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Channeling on 2023 and Beyond: A New Reality

Channeled Transcript

Welcome. Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. In the end, all things belong as one. All things are a unity that divides itself and yet remains unified. So that means that every possible way of looking at something offers something in alignment with such a thing.

There is a lot of thought around the nature of numbers. As I have pointed out in the past, there are two universal languages: the language of mathematics and the language of music. And both then speak in the same way. So we are talking then about your year as you call it - the year of the 2023. Numbers then that add up to seven. Seven is just before one meets the octave.

So then, the law of octaves implies that this is the final completion of a cycle. And in musical terms then, the seventh note stands waiting for its completion. So then we say, the final is the repetition of its beginning.

So in this particular year, everything is on edge. The edge that it is waiting for resolution. What is to finally come into its completed function? So we stand then on the edge of the shift in consciousness. The shift then is somewhat disorganized. It is disorganizing because the old then has become unstabilized.

All across your planet everything is not reliable. The sea is not reliable. It is not placid any longer. The land is not placid any longer. It is shaking up the old structures. Everything is in such a way. The weather is not stabilized. Everything is on edge. The politics is not stabilized. Everything is on edge. Even the political infrastructure is not stabilized. Everything is on its edge. And everyone is waiting for something to happen.

So there is also a lot of tiredness. When you come to the end of a place, one is waiting for some change, something to occur. And everyone wants to know how to protect themselves from what is about to happen.

As if that is a possibility. But the shift in consciousness is not a continuation of the old. There is - rather than the shift in consciousness, let us call it - the radical shift in consciousness. It is a re-evolutionary shift in the way that humanity, as individual units, becomes unified in its progress. That is enough for us to begin our conversation.

Thank you. Thank you so much, Mercredan, for being with us today. Our first question is that we’ve already seen massive events across the planet, what else can be expected for 2023?

More of the alarm. You understand here is how it works. Most people set their alarm clock to wake up in the morning. The alarm clock goes off and the first inclination is to shut it down; put it on snooze, as it were.

Let us have a little bit more sleep before...and then it goes off again and you are lying there trying to ignore it. And the more you ignore it, the louder it gets. So everyone begins to hear the alarm clock of the next-door neighbor that does not want to hear anything, does not want to get up, does not want to change their position.

So while many are recognizing something has to change, many are simply trying to continue the old way, constantly avoiding reality as it begins to change. If one changes with something, then one is in the flow of it. If one tries to resist something, then the resistance makes the whole thing more powerful. So there is an idea that such changes can be reversed. All one has to do is rebuild in the old places and yet you recognize those around are saying for the first time ever, let us not build what has shown to fail. Let us try to build something more in relation to what is happening.

Do you follow what I mean? And it isn't just in the locations and so forth but it is in the systems of government. You have had governments over a long period of time. There are different versions, but in the end, they are versions where one side does one thing and the other side tries to force it to its other perspective. So then one creates competition, one creates disharmony, one creates laws and legal confrontations, and so on it goes. All of it eating up the capital. The capital is the resources that would be much better spent in the benefit for all.

Does this shine some light into this area?

Yeah, yeah, it does. Thank you. So how can we best prepare ourselves for the future and is it predetermined in some way?

It is always a difficult question because everyone is in their own world. Everyone is evolving from the background of their own learning. So one is predetermining by one's attitudes, and such attitudes arise from one's understanding.

So what that truly means is, to prepare one needs to remember you are not alone. Because when one feels alone one tries to protect oneself against some thing that is the enemy. So you see that these changes are happening and they are causing upset and destruction and disturbances and so forth. It is the enemy, but this is truly the divine bringing balance. And when you begin to align yourself with it, one realizes these changes must occur. It is not that one can do anything about them individually because it isn't designed to work that way. It is designed to bring everyone into harmony.

So as one realizes this, one begins to recognize: I have to transform myself to be in the flow with the divine, as it brings back these into balance. And in doing so, the divine provides a pathway for that to occur. There is nothing to fear if one is truly in alignment with the university that one is willing to offer that everyone has to become stabilized; not this one over here that has more and that one that has nothing.

While that continues on, if one believes even that that is true, then you will of course be brought into balance to find the karmic connection. The karma, as we have pointed out, is instantaneous at this point. So whatever you think, whatever your beliefs are, that what you deserve will of course manifest in alignment with the unified field.

