Channelling Transcript: About Mercredan, Consciousness, Ascension, Spiritual Development and more

Updated: Jun 21

Questions asked in this group channelling session:

Group Channelling Session with Mercredan, October 2020, Parakai, Auckland, New Zealand


Mercredan: Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

As you can see around, you here, so many more people are becoming interested in the higher realms of existence, what is often the spiritual realms. Much, of course, is happening at this moment in the unfolding history of humanity.

So many questions are on one's mind. And yet the difficulty is still always with the mind. People want to understand, rather than to take their mind out of the world of analysis and drop into a deeper approach. So rather than hanging on every word, allowing it just to cool, just to sit on a realm so that as you think about the experience, one begins to remember words that are important that you might not even begin to acknowledge as we talk. As always, the direction of a conversation is so very important. So shall we begin a conversation and see where it leads?

So for this a question. Not from the shyest of persons, of course.

Question: Where are you from?

Mercredan: Always a difficulty because one wants to have a solid world, whether it is a physical world, as astral world, a spiritual world, always solid, but in reality, all of these worlds are fluid.

So from the very beginning, consciousness pervades it all. From the very beginning there is a singleness, a unity that spreads itself. So, every one is part of the whole. In consciousness is what brings everyone together. Because one does not have a single mind. One taps into the universal and from there one gains insights.

So I am not human in the sense; I am not some being that has arrived, but a representative of consciousness itself.

Question: Why have you not led a physical life?

Mercredan: In order to have a physical life, one begins to focus one's attention on particular outcomes, things that one wants to experience in terms of the physicality of life. When time begins to take form, so does forms. There is a movement and the solidity and one then descends into it to become the inhabitant. It is inhabiting a world. But I am not of that realm. I am simply a point in consciousness, an evolutionary space in consciousness. So, it is not of any value, in my sense, to have a physical lifetime.

Question: When our physical life is finished, does our consciousness remember this time?

Mercredan: That is a particularly pertinent question because it makes a need to be conscious when one passes through the veil, to hold onto one's sense, to be present to the passing. So, it behoves humanity, each and in every individual, to do their best to remain present to every moment of their existence.

So being present when things are joyful, being present when they are challenging, not dropping out, not covering up with various methods as humans are quite habitual with, you understand.

So being present is building one's consciousness so that when one arrives at the moment of choice.

Because if you are conscious, whatever mechanism you have decided to part with this physical reality, there is the moment of choice when you decide. And if you are conscious, you will have cleared the decks with every one left behind. You will not be carrying with you such attachments.

So if you have someone that you are holding a dislike, a hatred, then of course you will not pass over without carrying that with you. And if you have the love, you will remain connected to that being.

So when you are clear then with a conscious mind being present to the process, one will pass through the veil completely away, and then you will have all the memories of not only this lifetime, but every other one that you are associated with.

I want to say there is another question sitting there on top of it.

Question: You mentioned consciousness and what is your understanding of consciousness? How would you explain?

Mercredan: Pure awareness extends to the infinity, to the eternity, that is to the very edges of time and space. And consciousness is a limitation within that.

Whatever one is conscious of up to the limit of that awareness. So, there are two levels that you like, the ultimate awareness and the limited consciousness that one has of life containing all aspects.

For example, if you consider the idea of love. And each one of you has some concept of it, but if we want to add all the concepts together, it would provide an even bigger consciousness of it.

And yet love runs beyond all of it. It is not something you can tie down. Your love is the energetic form that creates the universe and everything within it. And so, whatever you think is not love is still an aspect of it. That is a difficult one to understand.

I will try to put something on this. Often people have interactions with others that are very difficult. They feel as if they have been harmed. And when that occurs, it seems as if that is not part of love. But in a wider sense, that is a completion in the nature of love.

So from a karmic point of view, people meet together to rework old patterns. And that is something that might be very challenging, but it is part of the whole nature of completion. And at this point in time is extraordinarily important because humanity is moving into a new era, a new epoch.

And in doing so, consciousness is taking a sudden leap forward.

And as a result, you might have even understood and perceive these karmic concerns are almost instantaneous. You are not creating karma for another lifetime. But whatever karma is created finds its resolution in this lifetime and seemingly getting faster and faster and closer and closer.

Everyone experiences this. Then as the new epoch begins, karma is instantaneous. And so human consciousness has to evolve. It has to recognise the error of its ways before karma comes with its retribution.

Question: Why should we change our lives to improve our consciousness?

Mercredan: First of all, giving time. And I want to point out that when you give yourself time to explore no time, when you go into a meditation, you know you are in meditation because time seems to stop. It seems to be relevant and the mind stops with it.

You follow, you begin to feel yourself sinking into a state of calmness, a state where you are not concerned of the problems or whatever is happening in your universe, your world.

So you are putting yourself on a plane where you are open to receive what you need. It is not looking for it. If you are looking for it, then the mind is still activated, you understand?

But when your mind is still, then you start to gain insight. It comes in an extraordinary form. Suddenly you seem to know something.

I know most of you have experienced this, perhaps not often, but everyone has had a moment when everything stops.

And it is at that point that you are present. You are not asleep, you have not drifted off to sleep in this, since you are simply in a calmness and purely present you to your universe, present to your body. You are feeling your body, you are feeling the room that you are in. You are feeling every energetic form within the room, even the energetic form of the room itself. The tables and chairs and the carpets and so on all have their own vibration.

So you are present and you are becoming more and more present to the whole.

Question: How do you change your vibration in this situation?

Mercredan: Shall we say this: Most situations, for many people, is one consistent with judgment of others.

One has all sorts of material passing through the mind that makes this person better or worse, this person this way or that way. And judgments get in the way.

When one is at peace, there are no judgments because you recognise it is not your business. It is your business to elevate yourself to become the best unit you can possibly be. And in doing that, you will see others and send them all the love you can possibly imagine.

Surrounding them with that which is required, that they, too, might begin to sense this. to sense, the calmness that you are eliminating because you have worked on your own self, not making judgments about other people and wasting your time and your energy on things that are not your business.

Question: How is it and why is it that you can go somewhere and people can pick up on what you don't even know, they feel they have to tell you about what is in the past, what is to become?

Mercredan: Always a difficult problem for humanity that does not understand the way in which reality is created by thoughts and beliefs and attitudes.

So, you want to say something to others or someone wants to give you advice.

What a lovely idea. You understand what a lovely idea.

But you do not have to pick it up, because you are the master or mistress of your own universe.

It is your world.

You have every right to make it how you want it.

But do not impose your views on someone else, because if you want to impose your views, then what you will get in return is others imposing their views.

The world is a mirror. And you cannot escape that mirror. It is a beautiful and important and loving thing that the divine creates the universe as a mirror so that you can see yourself as you are when others come into your orb.

Whatever you see in others, almost certainly it is within self.

So if you recognise this, you will see what a beautiful and loving thing that is that you can be shown. Where it is in your world that you can uplift yourself and with it uplift the whole of humanity. So you are not just working for your own understanding your own spiritual upliftment, you are working for the whole of it, the whole universal nature