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About Mercredan, Consciousness, Ascension, Spiritual Development and more: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions asked in this group channelling session:

Group Channelling Session with Mercredan, October 2020, Parakai, Auckland, New Zealand


Mercredan: Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

As you can see around, you here, so many more people are becoming interested in the higher realms of existence, what is often the spiritual realms. Much, of course, is happening at this moment in the unfolding history of humanity.

So many questions are on one's mind. And yet the difficulty is still always with the mind. People want to understand, rather than to take their mind out of the world of analysis and drop into a deeper approach. So rather than hanging on every word, allowing it just to cool, just to sit on a realm so that as you think about the experience, one begins to remember words that are important that you might not even begin to acknowledge as we talk. As always, the direction of a conversation is so very important. So shall we begin a conversation and see where it leads?

So for this a question. Not from the shyest of persons, of course.

Question: Where are you from?

Mercredan: Always a difficulty because one wants to have a solid world, whether it is a physical world, as astral world, a spiritual world, always solid, but in reality, all of these worlds are fluid.

So from the very beginning, consciousness pervades it all. From the very beginning there is a singleness, a unity that spreads itself. So, every one is part of the whole. In consciousness is what brings everyone together. Because one does not have a single mind. One taps into the universal and from there one gains insights.

So I am not human in the sense; I am not some being that has arrived, but a representative of consciousness itself.

Question: Why have you not led a physical life?

Mercredan: In order to have a physical life, one begins to focus one's attention on particular outcomes, things that one wants to experience in terms of the physicality of life. When time begins to take form, so does forms. There is a movement and the solidity and one then descends into it to become the inhabitant. It is inhabiting a world. But I am not of that realm. I am simply a point in consciousness, an evolutionary space in consciousness. So, it is not of any value, in my sense, to have a physical lifetime.

Question: When our physical life is finished, does our consciousness remember this time?

Mercredan: That is a particularly pertinent question because it makes a need to be conscious when one passes through the veil, to hold onto one's sense, to be present to the passing. So, it behoves humanity, each and in every individual, to do their best to remain present to every moment of their existence.

So being present when things are joyful, being present when they are challenging, not dropping out, not covering up with various methods as humans are quite habitual with, you understand.

So being present is building one's consciousness so that when one arrives at the moment of choice.

Because if you are conscious, whatever mechanism you have decided to part with this physical reality, there is the moment of choice when you decide. And if you are conscious, you will have cleared the decks with every one left behind. You will not be carrying with you such attachments.

So if you have someone that you are holding a dislike, a hatred, then of course you will not pass over without carrying that with you. And if you have the love, you will remain connected to that being.

So when you are clear then with a conscious mind being present to the process, one will pass through the veil completely away, and then you will have all the memories of not only this lifetime, but every other one that you are associated with.

I want to say there is another question sitting there on top of it.

Question: You mentioned consciousness and what is your understanding of consciousness? How would you explain?

Mercredan: Pure awareness extends to the infinity, to the eternity, that is to the very edges of time and space. And consciousness is a limitation within that.

Whatever one is conscious of up to the limit of that awareness. So, there are two levels that you like, the ultimate awareness and the limited consciousness that one has of life containing all aspects.

For example, if you consider the idea of love. And each one of you has some concept of it, but if we want to add all the concepts together, it would provide an even bigger consciousness of it.

And yet love runs beyond all of it. It is not something you can tie down. Your love is the energetic form that creates the universe and everything within it. And so, whatever you think is not love is still an aspect of it. That is a difficult one to understand.

I will try to put something on this. Often people have interactions with others that are very difficult. They feel as if they have been harmed. And when that occurs, it seems as if that is not part of love. But in a wider sense, that is a completion in the nature of love.

So from a karmic point of view, people meet together to rework old patterns. And that is something that might be very challenging, but it is part of the whole nature of completion. And at this point in time is extraordinarily important because humanity is moving into a new era, a new epoch.

And in doing so, consciousness is taking a sudden leap forward.

And as a result, you might have even understood and perceive these karmic concerns are almost instantaneous. You are not creating karma for another lifetime. But whatever karma is created finds its resolution in this lifetime and seemingly getting faster and faster and closer and closer.

