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Covid-19 Vaccine, Karma, Life Stories, Shift in Consciousness and more: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions asked in this channelling session:

Group Channelling Session with Mercredan, February 2021, Whangarei, New Zealand


Mercredan (channelled by Francis Evans): Good evening. Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everyone sits at the moment, in a preparatory place, wondering what happens next, because it has become clear to almost everyone that the old has concluded and the new impetus is beginning to take shape.

And it is beholden to those, our leaders and demonstrators for the future unfolding in humanity to take a moment to review what they have brought into their lives. And during this evening, we will talk a little bit further about how reality is organised.

It is clear that one creates reality, but out of what are you creating it?

So let us begin a conversation so that we can return to such ideas.

Question: Can I ask about whether the covid vaccine is safe to be administered?

Mercredan: One jumps straight into the discussion because everybody lives within their own story line. So if you are wondering, or anti the vaccine, then of course it will damage yourself. And you will prove, of course, that you were right.

While all around many are taking the material and suffering not the slightest problem with it because they are not even on that street. Do you follow?

So it is alright for those who make it alright, and it is damaging for those who make it damaging. And then in the middle are those people who look for something in which to draw attention to themselves.

So for many different reasons, the structure of events manages to become exactly what you expect and what is needed. Shall we take an example?

Why indeed is there such a thing that humanity has brought upon itself other than to cause pause? Why would humanity need to pause other than when you are in the track, don't accelerate over the cliff!

Time to put the brakes on and stop for a moment, consider where is it going. And this has caused such a moment, not so much in your own country [New Zealand], because for many reasons, the new light finds itself anchored in this place and not just because of its low population or its physical position (that is always part of the preparation), but it is because of the quality of humanity that was drawn and how that will cause a new viewpoint.

Question: Staying on the subject of covid for a moment, what is very saddening is already around the world, over a hundred thousand people have had serious adverse effects from the vaccine and many more have died.

Mercredan: And many, many, many, many, many, many more have died beforehand. You understand, what is the challenge of such transcendence? What is the point when one chooses the moment and the mechanism for which one passes from one realm to the extended realm? From beyond this realm, one can truly view what has occurred.

So many stories. There are good stories and there are bad stories. There are stories that are well written and engaging. And stories that are not well written and simply are against the threads.

One reads such a fiction and is not engaged in it. So the question is only the engagement. Which story line do you get engaged with? Because every possibility is available to manifest in one's life. One can choose whichever. One can either engage in the storyline of pandemics or one can rise above it, or one can engage in resistance to it. You understand, if one is engaged in resistance, then you are in the story of it. You are just as tied to it as if you were in love with it.

It is attractions that cause the manifestation in the physical from elements beyond that. So one views the opportunities, one views the story, and suddenly the heart is engaged. It is caught up in one element of the story and then it begins to manifest. All around the evidence that is part of that story line. But is it the story for everyone?

It is within this realm that human consciousness is learning how quickly such engagements bring elements into physicality. So one can rise above it, letting go and allowing everyone to have their own device, their own expressions and their own experiments with creation.

At the end of this time, as I have said before, there are three elements that are being brought in to certitude. That is, one is responsible for one's creations. One is accountable for what one brings about. That is what was often called the karma.

Karma was displaced. But in our moment of time, karma is instant because it arises on your present account. And the final requirement is transparency -- one's willingness to be open and honest, to show oneself in the world, in the truth of what one stands for and what one is working towards.

In the end, the question of life is fulfilment. One arises in order to complete the tasks that one began. And once one has completed, then time to move on.

Question: Well everybody has their choice and they have to be allowed to have their choice. And for me, it's just to concentrate on my own self-preservation in a positive way.

Mercredan: Of course. And that is important to look after one's self, because how can you help another until you have looked after your own needs?

Question: Can I ask about the ego and self-sabotage.

