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Channeling on Masculine and Feminine: Dealing with Conflict | EP07

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everything emerges from the divine wholeness. So it emerges and divides into a polarity. The polarity is imbued with charge. It is given an energetic dispersal which creates the third law of magnetism: those things that attract. And the fourth law is the law of distinction, of definitions. So the physical world emerges from the definitions applied to it. A definition brings from the background into the foreground, into focus, into a separation from the rest. And every definition is given emotional content by experience with it. Enough for us to begin the conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan. What we'd like to know is what is the difference between the masculine and the feminine?

Like everything, there [are] opposites and charge. In order to create something, there has to be a difference from the rest. The masculine is designed to take a role, and the feminine is designed to accept a role. That is then, there is a dynamic between giving and receiving. But when one applies such a thing, it is imbued with experiential qualities of emotional discharge. So one thing is seen to be desirable, and the other is seen to be undesirable or rejectable - resistance and attraction.

So we begin to layer in. Very often, one wishes to make judgments on things and events as if they are isolated from the whole. But everything is imbued with the whole nature of all things. The primary difference between masculine and feminine is the difference between the active and the receptive. Because one often wants to say positive and negative, which is not a problem except that it is imbued with like and dislike. So the positive then is seen as being welcomed and better, and the other negative is somehow to be dismissed. And so on it goes.

And so the eventual conflicts arise not because there is a conflict between positive and negative. They are always attracting. But there is a charge within the emotional framework that has been laid upon these distinctions.

Can you say a bit more about what you said earlier in that sharing about the conflict? Can you explain that a bit more at that layer?

As soon as there is a desire and a resistance, there is conflict. One does not want to have that which one is resisting. And so one chooses to apply the opposite as if denial of what is can be overridden by desire of its opposite.

So then there has always been this idea about upper and lower. Who is on top and who is on the bottom? Which is better and which is less?

And so it is then seen that the strength of one and therefore the weakness of the other. So then everything is being defined by emotional disregard. Because conflict comes from the lack of respect not of the other but of divinity itself.

So the very nature of defining things in terms of good and evil bring about the separation from God and creation. Conflicts that appear are not fundamental to the creation. They are learned by experience. In other words, this is reward and punishment. If you agree with this one then you are rewarded. If you don't agree you are punished. It is either overtly or covertly ingrained in the social fabric.

And at this point in history, humanity is attempting to break away from its social conditioning. The challenge then is not to throw out the divine with the rest of the conditions.

Right, thank you. So what would a harmonious relationship look like?

Let us take out the word "look like." What is harmonious is respect. In ancient times it was said when one left this plane, one's heart was weighed against the weight of a feather. The point is harmony is in the balance. That is if everything is in respect, if everything is in harmony, if it is essential; in order to give something must receive. If one wants to take and take and take there will be an imbalance because there will be nothing left in the pot as it were.

And this challenge, masculine and feminine, applies not only to human relationships but it applies to all relationships. If you are growing the cotton in order to get the produce, one has to give it time and food and water and all these other things are given with tenderness; then the garden will return the honor. So I am saying once applied across all elements.

Now let us take it back into the fundamental of human understanding. Each one creates their own universe. Every activity has its fundamental response. So there [are] always actions and reactions. The world of energy says that every force has its own response, its own equal and opposite force. Human relationships are beneficial when the energetic input is in balance. And that is a choice for each individual.

OK, so you're talking about the masculine as the active and the feminine as the receptive. So what have we to... how do we get to those states? How do we arrive at those polarities of energy, emotions?

To start off with, humankind has constantly applied that one is better than the other. And when you apply that rule, you are going to effect the equal opposite energetic response. But it is clear that the human masculine is physically stronger than the human feminine for obvious purpose. And so over time, underneath there has been a ever-gaining energetic response. Now when events and timing and other things change, the response is released at the moment when feminine strength can overpower the masculine. So you have changed the rules as it were, but you have not and cannot change the divine laws.

So balance is still essential. Whether one is on top or the other is on top, it is of no concern to divine, only respect.

So when one sees in the other that which one does not naturally have himself and one respects that as an essential ingredient of the divine nature, one will then attract to one that one that shows the same respect.

So conflicts in human relationships are a simple: lack of respect. And if one does not respect the other, let us give an example: If one does not think that the other is pretty enough, let us take that, then the other will undermine the foundations of the other person.

So there is a new balance that has arisen but it is not one based on respect. Now the conflicts will escalate. Humankind suffer from such a factor and modern societies have increased this factor to such a degree that there [are] the social implications that are everywhere to be seen.

Shall we put it this way? Many people do not know which one to be, which one has the upper hand. And the notion of humanity is to win at all costs; and eventually, of course, the costs are selfhood.

When truth is spoken, often there are many toes that are trodden on. Nobody really wants to hear the truth, if it applies to them. If something needs to be rebalanced then one will deny, avoid, and attack in order to preserve one's perceptions.

OK, thank you Mercredan. So how can I identify the block in myself within relationships?

It would seem hard and yet in essence it is truly simple. Because if one delves into oneself, that is, if one drops all the ideas that one is holding, one could consider: What do I think about man, and drop it? What do I think about woman, and drop it? Then one goes into oneself: What is it I am drawn to first?

In the common nature, the human female is drawn towards birthing children. It is biologically determined. Even if I am not in any relationship at all, there is an inner drive towards receiving this honor. And the human male is predisposed to protecting its territory, which includes making sure that its offspring and its children and its partner are protected and safe and supported. That is the nature of the masculine.

Now when you take away the nature of humankind and observe the natural environment, there you see all of this constantly on display. And then you come into human societies, and it is totally disturbed because everything is up for sale, including humankind.

So you think you have become enlightened because you no longer allow slavery of others. Now you approach it in a different way by endowing some with higher qualities, and those who must slave for that to remain. Slavery has continued because humankind considers power and strength and the masculine qualities above those that are feminine. Now the female must join in the rampage. This is all embodied in human nature.

The result of course is humanity is constantly in conflict with itself. And there [is] less and less happiness and contentment and balance and respect. So the relationship of man and woman is the fundamental cause of the challenges that are faced upon the planet. In other words, the final lessons, the final tests, are being played out on the time frame of humanity.

So as I have pointed out, a new species has arisen but the new species does not interact or have the same emotional responses. They are not predisposed to listening to the old, outdated emotional charges of the past. Everything is looking up; hope is available.

OK, thank you. So how can we support this balance to occur? Naturally, we start within ourselves and building respect to the other...

Let us say this: If you look to what is good in the other, what you appreciate in the other, what you appreciate in yourself, what is to be appreciated, then you begin to see humanity attempting to come back into balance. And the more you can validate: respect and validation.

And as soon as you respect and validate yourself, the very vision you have of yourself begins to take shape and form, and life begins to come into a place where you are content. Desire falls away, and with it resistance to experience. This is the fundamental truth. Experience happens and moves on. What you make of the experience hangs about in your mind as long as you capture it.

Thank you very much, Mercredan. This has been really interesting.

Once again, thank you all for your time, attention, and understanding. Thank you, and we will see you again.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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