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Channeling on Sleep: Why We Need It, What Happens, How to Improve It | EP23

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

When you sit to receive, all the various elements slot together and bring forward one's creative forces, one's creative juices as it were. One adopts the framework of stepping outside of the creation and becomes the author, the authority, the creator of one's exploration in consciousness - enough for us to begin our conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan, and thank you for being with us again today. Your introduction, when you say we sit to receive, is this what we're also doing when we're sleeping? Are we stepping outside of our creation and in the receiving mode?

Of course, one drifts away into the distance and consciousness unfolds. So there are frameworks, there are patterns, there are cycles of intention. First of all, one moves into the depths and allows the conscious mind to drift into what you call sleep; into the background. And then the unconscious filaments begin to coalesce to explore the options that the dream world offers. One starts then to write the new short story - what is uppermost in the framework of one's life. That is, what one has created, what one has brought out of the background and what elements is it playing out.

So one makes up one's first storyline and then one begins once again to drift. The story is re-evaluated as one sinks down and begins the repair job; that is, the body has to be renewed; that is, cellular activity and so forth, eliminations and so on, that is required to reinvigorate the body.

You understand, then again, one rises into the position of the authority. I want to say: Shall we call the authority the soul nature? As I have pointed out, soul is something one gives authority to, and yet it is not the same as the spirit. This is fine. And have we said enough on that?

Yeah, thank you. So what you're telling me is that during sleep the body needs to be renewed; that's the physical, on the cellular level, but then once we are in that sleep state, we are also drifting into the background and allowing our consciousness to evolve, so that's the non-physical role of sleep.

It is a cyclic nature because one is often activating, or should we say, electrically stimulating areas of the body as a reference and a feedback into the story one is working through.

One is creating the story and one is trial and error in the unconscious realms so that one does not put the physical body at physical risk. Sometimes the inner authority is working with the fears, the angers and so forth, the sexuality that one suppresses, represses in physical life, and so these activities occurring in the body which produces all sorts of hormonal and other responses that the physical body then uses in its next phase of repair, renewal, and reinvigoration.

So the inner world is interacting with the outer world as such, which as we have pointed out, fields of influence affect one another. So the threads of one's unconscious predilection, that is what one is attracted to, are worked with in the inner freedom of the dream consciousness.

The physical body cannot be damaged even though there are moments in the inner world which one experiences purely as death itself. One feels as if one has lost oneself, and such then the physical body is reactivated in different directions. Shall we put it this way: One's nature might be considerably altered in the threads that follow through so each moment one reawakens, one can be subtly a different personality. The unconscious realm of exploration is indeed as solid and as directive as one's activity in the outer physical dimension.

Thank you. So when you refer to our trial and error in the unconscious realms, that's when we do remember things from our dream state right?

One might remember or not remember. There are specific dreams that one could call enlightening. I mean that not in the sense of some spiritual awakening but that one returns with a new understanding of events and interactions. Sometimes one is entering into the dream world with different upsets, and one comes out of that dream environment with a sense that one has misinterpreted events and interactions.

So one releases the ongoing result, but in reality, one has already released hormonal exchanges that have operated within the physical body in its time of renewal. So there is that endless interaction between the inner realm and the external experience.

One changes who one thinks one is. So then if one enters into sleep with, shall we call it, a directive to explore a particular difficulty: As I say, one is feeling out of sorts. One has had a fight with someone and you enter into the dream state with the directive to clarify and complete with this challenge that you are open to enlightenment.

Then the dream framework is already set in motion. One experiences the dream world, and if one is truly open, one will reawaken with an understanding of what occurred - that is, one remembers the dream and more importantly, the understanding that came about. The dream world is an efficient mechanism for understanding the potentials within without being unduly influenced by the identity consciousness.

So let us add to this: If one is determined to hang on to one's personality, one's identity, then sleep may become a problem. This is often the case as individuals become older and more set in their ways. Sleep is a challenge. One does not allow oneself into the depth realm that is required.

So are you saying if somebody's got an attachment to their personal identity - I'm assuming you mean the ego - then that keeps them from being able to experience that mechanism for understanding their potential?

That is correct. The “set in their ways” is so rigid that the fluidness required to access the dream environment becomes limited.

Is there something that we could ask ourselves or is there a process or something that we can do to check in with ourselves to see how attached we are to our personal identity before we go to sleep and see if we are in the space that we can release that personal identity and experience it?

As I began, when we sit to receive. When you are willing to receive one is already willing to let go of one's rigidity, one's certainty that certain things are as they appear. When one is free to re-evaluate life every moment then one is free for change; and freedom always leads to the truth. The truth in fact will set you free.

And is this the same with meditation? If you're willing to sit there and receive through meditation then it's likely you're willing to let go of your…

Of course, but what occurs in most meditations is one is filling the framework with more of the same. One has the idea that a meditation is a certain way of being; not to sit with openness to receive. Do you follow the difference? If one is not following anything, any pattern whatsoever. One is simply asking for divine intervention.

Let us take an example: Let us say one has had a difficult day. One sits to receive. One offers that, “What do I need to learn?” Now you are sitting to receive. All sorts of ideas come in. One acknowledges each one and lets it go. One is not attached to any result, any answer or anything. One is simply reviewing all the divine has to deliver.

In the process of that one finds that you are no longer attached. You are no longer attached to any of it - whether it was enlightening, whether you are any wiser is irrelevant because you are no longer attached?

Nice, thank you. So in terms of sleep, is there really an ideal amount of hours we should have sleep a night? Is there a goal that we should be following or is that just science that's got caught up in something and it's very different? And how can we improve our sleep that we are getting if we're struggling?

If you are struggling, it is because you are not willing to enter into sleep. That is, the inner world is not something you are welcoming because one has to change one's attitudes, and for most humans, change is the last thing on the mind. So one wants to enter sleep in a certain way. And often who really cares? Do you understand what I mean?

If you are lying awake, what a great place for meditation. You are letting it go, all the time. You are asking for some form of knowledge that will free you up from your rigidity. So the body is lying in that state. The body is also renewing itself, regenerating itself as long as you are not attached to outcomes.

The idea that one has to lose consciousness is an idea that has been delivered as if sleep is the lack of consciousness. So if one has no attachments to losing consciousness, very often one will enter into the dream world in a conscious vision. And it is true then that the greatest teachers - those that have considered and learned - never sleep at all in the sense of losing consciousness.

This is so aligned with why people wish to take the drugs, and the alcohol, antidepressants and so on; all in order to achieve unconsciousness. Does that make sense?

It does thank you.

And so when you are not so identified with losing consciousness, one realizes there is an inner world where one's authorship is the draft of one's ongoing novel.

The new situations one is trialing to, “Which one best suits the overall direction of my unfolding novel of life?”

Thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to add today?

In terms of my dear friend, as we go into these states, we are shifting consciousness from the outside to the in - letting go, sitting to receive, opening the vocal framework and allowing the message to pass. It is not anything other than the divine message on show. Then the audience makes sense of the message in the framework of their own lives. That is enough for today.

Thank you.

Once again, it is the honor of being here. Thank you for your time, your attention, and the application of your understanding in the overall life of the flow. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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