Mercredan: The sense of self is caught up within the sense of the wider eye. In other words, there is a single spirit, not multiples. So when one becomes identified with self, one separates from the other. One creates, if you like, the diversity, the separation, which is called in almost all traditions as the fall of man. That is when you perceive yourself as different from others, as if the creation, the co-creations around you are not part of your own classroom as it were. So you bring others into the classroom so that you can share in the lessons that it provides.

So it is not separate. You are all part of each other's unfolding.

And so it is that the idea of unification is to drop the barriers between one and the next, to see others in their unfolding.

Everyone working towards a better whole. It may not seem that way on the surface, but if one rises above, one starts to recognise and to also draw out of others the best within them.

The field that one creates around oneself is magnetic. It provides the background from which all opportunities can arise.

You understand, so ego is when one gets caught inside of the creation and does not manage to recognise, Where did the creation come from? What was the background? What was the classroom of which this manifestation occurred?

So one is taking oneself out of the physical, experiential world --let us say, not physical, the experiential world -- back into the classroom, into the background of which it is all organised by an energetic form so much bigger than self.

Question: Merc, I would like to pick up on the karma that you mentioned before. And for me I always think of karma as being brainwashed. You know, I hear people all the time saying, "Oh, this happens to me all the time, this must be my karma" and they just leave it at that, and continue repeating that karma.

Mercredan: Of course! And on and on and on and on until the lesson gets through.

You understand, you can fail once without even repeating it. It is a lesson well learned.

If you pass your exam, you move on to the next level. Otherwise, you simply repeat the same old pains and pains and pains.

You cannot escape by ignoring, by being... Shall we say, if one ignores, one is said then to be ignorant.

You understand, the language always describes the values of certain elements, so karma is instant. It is accounting for one's lessons.

Question: Yes, well, what I say is that for me, the karma is definitely vibrational in the sense that we attract to us what our vibrational resonances within us. And so therefore, we are trapped into us what we feel or believe our feeling status and vibrational state from our emotional. So for me, karma really represented our emotional pattern that we agreed on and continue to rerun until we don't. And in the sense of karma, again, the program or the way that it's being perceived out here is that it's about that we came in in this lifetime to pay back some sort of karma from doing something wrong in a past life or lifetimes before. And for me that never set well. That's almost like we're always coming in, birthing in, as being incorrect imperfect, sinners in the sense of the Christian belief. And that seems... Do you understand what I mean?

Mercredan: Let us say this. Everyone has their story line. One's conflicting story line does not make one story better than another.

The library is full of stories and every one of them has value for the reader that engages with it so there is no rights and wrongs. There is only the effects.

So if one's story includes lifetimes after lifetimes in a stream (that is, in a historical sense) then immediately one has created the realm of time in a sequence.

The results, of course of that, is past and it is present and it is future, as if nothing can be changed in any of it. And yet, as consciousness, the ancient sciences, which mental experiments, are aligning more and more with metaphysics and astrophysics and atomic physics to show that everything engages from a field.

The field is what contains the elements that one can draw from.

Then one attaches to one such element and creates an attention point. The attention point is the vibration of a wave. The wave emanates across the boundaries, across the emotional field and draws one into the experiential realm. Then one experiences it, of course.

So if one is experiencing something, then the wave that created it shows up where that idea arose from, and the self-organisation that produces the patterns and the elements that have to fit together with it.

So one's life begins to describe itself in both forward and past elements. But it is the field itself which can be altered at any time.

I realise it is starting to get into higher layers.

Beyond the field is the infinite organisation, making sure that all the elements are fitting together seamlessly.

And so it is that one finds oneself in... One is drawn to certain people and resists certain others -- ones in agreement with self, ones in disagreement with self.

But all of it is necessary.

And from that, there is a shift in consciousness that is arising.

It is beginning to power up. And when that occurs, the field as it appears now suddenly takes a dramatic shift in orientation.

And in doing so, little that appeared so certain in the modern world will indeed seem possible at all.

When that occurs, many elements shift together.

