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Channelling on Population, Greed, Spirit Guides, Cost of Living, Accessing Higher Self, Third Eye

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 6th July 2022

Topics discussed in this session, with timestamps: (click "watch on YouTube" in the bottom left of the video above, then click on the timestamp in the video's description for easy access).

  • 1:29” Can you give us some insight on the world’s population

  • 13:57” Why are humans so greedy?

  • 20:37” Should we focus on coming into our hearts and finding that love or should we be standing up to the greed or is there a balance?

  • 23:47” Many countries around the world are seeing a massive increase in the cost of living, can you talk to us about this challenge?

  • 33:22” Do we have spirit guides and if so what are they?

  • 39:20” Why is it so difficult to consciously access one's higher self?

  • 44:06” Is the concept of having a third eye accurate and if so how can one open their third eye?


Mercredan (channelled by deep-trance medium Francis Evans): Good morning, once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

There is a collision point between consequence and opportunity.

There are so many places if you like, where the polar opposites come together. So often one wonders about one's destiny as if there is a written endpoint and one's ability for free will. And yet both of them exist in tandem, in co-operation. Enough to begin a conversation.

Libby: Thank you and thank you so much for being with us here again today.

Today I have another list of random questions.

Firstly I’d like to talk about the world's population. Now if you can give us some insight on population to start with, that'll be great.

There's always a worry as if the planet cannot feed or cope with the population as it stands, as it appears to grow. And yet at this point at this turning point in history many want to complete that cycle of events. So it is necessary for a huge population to occur and as the turning point arrives, the population naturally will begin to decrease and with it so many of the possibilities, so many of the old school go with it. Because that the population that everyone is complaining about is necessary in order to support the old systems.

So the population then is of little consequence after our changing point. So it is already beginning to decline.

The population?

Of course. So you think that it is a problem to feed it yet that is not the problem of the feed it is the problem of the, shall we call it, the political assignments across the planet as it were.

So much is occurring in the final conclusions, and like so many things humans fear most of all letting go of the physical reality. As if somehow passing on, passing in to the outer dimensions is somehow less important, less valuable than being in physicality. And yet as I have pointed out waking up is from the illusions. So the physical reality as it appears, when one is not attached to things as such.

Or people

Of course, then everything becomes clarified. One creates reality that is the fundamental patterns and that is of so much importance.

So with saying that it's starting to decline, so if we already reached our peak population of the planet?

That is correct. It is difficult of course to decide on that because one would have to count them and that is not what occurs. There is political gain in holding out that there is an endless increase of the wrong sort of people. But it is simply political gain. It is a way of influencing others in order to maintain the systems as they stand.

Okay. So a lot of people attribute the number of humans on this planet as to being one of our biggest problems or challenges on the planet, is that the case or is it more how we live, our thoughts and ideas?

The problem is that many of those that have been alive for a long time are gaining access to the very technology that is causing the destruction of the planet. So it is not the numbers of course but it is the style, it is the way in which humans have been organised by the higher elites.

It is a problem of lacking of spiritual vision.

There is always been plenty for everybody.

That is why the physical reality was described as the Garden of Eden. A place for everyone. But what occurred of course was accumulation. That is more for me and less for you. And so that causes dissatisfaction, causes wars and then you end up in the positions that you are in.

And once the timing occurs, once the understanding of consciousness gains popularity, that is if one begins to see it as it is, then there is a general withdrawal and an awakening to the nature of consciousness.

So many people think this is some sort of miracle, some sort of out of body experience, but it is simply the awakening to truth. And truth has always remained as it is. That is the laws of always applied.

And consciousness has always been available to perceive what is. And so it has always been the case that one creates one's experience, even if one is unaware of it.

So with the perceived issue of population, many do fear that we're going to have a mass depopulation or potentially a series of events, is that something we should put any energy into or is that just what it is; fear?

