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Channelling on the Three Universal Laws

Recorded 8th September, 2022

Libby: This month we're going to proceed with our live webcasts and, as per your guidance, the first three are going to be centered around the three universal laws that you speak to us most frequently about?

Mercredan (channelled by Francis Evans): Of course, because it is the setting, first of all you have to create the setting, the framework from which to understand how it came to be.

Libby: So can you just briefly give us a guide, an outline about the three universal laws and why, the importance of the role that they play in our lives?

Mercredan: Traditions. Let us look into the great traditions [stories].

In the beginning was the word, and the word was god. And the first words was ‘let there be light’ and light comes in to being.

But for light to be necessary, in other words, for the words from the beginning that has to mean the light presupposes there was existing before it, the dark.

So it is from the darkness comes the light. Out of the unknown comes some things that allows for the light.

And yet, in the beginning something began.

Before there was nothing, no beginning, no ending, just the perpetual and then was the beginning. And the beginning was a stirring.

So the stirring sets in place something that begins and comes in to being. There is a space to occupy. There is a time, so time and space occur in the very beginning.

And then there is light.

And the light shows and shines into the space at the beginning.

And in all of this there is distinctions, there is polarity.

In the beginning, was one, then in the very moment of one, becomes the opposite of it.

And it is a paradox because it was always there in the beginning.

So, in the beginning something emerged from nothing. But something was already there in potential.

Nothing contained it all, and then came something.

And the something was the polar and when one attracts together the opposites, something new emerges.

So now we're moving into distinction. And distinctions are seen as the movement towards differentiation.

Things begin to differentiate. There is this one and its opposite, this one and its opposite, and so on and so on.

Everything that is created has its opposite. Not necessarily the same opposite.

And so it emerges into a wholeness, ever creating more and more diversity, and as it becomes more differentiated it consistently moves towards an infinite.

And yet its polar opposite is integration. At the moment it is diversifying, it is also accumulating. It's also integrating as well.

So there is always a consistency of breath, one is going out and one is coming in.

So you understand then, the truth is that everything appears to be one thing, but if you look into it deeply enough you begin to see there is its opposites in there as well.

In order for a creation to occur, you cannot have light but you must have dark. The light highlights and the shadows give it depth.

The three-dimensional world arises out of two forces; light and its relationship to dark and all the myriads of shades between them.

So it appears as if the paradox is that there is no true light or dark, but there is gradients.

Do you follow what I am saying? And when you even begin to take that in to into account, there is one lightens the dark and it takes on a hue. As does the light. As you lighten the dark it takes on hue, as you darken the light it takes on a hue. And those two hues of blue and yellow, that is the depth of the universe and the brightness of the sun.

Blue and yellow and out of the combination, out of the interaction of these two, arise all of the hues that are possible.

All of the spectrum and the spectra of all things come from the interaction of two opposites that are not indeed separate at all.

Because if it were all light, you would not be able to see a thing, and if it were all dark, you would not be able to see a thing. So ultimately, even if they are opposites, you cannot see a thing.

So it is depth. So one begins to experience life by exploring opposites.

One is then attracted to that which is contains the opposite charge. And then you begin to bring in charges that in the physical world, that which is missing or has has had one of its components, in the physical world that is the electron, the electron is removed.

One chooses to call that a positive charge but in more realistic terms, because it is missing something, it is truly the negative. And the other side has gained an electron, which you traditionally call it is negative, but because it has really gained something, it is positive.

But together they bring it back into a neutralised phase into balance. So things that are opposite, that come together holding the same energetic charge, balance each other and there is a flow of power.

Whether that is a personal relationship or it is the attraction of anything that applies, in order to apply the law of magnetism.

So if one wishes to create something in the physical world, one has first of all to create space for it.

If you want whatever it is, you want to create something, in the imagination one clears out one's field of influence, one makes the perfect space. A hole in the energetics for which the universe must instil something to bring it back into balance.

So one clears it in one's imagination, the universe brings it back in in imagination. First of all the vision is manifested and then the subtleties start to form. One feels what it is to interact with the new form and that makes the physical world to draw it into existence.

So, from this you can see that there is, when one begins to understand paradox that leads to polarity that leads to magnetism that leads to creating reality.

Then, of course, you can fit in your meditation. When one is being, one can truly realise that beingness and activity are two sides of a coin.

The paradox seems to be that you cannot be active in the world when one is deeply in meditation. But the opposite is, the world is being drawn to one in the being of meditation, that the physical, the activity will enjoy.

Libby: So in terms of the three universal laws, can you just explain how it would benefit somebody to have a deeper understanding of each of those three universal laws?

Mercredan: This is exactly what we have just said.

You want to create your physical reality for enjoyment. In order to do that one has to understand the law of magnetism.

In order to recognise and understand the law of maximum charge, one has to understand polarity.

And in order to understand polarity so that one can apply a charge, one has to realise that it is always paradox. It is not what it seems.

So often that people want to think that you can understand something by using one's mental thought process, but you will discover that is the paradox.

Of course one has to use imagination, that is within the mental concept, but you cannot figure it out. It is not an organisation, an application of some form of energy making it happen.

It is a co-creation with the divine.

And the divine that you are having the co-creation with, is yourself.

Now you understand, how possible is that? Because the divine and yourself seem on the surface, to be exclusive, they do not seem to be the same thing and yet when there is no distinction, that is, there is no separation between you and the divine, everything ceases to exist in that moment, in that space.

Then you must be nothing in order to co-create with the divine, which separates and begins its differentiation out into the world, to draw what you are wanting to manifest. This is consciousness.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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