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Covid-19 Vaccine, Karma, Life Stories, Shift in Consciousness and more: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions asked in this channelling session:

Group Channelling Session with Mercredan, February 2021, Whangarei, New Zealand


Mercredan (channelled by Francis Evans): Good evening. Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everyone sits at the moment, in a preparatory place, wondering what happens next, because it has become clear to almost everyone that the old has concluded and the new impetus is beginning to take shape.

And it is beholden to those, our leaders and demonstrators for the future unfolding in humanity to take a moment to review what they have brought into their lives. And during this evening, we will talk a little bit further about how reality is organised.

It is clear that one creates reality, but out of what are you creating it?

So let us begin a conversation so that we can return to such ideas.

Question: Can I ask about whether the covid vaccine is safe to be administered?

Mercredan: One jumps straight into the discussion because everybody lives within their own story line. So if you are wondering, or anti the vaccine, then of course it will damage yourself. And you will prove, of course, that you were right.

While all around many are taking the material and suffering not the slightest problem with it because they are not even on that street. Do you follow?

So it is alright for those who make it alright, and it is damaging for those who make it damaging. And then in the middle are those people who look for something in which to draw attention to themselves.

So for many different reasons, the structure of events manages to become exactly what you expect and what is needed. Shall we take an example?

Why indeed is there such a thing that humanity has brought upon itself other than to cause pause? Why would humanity need to pause other than when you are in the track, don't accelerate over the cliff!

Time to put the brakes on and stop for a moment, consider where is it going. And this has caused such a moment, not so much in your own country [New Zealand], because for many reasons, the new light finds itself anchored in this place and not just because of its low population or its physical position (that is always part of the preparation), but it is because of the quality of humanity that was drawn and how that will cause a new viewpoint.

Question: Staying on the subject of covid for a moment, what is very saddening is already around the world, over a hundred thousand people have had serious adverse effects from the vaccine and many more have died.

Mercredan: And many, many, many, many, many, many more have died beforehand. You understand, what is the challenge of such transcendence? What is the point when one chooses the moment and the mechanism for which one passes from one realm to the extended realm? From beyond this realm, one can truly view what has occurred.

So many stories. There are good stories and there are bad stories. There are stories that are well written and engaging. And stories that are not well written and simply are against the threads.

One reads such a fiction and is not engaged in it. So the question is only the engagement. Which story line do you get engaged with? Because every possibility is available to manifest in one's life. One can choose whichever. One can either engage in the storyline of pandemics or one can rise above it, or one can engage in resistance to it. You understand, if one is engaged in resistance, then you are in the story of it. You are just as tied to it as if you were in love with it.

It is attractions that cause the manifestation in the physical from elements beyond that. So one views the opportunities, one views the story, and suddenly the heart is engaged. It is caught up in one element of the story and then it begins to manifest. All around the evidence that is part of that story line. But is it the story for everyone?

It is within this realm that human consciousness is learning how quickly such engagements bring elements into physicality. So one can rise above it, letting go and allowing everyone to have their own device, their own expressions and their own experiments with creation.

At the end of this time, as I have said before, there are three elements that are being brought in to certitude. That is, one is responsible for one's creations. One is accountable for what one brings about. That is what was often called the karma.

Karma was displaced. But in our moment of time, karma is instant because it arises on your present account. And the final requirement is transparency -- one's willingness to be open and honest, to show oneself in the world, in the truth of what one stands for and what one is working towards.

In the end, the question of life is fulfilment. One arises in order to complete the tasks that one began. And once one has completed, then time to move on.

Question: Well everybody has their choice and they have to be allowed to have their choice. And for me, it's just to concentrate on my own self-preservation in a positive way.

Mercredan: Of course. And that is important to look after one's self, because how can you help another until you have looked after your own needs?

Question: Can I ask about the ego and self-sabotage.