Everyone experiences this. Then as the new epoch begins, karma is instantaneous. And so human consciousness has to evolve. It has to recognise the error of its ways before karma comes with its retribution.

Question: Why should we change our lives to improve our consciousness?

Mercredan: First of all, giving time. And I want to point out that when you give yourself time to explore no time, when you go into a meditation, you know you are in meditation because time seems to stop. It seems to be relevant and the mind stops with it.

You follow, you begin to feel yourself sinking into a state of calmness, a state where you are not concerned of the problems or whatever is happening in your universe, your world.

So you are putting yourself on a plane where you are open to receive what you need. It is not looking for it. If you are looking for it, then the mind is still activated, you understand?

But when your mind is still, then you start to gain insight. It comes in an extraordinary form. Suddenly you seem to know something.

I know most of you have experienced this, perhaps not often, but everyone has had a moment when everything stops.

And it is at that point that you are present. You are not asleep, you have not drifted off to sleep in this, since you are simply in a calmness and purely present you to your universe, present to your body. You are feeling your body, you are feeling the room that you are in. You are feeling every energetic form within the room, even the energetic form of the room itself. The tables and chairs and the carpets and so on all have their own vibration.

So you are present and you are becoming more and more present to the whole.

Question: How do you change your vibration in this situation?

Mercredan: Shall we say this: Most situations, for many people, is one consistent with judgment of others.

One has all sorts of material passing through the mind that makes this person better or worse, this person this way or that way. And judgments get in the way.

When one is at peace, there are no judgments because you recognise it is not your business. It is your business to elevate yourself to become the best unit you can possibly be. And in doing that, you will see others and send them all the love you can possibly imagine.

Surrounding them with that which is required, that they, too, might begin to sense this. to sense, the calmness that you are eliminating because you have worked on your own self, not making judgments about other people and wasting your time and your energy on things that are not your business.

Question: How is it and why is it that you can go somewhere and people can pick up on what you don't even know, they feel they have to tell you about what is in the past, what is to become?

Mercredan: Always a difficult problem for humanity that does not understand the way in which reality is created by thoughts and beliefs and attitudes.

So, you want to say something to others or someone wants to give you advice.

What a lovely idea. You understand what a lovely idea.

But you do not have to pick it up, because you are the master or mistress of your own universe.

It is your world.

You have every right to make it how you want it.

But do not impose your views on someone else, because if you want to impose your views, then what you will get in return is others imposing their views.

The world is a mirror. And you cannot escape that mirror. It is a beautiful and important and loving thing that the divine creates the universe as a mirror so that you can see yourself as you are when others come into your orb.

Whatever you see in others, almost certainly it is within self.

So if you recognise this, you will see what a beautiful and loving thing that is that you can be shown. Where it is in your world that you can uplift yourself and with it uplift the whole of humanity. So you are not just working for your own understanding your own spiritual upliftment, you are working for the whole of it, the whole universal nature.

Question: Why do we dream in our consciousness?

Mercredan: The dream world takes you into the opportunities.

There are a number of reasons why one dreams.

In many cases it is a completion of the days or a few days' events, tying them up and coming to a final package, as it were, conclusion -- not a mental conclusion, but a folding conclusion, tying up loose ends.

And in other times, dreaming is to try out the opportunities that are being presented. So you perceive that the unfolding nature of events around you and you test the waters with different options. How does this one work? How does that one work and so on? So, then you are better equipped for making one's decisions.

And then there are the deeper dream realities, what is commonly called dream time, where one comes across into the alternative creative reality where you can shift the track of time. This is more common when you have what are called lucid dreams. You wake up and you know you are dreaming.

And then there are choices, different pathways to take. And if you take one different pathway, then you can totally change the outcomes of your life. And with it you change the history of your past.

Not in the sense that you will not remember your history, but when you look at your history, different memories become more relevant. And then you see that where you thought you had come from is not really it at all, but you have come from somewhere completely different and therefore you are heading in a different direction. All of it done within dream time.

I want to say practicing dreams, going into the dream from a waking state, you are lying in your bed and you are setting the tone for dreaming.

