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Channeling on The Spiritual Causes and Purpose of Neurodiversity | EP26

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

To begin one creates one's personal reality. And one creates within a framework of the fields of influence. And within the field of influences one creates one's group reality. An individual creates their own experience, a family creates its own experience, and a community creates its own experience. And each one is interconnected, inter-dynamic, inter-related.

When changes are coming to the forefront, the creation is not only personal, individual, but also a mass dynamic. In other words, when one is writing, authoring one's novel experience, one's storyline, it is not possible to be only isolated without interactions with the communal effect. In other words, your story is a container of the interpersonal relationships within that communal identity. Enough for us to begin a conversation.

Thank you Mercredan. So we wanted to talk about neurodiversity today - the causes and the purpose for all the different types of children born today with ADHD, autism and the like. And we're interested to know are these children meant to be neurodiverse as part of the new species development, or is it an aberration of all the pollutants and toxins in our societies perhaps?

Maybe one should consider the notion of pollution. Pollution occurs within the physical realm obviously, within the emotional realm not so well understood, the mental framework by the ongoing spread of dis-ease, that is misinformation and propaganda. And as a result it affects the mental capacity of the general population.

I then say humanity is what you are calling neurodiverse. In other words instead of picking out one type would it be possible to say that the entire human population has an aberration? In many cases it is addictions, or it is uncontrolled outbursts, requirements for benefits above others.

So those children that are born with such notions that are being identified as different may be as a new genetic disorder. There are a few of them and therefore you can point to them as the aberration. But humankind in the general effect is serving itself to ongoing polluted theories and attitudes.

And very few can identify themselves as problematic. And so you are attempting to propagate one's continuation of misleading ideas and treating anyone who would not identify with that or is incapable of processing that in an ordinary sense.

So then all over the planet you have children who find it more and more difficult to agree with what is presented to them. I am going to give you an example. In the present time children are expected to read and write and yet very often reading and writing as a proper way of communication is dying away.

Now more and more are talking because the new newspaper is in fact a live discussion. It is opinionated and so on. So then what is the purpose of continuing to promote something that is no longer of consideration. How did the very notion of reading and writing come into general acceptance? Only when humankind decided there was a business to be operated distributing written material to the many people around.

The way of influencing, the way of expanding the field of influence - do you understand what I'm getting at? Those that you are calling neurodiverse are operating with different systems of distribution.

Shall we call it then an evolution in advancement of human creativity and as I have pointed out, humankinds create their own reality through creativity; otherwise, you would simply repeat the same thing over and over until it was no longer relevant. The human species in that circumstance would die away.

So it is creativity which opens opportunities and avenues, and in doing so creates different diversions from the ordinary agreed upon rules of engagement. When we talk of rules of engagement, it always appears as if this is a game of war. Do you follow what I'm saying?

You say war; what are you meaning exactly?

I am saying one group against another. This one has the rightness and that one is the wrongness - do you follow? So the rules of engagement - what are you allowed to do and what are you not allowed to do. So if the child does not fit then it has to be isolated unless its properties begin to pollute the general agreements. They are outside the rules of engagement.

I want to say: In many ways every individual is hiding their differences from everyone else. You do not want to take a stand for what you really believe in case you are rejected, isolated and sent to a colony. Do you follow how this means for the young ones who are often leading the way forward in offering different approaches to living?


Some of them certainly come into embodiment to stir up and awaken the human population to their limited expressions. In such a way, sometimes the most brilliant of minds - that is, those that have overdeveloped the mental body - finds the physical body difficult to operate within.

So it is an important prospect for every human to come into being, to come into the physical world in time and space, that is being present in their bodily experience, being aware of their emotional responses to the present moment in time, and being aware of their mental judgments and ideas that are present, creating the moment they are engaged in; being fully awake.

OK, that's really interesting, thank you. So what are they teaching us do you think?

First of all, they are exploring. Those that find it difficult to come into a moment of time, they are demonstrating what occurs if you are not present because they are pushing the human beings into, trying to bring them into, the present moment; and in order to do that, a human has to be in the present moment. So they are demonstrating more than teaching. It is not in their purpose to teach anything but in their purpose is to find a mechanism to be in the present and be in control of their own place in the world.

That is one type of course. We have spoken before about those that are communicating outside of the need for physical operation. So they are leading if you like, the operation of unification in consciousness.

I want to say this: You arrive in a forest - the first people to come must cut a track through the forest and the next follow the track that has been cut in the forest and so on. Eventually the track becomes a road for everyone to use, the forest then can be transversed. So those that are beginning to make headway in conscious communication are forging a network that is followed, becomes easier to navigate over time.

I also want to say: You will notice how difficult new concepts are for those trained in limited thinking. So first of all, one has to open the option to perceive how will that be if that were true. Would it lead to a more unified society - a society that is taking care of itself, its nation, its planet and so on? Is it therefore constructive or is it destructive? Which are you going to put your attention on as you engage your creativity and begin to create your experience in life?

So as these beings come more into the planet - as exposes, that is, something to be created, and the limitation to be destroyed. Everything must be completed and laid to rest.

Does this make sense? Does it answer the question of course?

Yes, not what we expected though. So if the purpose is to broaden our diverse thinking and get away from limited thinking, can you see what the challenge would be for parents and how can we assist parents to open their minds to their children who are diverse and thinking and a benefit?

One has to manage the wider field of influence. When a child is accepted, when a child is recognized that they do not fit with the general, then how must it be for the child? In other words, if a parent is to identify with the experience of the child, then automatically they become more compassionate and have become aware of what guidance as the adult, as the more experienced, to help the child to integrate, to bring their differences to work for them within the communal wholeness.

And sometimes that is simply to remove them from the propaganda machine because so many of them are being treated in a way that is destructive, trying to imprison something in an ordinary sense. That is not to say they are allowed to destroy everything around them; but when one is accepted and brought into the calmness, they will find in the main that their extreme nature begins to calm down.

But one should not think they will ever be limited by the normality and the rules of engagement. Does this make sense?

Yes it does.

Because you have to realize, this is experiential. Each individual is a special case, of course, and each family unit as an identity is a special case, of course. And if the field of influence of the family is in conflict, then one should expect the individuals within it to be in conflict.

So how would one expect one's child to not be in conflict? Some of these operations are designed to bring the unit into a unified effort. To bring everyone into the present moment of experience and to find their value and purpose as the unit, as the individuals making up the field of influence.

Does this offer some considerations?

Absolutely, and it's a very different thought to what I should think is the normal thinking towards these beautiful beings and then obviously their divine purpose to bring us a different experience.

So I want to say this: Humanity is moving to communication on an inner, shall we call it for this purpose, a psychic realm of communication. If that is the case, then all the other existing mechanisms are redundant.

Now, you have to rethink, because shall we put it this way: The psychic field is the field of influence. So everything will be created from the elements of the container, all the way to the field of influence of an individual. In other words, an individual can create to the degree of the acceptance as normal of the collective field of influence.

If you try to create outside of that, then you will be excluded. You will be determined as mentally unstable. So as the field, the communal field of influence is unified, human individuals will find the idea of separation becoming more difficult - the notion of taking more than is necessary.

In other words, to control distribution of resources will become more isolated and eventually will no longer exist. It is just as the golden age as you understand it is beginning, that is, the shift in consciousness.

Thank you. That's really exciting isn't it?

All of it fits together in an exciting package. Consciousness is ascending as it is so often put. But it is not individuals who are ascending; it is consciousness itself.

It's enough for today. So once again, it is most important to value those that implement the learnings that fertilize the fields of influence. Thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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