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Why Russia is Invading Ukraine: Channelling Transcript

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Channelling Excerpt from 25th February, 2022


Everyone wants to make someone else the problem.

But the problem is economic, political and has very little to do with the pawns - the people who have not had any freedom to make their decisions.

So, you have had one group trying to pressure another group, while another group is pressuring that group and so on. And at a certain point, some country such as this Russia has to make a statement - a boundary - it has to say no, this is not happening.

What more can you say? There is a conflict and the rest of the western world is trying to hang on to the old system. Even the Russians - trying to hold on to the old system, and everyone else, trying to hold on to the old system, and yet within their boundaries there is rebellion.

The new system wants to become more prevalent, take on the actions, and transform. So it is likely that every nation will become a battleground within its boundaries. Because it is divided. The world is divided.

There is no balance any longer. And the reason there is no balance is because the old system, as it reaches its final ‘death croaks’ as it were, will bring in as much of the forces it has to hang on.

But it cannot.

So, everywhere there will be conflicts, until the old is released and the new systems begin.

The new systems are built on equality. The distribution of all wealth. Wealth is not just the money. Wealth is access to the ‘Garden of Eden’. That is, the garden that gave gifts to everyone in equal measure.

This war is just the beginning. One should not put too much in it, as if it is one side attacking another. Because the attacking has been going on for many years. There has been a war going on for years.

There were always going to be three world wars.

And the third world war is for the minds of man. So, what do you see?

You see advertising for the minds of men. You see fake news and even news that is fake, all to steal the minds of men.

One side is presenting one thought, one way of speaking and the other to the other, all for the minds of men. So that you will join one side or the other.

But it is the planet that suffers. It is the people that suffer.

And who is in charge? Who are the warmongers?

Those that are in power, those that have stolen power. And it doesn't matter if they say they have had it stolen or they stole it from another leader, they have not done so, they have stolen it from the people. Where are the leaders that stand by the people for their benefits?

Very few, because they are bought by those in other areas of power. Those that own the resources, those that own the capital and the money and you understand? All of that.

Time has come to an end.

And so, the great battles must occur, until the people say enough. Until the people topple those that are making it happen. And it cannot be one group in one place.

It is across the planet that people need to topple those that have stolen power, that have stolen the life force.

And from that a new world order. A new order for a new age in history.

I want to say this. For those that raise their consciousness, for those that awaken to the dream, they will see what is coming and know what to do. To elevate themselves, to remove themselves from the critical point.

They are not destined for suffering.

--- END

Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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