Let me dream into the framework where I can solve this problem or find answers for this. But I want to say, do not analyse the dream as a mental exercise.

Question: Do you visit other realms with life in it as well?

Mercredan: It opens the door to many other conversations, even answering the question. So, I always like to say, stay in your own reality and protect this one because other realities operate on different laws. And so, it is extremely difficult to conceive of them.

Think, for example, there are these alien life forms traveling in this universe. But it is not as simple as that. Even the humble bee has its own universe, one that is simply coincident with your own in certain ways, but certainly not in others. So, in that world, we could say that a single entity is only the most minor, unimportant atom in the home, but that simply makes it just as hard to conceive of that.

Question: Have you been known to assist humans to achieve their objective?

Mercredan: Let us say we do this work in order to give guidance, but not to interfere. When one moves in and takes something away from someone, then not only do you take it away, but you take away the important lesson, the growth tool the universe has given.

So, if one can guide and support someone through their own dealing with this, then they can have the necessary transformation, change of mindset because a person gets in to problematic recurrence, because the mind has set in a certain fashion and is struggling both to change it and to hold onto it. They are caught in an inner conflict.

Most human beings know what is true. It is an inherent part of the vibrations in the basic universe. And then the mind gets in and begins to mess with it, to set them in a certain fashion in the way they have been brought up. Educated conditions.

So it is, how can anyone bring that awareness so that every individual can solve their own challenges?

Question: So how can you help with ascension?

Mercredan: There is an idea that individuals might ascend one by one, but I want to say the shift in consciousness is total and that is everyone is waiting for the lowest denominator, the one that is the furthest behind.

And so it behooves everyone to help everyone else so that when the time comes and there is the moment of separation, as there will be, those that are ready will shift their conscious attention into a realm that they have universally created and others will decide on another direction.

There is (very close, as in human terms of time), a splitting of the universe or the universes where one plane will simply separate from the other.

So, I want to say ascension has ideas with issues that are brought about by the idea of separation. Do you understand that one wants to be a separate being? That is the biggest challenge.

For example, my dear friend gives up the identity in order to come into our relationship. So, it is no longer separate from the entirety. He, of course, recognises that he is irrelevant, that he has nothing to do with it except to loan the body and the communication tools, that is all.

So, everyone who wants to ascend, must, first of all, drop the identity; to stop being who you think you are. Then you become everyone.

Question: What humans call time... My question is, have we got time and distance mixed up?

Mercredan: Time and distance are exactly the same thing.

Your great scientist, came up and said, "matter is energy that has been divided by time and space." He said it was a constant because he did not understand in the beginning there is nothing until a movement occurs.

When the movement occurs. In whatever realm, time begins. And soon as that occurs, shapes come into existence, if you like.

There is an expanse, even eternity (time) and infinity (distance) have limits to them, because they are measures of time and space. Beyond that is the timeless spaceless awareness that is beyond definition.

There is nothing we can say about it. Before all things, before all the beginnings of all things.

So, time and space are the same thing.

Question: When you leave us tonight, does your consciousness remember coming here?

Mercredan: Consciousness remembers everything that has ever been availed in the time zone of this reflection, I am putting it that way.

That is, as I pointed out, consciousness has certain limitations. So, this universe has left consciousness and that consciousness is available to you all.

There is nothing spectacular about it, simply one has to tap into it and at various times and places, each one of you has recognition.

You are doing whatever it is, your daily activities, and suddenly you are stopped. There is this almost like a wake up, and you will suddenly have a solution. Where did it come from? You can ask it, but you will not find that you have worked it out with your mind. It has appeared because your mind has become open enough for consciousness to come into it.

Self-consciousness is around you all the time for all things that have occurred within this universal frame. All your lifetimes. All of everyone else's lifetimes, all of the whole thing, because all of it is occurring in the same framework, because time is applied.

It appears as if it separates one event from the next event, from the next event, and so on. But all of those events are available.

And it is often said the enlightened ones can remember every event that occurred in their lifetimes from the very moment of birth to the moment of the expiration.

And that is available to everyone.

Question: So, can the enlightened ones also see the future?