It is not as if suddenly one person ascends. Rather, the whole takes a shift in consciousness. It is coming very rapidly because nothing, as you understand it, is stable any longer. You understand, your planet is not stable, your weather patterns are not stable, your monetary system is not stable, your family ideas are no longer stable. There is a total shift in how organisation creates stability. The society as you understand it is no longer stable. And it is not to be avoided because the shift in consciousness will cause a vast rising.

New positions will take place, yet there will be old that will try to hang on and as that, two universes separate out until they can no longer perceive the other.

Question: Is the dimensional shift you're talking about at 5D and above?

Mercredan: You understand, when we talk in terms of certain elements that one can perceive in the universe that one occupies now, what occurs is a shift in the field that is so different that none of it makes ordinary sense, much as if one waking up from a great dream.

One realised it was all a dream. Every bit of it was a dream. All of the limitations, all of the notions, all of it was a dream.

One wakes up and there is a completely different way of operating.

One, first of all, does not see oneself in separation. That is the first part of the parameter. One begins to realise this is not an individual's creation, or shall we say university?

It is not a university for teachers and students. It is a university of exploration. Where no man has ever been before. Your televisions and your programs and so forth always create the vision for what is in line, what is occurring, the visionaries that perceived this occurring and trying best to show what those dimensions might be like.

Question: Will there be a new body change after this polar shift?

Mercredan: The physical body will take on different meaning. If one is outside of the dream, does not stop you dreaming, but you're dreaming from a different reality.

So the physical body is an embodiment. One chooses to come in and out at will, in and out at will. So one is not engaged and caught in the dream itself.

Question: Will there have to be a de-popularisation of the world for this to happen? Is it too many people alive at the moment?

Mercredan: That is a difficult question to answer. I will explain why.

At the present time, there are vast numbers of older people alive. Such people are completing the cycle of events that take in the history as you know it. Completing that history requires many, many souls identified.

As the shift of consciousness occurs, many of such older generations will pass by, because they will elevate to the external world, if you like. They will not need to engage in the physical manifestation. Almost as if they are holding a grid of which the final terms of physical reality are played out. That is not to say that the physical world is of no value, of course, because other species are also preparing to elevate into different frames of reference. But it is a wider community.

Shall we talk about this because so much has been discussed about your social medias, your super connectivity across the planet. That is in preparation for the wider grid. But the wider grid is held to a much higher -- shall we, just for the purpose of this, call it vibration -- but more it is packets of connectivity, light functioning. So it is part of the visionary apparatus to prepare the solar vibration in its upliftment.

Question: In order for this to occur, and obviously in mankind's consciousness has to rise up a little bit more than that. Does it depend on our consciousness or is it inevitable?

Mercredan: It is dependent on the consciousness, but also that is already pre described because it has been collectively being operated, opened over large periods of time.

There have been lots of experience in historical terms, and the vibrations and learning from such experience resides, if you like, in the organisation. So shall we say history unfolds determined by the consciousness of the inhabitants.

So you are in the process of collectively gathering all the information of all time and being exposed and allowed access to any of it. So one starts to accumulate the history of all time.

Question: So we already have this though, don't we? We've come to these bodies into this form to experience our higher being, our higher awareness, consciousness, light, whatever it might be, wrapping up all that history and religion and experiencing. So why do we need to come here, though, in this form when we're already highly evolved and out of the form that we might have come from, say Arteurius or Orion or wherever we may have come in from. Why this form?

Mercredan: There is no learning university better than the physical world where it can be solidified and the physical world acts in a period of time.

Something is created, it has a period of experiential reality, and then it dissolves in the only place where that occurs. In every other dimension, something is created instantaneously, it dissolves.

If one has to gain the interest or the investment in such a creation, it is confusing and destructive for so many people.

Shall we give an example? If you are walking down the street and you imagine for a second that the car coming the other way will lose control, it will! And you will have gone. But in the physical world, you can take evasive action. You can also remove that idea that you are putting out. You can change your mind in the period between when the thought was originated and the moment it occurs.

So it is much better learning a new framework than something that is happening on the next level. When the shift in consciousness occurs, then accountability is instantaneous. Then whatever you describe will be your ultimate experience.

