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How the Gifts of The New Children are Now Emerging: Channelling Transcript

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Channelling session with Mercredan, 23 May 2022


Mercredan, (channeled by Francis Evans): Good afternoon. Once it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. And should we say, welcome back. I have been saying for a long time a transition is coming. And now everyone is in it. Around the world, all things are in movement. Everything is playing out its patterns as the old dynamic shifts away.

So, I want to begin as if it’s a new series.

A long time ago it is said that the Greeks, one in particular, maybe it is said to be the Pythagoras, ‘give me a lever long enough and I will shift the world’.

Humankind have used tools since the beginning of evolution, the beginning of manifestation.

What you call caveman (Neanderthal’s) used the lever and recognised the necessity of what is a point of leverage - the fulcrum - that is adjustable, that gives power to the leverage arm.

And so, at the modern time, you have adapted the tool, and now everything is about leverage.

Where is the fulcrum point? Where is the source stone that gives the power to change the world?

And so, you have begun to understand the powers that leverage gives. Call this your social medias, the influencer, the fulcrum point that shifts the world, to align with something else.

You have talked for so long about some sort of democracy as if everyone has an equal vote, but is that ever the truth? When the fulcrum point is the point of power.

Everyone then has their own moment, their own turning point, their own fulcrum, and their own lever. You can shift yourself and in doing so shift your own universe.

Libby: Thank you, and thank you so much for being with us today again. Today I would like to ask you, what role the new children are playing at this time in humanity?

Mercredan: Shall we say this, the way in which technology moves the world, the way in which your technology connects everyone, the planet is no longer individual nations but it is group identity. And the new children, the new ones are the forefront, they are the leaders in how the new technology will play out its role.

So, the old ways it was individuals, groups and physical communities. Now it is social communities. And not as it is, the social media, the influencers, but the social communities that are building. These will bring about a new order to the old structures.

You are engaged in an old war. A war of survival of the old order.

There is all of this talk of the new world order but the new world order you talk about is the survival of the old-world order. The order that is structured around the elite and the masses. But the new world order is structured around the greater number, the communities that rise up with their newfound power, their found power of leverage.

Libby: We’ve talked before about the new children coming in around the year 2000 and coming in more so in 2012 onwards, can you say how long roughly in human terms, since we’ve had a species upgrade like this before?

Mercredan: It is difficult to talk about such a pattern because the last time there was such reorganisation, was when physical manifestation took place.

Prior to this, one lived in the world of blueprint, that patterns could be modified at a whim.

So, the old patterns of life at the level of consciousness were to organise the way in which humankind would descend into the physical manifest structured world.

One of the final organisations was to create a time-frame, then solid things exist beyond the imaginary world, one could imagine in dimensions, one could imagine structures with the three dimensional, so one can move through it in one’s imagination but it requires time to solidify it in a set pattern.

So last time that was what you often call the Atlantean era, when first of all the planet was structured in such a way that it was temperate, it had certain barriers to hold it at a constant temperature all over the planet's surface. And so, all of it was fertile.

Over times then such movement as the solidness has burned away the original barriers, that is the fields that cause the planet to hold such a structure.

And so time becomes valid, and temperature fluctuations between polar regions and equatorial regions became slowly into existence.

And there has been shuddering’s, where freezers and large burns have occurred as all these things settle down.

First of all, the body required to be set in place, in other words, the original blueprints became structured in terms of discovery of the physical laws. Which of course, exist only within the time frames, only within the fields set by time.

Once you begin to shift the nature of time so too does the solid world dissolve away.

So, one reach that low point, that point of maximum condensation, and having reached there, humankind is now evolving back into the nature of that Atlantean set, in the blueprint of imagination.

Now you are recognising that the whole of creation is structured by consciousness, set only in concrete terms by time.

So, the children are leading the way into imagination and using technology as a tool to demonstrate how this operates.

Your entire notion of computerised animations are leading the way into seeing that the whole nature is indeed algorithms, mathematical formulas that define consciousness into form.

Libby: You have talked to us about how the new children have greater access or greater potential, can you talk to us how so.

Mercredan: For this exact reason, they are aligned to the visionary polarity.

