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Human design, choosing gender/sexuality/life purpose, changing the past + more

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 21st June 2022

Some questions asked in this channelling session: (Open the YouTube video description to click on timestamps and be taken directly to the topic)

Intro: New Children accessing fields of creativity and sharing ideas

4:02” Are we created from the future where there is Unity?

9:03” Organising human beings within time and space

13:50” Predetermining factors such as gender and sexuality before birth

19:56” Misunderstanding of memories of your past

23:03” Changing your memories, your past

25:33” How to rewrite your past

31:51” Is the timing of one’s death predetermined before birth?

34:25” Is our life purpose of gifts decided before birth?

41:01” The impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

51:56” Update on Ukraine and Russia


Mercredan: Good afternoon, once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

As I said there, shall we call them, nested layers of fields in which one can turn in to resonate with. The physical is one of the more condensed layers where the ideas and the intention come to rest, they are brought through the fields.

Of course, anyone may tap into any of the fields should they wish to and have gained access by the level of consciousness agreed upon. So the new species already primarily tapping in, shall we call it, to the mental field of creativity.

So, like everyone you often tap in and gain insights or new ideas or many other interesting characteristics from that mental field. But you are not aware of the sharing. Shall we say, the new species are very aware that they are sharing their ideas and often add their own coding to it, that is, they have a signature that alerts others to where it arises from.

So when they are with others of the oldest species they are reading the thought characteristics prior to their speech. So obviously they are aware of all the lying that is going on. They can read what is happening and understand truth is not always what is expressed in the spoken word because of hidden agendas that are characteristic of the old school. Does that make sense so the new species is transcending the idea of politics.

Politics then is no longer relevant to the new species as they take hold. Enough to begin a conversation.


Libby: Thank you and thank you so much for being with us again today. So, last time we spoke I asked you about how humans first started, how the originating first human cell began, I would like to review what I heard from you last time if that's okay. So firstly you said there was unity a single framework that is unified, this is what we are working towards now, so this refers to us being created in the future where a single unity framework operates from?

Mercredan: Shall we say, in the present, there is no time of course. So at the unity level of consciousness, that is, where the field is a single element before differentiation. You often talk of integration, integration is coming together to find a singularity, and differentiation is the opposite end of the scale where the unity begins to diversify into different characteristics and different relationships. This is what is known as the general theory of relativity. Not quite understood at the time.

So everything arises from a unity, from the wholeness of oneness and beyond that of course there are other layers and levels in the field. But as far as humankind and consciousness at this time is capable of understanding the integration to a unity and differentiation into diversity.

So as the first level of diversity appears you start to structure, should we call it, a time coding, a time line. Where one level of diversity is that appearing to be future and one layer appearing to be in the past and yourselves within the present.

But of course when tomorrow arrives you are still in the present, when ten years go by you are still in the present. And in your own time, since the beginning of Egyptian times now you are still in the present. Nothing has changed. Always there is a future coming and always there was the past. So the diversity, where one sees one's self in present time arises from the differentiation.

Does that make some sort of sense? And so there is a relativity between this one and that one. One is looking as though time must exist, but of course, well your great theory already proves that time and space are the same thing. They are the constant within the formula. Does that make some sort of sense?


As soon as time begins there is a present and a future, and the only way that can occur is if there is a space for them to exist in, and so time and space cannot exist separately from one another.


Libby: When we discussed this you said that everything starts from a concept or a conceptual idea and that before the individual idea or solid form of the being, for lack of a better word, can manifest it goes through a process, much like building a house drawing up the concept, designing and planning etc.

Mercredan: Of course, first of all there is the unification. That is, shall we call it, the integration and within the integration there is what we would call a systematic program, that is a grand intention. In the grand intention there is a structure that must be organised. You cannot have differentiation, diversity, without organisation and relativity. So there has to be a beginning and an end. One has to organise it, structure it and draw up the plan. If it is a great battle, it is not random that one begins it, one has to have a plan otherwise you will not achieve your goals, your ends. So the unity wishes to fulfil its purpose in diversity, in diversification.

If it did not have a purpose then randomness would arrive, and the past would not be in order. So in 10 weeks’ time you will emerge from being, shall we call them, the apes, but that will be difficult because you have already decided it isn't like that.

So the plan is to draw it up, to have a blueprint and then to begin to achieve the blueprint one has to drive, shall we call it, or inhabit the ideas. One has to begin to imagine how that would appear in reality, one has to condense it and having condensed it and belonged to it one starts to experience it. Experiencing it of course is where you begin to have intentions and desires and resistances and hatreds and so forth that all of that then until it condenses into a solid reality.

