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Channeling on Benefit From More Awareness of Your Own Influential Field | EP28

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

As we have said many times, everything is interconnected, interdynamic, and interrelated. One perceives others in one's field in the characteristics of the role that one prescribes for them. They behave as you wish. They impose upon one's main character in ways that bring about new perspectives on reality enough to begin a conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan. What we'd like to talk about today is to follow on from that notion of our fields of influence. So today, if you could do that, would you help us understand how we can become more aware of our own fields of influence?

One can begin at either end. The cosmic field is noticeably called the background radiation. Science has prescribed this, has realized that all of history is contained in that dimension but has been unable to interpret what it all means. At the other end of the scale, one begins one's journey. One comes in at the core of one's being - that is, without any preconceptions into one's first interaction with the fields of influence; that is, with the parents, the mother, the father, the siblings and so on - all of which are giving information. Each one is delivering its own perception onto the new spiritual identity.

You begin to take on the characteristics expected of one whether they are comfortable - that is, in alignment with one's own internal thread as it were, one's purposeful thread of evolution - or whether not. So one begins to prepare one's journey by moderating oneself and moderating the field of influence one is engaging with. In this way one produces one's first container for the core being. That is one's first boundary of defense.

One imposes one's will as best one might into the field of influence that is contained. That then in the first instance, one could say, is the family dynamic. Everyone within that dynamic is in the same boat as such with their own first boundaries as they influence the field and are influenced by the field. So it is then that one discovers who one is by what one becomes, if you understand what I mean.

So one's fields of influence are a two-way street. One then is within a wider container. The boundary of the field of influence of the family day structure, as it were, is then engaged in becoming the unit that it wants to be perceived as within the wider framework. Then that might become part of the wider family: the aunts, the uncles, the grandparents and the cousins and so on all attempting to infiltrate, to affect, to create a story within a story within a story and so on.

One's perception then is moderated in all these fashions. One joins in the community then. The community contains many, many family fields of influence that are affecting the operation of the family dynamic: which zone you live in. Is it higher quality, lower structure, lower finances and so on? These fields of influence are affecting all the way down to one's personal structure.

One has in most cases forgotten who one is. All of these pressures, all of these defense lines are being operated at the expense of the purpose one came into being. And this is why spiritual evolution begins by returning home. The idea that one is returning home to some spiritual structure outside of self is not returning home to, “who am I?”

Beyond it all, when you begin to take this direction, one starts to discover a core notion of, “who I am.” No predictions out into the world, no need, if you like, to create a safety barrier. Because if there is a need for safety, if one is not secure, then the return to the core is not achievable. Does this make some sort of sense?


When you begin to dive in and leave behind, you begin to see that you have been affected, that you consider your options in respect and relationship to the wider wholes of being: “Do I fit into my culture? Do I fit into my social stream? Do I belong?”

All of these characteristics: one realizes one has altered one's being in order to achieve this state of acceptance. As if, because as you come into the fields of influence, one is moderated by the need for this acceptance. So what occurs? One ceases to accept one's being at the core and takes on all of the dressage that is needed to be accepted in these greater fields of influence. Does this answer many questions or even throw up many more questions?

Yes it does - it does, thank you. So is that the understanding that we're becoming aware of losing our core? Is that part of our evolution to lose the core and then regain it when we return to beyond?

Of course. When one returns home to the core, one first of all discovers that you are in a universe of cause. Everyone has a core. Everyone has taken on characteristics to fulfill the notions around them. To fulfill the characteristics of all of the novels they are part within. But at the bottom of the structure, all cores are connected to the unity of consciousness.

Everything else is identities that are structured within the storyline of one's interaction with the fields around one. When one comes into the fields from the core experience, one perceives it as such. One understands that everyone is acting in the parts that they have been moderated to accept. So judgment then of others simply cannot exist, because one realizes of course all of this has been a playground: an experiential playground to explore the qualities of interaction so that one is best able to navigate the physical experience.

