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Channeling on Beyond the Limitation of Our Senses and the Imaginary World | EP21

Updated: 6 days ago

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of time.

I've talked to the concept of the fields of influence, and I want to bring that into the notion of time, because there are timing fields of influence. One's bodily clock, one's rhythm, is the first field of influence on the realm of time. Then you have your daily clock - that is, the time of day, the time of night. And then one's business clock: how one orientates oneself in the working day. And then, of course, there is the lunar clock, measuring internal structures of time. And yearly clocks, the cosmic clocks that orientate in the seasons of time; the greater periods, the epochs of time. And so we enter the new epoch - enough for us to begin the conversation.

Thank you Mercredan, thank you so much for being here with us again today. First of all I would like to talk to you about the challenges and opportunities that living in a physical body has in terms of the limitations of our senses and perceptions, our five senses.

As one narrows down the levels of focus, one becomes more oriented into a structure and a limited field. So, the physical world is a place to truly identify with the consequences of actions. Whether that is a benefit, of course, or whether it is a liability, depends on how one interprets the results of one's interactions.

In other words, you enter into the experiential and experimental field that one can identify as a being. One then loses one's attention on the divine wholeness and specifies it in a limited form in the identity that one knows as self. And such, then one has a certain orientation, a certain set of rules and behaviors that become structured around the senses. In other words, one sees what one can see within the limited field that the eyes can perceive of. Of course, it is well known there are much more possibilities; but in opening up that realm, one loses one's ability to function as a community identity. In other words, one has to agree within the fields that one occupies. Does that make sense?

It does. Are you referring to perhaps what we have coined, I guess, the sixth sense, the ability to see beyond our physical eyes? So how is it that we are limiting ourselves? Why cannot we bring that to - well most people - bring that into their perception. Why can't we see beyond, most of us, see beyond our physical eyes?

Of course one already sees beyond the physical eyes in the sense of imagination. We have spoken to some degree about the world that is encapsulated within that realm. The imagination realm sees well beyond the physical eyes. And within the imaginary field, one can often hear as well. One sometimes can feel what it is like to occupy within that realm.

The five physical senses can also be expanded into the realm of imagination. And yet when the imagination begins to expand to include more and more materials, it is less and less able to function in a determined set of rules. So there is a wider perception yet a narrower ability to function.

So, the purpose of the physical dimension, in other words, the limited field of operation, is in order to carry out the experiments. That is: “What am I exploring, what are the mechanisms I am applying, what are the results or consequences, and what does that mean?” In other words, as you begin to add up your conclusions, you begin to form a conceptual world in which you live within.

This is an obvious statement because you have many people, other people you interact with, that live in entirely different creative fields. In other words, their interpretation of events and experiments is quite different to your own. And so then there are obvious challenges when there is a conflict of meaning, and it is within this realm that the new epoch is moving beyond.

So then one begins to recognize that conflicts occur not on the physical realm but within the imaginal realm, prior to breaking out in force. Humankind has brought itself to the very edge of its own annihilation within the physical determined structure and limited reality that is presently occupied. So at any moment, that world could be destroyed, and yet consciousness would continue on with those that perceive a wider set of parameters. Does this make some sort of sense?

It does. So we've talked a lot about imagination. Are you saying we're moving from the physical world to what we deem is more the imaginary world?

That is correct. I want to say this: that the imaginary world is no less physical to the imaginary individual.

In other words, when you imagine yourself within a world, you are still structured in ways that interact with that world, with those ideas, and the responses are also - have their own consequences within that world. But it is less limited than the solid world defined by individual groups.

In other words, each nation has its own set of rules, its own consequential responses that are determined as a unit, that is, as a community. The imaginary world has greater freedoms. And you can understand this in terms of what I will call the general rebellion of individuals out of the limited notions that are trying to impede. So, you see all over the world there is what I will call a rebellion in consciousness. That is many, many no longer wish to be confined within the rule base that is attempting to do that.

You understand what is happening then? The new imagination is making connections in an inner dimension that applies in terms of the notion of freedoms.


So you can see this all around you with those that believe one thing that is limiting them and attempting to break free; others simply breaking free, others ignoring the rules and simply operating within their own set of parameters that allow a certain freedom while seemingly honoring the group set point.

All over the world - and this has been in preparation for a long time in human terms.

So what could we do as individuals? What is the - I don't know - what's some advice that you could give us to be able to manage these times?

I want to say manage the imagination. In other words, honor it as a creative force that it is, as you can imagine, the possible. That is not imagining the negativity that will drag you into a spiral, because every imagination is being created as you perceive it in the wholeness of the collective consciousness.

I want to give an example of this. At your time in the last, the last 50 or so years, the development of technology has escalated in periods so rapidly and yet it was already in the blueprints of imagination. The imaginary world was already predicting these possibilities and as such they become clearer and clearer as they manifest in an ordered sequence capable of being integrated into the evolutionary patterns within the consciousness.

Once it is recognized that one creates realities in the inner framework then the entirety of bringing this into a limited possibility becomes inconsequential.

Let us put it this way: You have this increasing reliance on what you are calling artificial intelligence, but artificial intelligence is the accumulation and the access to human knowledge. It is the sharing of all realms of the imaginary structures. It is filled with all the ideas that have been presented in a human understanding.

It is unable as yet to discern what is relevant, what is accurate and it simply is the accumulation of all ideas whether they are constructive or destructive. But that is not within the imaginary focus because it is becoming clearer and clearer that artificial intelligence will have to learn how to identify what is useful and what is destructive. Not only that but who is constructive and who is destructive so that humankind begins to access the greatest library of all time.

You once said to us, or you have said to us many times over the years, that essentially our thoughts are not our own, they are shared with everyone. You've called it the sea of consciousness before.

That is correct.

Are you talking about the imaginary world as the sea of consciousness or are they two different things?

The imaginary world takes from the sea of consciousness, reorganizes, re-imagines and adds to the sea of consciousness. So every new thought provides a new access point within the sea of consciousness. That is why development and ideas are forever bubbling up currents within the sea of consciousness; create pathways in just the same way as it does in the oceans of the physical world.

Interesting, thank you. Is there anything else that you would like to add today?

I want to say this: The greatest gift for self and for others, that is, for the divine itself, is to take stock of your inner world - what you are creating what you are imagining - and look to what is the greatest good for self as it affects others.

In other words, something that is destructive for others cannot be constructive for self. So it is important to look at your creations in the imaginary world, take stock, and explore them in the world which is often called: thought experiment. That is enough for today.

Once again thank you for your working in the consciousness realm. Thank you, and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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