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Channeling on Love and Fear - The Two Universes of Life | EP20

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Channeled Transcript

Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Life is an unfolding path of opportunities. Taking one opportunity also closes the pathway to alternatives. So one experiences life in such an unfolding way so that there is no such thing as a wasted lifetime. Often that is a perception whereas learning always leads to success. Shall we begin a conversation.

Yes thank you Mercredan. So we've spoken in the past about the two universes: one of fear and one of love. Can you explain a bit more about their functionality side by side as two universes?

One creates one's universe in the method and way one focuses one's attention. And so it is then that alternate realities appear in a unified potential. Alternatives - that is, paradoxical opposites - create different fields of influence. If one lives in a world that is dominated by competition – that is, there are winners, and there are losers - then one will also experience the quality of that experience. So one part of it is winning, and the rest is losing out.

So there is always a fear of not making the grade as it were. And as a result then one has to increase one's aggressive nature in order to succeed. So then the universe experiences the nature of conflict. In this universe wars exist as experience. In the opposite - the counterintuitive side of that - conflicts are to be resolved.

There is always a diplomatic solution to the conflict, and so one tries to come to terms with how to resolve differences of opinion. So one is open to acceptance, then that brings about a series of energies, if you like, that draw to one those that appreciate and have gratitude.

And as these two begin to focus attention on which one, one energizes it and it becomes one's field of influence - begins to apply - and over the period of lifetimes the two separate out into independence and historically different perceptions. It is difficult, if you like, to describe such events when one is so determined to hold on to physicality as the only possibility.

When one recognizes that the physicality is the result of definition, and when one is constantly defining oneself as one part separate from others - in other words, these are my people and those are not - one is then always deliberating on the side of conflict. On the other hand, when one recognizes that everyone is an expression of the divine, one begins to lose sight of difference. And when one emerges, the world that one experiences is not of this world. Does this hold some light?

Yes it does. Thank you. So with these two attitudes of thought - conflict and openness and acceptance - do they occupy the same atomic space? You know as a paradox, that would suggest it would wouldn't it?

Atomic space is part of the collusion. In other words, one creates physicality out of imagination. If one imagines something to exist, it exists in the imagination. One then occupies the space within imagination and one perceives it as a physical reality called your earth dimension. There are similarities and there are differences.

So is there any space in physical terms that is not the creation of the divine influence? So when you dream at night and occupy the dream, it appears to have the same location as your waking world. There are houses that you recognize, rivers and sea, and all these other things that belong to the waking world, and yet there are different rules that apply, different qualities, and one either is finding oneself in an ecstatic union or in a certain conflict within the inner world.

So the two worlds - that is, what you call the real world and the dream world - occupy the same locations in different realities. Does this make sense?

Yeah, it's getting clearer. So when there's a bad weather event like a sudden flood or a fire that destroys a whole city and everybody's experiencing it, is it likely that somebody who's in the communal or the collegiate sense not see it the same way and not have the same fallout effect as somebody who is scared of things like that?

Often such people happen to be away on business, on pleasure, or on other things that are not affected by it in the dramatic sense. Of course there are physical challenges. In other words, houses and homes and such forth can be destroyed, and yet what is always at play is the fear of dying. The physical dimension is a focal point in which the very consideration of death poses a placement of fear. In other words, rarely are people unaffected by the nature of transformation.

You want to hold on to your family and friends - people that you are habitually connected to, you have ideas about and are influencing. And then they leave for whatever reason - whether they are old or young is not the point - but they have served their time in that dimension of focus.

So events are required - whether it is a health event, a weather event, what you call an accidental event, and so on. These are the mechanisms by which tragedy is brought about. Then if one is free of fear of transition, one can walk without further ado. One is not placing in the field of influence the concept of fear of loss. Whether one loses or gains is simply an aspect of the unfolding life one is walking along.

One is either walking with the divine or alone. If one is walking with the divine, there is no separation. Then one is truly an actor for the divine in what the great prophet called the Son of the Lord. The Lord of all things and I am but this one's child taking and making steps in, shall we call it as that is written, in his name.

Then one is divine when one holds no fear of others, no fear of transition, no fear of change, but one welcomes its opportunities. Then one is living in the world of opportunity.

Very interesting.

You understand if you could find one of these - they are not so prominent they are not so seen in the world because they are not in the world they are occupying the other universe, and so they see each other.

I want to say this: As the new species takes its place many more of them are occupying that dimension because they can see the failures of the old. They are not so interested in the world of win and lose.


I want to say this: They are in the world of the living because they have no fear of the dying. In other words, those that risk their lives live them, and those that fear their dying are already dead.

You see how it is that in this time we are calling it the waking up. All over the planet there is the call to awaken. That is the awakening to opportunity that comes with taking the first step. And the first step is always into the unknown, into the darkness.

One takes the first step; that is risky. I am going to take this back to my dear friend because always there was the reluctance to take that step, to step into the world and be seen. That is risky, and yet nothing can be achieved without it. Your question...

Definitely. So as you've said, the first step is to step in the unknown. So what attitude do we need to replace our fear with? Fear is not an easy thing to flip the opposite to, is it? So, have you got any suggestions?

I want to say of course; not because there is the fear of the fear. One is resisting being afraid, and as you know, whatever it is you resist comes to the foreground because that is where your field of influence is expanding.

So you feel the fear and it is bigger, so you feel the fear and it gets bigger, and soon you are engulfed in it, paralyzed in it, until you realize that it is taking over. I want to say: That, if anything is the definition of evil. Evil is that which stops living, and death is that which transforms the living in limitation.

So you're saying living in limitation is that, with that first step you're part still fearful, but you're stepping out of it consciously?

That is correct. One is taking the first step of risk into realizing that in order to live, it will always be a challenge that one might die.

And when you believe that dying is the end of all things, then one invests everything in staying alive, even though it is foolhardy and cannot be delivered. Instead of investing everything in living in the moment of experience and exploration, and most importantly, excitement. Excitement uplifts one onto the edge, and from there one's perceptions open to greater opportunity.

So it's about giving up our limitations and trusting isn't it?

Of course, and that is trusting the divine will only call you back when you decide - when you have completed the task as you first set out. Some people can complete the task early, and some later, and some set a bigger task that requires a longer period of investment.

None of it requires judgment from others. It is your own personal decision when and how to descend into the physical environment, how to explore it, and when to let it go. While humanity insists on a limited lifespan - that is from birth to death - then all experience will try to define it within the physicality that is evident.

And once one realizes it is a much more expansive universe, then new avenues of exploration open up. And over time, as it is in historical perspective, one might perceive it from what one understands in the present time to what one understood in the depths of history.

In other words, let us... In the philosophical point of view, history divided life into the present and the punishment and the reward. Life is all about consequences of reward if you uphold the laws as mankind has set them, or punishment if you break the rules.

And in the moment of time as it is being experienced and defined - in the present time you are starting to see that if you break the rules you are rewarded, and if you hold up to the laws one is punished. How is that to continue?

Because then the system is breaking down and the new species has recognized that it cannot continue on when lies and deception are rewarded. And so the new species has evolved a mechanism for seeing the world of deception. And so the new epoch begins.


Isn't that a point to stop our discussion for today?

Yes thank you.

Thank you once again for your attention, appreciation and re-evaluating one’s understanding. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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