One comes in to experience the life from these positions, from these projections, from these perceptions, and yet at the core end one is clean, as it were. One is not tainted by all of these ideas. Humans then arrive at the understanding that everything is connected. So that whatever something is occurring in my life within my field has been part of the conditioning that surrounds everything.

So every life experience at the boundary of one's field of influence is the challenges that the defense system provides. So then, if we begin to meditate, to find the core notion, “Where is my beingness (come)?” One starts first of all to experience, “How life has affected myself. How did I draw to me every experience based upon the boundaries and the perceptions of those that occupy different zones of fields within fields?”

Shall we take an example? If you have experienced the world of having enough of everything and you arrive in the social-national field of a continuous nation where you have to occupy with those that have far less, now you will find the two fields of influence are defending against each other. The form of that defense might be perceived very differently.

One might experience the other as attacking, which is the need for the defense, and yet the other will experience the first as attacking needing a form of defense. So there is the beginnings of conflict. Does this make sense?

Yes, very much.

Wider fields of influence are not without identity. The characteristics of the fields determine their interactions, behaviors and so on as if they were individuals as they are. And in recognizing that, then one can begin to unwind one's position in any of the fields of influence.

If you stop for a moment and you consider who you are, then you begin to perceive what you would call your good points, your high points, your low points, and your failings and faults, and all of the other considerations. When you identify with them, you begin to experience the container in which these defenses were developed.

So one's faults are often what is needed, taken on board, accepted - in order to fit inside of the family conception of itself. So one identifies with, joins in the family conception, and interacts with other fields of influence, either in joining or in avoiding. There is an interplay that is pulsing as the fields interact with each other.

One may come in contact with those that separate one from the family dynamic. One is cast out. Even in the casting out of the family, one is still affecting its field of influence. Now there is a gap. Now there is a missingness, or there is an anger, or all of these different emotional responses to what occurred in the field.

The individual has broken free of one set of constrictions and arrives in another set of constrictions. All of this builds up. So the advice is always to consider one's responses to the world around them. How is one reacting to what one perceives the characteristics of each element one can identify?

There are my friends and the characteristics and what one has had, how one has had to mold oneself to belong, and the enemies, how one has had to perceive in order to exclude. All of this is pulsing and forming a new consciousness.

Human then is awakening to the wider dynamics; shall we go as far as the planetary field of influence. So shall we then say the planet has a field that contains different, disparate and conflicting groups who either acknowledge their structure. That is, they are in harmony with the living being that is planet, or they are out of harmony; and as such then the planet adjusts its field, pressuring groups, changing events and so on because the planet itself has to meet its obligations within the solar system field of influence.

Each planet then has its characteristics and its purpose and each one expresses those characteristics within the greater field affecting all things within and so on. So one constantly returns home. When one is out of conflict, even as one perceives conflict in various fields, one walks that if it is something that has been chosen to affect.

Staying with one's core inner condition, one senses the connection and the love for all sentient beings. Anything more?

So wrapping this up: So with the experience of our inner core which is connected to all of consciousness and at the same time experiencing the wider fields of consciousness and their influence on our core, is the motion or the optimum way to evolve in this is to integrate our core with that and become more aware?

I want to say the more that you can understand the influences that have played out on one's expression in the physical body, the more one is not affected by it. So one takes responsibility for the content of one's novel display. One writes the story without taking sides in any dispute.

One takes the purpose of demonstrating love for all beings. Then one can walk, as I have said in the past, like the teacher, the story of Daniel in the lion's den. One can walk because one is not separate from. One who is in the space of belonging.

Thank you. That is powerful. That's enough.

Is that enough for today?

It is. Thank you.

Then once again let us pay homage for all those that continue to work for the Divine by working on themselves to experience, expose and accept their characteristics and choose which they are going to carry forth. Thank you and goodbye. Thank you.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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