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Understanding "Channelling"

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Trance medium channeler Francis Evans channeling Mercredan
Francis Evans, Master Channeller, Channelling Consciousness "Mercredan" for 30 years

Channelling is a phenomenon so often misunderstood because in the past the source of knowledge has been personalised. In doing so a high degree of “specialness” has become attributed to the channel who is seemingly “in touch” with high level “Masters”.

At this rate, the channel has a special power unavailable to the rest of the population. Another attribute is a special language that only the channel has the ability to translate. In doing so the channels own personal beliefs become embedded as “truths”.

My own experience is that the most important component is that the “personality” is set aside from the information. In doing so this de-specialises the person doing the channelling and puts the importance back to the knowledge. In doing this it becomes clear that anybody capable of unhooking from their personal identity may access the unlimited potential of the present, including what can be called the “specious present”.

Information from the specious present is all valid knowledge available in its potential form not regulated by the limited mind of the enquirer. In this way it includes but is not limited by the collective mind, and my be the accumulation of knowledge in the collective unconscious.

With such a definition it becomes clear that most, if not all, original thinking arrives through a process of channelling, and the only necessity is that the person must be in an altered state of consciousness, usually called reverie.

Aroha and Peace,



Francis Evans has been a researcher into consciousness and human potential for forty years and a channeller for over 30. It is only in recent times that Francis has “come out” into the world as the phenomenon becomes more accepted. You can read more about Francis in his story here.

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