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Channeling on The Significance of the Solar Eclipse | EP13

Updated: Apr 11

Channeled Transcript

Timing is everything. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Isn't the physical nature of planet Earth spectacular? So let us begin by looking at the solar field of influence, and to remember that the visual field is minuscule in the whole of that field. Enough to begin a conversation.

Thank you. Thank you for being with us today. As you know, today we would like to talk to you about the solar eclipse. Particularly, today parts of central and north America experience a total eclipse. Can you talk to us about why today's eclipse is so significant?

Planet Earth is a specific location in the totality of the universe, and that is why such phenomena are so significant. So from planet Earth, as you watch this event, it is easy to forget that it is a minimal event within the solar field of influence because that engages all of the planets within its system. And such other locations do not experience such an event because it is a specific portion of consciousness.

So the solar field is significant because it is presenting information. The information is the pulsing of natural phenomena as it affects the nature of the planetary guardian. So shall we suggest then that the field of influence such events show is to affect the fields that surround planet Earth, and within the fields that of the planetary guardian how consciousness is distributed.

So there is a marked set of circumstances that shine or in this case do not shine on a certain field that paces out across your living conditions - enough to begin.

Thank you. You just mentioned the effect of the field around planet Earth, and you mentioned how consciousness is distributed. Can you talk more on that to us?

Consciousness avails itself within the fields of influence. That is, the planetary field, the national fields, the social fields, the community that is city fields and so on. So it is important to recognize when one's day is brought into night because planet Earth is transitioning through a natural expansion in consciousness which requires a new day to appear.

So across your nation of influence, that is within the fields around it, this particular location, that is this national has a greater field of influence that has to be transformed. One light of day must be transitioned into the second light of day, and that is the significance of this particular phenomenon. I want to point out that because of the fields of influence of the solar field, this alignment brings the Earth closer to its neighbors than has happened in many hundreds of thousands of years. In local time.

Can you talk to us more about that? Which neighbors are you speaking of?

Within the field of influence, that is the solar field, all of the planets play a significant part. Planet Earth is not transitioning in any sort of circular as you often consider, but it is pulsing. Pulsing in and out towards its natural center. That is the solar disk, as it is. That is, the light of the heavens draws it in and lets it move away. This is part of the natural thing of life. So everything is pulsing toward the spiritual center and away from it. There is... everything in the universe shows the natural qualities. That is all of the laws are played out in time and in space. That is then, as I pointed out, beyond the three universal laws - the law of paradox, the law of polarity, the law of magnetism - becomes space and time, and the law of definitions: Nothing exists until it is defined in its quality of separateness. You understand, if you are walking through the forest; it is just a forest. But as soon as you focus your attention and define a single tree, the tree becomes all, and the forest recedes into a background. Does this shine light?

It does, thank you. You mentioned that planet Earth isn't circling as we thought; it’s pulsing. So has science got it wrong?

Science, as it stands, has everything in terms of the physicality and also it understands that the science affects everything within the field of influence. So while this event is occurring, science all over your planet is measuring the effect it has on the birds and the bees and the plants and everything else in it. It has yet, of course, to make sense of the effect on human psychology. It already knows it affects it but it has yet to define that in terms that can be related. In other words, everything affects everything else.

Interesting, thank you. So throughout history, solar eclipses have been viewed by many cultures as powerful omens. They are signaling profound shifts and unveiling hidden truths...

That is correct. You understand I am saying the event shows the ending of a particular cycle and the beginning of another.

When it is total, in such [an] event, then the old is no longer valid, and the new is to be explored. But not everyone experiences that. So in some places, the old is kept in place; portions of it.

So in that term, is it location-specific? So those that are witnessing the total eclipse today are from Mexico to Canada. Are they the ones that are experiencing the old and then the new significance of today?

You understand, as I point out, such events are within the fields of influence. And so it is if you track your pathway, it is within the framework of the great national or should I say international field of influence. The old has to be released.

That is not to say destroyed because when you destroy something, nothing is left of it. But when you transform something, you learn from its history so that a new pathway can be opened up. So it is a significant event for humanity within the field of the planetary guardian.

In other words, those that are embodied in physicality. Because, of course, there are sentient others within different frameworks of experience. The most important thing to realize is what one is focused within.

In other words, a physical body in space and time has to be within the focus of attention. If one takes away one's focus of attention, imagination opens up innumerous locations in different paradigms. That is to say, they exist as solidly as your own but not within this point of focus.

That is a whole new and different conversation.

Thank you. So the scientific community have labeled, I think it's just over a year, the Helio Big Year from October last year until December this year. And it's interesting that there are some significant eclipses then, as you've talked to us about the significance of 2024. Obviously, this is no accident. You're talking about this - letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

Everything is at its critical point because for change to occur in the natural period of events within human consciousness, most often a crisis is required. So you are sitting on the edge of a critical time in humanity's awareness. If an old mechanism continues, then of course the evidence of that and the events that follow will continue in the old framework, and you must then meet yourselves with that outcome.

You have had wars upon wars upon wars, and another war with modern technology can never be predicted. You understand, it cannot because time is stopping - whether it is because of dramatic events or because human consciousness awakens.

You understand? Here is an example: you are asleep; you are dreaming. As soon as you wake up, the time in the dream world ceases.

Or shall I say, one's connection that is one's focus within the field of that universe ceases to hold attention. This leads, of course, to the fundamental patterns: attention creates definition, creates realities of experience. And that is why the human condition is focused in a small band of the whole.

One's visual field is extremely limited. One's auditory field is also limited. One's sensational world is limited, but the whole is beyond conception with such a limited ability to interact.

So, interactions then occur at far deeper levels of experience, and science is struggling to find physical devices to measure those elements that are beyond its nature. In other words, you cannot measure with physical instruments those mechanisms beyond it. And so, human kinds are looking for the beginning with limited materials and so it is always attempting to crush evidence into an understandable and believable storyline.

Nice, [in] your last statement when you talked about attention leading to definition which then leads to realities and you talked a lot about focus, are you telling us or is it important for us to be really careful about what we do, focus on?

Of course, if you focus on sickness, you will look for signs, signals: "Oh, is this a spot? Is this a lump? Is this feeling out of alignment? Is this food good for me? Is that what is causing my upsets? Am I a problem?” And so on it goes, always looking for such things.

If one focuses on living, if one gets up in the morning and looks out at the beauty one is surrounded by, you will carry that all through your day. You will carry it because it is feeding the very cells in your system.

That is because the idea of enlightenment, that is, losing the heaviness of the drudgery and trudgery of your abilities to manifest life.

Nice, thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add for us today?

As always, whenever we hold conversations, we are touching a tiny speck within the whole. So every statement opens up a hundred questions. And yet, if you put your attention on that particular statement and you hold it there - that is, you put aside all the other thoughts - the questions become clearer and clearer and clearer.

And one feels more at one with yourself, with your position - that is, your location in time and space. You are more at home with the planetary guardian, and the planetary guardian is at home with its solar parent.

Once again, thank you for your time. It is, of course, so valuable and that is a personal one and for all the others who consider our discussions, thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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