Then you are in the real world as it were, the solid world where one has to experience the result.

At any point in prior to that you could change your mind. But once it has been solidified it is no longer fluid, it is a bit like your butter, your fat, if you heat it up it is fluid it will flow around everything but as soon as it is cooled it will solidify and then it is a solid matter, nothing can move in it. Does that make sense?

Libby. Yeah.

13:50 So then you talked us through a bit more of a practical process where working out how the individual concept or being fits practically and interacts with each other which you just mentioned, allowing for any agreements with others to be formed, at this point an identity is created and when you say an identity is created are these other predetermined factors such as gender, is that when it's assigned at this stage in the process?

Mercredan: Let us say this. Nothing is assigned, there are only choices made in the blueprint. One is testing different frameworks, then one might test the water, as it were, in the blueprint. What if I were a man or what is this were a woman? What experience would be different? Taking that there is a distinct difference.

Over time some of this has been lost in the diversification and sometimes there is confusion as to what experience one wishes to have. One might wish to have a masculine experience while being in a feminine body and that will cause whatever challenges that causes. Just the same as anything else. One might then be attracted to one's own gender and of course the challenge is that that produces. Because nature is as it is.

So you choose the characteristics and align those characteristics with the general frameworks that exist. For example at the galactic level of consciousness in the fields that represent that, one experiences the levels that are time oriented in terms of great historical periods. Whether one wishes to be in medieval times or whether one is future oriented, whether one is turned to faced one direction or another, one is one's positioning.

Then that is at the solar level. So characteristics of the solar interactions, the great spiritual guides and guardians of the planets, as they interact and relate to one another within the general patterns of relativity cause different characteristics to appear in a ordered sense. That is there is a code, and it is structured, so there is a pathway to return to the unity via consciousness. Does this make some sort of sense?

So there are pathways to integration. Various are different and useful. But they are… and one might choose which guide stones or guiding paths, one might choose, but to arrive at integration where one can bring together all of the experiences of all beings.

So if one who has judgments on others, one can never arrive at integration. It requires that one ceases to believe one is uniquely better than anything else.

So when one drops one's judgments and criticism, one certainly opens up the deeper pathways towards that stage of integration, which of course is a doorway to higher perspectives and higher things.

Libby: Okay, thank you.

19:56 So you also mentioned last week that the part of the process that is ensuring the solid formal being fits into time, the human timeline, the being has to have a past is the past of the being then adopted when the parents are chosen so then it fits into that genetic timeline?

Of course, everything has to fit in the understanding and the fields that resonate because it is a resonation it is not a determination. So one child may have a certain memory of their childhood, they have a certain memory and then later in life, certain experiences occur when they realise, that was not what happened at all. So, they essentially change their history. They change what they remember, their memory of it, as if they forgot or misinterpreted or anything. Rather than they simply changed their past, they slipped to a different reality, an alternative to what appeared to be solid. Do you follow?

Libby: Yeah and when somebody does that, those that around them also shift?

Mercredan: Of course

Libby: And the memory of that person's past too?

Mercredan: Of course and in the many of those around them also shift their own lines as well, as if one shift affects the whole. Of course, as it must. In terms of the relativity to keep the balance on track. So it is that if one person changes their perceptions of reality, everyone around them has to re-order, if they are incapable of reordering, then they will eliminate that person from their experience.

Libby: Wow


So if I wanted to go back and change some of my memories that aren't so positive I can do so by choice?

Mercredan: Of course, because what are those memories, but they are ideas perpetuated and locked in solid form. But where are they locked in solid form? Not at the physical level because that is in the past, and as I point out there is only truly a present experience. Everything else was made up. Do you follow what I mean? It was made up out of the need to keep us an identity that is consistent.

So consistency is the important thing but there is no evidence in reality, that is only in the memory of the past. This is not popular, because if this were a popular perception there could be no blame, and as soon as there is no blame, then one assumes responsibility. And as I pointed out you are in the realm of accepting responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Not popular of course, and even voicing this causes much concern for those who would like to keep it is. Or even make profit from its being such a way.


Libby: Yeah, so if I wanted to change my memories, change my past, rewrite it, would it be a matter of focusing on other memories and let go of the not so good memories, or would there be a method or practical guidance you can offer, that I can go and rewrite my past?

Mercredan: If you place your attention, that is your consciousness and lift it to the place of agreement, that is where one agreed to have such an experience, in other words, who was involved and what agreements did everyone make, then one might disagree. One says to the meeting room as it were, no I don't like this anymore, so I disagree and we will have to renegotiate what has to have happened.

