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Channeling on The Spiritual Significance of Cancer | EP24

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

It is said that reality is either a wave or a particle: a frequency that carries information that settles into solid form. The fields of influence are nestled together, containers within containers within containers, and one orientates the wave of consciousness through the various fields that add or subtract the information carried within it. So the solid form then manifests as reality as an experiential consequence enough for us to begin a conversation.

Thank you, Mercredan. This is very much along the lines of what we want to talk about today. So today we're going to be talking about the spiritual and psychological reasons for the disease of cancer. What we'd like to know is what's the difference between cancer and all other diseases?

Every disease carries its own significant factors. What you call cancer is an overgrowth of consequential factors. They affect the various organs within the body and bring to it a recognition of what is both overgrowing and its paradoxical opposite, which is the underdevelopment of the organ. In other words, there is an influence, an expectation, and a currency. Cancers then in all their forms - that is whether it is within or with on the physical body or it is manifest in a social ordered disease.

When something is growing at a rate and has lost its ability to perceive when enough is enough. So often there are environmental factors that take place within the enough is enough. Often then they are associated with an inability to perceive what is a balanced nature when one has had enough.

Taking a single consequence, in the case of the skin lesions - so much of it is over-exposure to the sun's rays. But it is not the sun's rays that are the problem. It is not just the over-exposure. It is the confidential consequences within the being themselves. In other words, the whole idea of exposing the sun is to become attractive to remain attractive.

So one has carried the doubt that one is attractive. So one does not recognize when enough is enough. So the barriers - because the skin is what separates one's internal being with the external being. So there is that consequence of when one is not enough on the inside. So there are always these consequential connections between the organs and the environment.

Shall we take another thing? So many people have a problem with letting go. That is enough is enough. So if there is not in their own minds enough one will hold on to everything one has got. So then the digestion, elimination problem becomes a deeper significance.

One holds on even to waste products. And that in turn holds back the flow of consciousness, the flow of energy, the experience of the world. Then one resists the experience and holds on to solid form.

There is an endless addiction to the nature of the solid world. So we will find then people who are addicted to solid forms, and the spiritual nature of life is an irrelevancy and in most cases does not exist at all unless it is recognized in organized religions that bring spirit into solid form.

So then the spiritual nature is no longer spiritual but is physical in its operation. One worships by donations; physicality. One sings in the choir; physicality. It is all related to the solid world. One is not exploring one's connection with the realms outside of the solid world. Does this shed some form of light?

Yes it does. Thank you. So what's the difference? Why do we create cancer in our lives, some of us, and others don't?

Every disturbance is a call to awaken. If you put your attention on something - let us say one puts one's attention on the capacity of what you would call the brain. Now, in many cases one operates with that as the functioning and most important organ within the system.

One then is not in the physical body but in the mental body and so one's attention is still in the same regards. There is not enough information, there is not enough brain capacity. The brain is the only thing. The information within it is physical nature. It is a physical organ. It is electronically devised. It has no spirit.

It is then to be over-pressured, over-organized, over-relied upon and so forth; one version. The other side of course is one is seeing one's brain as inefficient. Unworthy, requires more material, more attention, more of this and more of that. It is then not enough.

So cancer of course is always trying to bring in more of everything. It begins to try to fulfill the prophecy one is directing it at. One is a creative force. One delivers one's attention to that and reduces one's attention to living life.

For many people the awakening that this disease brings is, "I have so little life. I am given a serious charge." And for some people they begin to live life as if there were no tomorrow. And for some of them the very nature of the cancer stops and regresses altogether. What is referred to as a medical miracle.

Nothing to do with medicine at all. It is to do with attention. It is to do with stepping into life as it is meant to be. Do you understand what that means?

Yes, yes. Thank you.

If everyone with the cancers recognized, “Whatever, I have to begin to throw my caution to the wind. Throw it away.” What will happen? You understand all of the fears are inconsequential. One can now be free to risk one's life because one has been given notice - One has been evicted. Better move on and gain as much as is possible; and that might be the only thing that saves the lifetime. The only thing that fulfills one's purpose for engaging in the life in the first place.

The human species has an abnormal relationship with death. It does everything it can to avoid what is inevitable, as if the more extended you can make the life, the better the life was. And I am saying the more engaged, the more excited, the more adventurous the life is - that is what is the importance, not the age one survives to.

