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Channeling on Divine Will Versus Individual Will | EP22

Updated: 6 days ago

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

The human condition is one of limitations - limitations in time and space, and in many other ways; and yet the nested paradox is that these are limitations of your own creation, and yet also they are limitations within the greater fields of influence, so let us begin the conversation, and I will return with further comments.

Thank you, Mercredan. Thank you for being with us today. Is our individual will that of divine will?

One cannot escape one's destiny. Divine will is one's destiny, but it is not foisted upon one. It is the choice made within the context of one's understanding and one's divine understanding. Shall we continue with what I was beginning to say?

When one turns one's attention into the divinity itself - and for this, I want to say that is divinity without definition - so as soon as you talk in terms of gods that you have some viewpoint on, that is what you tap into. If you tap into the endless sea of awareness, the eternal endless sea of awareness, there are no concepts within that realm, and so it is that one's understanding is portrayed for your own evolution.

Then you are in the position to re-evaluate the limitations one has placed upon one; on oneself. Then one reduces one's personal intention - in other words, one's individual and personal identity will, the small will as it were - and one can re-evaluate and reassign oneself with divine intention. Does that clarify?

Yes, thank you. So what depends on us becoming more aware of the positive versus the destructive will?

Whatever you know. As soon as you are convinced of anything it becomes a truth. Everyone is carrying around their endless truths and these truths can conflict with other people's truths, but whatever truth you are living in and with becomes obvious and the potential is delivered in form. So the form then is a limitation within time and space. Does it answer the question?

Yes so as far as what we choose in the little will depends on whether we're going to get the necessary feedback to alter and adjust by that.

You always will get the feedback of course. Whatever you believe, whatever truth you are holding on to, whatever you are determining by definition will eventuate as a creation in front of one's eyes.

It will always of course maintain the concept of your truth. So if one begins to open up - there is a great saying from the early sage which says the reason I am the sage is because I know I do not know. What is that saying but, “I am open to the unknown becoming clear. I realize I am creating my experience by conceiving that I know what is true.” And so when one releases oneself from the definitions...

So we give an example. Great inventors perceive that the current limitation is nothing more than it. And so they begin to scan into the collective; into the collective potentials. That is, what has been conceived of in visionary terms. And how then do we bring that into practicality? What must we combine with other things in order to develop a useful component?

So what is it that turned the man into designing the first automobile? The recognition that if you have an explosion it forces things to move. And if you can contain your explosion and you make the movement into a useful thing then you might design something of value.

Nothing new was understood excepting to bring it all together. How is that? Because it was already in the visionary world. And so when you begin to drop your ideas of certainty, that things are determined outside of self, then you open the doors to visionary potential. I want to say: This is nothing new; has been talked about for centuries in your time, ever since the world of limitations was breached.

When you say "world of limitations were breached," can you say more about that?

At the time you called this the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution. The old concepts of limitation were broken and a new world was delivered. The physicality of the world was breached, and you stand - as I have talked about - at the edge of the breach in consciousness. That is, the shift in consciousness when the limitations of the world are breached.

Then you begin to realize that what one experiences is determined by the limitation of one's personal certainties described in definition; that is, described by language. The new species then are shifting beyond the realms and limitations that language imposes. This is a slow evolutionary process.

Right, yes. So with that breach of the limitations, are you saying that the forerunners as you say, maybe the inventors bring the new technology? Then if you currently stay in your own limited truth, you won't experience it; or are you saying everybody is forced to experience it?

Of course. You understand, the will creates a reality in physicality. One already understands that new things come from, shall we call it, the scientific laboratory experiments. One can experiment in consciousness; one can delve into the inner realms of potential and master its manifestation. Others around with limited beliefs will automatically say you are deluded, it is not possible, and so on. And you have to allow that to occur and not influence how you manifest your life.

Of course, you gain knowledge by experience; you do not gain knowledge by reading about it. So if one opens up to the inner world of potential, if one were to sit for 15 minutes of meditation... Let us say this: Not just ordinary meditation, but shall we call it a surfing meditation. One places one's attention on potentials within the collective unconsciousness that one places one's attention in the visionary world: “What is possible if I take off all limitations? Can I heal myself if I am not putting attention on the symptoms, the diagnosis, and once I begin to surf in the imaginary world? What would it be like? I spend 15 minutes each day imagining within the potentials: What is required for this potential to manifest in physical reality?” And each day review, “What have I put in place that is blocking this potential?”

So if I got this right we place an intention into the potential or we're waiting for the potential to deliver a possibility to us.

One's placing one's attention. First of all comes the attention: Where are you putting your thoughts? Where are you... what are you attending to? Where is your energy going? Is it moving towards activating potential or is it streaming in to feed limitation?

So if I was going to seed a potential, would I ask to be guided for the best outcome for everyone to do this motion?

All of these ideas surround a certain perspective on the planet. Let us say one is meditating, dropping everything. The only place that you are facing or attending to, is divine potential - that is, visionary potential within the domain.

Let us say this: You are sitting; you have closed away your ideas of self; you are asking, “What is in the visionary potentials that is ready to be activated? What are human consciousness ready to accept as a vision being manifestly demonstrated?” And what you will find is immediately your consciousness begins to tap into possibilities. They are all around. As I have said before, opportunities are prevalent all around waiting for someone to actuate within.

You understand what I am doing? I am saying as soon as they appear also what appears is the limitations. There is a concept that before one can see the divine, first one has to deal with the demons; one is automatically priorly brought to one's deeper side - that is, the forces that are keeping you in check.

The fears and the angers, the jealousies, the lack of forgiveness - all of these are demons that challenge one and use up one's energy. One sucks the energy out of life, and as soon as one acknowledges the demons, they are dissipated and one's ability to perceive the Divine, that is, the divine potentials... Then one begins to understand one's divine will. Does this make sense?

Yes, I understand. I just also am aware that dropping the fears, the limitations depend on the consciousness about our limitations doesn't it?

Also it means one has to challenge the truth that prior experience seems to have manufactured. In other words, one has to acknowledge that one created the life one is experiencing out of the inability to see it as it is. And so one is left with the remnants of past experiences left in the ephemeral world, that is, the emotional world; left as all of these fears and resentments, angers, and disappointments, and all of the other things.

And when one acknowledges, “These are my creations from whatever realm that is, whether this life or any others that remain undealt with,” because fear generates courage. If one is frightened to go out in the street and one does so, you have to have courage. And courage generates courage, as does fear generate more fear.

If one is angry and one finds forgiveness, truly forgiveness, one is released from the anger. You understand all of this is within the individual and also influencing their own field and the fields around them.

Fear generates social fears, generates more social unrest; and so it blossoms and so on into conflicts and eventually wars and in the end human destruction.

So how does that measure up with divine will?

Divine will recognizes this is a play acted out in consciousness but it is not the end of eternity. One can destroy one's planet and yet the planet continues on - that is the paradox. Those who are free of it continue on uninterrupted as if it never occurred. Of course, there have been other versions of your planet that have not survived and those that stood with it did not survive with it either and yet it appears in one's background as history and so on.

Divine will is that which keeps the laws operating in place for the validation and the approval of individuals who align their personal will with the great unfolding plan. Let the plan unfold.

Wonderful. Thank you Mercredan.

Is that enough for today? Deep things to contemplate. You understand we come each time to offer something new to contemplate. Contemplation either provides your own answers or your own further questions. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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