So if you think that someone is going to attack you, then exactly that. No point in pointing the finger and blaming the other because you are busy enticing. So one has best learn the lessons of creating reality in this realm.

Question: If you're in the five dimension, will we have less than negative thoughts, would we be on the Christ consciousness level?

Mercredan: One wants to write such great stories. If one was at this so-called Christ consciousness, where would you manifest anything? Why would you want to be anything? And first of all, how would you be that, separate from the infinite?

Question: That's sort of where I started with the form.

Mercredan: You understand, of course, the infinite is creating the university! Because the infinite, shall we say, is infinite in all potential, but not has it created and experienced every element of that. So the infinite is becoming infinitely more wise through its creations as indeed are you. At whatever level one is at, one is the spark of the infinite creating experience and engaging and taking from it. Uplifting notions, uplifting knowledge…

Question: The shift in consciousness, I presume is a global shift in conscience for those of us who are not resisting it are going with it. Will we see it in our lifetime? Is it known as Ascension? And are we, our future selves, watching this all unfold now?

Mercredan: The idea of separation, the idea of us and them, good and bad, all of these ideas, have you ever noticed which group one always puts oneself in? You understand you are always the better and they, the others, are always those lower beings. And yet when ascension or when shift in consciousness occurs, one recognises that one IS the other, that one is what one thinks is of the lower elements, then one realises for the shift in consciousness to occur, one has to go down, not up.

One does not want to be forever looking to the heights for one's self because that is an element of selfish.

Selfless goes into the underworld to find those who could be uplifted a little bit even. And in doing so, learn to understand how their universe was created, how they manifested their world out of the potentials in their story.

Then one begins to tell them another story, a bedtime story, a story that overcomes the darkness and shines just a little light on which they can follow. And when all the spiritual beings have done their job, everyone will be ready. Then a shift in consciousness can occur. It is such a change.

Question: You mentioned earlier that New Zealand... that the light is anchored New Zealand. Is New Zealand a special place at the moment?

Mercredan: This country and many other markers on the planet hold the nodes for the grid pattern that is holding and uplifting and lighting the way.

However at the beginning, from your choices, from a human historical choices, from that moment this country was designated that in which the new light of the new day would be opened; and then it would unfold around the planet and the final grounding of the day's activity would be grounded in the Hawaii.

So the two foremost Polynesian cultures light the way, hold the path open for the rest to explore until it is grounded functionally in the heat of the moment, if you like.

So New Zealand has so many potentials in terms of the volcanic activity. But it is anchored in the active volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Islands.

So it is showing the opening and allowing each nation with its cultures and country and its peoples to add to the great learning of the day until it is completed and put back to bed.

So it is not that it is highly special with wonderfully special, so enlightened people, everyone else is dark. You understand, everyone is doing their job. Everyone is equal. Everyone is to be loved because they are indeed lovable and they have the right to your love.

Understand, even those people that annoy you. Why are they annoying? Does it bring up something that needs to be transformed inside of you? And when you are clear, nothing causes distress.

Then you are what is called the light worker that will easily go into the dark with their torch and shine a light for those caught in the muck.

Question: Can you talk about instant karma? So once we've gone through the shift, is instant karma going to be more instant, quicker?

Mercredan: It is already speeding up, is it not? Can you escape even a couple of days before you are getting the first reminders and then the second reminders and then the sudden pain? In your work you see it all the time.

What do you see? Pain, not at all. You see karma, unresolved attitudes and angles that have transformed from the mental field into the emotional angers and hatreds and finally locked into the body.

Question: So would healing become more instant?

Mercredan: I want to say what happens is healing takes a different turn. One no longer needs hard activity on the physical body, but more gentle and more lifting the field and talking a little bit of what is happening, where the pain is coming from.

So the physical body demonstrates exactly where that pain is, whether it is how one carries oneself in the world, how one carries the loading of the world, how one tries to steal someone else's lessons for them and tries to take it away. So you end up with physical damage. Lots of things to think about.

