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Understanding the Concept of Dimensions

During a recent channelling session, Mercredan outlined a structure for an understanding of the concept of dimensions. I don't pretend to completely understand how this is, but I will do my best to set the record straight.

fifth sixth seven dimenions explaned by channeled consciousness Mercredan

To begin with, the channelling phenomena is different from the inside than is normal experience. From the inside words are relatively meaningless. Channelling, at least for me is the art and act of assigning words to describe the experiential flow of consciousness as it is displayed across my inner landscapes. I'll use the plural here to show that the landscape alters in line with the conditions being displayed, rather like a dreamscape that shifts to explain conditions.

So in this sense, I do not remember what is being said, but I have some sort of recollection of the consciousness landscapes and the expressed conditions. Hopefully this might become more apparent as I attempt to clarify what “He” said about the dimensions.

Creating A Solid Reality

Mercredan started by stating that there are no physical dimensions (in effect no existence) without the quality of time. Time is not a physical dimension but an observational platform which “solidify” a meaningful solid reality. From such a platform a spark of consciousness chooses a purpose and a framework in which to begin a journey. In such a way the journey is the first dimension/direction.

In order to explore options the spark must create a set plane in which to assert itself. Such a plane is a set of parallel journeys which can be moved through and which maintain alignment with the choices being taken. This provides the framework of the second dimension.

In order to make choices there has to be a position from which to experience. While a plane can show events and interactions, it cannot contain them. The third dimension/direction allows the spark of consciousness to descend into a solid body.

As Mercredan points out, this was all that was needed for a long period of time. As any traveller will tell you it takes a period of orientation to find your way around any location, so history is a diary of finding self amongst others.

The Fourth Dimension:

Now Mercredan revisits time as a dimension/direction. The sequencing of one set of experiences against the succeeding next. In this way we can understand time as the fourth dimension/direction. At this point He seems to have two Time keepers in this description.

The Fifth Dimension:

Next Mercredan claims the fifth dimension is a platform outside of the others where one may observe the experience of the preceding four-dimensions. Quite clearly this is the same “Time” frame He proposed before any of it came into existence. He is suggesting that nothing can come into existence without a place to exist. It is very much like the “Big Bang” that created the Universe, but what created the “Big Bang”, what is before that?

It might be that the fifth dimension/direction is labelled “Gravity”, but that is pure speculation. The problem with gravity is that we can measure its effects but not what it is. Mercredan says an effect outside of physicality cannot be measured from inside of it.

The Sixth Dimension: The Creational

Mercredan steps outside of this again, and says that the fifth dimension/direction is a platform for observing a universe, but that is only one viewpoint. If you shift attention in a new direction another universe comes into focus. By shifting out to a higher perspective the sixth dimension/direction can oversee all the five dimensional universes as an integrated whole, with all their interactive, interrelated qualities fully understood.

At this point He suggests that each one of these universes is specific to those original sparks of consciousness that is exploring them.

From this perspective, everyone is creating their own universe focused around a personal point of view with everyone else playing supporting actors and actresses demonstrating the interactive results of ideas, beliefs and attitudes back to the star of the show, Self.

The Seventh Dimension:

The next step, as Mercredan suggests, is a single viewpoint of all these universes operating as a unity to explore all of consciousness at the seventh dimension. He says that this can be understood at a conceptual level, but not in practical terms. It seems as if he is talking about something that is commonly referred to as Unity Consciousness. It seems to me that experience of Unity Consciousness cannot truly be until a being has mastered the inner layers and especially the sixth dimension of creativity, and at a day-by-day level.

That is one decides, one takes the needed action, one attracts the necessary supporting players, one steps into one's personal role, turns up at the appointed place and time, and demonstrates the creation.

Thus, pure unadulterated Magic. Un-adult-erated means not interfered with by adult thinking and behaviours. Allowing magic to take place.

The New Children

Just to conclude this blog post, I should mention the reference to the new species, which more properly should be referred to as the sixth root race, or sixth dimensional species. From all of the previous channelled sessions it can be noticed that there is a new evolutionary shift occurred which allows the ability to connect directly between individuals. Of course it will take time to perfect this gift/curse/skill enough for it to be effective, never-the-less it exists in a developed neuron function.

Over time these people will learn to align their own creative universal perceptions with others in ways that enhance their abilities to create. We might speculate what effects this might have on a societal level.


Francis Evans has been a researcher into consciousness and human potential for forty years and a channeller for over 30. It is only in recent times that Francis has “come out” into the world as the phenomenon becomes more accepted. You can read more about Francis in his story here.

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