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Vaccine Mandates, Governments, Waking Up & Taking Responsibility: Channelling Transcript

Updated: May 25, 2022

Questions asked in this channelling session:

Channelling Session with Mercredan, 27th October 2021


Mercredan (channelled by Francis Evans): Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

I never promised that the transformation period would be easy.

So much conflict that is internal within individuals and the mass are coming to the forefront. Everyone is bringing out conflicts that are personal and projecting them out onto the mass environment. Because they have not previously dealt with these. So, the conflicts that one begins to see are aligned to the overall challenge of transformation.

Shall we proceed from there.

Libby: Yes, thank you, and thank you for being with us today. Today I would like to begin a conversation around the vaccination mandates that many people around the world are succumbing to, many governments are choosing to adopt, and the anger and frustration people are feeling around these - people losing their jobs, the breaching of human rights, causing a division in communities, in their friends and their whanau/family, can you share any insights on what’s happening here for us?

Mercredan: First of all, the apparent unification, the unity of society has never really been the case. This is because human kind have trapped themselves in the physicality [the physical life] that is apparent of held.

Everyone thinks this is a real world with real problems and cannot see that it is a screen upon which they are projecting their own personal problems.

So, until that becomes clear then of course one has to deal with the inner conflicts. And often times that is because people have not spoken what is true for them, they held it in and pretended other things, pretended they are alright and perfect and so on and so forth.

So the experience is the projected reality of the many.

The very people that have traditionally over many decades, elected officials in which to organise the reality, the communities, that they live in, to suppress elements of that, that they do not wish to consider in the overall plan.

So, what occurs then, is the very communities that have been suppressed have risen up, and the only method possible for them, that is to eliminate the barriers, the walls, between the elite and the un-elite.

So, what is truly occurring is bringing to the forefront everyone is living in this environment, in this planetary game-board as it were.

Everyone cannot be isolated - you cannot be isolated from your environment. Whatever ideas you spread - as if these are true and real - become expressed in the moment of transformation.

So, people want to be protected from something outside of themselves. In the past, it was protected from these “other people”, from these people who were not good enough, not worthy enough.

This is the leftover from the old serfdom, from the old patterns of slavery. One owns the people; one gives them the minimal while one simply takes more and more and more and more, and that provides the environment from which new elements must be generated.

The reason why everything is spreading so fast is because the nature of human consciousness in its desire to harmonise, to bring balance into the world, against the dark forces. The dark forces are not evil in the sense that most people think of them. The evil forces are simply ignorance. The inability to perceive what is really happening. The inability to have empathy for others.

So, the division that has been there for centuries has completed its cycle. Now it must be exposed and expressed.

While it seems as if it is something unrelated, this is because humanity does not have the ability to see that everything is interrelated, everything action causes results, every action is not limited, it vibrates through the whole of consciousness and eventually must come to its final conclusions.

And so it is that the final conclusion is what has been projected out into the world as a whole, that is the idea that someone is either with you or against you, and if there is an idea that they might want what you offer then you go to war.

So, the very consciousness that has that idea has created something which will truly go to war, it will go to war on unequal terms as it has been in the past. The rich countries have gone to war on unequal terms and now they are at war on unequal terms [with the environment]. What can that be but the mirror that was essential and impossible to avoid.

And human kind will continue this until they awaken to the reality. One thing or the next thing.

So, you are at that turning point.

You have conferences all over on all sorts of subjects but make no concerted effort to bring balance into the equation. People still want to gain more, have more, there are more things than ever before and yet what is important is becoming less and less available.

People have forgotten the most important thing is the wonder of nature. The awe that can be found simply by looking. Not seeing that here is a lovely piece of land which I can convert into more housing, more factories, so I can produce more for an ever-expanding economy. But of course not!

Nobody is really taking care that you have picked some enemy that will not allow you to continue. Picking on the very environment so that it responds in kind. And because so much of what is projected is unkind and so it responds with the same unkindness.

Everything in balance.

And if one were to take care of society as a whole then much of it will drop a way. There would be less of those accumulating because they would willingly give in order to gain the very thing that they want, protection against the enemy. Does that make some sense, have I answered the question in some detail?

Libby: Yeah, from a holistic perspective, I guess. So, what’s really happening is that because there is no balance, which is what we desire more than anything, we’re creating this destruction, and is that the vehicle in which we should be waking up to, how likely is it that the majority of the world’s population are actually going to wake up and see this disharmony and how we are affecting the planet and the environment?


Always it is the same; one wakes up willingly or one wakes up from the consequences. But wake up! The wake up will be concluding by at least by 2024, it is not a long time. If people want to continue then of course it will be worse and worse until some form of conscious awakening will get through.