Very interesting.

What the body does activates what the spirit is requiring. One can alter as I have said before, one can alter one's fate but at risk that spirit will bring you back to your destiny: What is your purpose for being.

So how can we prevent that? How can we gain that awareness with the particular reason of the particular cancer we have?

Every organ is a functioning part of the whole, and as such it is a functioning part of one's spiritual life. Shall we call it “spiritual psychological” because it is the inner experience of living? So when one recognizes that you are a whole being and the organs of the body have to operate in a balanced, and effective and together way, then one will recognize that, “In life I have to organize and operate my life in an organized and cooperative way. I cannot be taking more at the health of some other part.”

So the society, the community is a unit. If one is constantly taking more so there is less for others in the community, then there is bound to be an overgrowth. The overgrowth then turns into different forms of imbalances.

Often one is highly motivated, one is on edge, one is constantly active and one cannot retire, that is one cannot rest; and so one is pumping the blood stream. One is then activating and doing all of that which of course puts pressure on the functioning pump, as it were. The heart muscle itself is not the location of spirit.

The spiritual realm is an active field of influence with its central point in the center of the physical body. That is why it is always said one's field - one's major field at least - is shaped like an egg that surrounds the physical body, but has its power point in the central accesses called the heart of matter.

So then the physical pumping device is at the center of the field of influence. How you love, how you fear, how you hate - all of these things are bound to affect the heart, and the heart distributes everything, distributes the physical energy to all of the organs and cells. It is the most important distribution network.

If you are not a distributor then your distribution center is compromised; and the same is true of all the organs. One seems to think that the brain is a functioning organ, but the brain is irrelevant without its connection to all the other bodily organs and cells and so on.

It is not such a brain as it is the spinal distribution network that is sending information and returning the feedback and telling organs what needs to be taken care of. And when that begins to find resistance, when the heart is not willing to change its function, the brain will send extra information to deal with the problem.

And so then you become more agitated; there is more hormones being released. It is a whole system and you cannot get away from that function, and if you have a community that is out of balance with the unified whole, you will find that there will be agitations and upsets and revolts.

And such a revolt in the body is deemed to be a cancer. As it is in the community, you cannot escape one's connection within one's wholeness with one's connection within your community wholeness, and within your national wholeness, and within your global wholeness, and within your solar system galactic wholeness, and so on with all the functions.

So then the planetary guardian has developed an imbalance. There is too much of something in its environment that has to be eliminated, but there is no point in eliminating something where there is an endless source of replacement. So the planetary guardian must then eliminate the sources of that.

How do you deal with a cancerous growth? By radiation therapy, by burning it out. Do you follow? So the human condition is there are cells that are out of balance - one has to eliminate them and so forth. So it is not just an individual's task, it is a social imperative, a national imperative, and a global imperative or else suffering continues. Does this make sense?

Yes, it does. So with that procedure of radiating the cells, is it easier to heal when we have trust and be at peace within that society that's not at peace?

When you come into balance, when you realize that life is a gift, you understand it is a gift from the divine and one can repay the gift by giving to others. So when one is giving to others... I want to say: This is so much because there are those that come into the embodiment in order to draw attention to this imbalance. These are often the children who show great degree of love for others. So they are demonstrating what is required.

So they do not see themselves as sacrificial but they see themselves as divine healers because through this opening of the heart of others, they are bringing their gift of life. You understand what I'm saying?


It is for many a hard lesson because while you consider the only life you have is from birth to death, then it appears as if there is no divinity at all. But the lack of divinity is in perception in the limited viewpoint of physical reality.

Would that be the same for our pets that get cancer as well?

Of course. As I have pointed out very often, the pet is an externalization of a consciousness. So it is as if part of yourself is given away. And then the animal itself has a great affinity.

If someone finds it hard… Shall we take an example? Someone finds it hard to love another and they cast out a part of their being into the animal that shows them affection and for which they can give affection and love towards. They awaken to the nature of love.

Thank you, Mercredan. That seems enough for today.

Then once again thank you for your work, your attention. Work in consciousness when one is reevaluating one's old conceptions. Then thank you and goodbye.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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