Mercredan: That is an interesting question.

The future is in constant flux. Everyone is creating the future and every future that is created interacts and fuses with every other future.

So, the future as it manifests, not as it is, but as it manifests, is a mixture or the mosaic of every conscious decision and action within the frame of its influence.

Locally, whatever you do will affect your local community. You can already see this. If you do not obey the laws of the road and you simply drive through all the traffic lights, you are going to upset a lot of people before you hit someone you understand.

So the future is always fluid and the great beings are fluid with it. They are flowing and guiding with their creative nature so that a more positive, more fulfilling - let us not say "positive" because too many ideas around this - but fulfilling world appears.

And so, in the moments that you find yourself in physical reality, there are critical processes around; and what does this do? It makes you aware of the interconnection with everyone else. It's a very simple thing.

Listen, if you only take it on the physical realm, then you miss the point. But if you recognise it as a spiritual truth, everything you do affects everyone else.

Will you become more willing to consider others?

Knowing that if you consider others, they have a better experience in life and they begin to consider others as well, including yourself.

Then of course humanity begins to evolve. And we are seeing that in practice at this point.

Everywhere around you, humans are waking up to the power they have to help or harm others. What a wonderful thing to be aware of it and to take it out into your world and to forgive those who are not yet able to see that. Because here is a truth.

Everyone. You have either been that, are that, or have yet to become like that.

Then treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself, because that is the way you will uplift yourself, uplift those around you -- your family and friends and so forth -- without lecturing.

Because if you lecture them, you will lose them. But being with them and finding something to appreciate about them, even just the ordinary person in the street, appreciate they are on this planet with you to help the evolution of humankind.

Question: So, following that conversation, you said when you crossing over that you have connections with all those you've loved and all those you haven't enjoyed, so how do you kind of clear the disturbances with all of those you haven't enjoyed before you pass over?

Mercredan: Remember, that one draws to you, what you will most need to learn from. And if you are holding on to something negative or judgmental about them, have you learned?

If you can see them as your great teachers? This is many times being said. You are your greatest teachers. Free them from your life thread because if you are unwilling, you will certainly meet them again and again and again and again and so on and so on until you do so.

So, what is the point of that? Because as I say, in this new realm, there is no further lifetimes. So, all the lifetimes that one might have to complete are in the past.

So, there are those that have to go back and clear up the past until there is nothing left in the past that is holding back the evolutionary thrust.

Question: If someone doesn't want to accept your forgiveness, is it enough that you have the intention?

Mercredan: It is not your business to make someone do anything! It is your business to give them the opportunity.

Free them from your judgments. And free yourself from your own self judgements.

Because who is the worst critic of everyone? Of course, it is yourself. Of course, you are always badgering yourselves, carrying on, rather than looking to see what is it that can free me from my habitual nature?

I want to say this: if you can release yourself from self-judgment, you will be amazed first of all, of course, then you will be appalled by what you have done to yourself over the intervening period. Once you can free yourself and release yourself, life will suddenly flow as if it is extremely easy.

That is not to say you will have everything you want, because that is just the same attachments, but life becomes an easy pathway and so many real things that you have always wanted come into your life. They are there by these.

Question: Who built the pyramids?

Mercredan: That would take us into the sequence of the races of time. When I say there is a new epoch, there is a new race, and prior to this one was an epoch, and prior to that was an epoch.

So, at the end of the fourth epoch, there was a distribution of all the knowledge known to those at that time and spread to the four corners of the planet. And "head office" was built at the junction point of the masses of the planet.

So, these buildings, these structures were designed to carry the knowledge, the single record of all the knowledge. At the end of that time, humanity was not ready to understand it. So, it was buried and in time will, of course, reappear when humanity has gained enough awareness. So, the Atlanteans built the pyramids. Or rather, shall we say even better, manifested the pyramids out of materials that were able to be traced. Because history likes to trace and track everything.

There are others that will become aware. Will become exposed. There is a single important point in what was originally the motherland, that is, Antarctica, as you call it. Then as the ice caps melt, you will begin to see what is left of the buildings of the motherland.

Question: Is COVID-19 man made, purposely?

