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Meditating, Channelling, America, New Children, Bullying, Virus: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions asked in this channelling session:

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 8th December, 2020, New Zealand/Hawaii (via Zoom)


Mercredan (channelled by Francis Evan): Good evening. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

As the new world begins to impact, the energy frequencies are becoming stronger and stronger. People are beginning to wake up to the inner environment and perceiving that the inner and the outer are somehow tied together. And whatever you dream in the inner, whatever altitudes and beliefs and ideas that you stream in the inner worlds will, of course, become more and more actualized in the physical reflection.

So one is not separate from anything. One is not separate from the environment that you share with every other sentient being. So that is enough to begin our conversation.

Interviewer: Thank you, Mercredan. The first question I have for you comes from a follower from Stockton who would like to know what's keeping her from getting connected while meditating.

Mercredan: Such a common thought, such a common idea. And it seems as if the idea of meditation is somehow designed to control the mind rather than letting go of the identity.

So what is so important is that the identity is every idea, belief and attitude that you have regarding one's self.

So quite often, one is coming out of the framework that the "I" is important, "I am" and all of the conditions that that entails. I am spiritual. I am a great meditater. And so on and so on it goes. And all of these keep one away from dropping the identity, the personality that separates you from the unity.

There is no individual. There are individual aspects of the whole.

But if one is attempting to connect to the whole, one must drop the barriers to it. Otherwise, you are simply limited by the aspects of the whole that you are externalizing in day to day activity.

As always, we try to answer for everybody listening because it is common. It is a wonderful question and the difficulty that comes about from being able to put self aside, to drop the idea of being somebody at all. Then you are speaking for the whole; you are part of the collective. And within that there is a vast array of concepts, ideas that one might express. And also one becomes aware that there is so much more that is simply beyond the ability to translate it into language or ideas.

Interviewer: A follower from Wellington has asked if you could help her find a way to open the door to channelling herself.

Mercredan: And again, it is a similar sort of question; one has to put aside and the self. And when that happens there is a chasm, there is an abyss, and it is common for those wanting to access the abyss to think that they can enter into the light frame and access it from there, but the abyss contains nothing.

That is why so many of the great books of antiquity explain the abyss as the void, that which is beyond all manifestation. So one has to enter the abyss, beyond all manifestation.

And so it is that the physical body is simply borrowed for a period of time. In a long period, of course, the body will begin to disintegrate as well because it requires something to hold it together, to hold it into shape. And that is always why true channelling is only short-term.

Interviewer: A follower from Whangarei wants to know about the Earth's frequencies. As they speed up and there will eventually be what you've referred to as almost instant karma, does that mean that the new breed of children, the new species and current healers could tap into that energy to bring about instant healing results? And if so, is there any advice that you could give on the subject?

Mercredan: Once again, a wonderful question. Of course, the energies of the patterns, the vibratory form that creates matter in the space and time. That is there has to be a location and a period in order for matter to exist in any form at all. And so it is that the human consciousness creates form through experience gained over time in the current locations, even carrying old matter from previous times into the current moment of time.

And so it is that a healer who can connect inside with the patient -- or the client or whatever you want to call them -- to connect inside and step inside their shoes, as it were.

So one becomes the person, one relaxes the person so they can remain somewhat dormant and non-interfering. One can step inside and readjust the very thoughts, ideas, concepts, behaviours, attitudes and so on that are causing the problem.

When one removes oneself from that, it is important to offer sustaining ideas to replace the old forms. One has to feed a new category of ideas to fill in the gaps. In such a way a person will at least be in the position of shifting their perspective. One is simply taking one by the coat tails and shifting them into a new lifeline.

So it seems as if it is a continuity, but has a different direction, a different projectory.

Interviewer: Many of us in America have been going through quite a tumultuous time. In addition to the global pandemic, we've dealt with the extremely divisive political election and aftermath. Can you speak generally as to what we can expect from the upcoming Biden administration?

Mercredan: First of all, it is essential to realize the nature of a virus: something that spreads without any form of container; it is set in motion, is contagious and is brought into the field where it can infect others. That is my first definition.