In other words, the world is structured around models, humankind and consciousness loves to make sense of experience by developing ideas or models that show experience.

One such model commonly used is what you call the layers of the chakras, the spinning vortex that is a model of the energy patterns of fields.

So, the first basic one, and of course one can say, all the problems in the physical world arise from the chakras that are dominant in the physical world.

So, the basic pattern that everything sits upon, that makes the physical world a hard form, is the base chakra; aligned to finance and the money system, the system of ownership and resource. I have talked so often about the problems aligned with ownership, the idea that you have owned something.

The second chakra is associated with creativity, regeneration and of course the sexual act. How one regenerates, how one creates.

And the third pattern, the third problem created, is associated with power and control.

These are the three problems in the world.

And the three bottom chakras are reflected in the upper ones.

So, those with power have the ability to open up the throat chakra, that is they have the gift of speech, they can influence others, they can gain others agreements and from those others’ they gain power over.

The second chakra of creativity and sex, devotion and so forth, is reflected in the imagination. That is called the brow chakra, the one which imagines out, which visualises that which will be manifest.

So, you understand that as the new children are focused upon the nature of creativity, their visualisation and imagination is highly spoken to.

This is what we have spoken about, and what you naturally see as a problem, the autism is not truly there at all, it is that the visualisation and imagination is connecting in a higher field than basic speech. It is one level higher than the throat.

It goes beyond the influence of talking to people and gaining their agreements.

The visualisation and imagination connects at a higher level. And that is why these beings [the new children] can see truth. They are not swayed by the lower levels. They are not swayed by what people are saying. And of course, the solid world is reflected in the creative world of what is called consciousness or spirituality.

In the middle of all of this, is the balancing moment of the heart chakra and its degree of love, forgiveness and compassion for others.

Does that shine some light on what we are talking about?

Libby: Yeah, very interesting. Thank you.

[For privacy reasons, the introduction of the next question including the name and description of a child, has been removed.] He’s started to experience multiple instances (especially at night time) where he either hears voices in his head, which he finds particularly disturbing, and visual hallucinations. When he’s trying to get to sleep, he sees movement, things look really zoomed in or really zoomed out is how he explains it. Can you give us any insight on what might be going on for him and others like him?

Mercredan: I want to say, exactly! The challenge as I pointed out for the new children arriving in the early stages is learning to manage the imaginary and residual and creative, that is, that blueprint, world.

So when the physical body slips away towards sleep, then the voices of all the other communicators begin to come through.

And one always attracts, one, if you like, tunes in, to those voices that have a similar frequency. They are in the same field of existence.

So, when this comes in, it is hard to separate out one’s self and where such voices lead. If then you allow the voice to become tied into field, it will attract all the others with all the same fears. So, it is to learn to manage the inner frameworks.

Also, when the mind is trying to focus on the blueprint itself, like a microscope, you are winding it up and down, it becomes in and out of focus, one has to learn to manage that, not to be frightened of it, but to be willingly tune it in, to willingly get in to focus, to recognise this is guidance, this is the nature of consciousness, giving a connection to the blueprints that are available in consciousness, at this time.

Does that throw some light?

Libby: Yeah, so when you say that hearing the voices is tapping into others at the same frequency, are they consciousness everywhere, or is that, living human consciousness or is that those that he’s been born with?

Mercredan: Of course, these are all the new children. Of course, they are all looking for their team as it were. Their team is those that resonate on the same frequency, the same interests.

You are moving into a world where people are attracted to the same interests. So much has to be let go of. The old world in its disillusion is finding it harder and harder to find back-ups, that is to find something that is solid for it.

So, the new children are orientated by nature itself, by the evolutionary consciousness towards being realigned so they are ready to engage in their interest.

Whether that’s music, the arts or the architecture, archeology…many different ideas. But they are finding their group.

Libby: So, with that being said, obviously, it’s quite unsettling for him, because he doesn’t understand that concept yet, is it time for his parents to start talking openly about that concept and if so, how should they frame that up for him?

Mercredan: I want to say this, one has to tread very carefully because he is not alone and yet he is engaged with others who do not quite understand this movement, even though, they have connections with their own children, they are seeing it in their own children, experiencing it, but it is foreign and frightening.