Mercredan: Shall we say not. I want to say not exactly that, but humanity has been tampering with things for a very long time. And when you do this, you put into the ethereal realm such materials that can coalesce. So, it is difficult to say that it is not, but it is not built in a laboratory by human beings. But it is a product of human consciousness, yes, I want to say, of course, all these things that spread -- of all of them, the worst of all is the rumors. Look at the damage that rumors do in causing separation between people. I want to say try to not spread rumors.

Question: What influence do Durians, Plebeians or the Annanoki have on earth people?

Mercredan: Humans need nobody to upset themselves. Humans are quite capable of causing incredible disruption, as has been shown over history. You have killed so many people for no purpose. Do you need foreigners to bring that about?

I want to say, look, because often difficulty with other beings is, they exist on the other side of a membrane. That membrane is quite thin, but it is separating. If you go in and tear it, then you'll certainly have the effects of things bleeding across.

So I want to say, always better to stay in your own world, work with your own self. And lift up humanity.

And so choose wisely. If you are going to start a rumor that it be for the betterment of humanity.

Question: So it carries on from what you were saying before, that humans, what we do to ourselves by thinking and overthinking things, we really just make life more difficult for ourselves with our over-thinking and receipts as a result of the current situation, that is. Finds itself with this disease, that people in particular in the last three or four months, maybe five months, have had to slow down. And calm themselves down. Which will hopefully... so for the people that are, if you like, like us in this room here tonight, are enlightened to a degree to whatever degree that we are each individually enlightened. That slowing down is allowing us to come back to that consciousness that you were talking about earlier.

Mercredan: Look at it! How many people loved your virus? How many people had a holiday and recuperated and rebuilt their lives and their families? Isn't that part of the nature of this?

Enough is enough and humans have gone overboard. Your whole world is out of balance and humans need teachers, guides, all of you to spread the word. There is a good word, which is it is time to take stock, to look at what each of you are doing in the world.

Because as I say, when the point of separation occurs, which side of the balance you choose will determine what universe you begin to experience and explore.

Question: What words of encouragement or advice do you give us in terms of our spiritual development in general?

Mercredan: I want to say this: Always it is about calming oneself and being present during the day. It's all very well to take an hour maybe or 20 minutes to sit and meditate. But what about when you are in the office? What about when the judgments of others turn up? Can you stop? Can you stop yourself? Can you ask yourself, what is the mirror here for myself, that I can learn this lesson so I do not have to repeat it ever again?

See, humankind is at the point of matriculation, of moving from primary school to secondary school, and which level are you going to be at?

Are you going to have to return? Remedial lessons? Or are you astute enough to have learned what you needed to learn?

Question: And if I have visions of the future and yet the future is fluid. I find that quite confusing. Explain to me how that comes into place?

Mercredan: There are three basic laws of Creation.

The first law is called the law of Paradox. What seems to be is the opposite. What seems to be is actually the mirror image of what is.

The second law is the law of Polarity. There has to be two sides of everything.

And the third law is the law of Magnetism. What you draw to you, by the way, you charge yourself up, so everyone can have a vision of the future, their own personal vision that is streaming into the joint version.

But how many people have had a vision that is accurate? Very few people can impose that amount of pressure.

Question: So you are mentioning that we are going into a new epoch or new dimension, does technology have something to do with that new dimension?

Mercredan: Technology demonstrates the natural abilities of humankind. In other words, certain visionary people create new devices in order to prepare humankind for what is to come. So communication without anything that is quite common.

So technology is the preparation. And those things that you are learning about when you talk of your virus, it is simply suggesting or maintaining the law or lesson of what is a virus? Something that transmits from person to person without thinking about it. So it is time to cease spreading.

Question: Thank you very much for all your answers this evening. It's been very enlightening.

Mercredan: Once again, I want to thank you all for your work in consciousness, because as you take what you can from the discussions and apply it, what a wonderful gift you bring. Each one of you bringing and applying what you can.

So, once again, thank you for your time.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 40 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years. Mercredan can give us a higher perspective and deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives and planet, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events. Click here to read more about Francis’s journey and Mercredan.


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