Everyone then will re-look at their part playing in all of this, find a new order that will provide a different and more agreeable life experience in the past, in terms of your present. Do you understand what I mean?


Libby: Yeah, so with that would you do that in meditation or hypnotherapy or how would you go about that, just a conversation in your mind?

Mercredan: Of course simply it is a meditation, because meditation is dropping the old systems until you arrive at the layers of consciousness where such agreements are organised.

So you are imagining… it is not a good word, imagining is used too much as if the mental body can imagine anything but to lift oneself up to the places, if you like, the energy vortex. It is hard to express this because they are fields of existence.

They are resonant fields that are vibrating at certain qualities.

So it is much higher in many cases, almost to the degree of the original diversification where one was designing one's uniqueness, then in the design of that uniqueness one creates necessary characteristics that interact with other peoples designed inter-characteristics in order to find conflict or harmony. And usually both.

So you have some harmony and then some conflict and then some harmony and you are polishing the stones, polishing up the gem that is at the heart of each other.

If however, one is a harder stone hard of luck, it will grind away the other to dust, and so there is often unresolvable conflict. Does this make some sort of sense?

And the longer one can stay in the heat, because when the grinding cause heat, it is generated, that is activity and energy that can be realised.

In terms of the relationship of masculine and feminine, this is often dissipated in sexual activity. Because when the energy is high, the connection is greater and the resultant desires are energised. This is what was called sexual magic in olden times.


Libby: I would also like to talk a little bit about understanding what's predetermined before, in the human design phase and before we become a solid form, so is something like the timing of one's death predetermined before we are born?

Mercredan: Nothing is predetermined in terms of agreements and design. In other words, whatever is predetermined was decided prior to engaging or descending in to a solid form. There are some predetermined factors of course, which is one will not stay in the physical form for longer periods than useful. In other words, one will pass out of the form once the usefulness of the vehicle has been attained.

So, often it appears as if someone might continue on even though others might judge them as useless, but that isn't the case for them.

So you choose the mechanisms through the opportunities that one is presented with in the interactions with others and the environment.

In other words it is a dynamic interaction of energetic things. It is a resonance and music. And the music comes from all of the instruments playing their part.


Libby: So in terms of the agreements that are created before we are birthed into solid form, is things like our life purpose or our gift designed in that stage?

Mercredan: Some of the choices of gifts and challenges, in other words one would not be wise to incarnate into a body that does not have a gift that is capable of overcoming a challenge. So you have within you all that is needed to create your purpose, to fulfil your purpose, that is, the word I’m looking for. You have everything within to fulfil your purpose.

And the purpose of course is always to evolve consciousness and one evolves consciousness by attaining new perceptions and realising that the challenge itself is the gift. That as soon as one has overcome the challenge, one has generated a new resource, a new gift that is useful to overcome even greater challenges.

Libby: So is that why we feel in life sometimes that we are going from one challenge to another to another

Mercredan: Of course, of course, what a wonderful what a wonderful experience. It is only the mind that wants to have peace and calm. And if you are given peace and calm you would also be met with the challenge of boredom. So you would go out and create some conflict. What a beautiful thought. Because you are not here to simply enjoy and have no growth. What would a plant do if it had no growth?

Libby: Die

Mercredan: Of course

Libby: So is this the same with the new children then, are they, by design, learning their gifts through challenge and will be offered one challenge after the other as well?

Mercredan: Of course but they are not individual that is they are not seeking to be apart, they are a unified group, they are meeting the challenges of, shall we call them, environmental. Such challenges are not unique challenges, they are not day-to-day, they are of great concern to every one of them.

So they are learning how to operate as a unified group. They are like a body working together. Each muscle is working at its peak in order to arrive at the greatest outcome, the greatest output.

So, if you are racing in the Olympics, you are hoping your body and all the muscles will be on form, they will operate exactly on time, not a micro second before necessary. So the maximum output can be achieved, and you practice and practice to you have the nervous system trigger all of this and the, shall we call it, the digestive system transfer the energy towards the muscles that must operate at peak efficiency.

It is a unified pattern. So the individual now is operating in peak form as a unified field where all different elements are coming together in their most efficient methods.

Libby: Fantastic, thank you

41:01” Now I was wondering if we can talk briefly about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, can you give us any guidance on how that's impacting the world and whether it's positive and perhaps predictable?

Mercredan: Shall we say this, coins are a method of transferring value. That is all. It is it is an agreement that if I provide you with this, you will provide me with this to purchase something that I need. So it is simply an way of transferring material, a balancing quality.

What occurred with coinage of course, was humans always seem to fall towards what is the ultimate evilness, which is great. So this one wants to cheat this one over here, so this one puts a little bit of lead in their gold. So it now weighs the same but is not of the same value. So the gold becomes less and less pure.

