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A Realisation of the Unknown

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Written in 2015 following a small tour of Hawaiian and Australian cities organised by friends.

Channelling Mercredan article

The Mercredan Tour finished and I have arrived back home with a totally new perspective. It often happens when you start something with a set of ideas and after the event(s) you have to review or debrief what the result was. For me this has been a complete re-evaluation of who I am, and what is this Mercredan experience.

First I might explain that I (Francis, channelling Mercredan) sat before a wide range of audiences and individuals. I rarely remember any part of the delivery but as I reorient myself back into the environment I do experience the “feel” of the room and those within it.

In a more palpable way than I ever have before I realised the energy fingerprint was very different in each, and relative to those specific people.

I also had another realisation which was distinct from but surely connected to the Mercredan phenomena. This is that I (or it might be my partner and I) have a marked effect on people we touch.

While this effect might be disturbing it certainly is healthy, creative and productive. On this journey we seem to have opened many people to their potential and can only hope that they take the actions required to shift forward.

This understanding lead me to realise what I already knew but in a more exciting fashion.

Mercredan had said for a long time that “He” was more like a position lying at the boundary between the known and the unknown areas of consciousness. He, then, is an Unknown quantity, and as the tour progressed I found myself realising that I was also an Unknown quantity.

I realised that fame, or being recognised certainly increases ones ticket sales, but also creates a public persona that has to be maintained. This answers why so many of the greatest teachers maintain an air of secrecy.

I arrived back with a knowledge of my gift, and why it is so rare. I am an Unknown, and even if I choose to share my entire history without censorship I will remain Unknown because I know I can only connect to Mercredan by releasing my self-importance. Only an Unknown can connect to the Unknown.

So what is this Unknown I am talking about? Merc explained that the Divine, All That Is, is without description, without measure and is totally Unknowable. Then He explains that the Known is that small part of consciousness that has been explored, described, determined and categorised. Between the Unknowable and the Known lies that part of consciousness that contains all potential available to be explored. This is the, as yet, Unknown.

So those of you who were touched by Mercredan were also touched by the Unknown. And the Unknown is in a constant interaction with the Unknowable, the Divine, because as the Unknown becomes Known the Unknowable becomes potential. An Unknown becomes Known when knowledge is put into action and the experiential result is stored in the Collective unconscious.

I, on the other hand, am constantly touched by the Unknown, and the result of this is that my mind is empty most of the time. I wait only for knowledge to arrive, this as a result of the many years of allowing Mercredan to access it.

A further result of this is that I am open to the essential calls from those who come to see me, and I am able to connect them to their higher truths.

I know this is common claim, yet I don't do this without external evidence. I interpret events that occur around people on a seemingly random incidence. I claim that everyone creates events, circumstances and objects in their world as pointers and guidance. Mostly everyone overlooks these as far too obvious, or unimportant. The occult is only hidden because it is in plain sight. I do not create the events or objects for people, but I do draw their attention to them, and point to how these describe the next evolutionary steps.



Francis Evans has been a researcher into consciousness and human potential for forty years and a channeller for over 30. It is only in recent times that Francis has “come out” into the world as the phenomenon becomes more accepted. You can read more about Francis in his story here.

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