The population will decline. Only because there is no longer a necessary purpose for incarnating at this period in time. And the new incarnations, as they occur, begin to perceive the world in a different set of order.

So it is less necessary and the greatest fear of all of course, is one loses one's identity. That is one loses, first of all, my group as it were, that is my nationhood, my core my racial prejudices and all of such things.

One is always moving towards so we say a unity of all. That is not to say one loses the cultural differences, but one integrates the greatest values that have been actuated in human terms.

Does this make some sort of sense? Because one always has to look at it from the widest perspective as unity and integration begins to take a greater position in the affairs of humankind.

Otherwise there is always the chance of more and more conflict and that is what has occurred in every case. There is an attempt to eliminate groups of people for various qualities, either it is ‘one is the one colour one is the wrong religious outlook, one is the wrong gender, one is all of these different things’, in attempt by others to eliminate it for fear of it infiltrating one's field as it were. That is the personal field, the family field, the social field, the community fields and so on.

So there is always an idea that somehow purity of individuality is more important to keep in place. And it is not just on one side of the pins.

So my second question which you've already alluded to answering the last, is around greed, why are humans so greedy?

Why did the divine force put into place the need for the fear of others?

In order to maintain the physicality and to dampen the quality of the recognition that one is creating reality, that one is, if you like, a god in their own right.

Because such things without knowledge, without understanding are even more dangerous.

So the fear of missing something, the fear of not having more than anyone else is the driving force, the idea of separation from divinity put it into place.

So it is first of all is the idea that there is a division before from the almighty unity of all things, there is a division that creates evil. So now you make a god demon that is almost as powerful. And one then constantly slips towards it. One can then blame something outside of self for one's failings; it wasn't me that did it, it was the evil force, it came in and it inhabited my body when I stole from the other.

And yet all of it is to awaken, that one takes responsibility for one's actions, that one is accountable to the divine force and to all of its manifestation through individual creation. There is again no separation in the end. Does this make some sort of sense?

Yes so it's basically part of our design to precipitate growth and expansion through awakening?

Of course and not just from awakening but from the consequences of actions that bring about suffering.

And the idea is that one can somehow force suffering on to another by actions that you take. And that is what greed and avarice and if you like all of the seven deadly sins, do they force the suffering, appear to force the suffering on to someone else, but in the end always it returns to its source.

Because one is always creating reality from the beliefs that one holds. So if you hold a belief that one group is somehow dangerous, they will of course become that for you. Now you have to expend energy and everything else to protect yourself from them and in the end both are suffering.

There is only the ability to integrate and integration is accepting and valuing the other. In a sense one could say that is the nature of love.

Love is an integration.

One accepts even the failings of one that one loves that one is integrating with. And together one is building awareness because the awareness of how one affects the other, how one's behaviours and attitudes affect the loved one, and if one cannot perceive of this, one will suffer then the consequence of being unable to love. And if one is unable to love, one is also unable to acknowledge and accept being loved.

So the consequences are dramatic.

So as a human sharing this planet with many others, should I and others, focus on coming into our hearts and finding that love and sharing that love or should we also be standing up to people that we can see that are overcome by greed and taking from others or is there a balance of the two?

Always in if one manifests in one's life taking responsibility for the manifestation. If one opens one's heart to love someone, then what is the true nature of love but to reflect back with love, that which one perceives.

So if you are in the world of someone who has found a greedy moment, then one reflects that back, just as you will as your children show such signs. That is what you show to your children, how to be one of the units, to be part of the family field and not be excluded.

And so often then families exclude their children because they do not meet the patterns of the family field, whether that is a field that is filled with anger and greed or one that is filled with love and compassion.

You have to fit in the fields that one is exposed to or one will necessarily isolate or be isolated. This is how communities build themselves and why it is that aggressive communities find themselves in positions with others of similar content.

Thank you my next question is around the cost of living and how many countries around the world at the moment are seeing a massive increase in the cost of living, food, gas, utilities etc, can you talk to us about this challenge that many of us are facing?

