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Channeling on The Role of Money in The New Earth | EP12

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

Everything is simple and yet it seems so complex. So that is one of the examples of the law of paradox. One creates one's reality but one creates it in concert with the ever-expanding whole. So one becomes who one wants within the role that one has chosen. That is, one creates the reality within the fields of influence to which you belong. Enough for us to begin a conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan. We've talked before about the new earth consciousness, so now we're going to expand on what day-to-day culture could be like. What would you say about that?

The culture is as yet unset because it is the creation of all elements of consciousness working together. In the beginning, as the old influences begin to dissolve away, so a new framework emerges. As we have pointed out, consciousness is evolving. That means that the concept of separation - the concept that one can do as one likes without affecting everyone and everything.

So as you can see, you have played out that game to the point where you are feeling immediately the consequences of such behaviors. In the old world, time existed; that is, one's behavior took some period before the consequence came into being. Often it was left as remnants in the fields of influence. Then new identities adopted that in order to play out the consequence. But [in] the new world, as it stands, consequence is immediate, and so you are beginning to see that your behavior affects the fields that one resides in all the way into the cosmic realm. So that is immediately experienced on the planet. So that is global, planetary effects, events, wars and so forth, are the cleansing out of old consequences. And as that begins to become understood, it becomes clear that one cannot create reality without the experience of its consequence.

Does that set the framework for our discussion?

Yes, it does. Thank you. So with that understanding around that notion of collapsing separation and instant consequences, does that mean people will learn faster about their choices affecting the whole?

Of course. As you can see, consequences are occurring at an extraordinarily fast rate. The challenge presently is one does not see or connect the result with the beliefs and attitudes that one has. In other words, when one thinks a certain way - shall we take it if one feels one is a victim - then immediately one experiences victimhood. And victimhood comes from a person who feels they are superior to others. So there is a coming together, a binding, and yet each one suffers the consequence.

So you're saying that the people who are dominant will see their effects on the people who are victims?

As it becomes, one begins to build an antagonism. Antagonism builds within the field of influence, and so there become ideas and so on, and war eventually takes up. One begins to assault one another. Victims find those that want to take on their cause and perpetrate against those that they see against them, and so on until there is a recognition that the field of influence - whether it is a national one or a community one - that there is a benefit for all when everyone is benefiting.

OK, thank you. That's clearer. So what will the role of money play in the new consciousness?

What is the role of money in the present? [It] is to keep one group superior to another. Then there is perpetrator and victim, and so it is that the community is at odds. In the new realm when benefit is for all then one needs enough resource to be able to function as a unified group. The unification of all benefits all and increases the benefit of all. And so it is then that the groups begin to affect one another; war ceases to exist.

And so the resources that are constantly presently being destroyed gain more out of the peace and the unification that ensues. And so it is then that there is more to take care of the environment that one finds oneself in. There is less need then to overproduce, whether it is having families that one cannot support, and so on. There is a greater sense of the goodness of all beings.

And so over time, the remnants left in the fields of influence become contained and eventually experienced. Nothing can be created and deleted without the full experience of the creation itself. You understand then, money as such is not a fundamental desire nor need for trade. That is, one automatically gives what one has as resource. That is, whether it is a skill, whether it is simply labor, whatever it is as a resource because the community or the field of influence supports and demands.

That is the paradox. When one is supported, there is no need for demand; and so then, money is only a token as it was in its original form. I want to point out, money is a currency. A currency is something that flows from one to another, and any time a current is blocked or held up or stored in any form, it builds behind it a certain pressure. So when you store money, when you make investments - which is storing the money - one builds up a pressure behind it. The pressure is within the fields of influence. And like a great dam, there is a certain point where it will fail and the crumbling causes great destruction.

Thank you for that. So that coin or that token that you mentioned, is that likely to be just a day-to-day exchange as well - like more people than others, or how does it work?

