that one is imposing upon it, then one gains a certain degree of freedom. One then is operating within that idea. But it is still an idea that comes with its own limitations. So the biggest question of all is: humanity creates its experience by the truths that emerge from its ideas. So one is free to the degree one is capable of formulating ideas of freedom.

As an example, one might go to sleep at night and dream a dream. The dream offers certain encouragement to escape into realms of what are called fantasy. The fantasy opens up elements where one can perceive certain opportunities. One wakes in the morning, one remembers the dream, and one either interprets it - that is, one either engages in the dream and considers, “What is this dream offering?” - or one dismisses it as just a dream. Do you understand what I mean? If one considers that it is showing opportunity, then one might research in the direction of such opportunity.

As soon as one begins to research, one applies one's attention towards something. Attention then is a degree of focus. Focus brings out of the woodwork, as it were, out of the background, something that is pertinent. One begins to build upon that pertinency and the great unfolding of such opportunity begins. It is very simple in that example, but in the end what I am really saying is: If one puts one's attention on anything, if one begins to research anything, the first elements that arise are those that are blocking the creation. That is, those elements that are misaligned with the social agreements of the consciousness of the species.

There is a mass agreement about what certain things are allowable. And I want to give an example of this. For many hundreds and thousands of years, mankind understood it was impossible for humans to become as birds, to fly. And then at some point, someone thought but that is not true. So they make a little model with some wings and throw it into the air, and discover certain principles. That it has to be weighted in the right way, and it will certainly fly a certain distance, and so on. The development goes as everyone tries certain things like pedaling and trying to move. Eventually, humankind makes the aeroplane. The aeroplane is flying but very limited. Development, research; one has broken through the first barrier which is that you cannot fly. You understand attention develops around principles. “What is the principle?” And overcoming the barriers by perceiving the opportunities. Do you follow what I'm getting at?

Now look at how far humanity has come. A humankind can fly faster than anything else. And the machines are getting smaller and smaller. The principles are getting more and more understood, and at a certain point, humankind will recognize that the physical world is part of the dream environment. Not as yet but certainly within reason. And I will explain why. Because it is already seen that humans are flying with suits and so on, and so it is not uncommon to see someone flying in the air. So consciousness is not going to make such a person fall to the ground. It is acceptable. And only as time goes by does it become acceptable for someone to fly without anything. Then one has broken through the limitations brought about by the physical notion that everything is restricted. Does that follow through?

It does, thank you. So what you're saying is in this example is that somebody could come up with an idea through a dream then they apply some attention to it through research, but then the first barrier to that arises which is - Can I say it's like mass consciousness or belief?

That is correct.

So what happens, what advice can you give us? Say if we do come up with an idea - maybe we have a dream about, let's say, instant healing or spontaneous healing - and we wake up and we want to research that but then we come across the mass consciousness that you cannot heal instantly, or is it just a personal belief can be enough?

So, shall we say this in this regard: Do not go out and claim it. What is the point of that? Simply instantly heal. Keep quiet about it? Nobody will be upset, but if you go out and proclaim yourself as the instant healer person, you will be in conflict, because although one might override the consciousness of another, that is not such a great idea. If one were to consult with someone and to engage with them in a personal way: “If you follow my instruction, you will be able to instantly heal yourself.” First of all, one needs to learn how to drop old ideas because everything is held into consistency.

So humankind has an idea that whatever one does, one has to lose some quality. The older you have on the planet, the more you are falling apart. And yet there are many examples where that is simply not true, but then one says, "But that's them. They have special DNA,” or whatever you want to assign to them that allows one to keep one's own ideas. But then one engages with a person - how to take their attention off the symptoms of the issue, as it were - and to release that into another dimension, as it were. One then begins to research: “What does a person who is fully engaged, what are they holding on to, what are their beliefs, and what is better to hold in reserve?” Do you understand what I'm saying?

One is simply focusing attention on what is important. So the law always comes to what I had said before: definition. The first law paradox. The second law polarity. The third law magnetism. The fourth law is definition. So the creation arises because you know something about something. You have defined it in consciousness. Then when someone says to you, "You are ill," then first of all one has to seek within one's consciousness; “What does that mean, definition?” Then one begins to sort through all the information one has to select: “What sort of illness am I going to experience? What opportunities do I have to experience this and what is the benefit?” All creations come with polarity. That is for every downside there is an upside, there is an opportunity. So one focuses attention on the opportunity and suffers the symptom. Does this make some sort of sense?

I understand it is upsetting for those who have engaged with the symptom and ignored the opportunity; the benefit that comes from it.


Does that show? I want to say that is just one example of the principle. The principle is definition. And when one researches definition, one might ask the question: “What does this definition offer as an opportunity, and what limitation needs to be overcome?” When one overcomes the limitation, then one moves to a higher level of awareness about what was holding one back. A new opportunity appears with its reference of limitation. One needs to stay within the limitation of physical life if one wants to continue experiencing it. If you have finished with physical life, one can move on to a much wider experience of definition. Definitions within that realm are much different in terms of how one experiences the very act of living.

Thank you. I'm going to ask the question around clarification here: is it that our perceived limitations are only there because of mass agreement and because our attention is held on that idea?

The physical world is a mass agreement. In other words, the planetary field of influence that you are calling your home base is simply a framework of laws of physics; that is physical laws. The physical laws organize and structure the agreements that one has to engage with in order to occupy a position in it. If one considers a certain other framework of laws, one might - and I am not saying will but one might - explore a different location in space and time, as we have already discussed at some length.

So to wrap up today, can you tell us what one thing that we could learn from today's conversation and implement in the teachings you've shared with us?

Let us say: Consider where you are putting your attention. In other words, consciousness is about consciousness. In other words, I am saying if you are conscious, research where you are putting your attention. What is important? What is engaging your attention? Are you putting it in things that are beneficial or not? Are you scanning your field of influence and understanding where energy is being drawn? Is it energy that is attention? Is it being drawn to opportunities or is it being drawn to limitations? This is how you are operating. You understand? If you are being drawn to limitations, begin to consider what is the benefit of having this. I want to say all of that allows for a growing degree of freedom. Is that enough for today?

It is, very much so, thank you.

Then once again, it is important to thank everyone for your willingness to listen, to hear, and to apply whatever that one has personally gained from our interaction. Thank you and good morning, afternoon, or evening.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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