So the purity is lost and no one can any longer trust anyone else. So you try to make different coinage, you try to make a material that relates to pure gold. You put the pure gold somewhere where no one can get at it to exchange it for the lead. Then you print a piece of paper that says this is worth this much pure gold. All is good, all is good, until there is only the piece of paper and no pure gold. It is just a piece of paper promising empty promises. Now you can print more and more and more empty promises, of course. You're always being filled within empty promises.

So someone comes up with a new idea a new way of limiting empty promises. Nobody who is in the business of empty promises likes the idea that someone can promise something that has a limit to it. And that is where your cryptocurrencies lie. It is what happens when there is no trust in the world. Nobody trusts anybody else.

Then you are caught up in the ultimate of all, which is endless lies, more and more and more lies. All of it is designed to take advantage of each other.

So even in the world of your cryptocurrencies, it is filled with lies, filled with promises, empty of course, because nobody is trustworthy.

Until humankind realise that the trustworthiness leads to the destruction of their environment and of course the elimination of the species itself. And that is why the new species comes in to being. Because they cannot be lied to. Because they are reading the field. They know who they can trust and who to do business with; those who are honest.

Honesty then comes about and do you need any currencies at all or do you need just a ledger? A ledger which says this one has this amount and this one owes that amount.

And so it is that while the currency of cryptos is the same as all the others, the basis on which the ledger is organised gives a quality that is reliable to all.

So, one cannot simply print, one cannot cheat because the very structure of the ledger is capable of keeping track of what is there. Does this answer the question?

Libby: Yeah so bitcoin is not, and other cryptocurrencies, not our answer to our…

Mercredan: I want to say, your block chain is the answer, the ledger is the answer. How you manage that, that is the important thing, when everyone agrees on one ledger that is unified across the globe as the one ledger that cannot be used for criminal activities.

Criminal activities are what you would call the outright criminal and, shall we call them, the white collar criminal, that is the political criminals that we were filled with.

All of this methods of making money by cheating others that will only generate more and more different cryptocurrency or blockchain mechanisms because nobody trusts any single one them. Because it is manipulated.

As soon as there is an agreement that nothing can be made from nothing. That one has to give something in order to gain something in one's account. And that is not counting it up, that is not giving anything because the very ledger itself counts it all. It does not need people to make money counting up the ledger.

And so all of the industries that are based on, shall we call them, the phase of cheating, that is all the mechanisms designed to take from others without producing anything.

Because there is no need for that when the law is set, and the accounting is done by the ledger itself.

Then all you might have are those that oversee and check that the ledger is not being abused.

And if that occurs, all they have to do is reverse the ledger. No one can make anything if the ledger remains intact.

And so I said before that the crypto currency market is another one of the markets that simply is unnecessary. Do you understand what I mean?

Libby: I do, thank you very interesting.

51:56” I was wondering if we have a brief moment to discuss if there's any updates on the Ukraine and Russia. Do you have any more guidance on that subject for us?

Mercredan: The conflict in the world is exactly the same conflict; who can trust who. As if two giant powers are struggling and one of them should be in the right. Of course not. They are both attempting to give themselves greater power.

However, the conflict is unnecessary and is disturbing for the entire planet, there are greater concerns. If one was to address the serious difficulties that come about when economies are simply based on producing weapons of mass destruction.

And I am not talking about nuclear weapons or such like, I am talking about military weapons that are used to mass destruct entire populations. And it is not one-sided at all. If one were to turn all the cameras on, one would see equal amount of abuses and destructions.

So it is the final conclusion of history. As I have pointed out, the shift in consciousness does not happen willingly, it happens as the result of stupidity. And I wish to say this conflict is the peak of stupidity.

Not that it is stupid per se, as it were, but it is stupid because it is self-destructive. Both sides will reach self-destruction before they can end. And we are not talking about the Ukraine, that one is irrelevant, they are the pawn and that is all.

Libby: I know that you don't do predictions, but do you see the energy flowing in the direction where this is going to become more, you know more momentum, that we don't want?

Mercredan: Let us say this, everyone is waking up, everyone is starting to see it is not quite as it seems and one has to be much much more aware of the overall impact of one's personal decisions.

Otherwise you will of course, gain the results of one's own actions. One will meet self, as always the case, and if the self is destructive then you will meet the destruction.

Libby: Thank you, is there anything else you'd like to add for today?

Mercredan: Enough. Then once again thank you for your time and your work. I want to say this your interpretations are so useful in the context of our work together, so thank you and good afternoon.

Libby: Thank you, thank you for that.


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