Let us say this: The token is on “me”. It is not based on considerations of abilities to override others. Though one is not taking more than what one is needing. In other words, it is much like a way of exchanging one's resource. When you consider this: A resource is something that one has and what someone else requires. So why is one resource more important than another's resource? So it is at the present time that you think that the bank manager's resource - that is, he understands how to make use of the flow of money - is more important than the resource of the rubbish collector. Because if you consider that if the rubbish collector stops, immediately within a few days there is a serious problem. If the bank manager ceases, the money will simply flow perhaps even more readily. You understand what I'm getting at?

So which is the most important resource? If you consider either one then you are mistaken because they are both equally of importance. But one requires a certain intelligence and the other requires a certain bitterness. And so you have devalued and invalued differently, and in the new order it becomes excessively clear that such values are irrelevant. And as such then rewarding each one differently is also invalid. And so then money becomes a necessary way of exchange and that is all. Then money becomes currency. It is to make sure that things are in balance and there is an organization, to ensure that certainly as the change begins.

OK, thank you. So we can see this in our emergency responses when there's a national disaster with the environment here.

Of course, all over when there is what you are calling an event, money is of no concern to everyone. When you are on the same boat, it is important that everyone is rowing in the same direction. If you have a boat with one group, let us say the ordinary person on one side of the boat and the rich people on the other side, and the rich people tell everyone they are above rowing the boat, then the boat will simply go round in circles. It is madness. But that is where your system is. It is going around in ever-decreasing circles.

So with that, talking about dealing with separation, I suppose conflict would look differently in the new order.

How do you have conflict when there are no perpetrators and no victims? You have to have a victim or rather you have to have a belief in victimhood. And that is how wars have begun. If one considers one[self] a victim, then one arms oneself more than the next, and then you become the perpetrator. And you have the justification that I am perpetrating because I am the victim.

Until you have a balance in society, you are doomed to go round in these ever-decreasing and destructive circles until you eventually annihilate yourself. And yet the great awakening is to realize that that is the case: that everyone has the rights to create their own reality. And there is a benefit for all when that is led to creation. And you will notice that it is not the super-rich that create the great leaps forward. It has always been the person on the outside who has the insight into that.

So, will the Earth and all its endangered or extinct species have regenerated as a result of caring for the planetary guardian?

Let us say this: The planetary guardian will overcome. Humanity has to recognize that it is the destructive force and it has picked a war against the greater good. The planetary guardian is simply taking as little action as it must to repurpose and repopulate the planet in a balanced form.

So, it is that humanity must awaken to its responsibility and to the fact that it cannot win. That it cannot win with a war on its own support system. Does it answer the question?

Yes, it does. Thank you. So if we sum this all up and looking at the need versus the demand and the cycle of sharing the betterment of our resources for all, is this something that nature has been modeling to us forever? Because nature tends to do that, doesn't it?

Of course, however, to clarify, there is only one and every individual is creating their own reality within the fields of influence. So if you create a certain aspect, you are playing a part in a great unfolding drama. And while you have your personality and so forth, you are attracting to you those to play the other parts in your unfolding awakening. So if you're deeply bound into the physical reality, and you are pushing your way through it, others will play the roles of those that take advantage of you. It is because they are creating their own reality in line with the beliefs that they hold. So that is why victims and perpetrators attract one another. And while you sense this... In other words, for many people they are victims of their own bodies. In other words, they are creating models in which their bodies do not support them. There is great learning in that of how to be in harmony with the self.

In other words, if you think you are aiming for a spiritual world outside of the physicality, then your physical body is irrelevant, is of no consequence, has no rights. And now you will attract those things to make that true. So as you can see, everything affects everything else. We are talking here about a new earth with a new money system, but it also is a new health regime because it cannot be separated. When the world comes into harmony, one values the earth, one values the physicality, one perceives it as the great gift of spirituality. Is that enough for today?

Yes, thank you Mercredan.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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