Of course, because it is not truly real is it? It is manufactured for a purpose and that is at the end of time, we are talking what has traditionally been called the end times.

Then the old system is fighting for its survival. And so all of the economic and political methods are imposed to break the will of the emergence of consciousness.

So one finds some mechanism to make it more and more difficult, but against that background there are those that are waking up and pointing what is really going on.

In the midst of all of this the greatest profits have been taken, more and more profit is being realised while the what you call the cost of living, which is the financial supports for the majority of people, is being dissipated.

And it is also an attempt because all things work for the divine. So while this is occurring people are being forced, once again, to re-evaluate where they stand.

At which turning point do you stand, what is needed now? In the midst of all of this profiteering there is many calamities occurring at the same time. More and more the world is being shaken to its core. And only when humanity rises up in its nature of spirituality - I am going to shift the word spirituality into integration.

If we realise that integration is truly the nature of the spirituality one seeks, then looking after the welfare of my neighbour is of equal importance to the looking after my own.

Because together there is unity, together there is an ability to withstand and to challenge the authority of others to impose their attitudes and wills for individual gain.

So profiteering is about individual gain, it is part of the nature that unity is in a battle with. The end time of course is simply the marker when that battle concludes.

How that occurs is up to the human kind as a whole.

As you can see everything moves endlessly towards war and destruction. But who is gaining from that, the whole of humanity, the majority of humanity, even only the smallest group gains anything at all.

And will humankind wake up before the end or will it simply have to rebuild itself once again. The new species of course are not party to this.

They will go on no matter what.

Of course and their abilities will define them. They will recognise this is a creation, this is a dream world made up of consequences.

And that brings me back to the very beginning consequences and opportunities.

And that is the collision point that humanity stands within

So with when you refer to the end times and cost of living increasing and that's coming to the end times, are you referring to the first phase of the shift in consciousness and the completions 2024?

Of course

You are?

Of course

Okay so we should be progress in the next 18 months around that will change?

Of course because as cost of living, which is as the transfer of wealth from the general population to the elite begins to take greater form, how long will it take? Already there is a movement.

And of course as time will tell, how humans make good of this will tell, how the humans begin to join forces. What occurred has always been the dissipation of the unity or the integration or the unionisation of individuals into powerful groups.

If a country takes a stand then it will always have to stand on its own feet as it were. It is when that occurs, that the whole begin to unify.


How does this occur most easily? When some force attacks it. Look at your world when you are under threat everyone starts to be in the same team

Come together

And so your pandemic was such an attack to awaken everyone to the fact you are all in it together, and yet once again the nature of humankind is to seek more for myself.

Sadly. Thank you.

My next question is do we have spirit guides and if so what are they?

Do you create spirit guides? Of course.

These are your visionary views of higher beings and because they are visionary, because you have created them such a fashion, they will of course show guidance in daily life.

You will give them names and so forth and they serve a greater purpose and the purpose is to awaken one to a higher themes if you like, the higher nature of one's ethical being, one's morality.

You don't find spiritual guides that are going out inviting you to steal from your neighbour? These are demons, they are of the same brand but they are of a different character.

So one could create demonic forces just as easily as one creates spiritual guides.

And often those that create spiritual guides and are very fearful of the forces, the dark forces that exist in the inner worlds. By creating one you always create the opposite.

If one is simply awake to consciousness itself, that is if one realises it all emerges from a single point, a union of all things from which it emerged in times, in ways of differentiations, making it more and more subtle, more and more of form.

First of all there are different forms, they are condensing and so on until you arrive that one's sense of self creating in a solid world.

So there is a personality, but beyond or above the personality that is still a spark of the divine. That is a higher self or part of the personality with great moral vision that perceives where it came from and perceives that it is all part of the divine's magnificence.