The preparation then is when one is settled and willing to release whatever should be taken from me, I allow willingly. And the willingness to allow is the greatest protection that you have because you are working with the divine, not against it. It is said, the divine will be done: will be done in this world as in its own, as in the whole. Nothing can exist without the will of the divine. Maybe I should put that into context because there are so many religious texts in various forms and all of them point to what happens when one is devoted to some idol, to something that is separate from the divine. When the cities or the nations are in conflict with the divine, then tragedy comes in whatever form in order to free the souls.

Then freedom from one's attachments to things. When one is not attached, one is free. That does not mean to say that you must go without, but it means that it comes and it is released. One is not attached to it. Enough on that question.

So just to clarify, you've said we have nothing to fear if we are aligned with the divine. Is getting aligned with the divine when we are willing to let go of any attachment, is that how you say...?

Of course. Then you are aligned to the divine. Then you put yourself in the hands of the divine. You say I am in your hands. I trust in the divine. I am not having to fear anything because I am trusting in the divine. And for some people at this point in time, because of the nature of the unfolding of humanity, sometimes that might mean that you are finished with the physical world.

You are not fearful of letting it go. You are not any longer attached to physicality. It is not anything to fear because when you move through that transformation a new sequence of understanding comes into play.

So there will be more that are transcending. Often there was a notion that one can ascend to a higher plane and still remain in the physical world. But one has to question that doesn't one?

Thank you. So do you have any practical guidance on how we can let go of our attachments to the point where we're no longer attached to the physicality?

One is asking the question as if there is a physical way to let go of the physical world. How is that possible? The physical world is the attachment.

If one, however, recognizes that it is purely attachment, purely the fear of unknown, the fear of letting go, then one is not looking for practical but inner shifts in consciousness. Then one begins to understand that joy or enjoyment is a temporary thing; you are on the planet to enjoy it. If you enjoy it without resolve, one is not truly committed to being on the planet as you are so connected to the understandings and the lessons that it provides.

Thank you. So how can we use our individual shift in consciousness to influence the collective?

The moment you begin to truly sense that you are a representative for the divine, then one realizes that you are unique; you are important but you are not any more unique than anyone else nor more important than anyone else.

So you meet someone in the street and you see them in their uniqueness. You see them as so important because each one that transforms, each one that becomes aware of the shift in consciousness in themselves, awakens the whole. So you are sharing your awakeness, not just verbally, not just in your thoughts, but also in your being.

You become a light, a beacon of light, because you see others as beautiful. You have ascended beyond judgments of others. You cease to project your own dissatisfaction out on others and they recognize that.

And the recognition that they are acknowledged and accepted as they are; that frees each one. So the shift in consciousness is the joining of societies, communities. It is the joining up and the offering of one's self for such movement as given by the divine. In other words, quite often as individuals you are shown the way. Something inside of you awakens and you are given a task. The question then is only will you follow your task?

Will you do your task as best you might? Does this make sense?

Yeah it does, thank you.

And it is common that everyone is being offered that task, and it is becoming more common then for those around to rise to that occasion.

Lovely, thank you. Now I feel like the next question's already just been answered but I'll ask it anyway: What can the spiritual community do to help make the way forward easier?

Again, so often the words hide something as well. When one says the spiritual community; which one? Because everyone thinks they are in a spiritual community. Everyone thinks, “I have the way.” And in doing so separate out. The true nature of this is to put aside spiritual communities and see [that] everyone belongs. Everyone is important, even those that seemingly have no spiritual belief at all. Everyone belongs to the divine.

Everyone is playing their part in the overall transformation. And that is what is important. Even those that you thoroughly disagree with, they are bringing to the surface notions and ideas that often have gone unnoticed or have been fed in the past.

So it is always true, one has been as such a person, one is as such a person, or one is yet to be that way. So when you recognize that, then your judgments on them fall away and you realize compassion is what is then said. To see that if someone is going against the unity of all things then the consequence of that is the fall.

So it is said in the beginning that humanity fell into existence, fell by attachments, by thoughts of the physicality of the benefits and so on; fell into competition where one could take from the other. One could take something for personal benefit.

And since that moment humanity has become ever more ingrained in heaviness. And now it is shattering. The old, as all things, is breaking apart. The old security is no longer embracing such a place. Recognizing that nothing is destroyed, it is only transformed.

Thank you. Thank you. Can you tell us are the extraterrestrial beings, sorry, are there extraterrestrial beings orchestrating all of these events or are there other groups creating them?