So for the last 30 to 40 years, the American system has systematically caused viruses across the planet, setting in motion all sorts of ideas and methods of disrupting something that was seen not to be in their own personal interest. And that has been going on for at least one century.

As time speeds up, technology gains greater emphasis. And so virus spreads at even greater rates; not just the physical, but the emotional and mental viruses.

And until you begin a true vaccination process, that is, first of all, vaccinate your selves against taking on unprovable ideas and... Let us say not "unprovable," because that is not really the case. Ideas that are not beneficial to the whole. If one begins to separate one's self out, for example, "I am American and the rest of the world can go and do anything they like." Do you understand? "We have all the power. We have all the money, we have all the technology. And we're not going to benefit anyone but ourselves." What will happen with that idea?

First of all, it is viral. It's contagious. The next thing it will connect with, will infect, is the greatest challenger to your empire. So the next one begins to say, "I am not American. I am going to take the power and I am going to increase the technology. I am going to look after myself at the expense of the American because that is the enemy that they made us." And so it goes on down the stream of the global environment.

And each country beginning to infect itself and then within the country infecting itself and in the communities and towns and so forth, infecting. And so it goes on, people dying in the process.

This is not a new thing. This is an old pattern. But when you impose an old pattern in the mental field, it will become tainted in the emotional realm. And finally, it will physicalize into a pandemic. And that is what you have got.

And you cannot stamp it out only at the physical level. You have to take charge of the super spreaders as such, that is the technology companies that are spreading the virus that are creating separations, that are causing this one to be the enemy of that one. And so on it goes.

So what is happening as technology is the result of the speeding up of consciousness at this critical moment for the Enlightenment, so it is that the crisis arises. And a crisis causes what is known as critical mass, then one might manage the explosion or it will destroy you all.

Interviewer: And how do we as individuals begin to manage something that is so vast?

Mercredan: You understand, if you are not viral in your own selves, if you are not feeding the virus -- that is, holding those critical patterns and ideas, then you are unlikely to manifest the physical symptoms. Do you understand what I mean?

If you are in compassion and remember this: life as you determine it -- that is the span of existence between birth and death -- is not the end of the plan. Do you understand?

And so whether or not the physical body transcends or dissipates depends entirely on how one perceives unity. If one is always thinking for the best for all concerned, and sometimes that is not staying in the physical realm. Then it is not so dependent, you understand. It is not so destructive. Then one is constantly moving towards "how do I transcend from this realm to the next one? Have I learned everything there is about time and space?" Because in the next realm, time and space, as it appears in your current framework, is completely not the same. Then one lives somewhat more akin to a dream world where every idea transforms in front of your eyes; you are managing creativity by learning to manage it moment by moment by moment in a framework that does not operate in such a frame of time.

Interviewer: And then what about the new species that have arrived here in this physicality? How do they fit into that, what you just said?

Mercredan: They are already prepared to integrate in that reality. There is already a sense of... well, we call it the dream world. They are expecting events to be instant. And you talk about this as if in some way it is a deviation. Of course, it is a deviation from the normal, but it is an evolutionary shift. And as such, they will have far more life in the inner planes than is currently available.

You are learning to move within the inner realms, to produce inner environments that are supportive of one's creativity. You are learning to manage your selves, manage your mental frameworks and emotional responses. The unconscious mind, the greatest mind of all, is becoming more available. You are tapping in more and more to the inner world and seeing it overshadow the physical.

In this transition period, overshadowing -- and eventually the physical world will become more as if it is a trial, a laboratory to explore something in solid form.

Interviewer: Is that what we're already doing?

Mercredan: Of course, of course. But at the present time, you are not conscious of it.

Interviewer: Okay. And so we're just getting sort of buffeted around by circumstance as opposed to something more deliberative.

Mercredan: Of course. And if you remember this, then why would you attract physical viruses to attack yourself, if you were aware of how it operates, how one spreads things that are destructive to others.

You understand, this is why at this point in time, the whole nature of bullying has come to the surface. What is violence except bullying?