So with those that believe strongly about spiritual guides or angels or what have you, they're team of people that are helping, and some people have done work to meet whoever there is on the other side helping them, is this purely what we've just created and then it actualises?

Of course, everything is a creation, everything. Even the world that you perceive beyond this one, how you review your inner dimension, all of it is a creation that essentially descends from the one unified force.

It condenses - that is such a good phrase - it condenses from, if you like, the mists that surround everything, that is, first of all it is organised into fields, the field is part of a general pattern, and the patterns begin to… one can always see patterns within patterns and repetitions of patterns within patterns that are both separate and different and yet the same.

And so you begin to form unified forces of polarity.

My next question is why is it so difficult to consciously access one's higher self in higher realms and get a definitive answer or guidance?

The question is in the answer is in the question. If one creates difficulty because one wants it a certain way, then the difficulty one creates is in that certain way. There is no difficulty there has never been any difficulty if one steps out of one's own way.

If one ceases to put one's self in the equation. If one has an equation, let us say two plus two equals four, not a problem. If one now puts two plus two plus something else equals seven. Now you have to find out what the something else is. If you make the equation two plus two plus something equals four, now you are lost. Something is not possible.

So you get in the way of one's self by being a self.

So how does one get out of their way?

One drops the self. First of all what is the question? One is seeking an answer from the higher self. Pose the question and drop it.

Does it have to be answered right away? Does it have to be answered in a logical sense? You are putting the question forward and you drop it. You go about your daily activity and suddenly in front of you is the answer. Not giving in terms of knowing what it is, but suddenly there is opportunity. It is the answer but it is in the way of the higher self's way of fulfilling the request.

Does that make some sort of sense?


So you're wanting an answer in the way you want the answer but the higher self does not always answer it in that way. Sometimes of course it will, sometimes it will immediately bring to your attention something that needs to be done. Some part of your personal characteristics that needs to be reviewed and shall we say overcome in some fashion.

Many, many ways in which the higher self answers requests.

So it is not a problem that one can put on the highest self, only that one is limiting the response.

Thank you. So, is the concept of having a third eye accurate and if so how can one open their third eye?

The idea that there is somewhere, a physical third eye is obvious. Putting it this way, you have two eyes, one is connected to the consciousness to see one approach and the other is connected to the other side of one's functioning consciousness to perceive in a different way.

There are two eyes then focused on the same thing. And they are polar opposite. And like all polar opposites they appear to have a different approach, a different focus if you like. And then arises the concept of paradox.

When two things that apparently are different integrate and begin to see at a higher visionary perspective.

One could say that is a third eye. But it really is the combination of two opposites. Does this make some sort of sense?

It is difficult to say this in terms of the physical world. The physical world, two eyes appearing to see the same thing with the same mechanism but they are viewing it from different angles if you like.


Does this make some sort of sense?


So I am simply saying that when one views the world, first of all one sees if you like with the physical being, the physical organs, one sees the object but what is the object, how is it perceived, as how does one respond to it? And the other side is what does that mean? How do I respond, what does it mean? And then when one rises above that one begins to see that it is part of one's whole creation. Then the third eye is to take you out of the dream.

Then one is perceiving it from a different level of consciousness where meaning and feeling are integrated together. And one perceives it as something of value, something that uplifts, whatever it is one truly feels it, as it is itself.

So essentially what people refer to as the third eye is that ability to rise above with that detachment and see the whole

Of course

So it's not necessarily an energetic centre on your forehead, is that just symbolism?

Of course, because how else do you describe? It if someone says it is a third eye then immediately someone will draw it somewhere, but where is the space to put it, and you put it on the forrid, and then you say what is the organ on the forrid, oh it is the gland that is behind it and now you go into a whole huge story line.

Everything remember, is a story you are making up. But what does it matter? What does it matter if one is perceiving it from another dimension in which none of it exists at all. It is a figment of the field. And when I say that then of course it is energetic, the field itself is the pattern of energetics that manifest.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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