One wants the extraterrestrials to physicalize, to come into shall we call it hard focus. But on the edge, such beings have learned how to materialize enough to be seen by some and to lift themselves out of order. The nature then is to bring to awareness, there is something beyond the physical world as it were - the physicality that is created in solid matter. The universe then is not as solid as it appears.

It is solid because you are viewing it through solid materials through solid manifestation. So various instruments convert the resonance frequencies into forms that can be recognized.

And yet all of this is bringing up to awareness the fields of influence that make up consciousness out of the ultimate endlessness of divine. The divine becomes limited in order to transform itself in order for it to grow.

So it is not as if there is a fixed anything. It is all things in potential. So whatever one begins to appreciate - I want to use that word to appreciate that is not necessarily to believe but to appreciate the option - will begin its appearance in measurable forms.

Does that leave some ideas in the imagination? Of course, one cannot perceive that in physical reality so it is part of the imaginary field of influence. So science, as it explores the universe, explores it first by theory - that is, by imagination.

There are problems and challenges and mathematics and so forth, and then there is an imagination that will bring all of that into a position that can be recognized. And from that materialization begins to occur. Mostly the theory is not accurate.

And so the materialization brings as many Christians as answers. And that is the commonality of human thought. Every idea holds as many questions as there are answers. So when we answer the questions, you are left with a greater thread of questions. Does this make some sort of sense?

It does, thank you. So next question is if the banks and financial institutions are folding, is there anything else that can be invested in like gold?

Always the solid mineral. Of course, there is lots of things that everybody wants to hold on to. And yet it is still more of the same. There [are] those that want more than others to have a greater security. What will you do? When your neighbor is loving, what will you do?

Because holding on to all of this is more of the same suffering that has to come to an end.

Of course there are plenty of other minerals. The more unusual it is, the greater the perceived value. You can have all sorts of materials. If you had the ability, one could store the uranium?

Uranium is very useful but it has with it such danger. So there are plenty of options. Some things are smaller; some things are greater in value and in size.

So the agreement in present terms is that gold and silver are backings for currency that is for things you can trade for other things.

And a small reserve is useful for all in the time of change. That is when currencies do not have the value that is printed on their surface. They are recognized for the materials they are made out of. But one does not need a giant fortune.

I am going to suggest that everyone might like a little bit in the South; transitionary. Because if one were to invest in a drum of gasoline and you were not going to use it yourself, the value will increase quite rapidly.

The less there is, the more value it has. But who to sell it to? If you were to give it to the truck driver to bring the goods for everyone, would that be beneficial to the whole or beneficial to the self?

And this is where it comes to because one automatically has an emotional response to such an idea. That is one of the measures of spirituality.

Okay, thank you. So there are some teachers that are saying that this change that we're experiencing is the end of the patriarchy. What is your comments on this?

Of course, this is the end of hierarchy. And when one paints it in a certain way as if it is just this side but not those ones, one ceases to recognize it is not a gendered idea. It is a hierarchical one. Those with the most gain the most power. And there are plenty of very wealthy people, even wealthy children. And they have more power than any of the poor ones.

So it is not the end of a patriarchy; it is the end of a hierarchy, all hierarchies.

And so it is that a new order of thinking comes into being. Initially, of course, it creates more disharmony as various groups fight for prominence, fight for control. But in the end, it is not in the order of weapons that will create a new framework of organization. I think that clearly answers the question.

Yes, thank you. So you have talked a lot about the first phase of the shift in consciousness being complete by the end of 2024. Will we see the end of the hierarchy or at least a substantial amount of the end of the hierarchy by then?

Like many things, as it is replaced it will not seem so in the beginning because human beings alive in the present framework look at everything in terms of hierarchy. So they will perceive and continue to perceive it in such a fashion even as it dissolves.

You will not see the true end of such structures for well over hundreds of years, maybe two or even 300 years, because it is restructuring within the shift in consciousness.

Does this make some sort of sense? Does one get a perspective of how that occurs?

Yes, so the first phase of the shift in consciousness is just the wake-up phase then.

Of course, it is when one begins to recognize that a drought occurring in Africa and causing all sorts of loss of life and livelihoods in that place cannot be solved by putting a fence around it. It will become solved when the rest of the planet begins to shift its worldview, and that is the shift in consciousness - a shift in worldview - a beginning to take actions that have been known about but have been unable to be achieved because of pure hierarchy as it were, by pure ignorance and greed.

But that is beginning to recognize that the storms that destroy your peace arrive because of the nature of what happens over there. It is a unified field that is affecting everything. And we will talk much more on this subject at a later time.