Question: What about if you forgive yourself, if you can forgive everything about yourself, the way you act and you'll be free to love?

Mercredan: Shall we shall we say this: If one forgives oneself, one ceases to act in that way. One stops doing what one is doing. To forgive oneself and continue on is not at all. It is not any sort of forgiveness at all.

Question: I asked this a few years ago, I asked you a question of some pain and I was receiving that I was getting my back and you gave me the perfect answer and my situation was resolved And I have another question. I have a pain in my right knee from a small injury that I had 14 years ago. I keep damaging it...

Mercredan: Of course, the story is the same story. You understand how will you ever give -- that is, give over? How will you bend your knee? When you meet the king or the queen, one bends one's knee. One takes the lowest stance. But if one is haughty, one will not. Do you follow what I mean?

Question: I have no trouble bending my knee. It's when I'm kneeling that the damage happens...

Mercredan: You understand you are resisting, how to damage something is to do it and resist doing it at the same time. That will cause a lot of pain. Anyone can show this. If you push your hands together for a long period of time, you will discover terrible pains. Cease resisting! Do you understand what I mean?

Question: I think I was resisting last week when I was laying paving stones and I wanted to do it; at the same time, I wanted somebody else to do it. But yes, I think I understand the resistance.

Mercredan: You understand the resistance to it. If one is going to do something, do it or not at all.

And also, it is speaking. You understand when the body responds, it is speaking. And the best any human can do is to learn the language of their body. Realise that all humans have the same body. They have feet. That is where the soul is.

Question: Sorry, can you say that again?

Mercredan: The feet, if you like, is where the soul is. The soul touches the ground. When you come into manifest world, you descend until you touch the ground. It is from your feet that you find balance. Everything about your foot is determining the balance.

And the flexibility of the foot is how one moves; where you put your foot. Do you put your foot in it? Do you pass over without leaving any disturbance at all?

All the way through the body is speaking because it is your primary metaphor for your life -- and the shape of your body, one's genetic turn, if you like, the code that is turned on or off.

All of it arises from the background and where you put your attention. Then those people who take the time to do the yoga practice, their attention is on flexibility. And so they can manage the world quite well by being flexible. They do not have to give away. They just move themselves this way and that way. There is a motion. It is in the mindset of such a person.

Question: So what can we do at the moment to help ourselves? Is there any advice?

Mercredan: I want to say the most important thing is to watch the world you are in, to begin to read where one's attentions are trapped. Is your attention on what? Is it on money? Is it on success? What is it on? What are you attempting to bring into being? And how will this be, if you like, when transformation occurs?

Often they are given the transformation of caterpillar into butterfly. But it is such an enormously powerful signal because the caterpillar knows exactly the moment to stop. The difficulty for humans is nobody knows how to stop.

So your current climate as such, your current issues are about stopping. Taking a pause and seeing what comes to you in the pause. That is why when you have your giant pause, so many people discovered themselves. Before, they had no idea who they were.

And now what is occurring all over the world is people are leaving the cities. Just abandoning them because they cannot be themselves in it.

Does one think this is preparation for a shift in consciousness? You understand, the preparations are in place and not just in place, but accelerating! And I have said that by 2024, the shift will be unstoppable. It will have occurred. That is, it will have occurred and yet the quality of that shift will not be perceived so radically in the first initial wave.

The new species that have come into being will take over with that new approach to life and new perceptions of what life means, and what living means. Because so many people are alive but not living. Living is an activity of engagement.

Question: So the new species that are coming in, are you referring to people who have gone through the shift of consciousness, that they become a new species or something entirely different?

Mercredan: I want to say the new species has been coming in since 2000. The children that have come in are not even the same species. And one can find all sorts of difficulties and problems that they seem to have for the old species, but not for themselves. They become more perceptive within the inner worlds. So they often are not interested in engaging with the old. Why put any energy into something that will not continue?

Question: And you call these the crystaline children, or is that a label?