Interviewer: Right. Well, the fact that America elected a bully the last time but didn't elect a bully, as far as we know this time, does that represent on a physical plane that we are actually progressing?

Mercredan: Remember this, America as a country is a bully. That is all it is, regardless of who is president. The president is simply a representation of the whole or of the majority of the whole. But in your case, you are at such odds within yourself. You are in an internal conflict that all bullies arrive at.

The bully takes out on the weaker ones what is being taken out on themselves. Bullies have been bullied by someone bigger than them, and they take it out on someone smaller than them or weaker as they see it, and then them and so forth. America, while it should be the greatest nation on the planet and should be the visionary, has fallen simply to the greatest bully of all. And how will the planet survive unless it becomes something else? And how will it become something else when it is rotting on the inside? Until it sees itself as it is, until America sees itself by listening to the world, nothing will change.

Interviewer: And so given that we're in this time of transition, and given that America seems very set on maintaining its bullying status...

Mercredan: It will collapse itself. It will simply go through the transition with methods and mechanisms and systems that are unforgiving.

Shall we say this: the system that you operate within is obviously out of date.

Interviewer: You mean our political system?

Mercredan: The political system, the social system, the financial system, everything is out of date, past its "use by" and unless you can emerge with vision into the new realm, into the new world, how can you survive? Because others are not restricted by this?

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for parents whose children are now being physically bullied at school and in other places?

Mercredan: Always it is the same. The system has failed. Until you wake up to the fact: what is it that people are doing? Why are there children in the situation where that can occur? They are going to schools. The school is trying to educate them to be what? Good citizens? Good citizens who will take being bullied. I do not think that is a very wise move.

So then what if the system were to change? What if the system was to eliminate bullies? Make a unit for bullies to be in. Very soon, they will not want to be there.

But also, as I point out, bullies come from bullies. So what are you going to do about the parents? You understand? Because the parents come into the school and they bully the teachers. They bully the administration. And the administration falls because they do not want to upset such people.

There is no system because it is a virus, as I point out, it spreads rumours and all those rumours cause children who have not developed enough personal power. And so it is that the children take their only way out, and that is to kill themselves.

What is wrong with a society that has failed so dramatically? Do you understand it is dropping from the very top. And so it is that until the humans come together as a whole, taking care of one another, and that means a very big leap, a leap in consciousness in which those that have will realise that having more than enough does not bring harmony to the planet.

Interviewer: So many people, I assume, around the world are in such dire straits with having enough money to pay their bills and having enough food to eat. Is that somehow being an external force to try to help people wake up?

Mercredan: It demonstrates. You understand, once again it is time in the great scheme of things, that the population will inevitably drop in size, but it is not enough if you recognise this. It is not enough, but it does bring to the awareness what occurs when the system itself is unbalanced.

And that is a challenge that politicians attempt to address by pandering. Because so many of those with the resources also call tune. So the system itself in consciousness has to collapse and that will bring even more destruction and suffering. You understand, no one can relieve this except those in roles that are leadership roles.

Interviewer: Exactly. So what do the rest of us do in the meantime?

Mercredan: You understand, first of all, take yourself out of the system the best that you can. The system will have to deal with itself. There are groups of people who come together to offer what small support they can. And sometimes that support is to support someone who is leading a new model.

Interviewer: Is anybody emerging that you can talk about for this moment right now? Is there anybody that's emerging?

Mercredan: And I want to say: in the past, single beings have emerged. But in the new framework, it is not individuals. Individuals are the spark that sets fire to everything that was waiting. So it is individuals as groups that come together to hold a mission. And sometimes that mission might be at odds with many others. The question is, is it for the benefit of the whole or is it for the benefit of a specific elite group?

Interviewer: Right. And so are there new numerous groups like that that are forming around now that are trying to collectively...

Mercredan: That is the case. And they have been in the past also active. But in the past, they have not joined together for the mission of transformation of the global system. And it has been called upon in the past, trying to avoid the physicalisation of this viral flow. If this one -- if this virus does not trigger the change, then another more virulent one must follow.

