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Channeling on Mother Nature and Her Protector the Planetary Guardian | EP29

Channeled Transcript

Hello and once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. We have said so much over such a long time and rather than repeating and repeating the same message, maybe then it is time to take on board what life offers as the authority and the determinant of one's earthly experience. Enough for us to begin our conversation.

Thank you Mercredan and thank you again for being here with us again today. And as you may have heard about our introduction, we'd like to talk to you about the planetary guardian. I know you've mentioned a lot over the years and you've just suggested in the introduction that there's probably, well, instead of repeating over and over again, let's look at what we can learn and apply. I'd like to start though with an introduction for those that have never heard about the concept of the planetary guardian. Can you talk to us about perhaps who or what this is and what their role is on this planet?

As I have said so many times, the first principle, the first universal law, is the law of paradox. Approaching a reality from both sides of the options. Within the fields of influence, the planet appears from within its container, that is the galactic container and the system, the solar system container that creates a unit that has a characteristic and in one sense a personality. And from the other side, humanity or consciousness, shall we say, expressing itself through humanity, creates a unit on which to express and explore its possibilities and between the two there is an interface.

The units of consciousness affecting the units of the solar impression engage together to create a characteristic unified base, a home for humanity and a home for the solar impression. The planet as such, the home base as such, has a guiding framework in which to marry, shall we say, to provide the background for which human consciousness, individual and as a mass agreement, to take place. Every system within that is mediated by both sides of the character. Whatever humanity impresses on the environment, the environment responds from its natural propensity, that is from its own characteristic, shall we call it, personality. So then this is the planetary guardian, it is guardian because it is bringing balance and protection so that the excesses must be mediated to bring clarity and conditions that remain constant enough. Does that give a broader impression of what the guardian truly is?

It does, it does thank you. So in terms of its role of balance...

So shall we say this: If the child is irritating, the parent becomes irritated, then the child wants to go beyond what is allowed, the parent brings in such pressures required to contain and restrain the child. And so there is an interaction, an agreement as to what is allowed, what are the rules within the home. And so humanity attempts to control the home framework, but if it in itself is out of control, breaking all the rules, then the guardian parent must apply whatever methods it has for what is called “time out”. The effects that one sees upon the planet, results, are containers to apply, to bring everything into a balance. That is not necessarily harmonious. So then what is clear is humanity is constantly interacting with the environment, both individually, which might simply be caught out in the rain, or as a unit one is brought the storms and destruction that it implies.

So that's what's been happening a lot recently; effectively our time out for our imbalance and how we're treating the planet.

Of course, and how one is treating one another. When one treats one another in certain fashions, then the implications begin to dominate the overall condition on the planet and thus the frequency of the unit as a whole. The planetary guardian is also evolving at the same rate of degree as human consciousness. So there is an underlying change in potentials as the shift in consciousness takes root, as it were, and that is why measurable structures and changes are occurring. For example, the interrelationship between your planet and its host, that is the Sun itself, the star within the galactic whole, impressing the need for evolutionary shifts, changing patterns within the environment that affect human consciousness. In other words, the Sun is waking up the planetary guardian, is waking up the consciousness within the fields of influence, and as such, the human consciousness is awakening and showing more regard for its host.

Interesting. So when you spoke around the conflict or how we treat one another, is how we treat one another more of an influence on the balance of the planet than it is around how we specifically treat the environment, or is it just all in one encompassed?

Different elements provide different structural responses. The planet is awakening consciousness as much as it is responding to its natural balance of options. In other words, shall we take an example? As humans mistreat each other, you cause changes in the planetary structure for survival. As the survival in certain locations decreases, more of the residents flow naturally towards those areas that are more supportive and often exploitive. You change one challenge for a different challenge. You mistreat the planet as such, and then you have a human crisis on your hands. A different response, of course, but all of it is part of the interaction between all elements. Everything is interconnected, interdependent and interrelated. Every effect, then, is the result of something else, is the result of something else. And like in your own body, if something is out of balance, then you will find that you have a personal crisis of suffering. So one gets a sickness because one is exposed to something that one is not able to rebalance.

That is why illness, that is physical illness, has always a component of psychological disturbance which is related to environmental impacts, social integration, or disintegration, and so on. Certain groups provide greater challenges, but the challenges always begin to flow into the social structure as a whole. What you experienced and called a pandemic was, of course, the result of many decades of misappropriation, exploitation, not only of the planet itself, but also of each other. If one wishes for healing, one has to stay in balance with the unit as a whole. Does this make sense?

It does. Thank you. So what advice can you give us if one is feeling the imbalance, if one is feeling the suffering or the illness per se? What advice could you give to us?

I said before, take a step back and recognize that you are the author of your novel, that is your storyline within the whole. If you look to your neighbor, they are running a very different set of circumstances. Even though they live in the same neighborhood, their storyline, their responses, and so on, have a different track record as such. So when you step back into authorship and authority and look at the history track that brought about what one is experiencing in the present, and start to recognize that you can continue in the same vein, or one can cease the vein, and take a different route.

So as I point it out, when you write your story into the present time, from the beginning as you remember it to the present time, then you start to see the tracks that led to the present. The tracks that lead to the present will continue on unless one makes a conscious change in direction. It's not just that one starts to think differently, but one begins to act in a different style.

Some people even take on physical disabilities, and yet are extreme examples of positive reflection. A choice had to be made, a choice, often a difficult choice, and then great things can be achieved. Because it always seems as if one can talk philosophically, one can set out descriptions and so forth, but the base rules still apply. One is living in the universal paradox. What seems to be the case is also not the case. If one takes on a certain characteristic role, then it is obvious that one has taken that role on and the balancing whole is sitting in the unconscious realms. One can always tap into that.

So humankind, if we look carefully, will see that whatever is occurring is the result of choice, not one single choice, but the accumulation of multitudes of choices over periods of time. This is why children often seem to be different every day. From day to day to day, there is a thread as they build up a certainty of who they are, brought about by considering the best method of survival in their environmental situation.

At the same time, if you are to become open to the voice of the planetary guardian, it will both offer itself in regards to evolutionary process and as a protection from elements within its field of influence. Let us break that down a little. If you begin to have empathy, compassion for someone else, then you begin to sense not with emotional senses, but a sense, a deeper sense of connection. One starts to truly appreciate that person, their experiences. One starts to gain insights into elements that one could not perceive from the simple external, but one has notions and tracks if you like. You start then to appreciate the world that you live in. You start to feel as if you are part of the world. You are walking, if you like, in the world, and yet the world and yourself are not separate. You are simply expressions of the whole. There is a certain sense of empathy with everything around you, everything.

When one starts to take on the notion of everything, nothing is excluded. Then you are in the world. You are truly experiencing your experience of the world, and it brings you to experience yourself in the world. Because it is a skill that one develops by the direction of one's perception of things. If you perceive something as separate from self, then you are separated from it, and because it is indeed part of you, then you are separate from yourself. Such is a practice. As much a practice as any sort of meditation, it is a practice, and therefore it is practical. Then you are becoming one with the other that you are, the planetary guardian itself.

Lovely, thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add today?

I think there is plenty to consider, and so, as usual, if you apply as best you might, because some people always find they are not doing it well enough, and so on. That is what stops one truly gaining insight, so the purpose is to try to perceive it as best that you can, and then you are working in consciousness, and along with everyone else who is doing as best as they might, the whole becomes an easier task. Then, once again, thank you for your time, and until we meet again, goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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