Thank you. How can we actively and unambiguously access help from higher realms?

As if you are not already. The higher realms are activating the shift in consciousness whether you like it or not. The difficulty is resistance to that. Whatever resistance happens causes suffering in the physical, emotional, or mental field. So if one is having a battle within, that is, are you suffering? Then the notion is this: appeal to the higher order - that is, to pray. You have heard this before. Pray for the healing.

But the healing will not come if you continue to behave and hold the same ideas as before. In order for healing something about yourself has to change. You have to change. And that is in alignment with the divine. Then one is asking for help from the higher orders, and it is giving it. It is pointing out this is the problem: look at your suffering. You are resisting change. And if you cease to resist change, you put yourself in the hands of the divine. You trust the divine will bring to you the solutions that one needs.

And if one is clear about this, then one activates the law of magnetism. To understand if you appeal to the higher and you are in alignment with the higher, you are saying, "divine swaths guide me. Because I do not know what to do.” You have sublimated yourself. You have put yourself in the hands of the higher order. And it will surely point out what you are resisting. Does this follow?

Yes, it does. Thank you. How do we learn the lessons that we are here to learn in the least problematic way and without stress?

You understand what is a funny question? What is stress? But the motivation to release stress is just an organism that is saying, "look, you are fighting the divine." You understand if you take off the stress, if you put yourself in the hands - that is if you as it is said bow down, then you ask, "guide me, I will follow. I do not.”

Because then, when you realize stress has arisen from resistance, it is the suffering that is part of the resistance. Everything that you resist is suffering, and suffering comes with avoiding the suffering, and that is called stress. It is self-perpetuating. You cannot ask the divine to reduce your stress when you are making it. All it can possibly say is, "Stop doing what you're doing." Then the stress will not be there.

This is because you create your own reality in alignment with the unfolding of all consciousness. But it is not that all consciousness is passing anything on to you.

You are operating within that field. So some people who have learned this great lesson simply seem to flow through life with enough. They have always been treated fairly, as is the sign of divinity.

So when we're in moments of stress and caught up in the suffering that's the result of the resistance, how do we go from there to the moments where we can let go and trust that we're in the hands of the divine?

When you look at what is it that I am trying to impose. If I cease to impose, if I am in alignment and aware of the divine source, it is obvious. You can perceive it. I do not want to say see because sometimes it is an inner knowing that is a sense that fills all of your senses.

That this is a struggle. What alternatives are there to my struggle? If I am not trying to force myself onto the divine consciousness, if I am not trying to make the mass that is the others fit what I want, then one creates one's reality and it is in alignment. It is not coming from one's personality. It is coming because you are fulfilling your true nature. And that is what is the shift in consciousness.

More and more people are recognizing after so many years of trying to force something. Recognizing that they have worn themselves out doing this. And now they can let it go.

Even so there are many that have benefited materially, financially, in other ways as well. And it is filled with selfishness. When one holds that selfishness in place, it draws to you the very order of transformation. That is, it will be removed by other mechanisms. There is balance whether you like it or not.

Thank you. Final question for today: I have found a path that gives me satisfaction and upliftment. Are you telling me to abandon that and follow your methods?

What a beautiful question, because if one has found a path that is uplifting, you are already following what I am suggesting. I have no path myself. I recognize all paths lead eventually to the divine. The question is how many shortcuts are there? That is all.

But if one is happy with what one is doing then what more is there to ask? Consciousness will arise. Consciousness will open one's vision. Nobody should be fast into anything. Nature, the natural order, the divine that belongs to all, will find the easiest most direct and appropriate way to speak to everyone. So, if one has found something that is speaking words of wisdom, what more could you want?

Fantastic. Thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add for us today?

I want to say this: The door is opening. When one sees negativity, try to perceive it as part of the unfolding plan. Suffering occurs within resistance. For those that want to hold on to the old - the solid form and the old philosophies and religious practices and so on - may do so, but there [are] consequences in all of this. When you see your brothers and sisters suffering, do what you can to alleviate, but also try to see what is happening in the creation. What have they been doing that draws that to them? And what have I learned from that?

Enough for today. Once again, it is always important to acknowledge each one individually working in their own personal creation - their own unfolding story as if one were to stop for a moment and review the storyline as it is at the present time. As the author of it, where will you take the story next?

Then thank you and may the rest of the day be productive, thoughtful and beneficial. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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