So, however you engage with him on this, one has to be careful to make sure he understands this is not commonly known and that he is at the forefront, he is born into this world and he will over time, begin more and more to understand and to find others who also understand this.

They may not be local, even though there are certainly others who are ready to find this, local that is.

Libby: Okay, so can you give us any practical advice about how his parents can best support him, because he is, and I can imagine other children are like this, suffering from quite a bit of anxiety around it, especially when its dark, or its bed time, or he wakes in the night?

Mercredan: I think it is important to come up with a strategy, that you begin by talking about how people are different and people have different qualities and different gifts, and sometimes the gifts they have are so different to others that they appear a little frightening in the beginning.

But this gift he is developing is nothing to be frightened about because it is something that over time will give him a lead that others will have to catch up on. So, you are simply making it less frightening.

And I would suggest that you ask him to listen to what the voices are saying. That he does not have to agree with every voice, that some voices say negative or frightening things, that not to listen to those ones, but there are others that suggest really interesting thoughts. And those will take him into a world that is far more interesting than frightening.

When he is trying to focus, not to try to stop the focusing but to simply watch what is happening, take notice when it is zooming in and zooming out, and not to make anything of it. That when its time is right it will come to rest on what is that is he is supposed to see.

So, you are making it normal. That for him, it is a normal thing. He will grow to like it. It will stabilise in time, and he will find it the source of so much interest and gifts.

Libby: Do we ever have to worry that they’re going to lose touch of reality and spend more time in that space where they are communicating with other like-minded individuals all over the place, in their head…

Mercredan: The question is one of, what is reality? In other words, if you want to hold them into the old world of structure and time, rather than allowing them to explore timelessness. Because as I have pointed out, these are the leaders and you will find that you will be able to follow, to explore with them, but your conscious system will only be upgraded, it cannot be as vivid, as subtle as their own. But they will take you with them if you are willing.

Libby: Exciting. So, when he’s communicating, well, when he’s hearing other voices, one time he said that it was in another language, and he didn’t understand that language but he understood what they were saying, so this ability to communicate with others, bridges the boundaries of language.

Mercredan: Of course, not only that, but the other language is there to demonstrate that. This consciousness is not based on distinctions and separations. It is based upon unity and unification and a greater service to others.

Libby: And this is all linked in, as you talk about the blueprints and the frameworks, that’s all the same thing that what you’ve referred to before as the inner realms and the inner worlds?

Mercredan: Of course. The fields that are containers. As everything condenses into more and more solid form, denser and denser forms, these have been discussed over many millennia. It is not unlearned material. But how it applies in the present time, is a very different practicality.

Libby: We’ve talked a lot about the new children in the last few years, is there anything new that’s coming along with their development, they’re getting a bit older now, is there any new insights that we could share today?

Mercredan: I think we have begun to address that in our last discussion, they are becoming more aware of the inner frameworks. They have not been taught this, so they are learning to manage this more or less on their own terms.

So, it is more the disillusion of the old, that builds the need and necessity of the new frameworks in order to organise human society.

Societies are changing, the old systems of elitist and the fight to own, the fight to control and the fight, for the natural, to distort the natural polarities.

The second chakra of sexuality depends upon polarity.

We have said so often that everything relies on its paradox, that in order for the paradox to be seen or experienced, one has to have polarity, one has to see and to balance the two opposites in terms of power.

Each one has its own separate power and it is from this that the law of attraction - magnetism - operates.

So as human beings being to shift their orientation from the world of work, more is happening.

Libby: Fantastic, thank you, is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Mercredan: I think we have covered a very basic framework that can be built upon and built upon and built upon.

There is so much interconnected.

When I say it is complex, it is simple in its own way, but because everything fits together. It is like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece has its own place to find, to be in. And as the pieces fit, so the whole picture becomes more and more evident and then we finish the complexity of the whole, suddenly it is a simple picture. And integrated wholes.

Is that enough for today?

Libby: It is, thank you so much for your time.

Mercredan: Then once again, thank you for your work, bringing all of this into being and the future is being opened up right at this moment. And thank you and good afternoon.

Libby: Thank you.

--- END

Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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