Interviewer: I actually just learned about a brand new virus that seems to be appearing in India. Is that the next one that's coming that's just already lurking in the shadows and ready to emerge?

Mercredan: Such opportunities arise all the time, but it requires everyone to accept it for it to spread unhindered. At this point in time, this particular... And there is more than one particular, there are two or three breaking out in different parts of the planet. They are wake-up calls because you are already prepared after the first one how to deal with further outbreaks. But when the first one and the others are suppressed and you are back to what I will call a free-for-all, then it is more... If things have not been transformed, then another evolution will occur.

As I have pointed out before, the planet will survive you. Everything else can return to what is called homeostasis, a very big misnomer, non homo stuff, this is far better. Do you understand? The stability that happens when there aren't any humans interfering.

Interviewer: Right. Is that inevitable? Humans just disappear from this planet because we just can't get it right?.

Mercredan: Not in total, at least not yet. You understand, because while this is occurring, so human consciousness is evolving.

Interviewer: So in terms of our practical daily lives, should we try to avoid any type of social media and technology completely, or should we just be very clear about information that we're getting and how accurate it might be?

Mercredan: Hmm. I want to say when one can see the benefits from all, then spreading a virus is not a bad idea. You understand, you are covered in microbes. You are covered head to foot with various living entities that keep you in balance and protect you from those which would harm. And such is the same.

If the media is filled with good thoughts and helpful thoughts for others, not spreading rumours and misunderstandings.

Interviewer: So when we know people who do that and they're unaware, I think sometimes that they are doing that, do we have any role in trying to change their persuasion or help them become aware? Or should we just let it go?

Mercredan: I want to say, let it go! Because when you interfere, when you stir them up, they become more virulent. They want to spread their misinformation even further.

So simply let it stew in itself. Remember, the truth proves itself. If anyone is challenging with such thoughts, tell them the truth will always prove itself.

That you do not have to fight what is true. It will become self-evident eventually.

Interviewer: Okay, got it. I'm writing that down. 'The truth will always prove itself eventually." So again, on a on a practical level here in America, where we can clearly see that there are misguided people who are going down a damaging path, a viral path..

Mercredan: I want to say this: what America has put onto other countries for a long, long time, is coming home to roost. That was essential and unavoidable.

Interviewer: So America is going to meet its own karma.

Mercredan: Of course, every karma must find its harmony, its fulfillment. And so it is that other countries have suffered in the same way. They have broken up in the same way. And whatever new karma they build also must be returned.

Karma always has to be balanced out. And so those that have broken up find themselves in much the same situation they were in before, because the karma was not acted on.

Interviewer: Could you clarify that? What do you mean by the karma wasn't acted on?

Mercredan: They break up because of karma, but they do not forgive. And so the karma is not acted upon.

Interviewer: Okay, so it just comes back again?

Mercredan: Of course, it returns over and over until the lesson is learned.

Interviewer: In this sped up time, you said karma was going to be almost instantaneous.

Mercredan: I said the karma will be instantaneous and in such a fashion that the inhabitants will return to past adventures in the history in order to re-balance the historical mechanisms that created the karma in the first instance.

Interviewer: Okay. So that's that's referring to when you said we would no longer have to reincarnate, but we may back to go to past lifetimes that has to deal with that karma that still is incomplete.

Mercredan: That is correct. And as I pointed out, lots of karma only requires a few lessons to be brought into the fold.

Interviewer: Okay. Do you have any final thoughts for us or any advice that you can share with us as we wind this up?

Mercredan: I want to go back to the beginning, because as these people wish to connect in the inner realms, they begin to realize that they are connecting not with self, but with the universal self. That is, they are opening up t o be channels for the divine, not the self.

Interviewer: Got it. Okay.

Mercredan: Part of the whole evolution of self-hood. Is that enough for today?

Interviewer: It's perfect. Thank you very much.

Mercredan: Then once again, thank you for your help and in the way in which we are presenting such ideas outward to the world. Thank you, and good evening.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 40 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years. Mercredan can give us a higher perspective and deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives and planet, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events. Click here to read more about Francis’s journey and Mercredan.


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