Mercredan: Again, it is a label. Let us say, they are called many different names, but they are sentient beings of a different realm. Their neurological makeup is quite different. And it causes quite some dilemmas for modern science. Or should I say medical science.

Question: As long as we can stop medical science dumbing them down with the injections.

Mercredan: Shall we say, it is irrelevant because more and more and more and more come through and the old drop away. And the medical world has also shifted its ways of analysing, because there is much more focus on who and what profits.

Do you understand, the profitability of something is becoming accountable; and in becoming accountable, more and more are becoming more responsible for their actions. And human society is holding those more responsible for their actions.

Question: So how can we stop the Bill Gates' of the world, who wants to destroy the world?

Mercredan: Another of the stories! When you put attention on a story it gathers energy, it builds and builds and builds whether or not there is any truth in it. It is irrelevant.

Take your attention off and look after yourself. Look after yourself and look after the community in your sphere, in your... Shall we say, clean out your own electric field. Become a light body without judgements on anyone, because the truth is stranger than you think. No matter what someone does, it brings something to light; it brings evidence to light.

Question: I just get so disheartened, and even though you ride a very high vibration wave, every now and again, you get disheartened because you still see on the world platform, you know, what is happening and you momentarily go down. I realise that I mentioned Bill Gates saying how much hatred I had in that name, you know...

Mercredan: Understand the story would be pointless without some evil beings so who is going to be the bad person in your story, making up your own story? But is it the agreed story? Is it a different story? I want to say choose a good story for yourself; some challenge to overcome in your life, not so some challenge that is not relevant to your own unfolding.

Question: So, Merc, can I ask about the medical technology, is there going to be any improvements? Are we going to be moving into a more holistic approach towards healing?

Mercredan: [Long pause.] I am weaving between different story lines, you understand? Technology is becoming more and more interconnected. And so more and more elements are coming into focus.

What is occurring, even at this point, is the recognition that what one thinks, one's attitudes, are not separate from the illness. So medical technology is beginning to completely understand that.

And also they understand that the genetic elements inside turn on and off. You have a code so you can alter the code. And some would say that is a bad thing. But the body is always altering the code. Your mind is already turning on and off.

So should technology reduce suffering? Because for many people, they would not want that to occur. But it is always on somebody else. If it were their own world, maybe a different attitude would occur. So medical technology is shifting with all technology at extremely fast rates.

Question: When we are in our trueness in the sense of our conscious awareness or vibration, whatever you want to label that, we don't actually need their technology.

Mercredan: Of course, when you are in that state, the body is radiant; the body is constantly renewing itself and it is eliminating the scars of past. Though you can test the water.

Have you still got the old aches and pains or have you managed to let them dissipate? Not that it is in any way a criticism, but it is to hold everyone to account.

You are responsible for your creations and you must account to the wider community and you have to be strong enough to be honest about it.

Question: Sometimes my mind runs away and have all kinds of weird and wonderful things, thinking negative, do you have any advice on how we can address...

Mercredan: I want to say this: at the top of each breath -- you take a breath; at the top is a pause. A moment to stop. Not to contemplate, but just stop to enjoy peace; and then when the out breath, let everything that was disturbing you go as well. And at the bottom? Stop. You understand? How long can you stop for? How long can you hold that space in stop. The emptiness that is the Divine itself.

Question: So you were talking about the energy grid and how it needs completing saying about science, technology, helping with that. In what way did you mean?

Mercredan: At the present, there is still a disconnect between neurological function and electronic technology. But the new species are already interacting with it. They are already, if you like, traveling on the same grid patterns that the technology has burned in the fabric, if you like.

And so it is that there is more of emergence with it because the technology is the visionary force around which something can be created. First of all, have a vision. The vision was to join everyone up. And for that to occur, how would you trust anyone unless there is honesty and transparency?

So the new species have what you could call a sense where they can see others' truth before they even speak. And so it is that some parents have lots of trouble with these new ones, because they will not accept the untruths that are being spread. They can see it. They can interact with it and they can test it by checking out the technology. It isn't in terms of words, but an inner knowing of truth.

Technology and humans are already connecting. Some of the old species gained an upgrade in their software. But it is not the same as a complete rewiring, the next generation system.

Question: Do we get much help from the galactic species, the [names of alien beings?] or do we get much help from them? Not expecting them to come to save us? I don't mean that. But are they helping with this big shift?

Mercredan: Let us say this. All the membranes of the universe in all the universes, each one has its priorities. And for anyone, including myself, to interfere in someone's education. Let us say you are at the university and you take your assignment to someone else to do. Is that going to be beneficial? Not at all, particularly if you are going to be a surgeon. Do you want a surgeon operating on you who has had somebody else fill in the examination? So they will not interfere.

Question: Are they assisting?

Mercredan: Let us say they are in their own dimensions; and each dimension has its own difficulties, their own challenges. And what occurs often is people cause rends in the membrane that separate them and beings from one universe into another. Is that useful? One has to wonder about that.

Question: Can I just ask whether there are dark forces trying to stop this ascension or shift in consciousness?

Mercredan: There is darkness in everyone, ignorance in everyone. And ignorance will accumulate together just as quickly as light.

But in the end, if one comes to ignorance with some form of upliftment -- that is, not to challenge the ignorance, but to uplift, eventually the ignorance will dissolve.

So is there dark forces? Of course; there have always been dark forces and in everybody's story, living out, look at all the dark forces that you have manifested. So many parents are dark forces! And when do you see that you were in a co-creation with them and you are just as much part of the darkness.

Question: Are there any truly God-realised gurus on this earth at the moment?

Mercredan: There are certainly ones who are guiding many. There are certainly beings that have come to offer some forms of instruction. There were great volumes, books that you have that called the Library of Books of Instruction. They are not stories of old histories, but they are manuals of instruction. And so there are great teachers that come who are very valuable in terms of translating the Books of Instruction into modern idiom in modern language and in ways that are helpful to their followers.

Question: Do you have names?

Mercredan: Let us not promote anyone, because one teacher for one person may not be the same teacher for another. You have to find the one that speaks a language that uplifts you and also to know when is the time to let them go. Because a teacher may open the door, but once you are through, going down their path may lead you into darkness. You have to find and follow your own fate.

Question: The political situation around the world as we know is pretty chaotic as normal Southern America. Is it going to get worse before it gets better and is it going to get better?

Mercredan: Let us say, the world is in transformation. The old ways of doing things cannot continue without total destruction of your planet. And so there are those that would like to destroy. Those that would like to create separation and to blame others for the destruction of the planet. But they will be destroyed with it. That is not going to be valuable. And around the world, the humans have to wake up to that. In certain countries they may not wish to. And if that is the case, then the planet will go into a dark age. And from that dark age, the new species will emerge, but the old will not survive it. It is up to humanity.

Question: So it will get better..

Mercredan: No one can promise.

Question: I'll take a prediction.

Mercredan: Let us say this, no one can promise much about the stupidity of humankind. You understand, because they have evidentially carried that out for a very long time.

Question: Well, the shift is inevitable.

Mercredan: Nothing is inevitable for oneself. One creates the reality one experiences. It is as simple as rewriting your story line. If you look at your story, where is it going? Bring in a new teacher! Bring in a light bearer and have the story take an unusual twist. Do you understand what I mean? Because you are at the moment in history where unexpected twists of opportunity are coming thick and fast.

Question: So exciting.

Mercredan: It is exciting and dangerous at the same time. But are you willing to take the risk?

Question: Yeah, always.

Mercredan: Is that enough for tonight?

Question: Yes. Ok, thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Mercredan: Once again, I want to say this. Everyone who takes the opportunity to put their higher instruction into place in life is doing the great work for the whole. Nobody is left out. No one is left behind. Send your love most of all to those in desperate need of it. Thank you and good evening.

Question: Thank you.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 40 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years. Mercredan can give us a higher perspective and deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives and planet, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events. Click here to read more about Francis’s journey and Mercredan.


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