Libby: And everybody will have that chance?

Mercredan: I am saying, it is not a chance it all, it is certain.

Libby: So everybody will have that experience?

Mercredan: Everyone will come to the final conclusion in their own way, in their own creative way.

Many people think they are awake and those often are more deeply entrenched in their own ideas, so deeply that they are not awake at all. It is together as a whole.

Consciousness is transforming. And it will continue until it has arrived at its final state.

These things have occurred in history many times. It is not a new system, it is only that for the first time, everyone is connected.

The entire planet as a whole is interconnected and conscious of it, for the first time in history.

So, it is not for the transformation of communities or nations or even hemispheres and so on, but the transformation of the whole. And awakening to the fact that everyone has their personal responsibility, it is not for their elected governments to dictate.

The only reason that such governments are dictating is because the individuals take no responsibility.

They are not willing to be accountable. They are not willing to take the responsibility needed. So, you defer. As humankind have always done, given them the responsibility, then attacked them for applying what was necessary to bring awareness of what is happening.

So, there is this entire nation wanting to stand up for their rights but not for their responsibility. They are not willing to be responsible and accountable for their movements, for what is essential in order to look after others. And that is what I said last time, that it is not about what you get for self, but what you can give for others. You understand, until you are looking out for all the others, what sort of community do you have? What sort of nation do you have?

Libby: So, looking to the shift in consciousness completing the first phase in 2024, how bad is it going to get for us in order for people to shift that balance and wake up to the consequences?

Mercredan: That is left to the ethers as it were. Because individuals learn or don’t learn. If consciousness does not awaken, then of course everything gets worse.

If people do not take responsibility, then everything will get worse. In that process, one has to look at what is this idea of ‘virus’, that is a living entity that is damaging to others, to the whole. What is the war - that is the war of words - other than a virus spreading around trying to undermine everyone else.

One side or other side, it is always the same, the truth will prove itself - that is the law - the truth will prove itself and the counter to that is the lie will eventually be exposed. Why? Because truth eventually must come to the surface.

And if you suppress the truth long enough, then the boil will come out, that is what boils are, they are infections that have had no root to come to the surface, then they arrive as poisons, and poisons spread and so on and so forth. Does this show the overall inter-connectedness?

And it is for the ‘awake’ to take out the “poison”, to not spreading but seeing the others perspective.

Some people are happy to be one way and others the other way, but allowing each to his own and to expect responsibility. If one is trusting someone else in their viewpoint then that trust must come with the responsibility. If one trusts someone you hope they will do what they say.

Libby: In New Zealand, our current government made promises last year that there would be no penalties if people chose not to vaccinate and they have gone against that, they have created penalties, people are losing their jobs, people are losing their livelihoods, so what do you do then, do we just ‘throw harmony and love at it’ or do we stand up and use our voices, do we protest, do we, you know, what do we do?

Mercredan: You understand, why has this arrived? Because people did not take responsibility. How did it come about? Because people were doing whatever they liked. What does one do?

Let’s imagine you take away the government, let’s have free-for-all. What will happen? The majority will take up their arms and eliminate the minority. No problem! Now we have eliminated those who will not bind with the rest. Does that make anything much better? Because one is blaming the administration for attempting to protect the majority. Should they not? Is that not their job? Is that not their purpose? To try to hold a unity amongst diversity. Otherwise, you let everything go.

And there are those who would prefer that to happen. There are those that only think the governments job is to police what they want. To suppress everyone else and allow free reign for those that have more, to get more and so on.

So, in the end the administration is there to try to keep a unity and do you think that there are not always been people who distrust, dislike what the government is putting on them. You understand, plenty of people have disliked governments over all the time, whichever way it is.

Libby: I get that they are governing to create a way for the majority, but what about the minority that don’t believe what they’re doing but are feeling in a really bad place, and they are mobilising the majority to fight against them creating that war so it’s really not creating harmony at all.

Mercredan: Of course not, and that is the point. What is this happening at the moment is to create disharmony, you understand, it cannot come without a re-balancing.

Re-balancing does not mean going over the same figures and pointing out yes, the figures are correct. Re-balancing means that you take away everything and distribute it equally. And if that would be the case, what would you suggest. If you say, everyone that wants to do whatever they like they can do it but the consequences that they have, they find is up to them. Whether governments try to mandate this or whether they simply allow everyone…do you understand what happens if the minority take over, is that a better system? Because it has been tried many times before. Small groups that are vocal take over and try to suppress the majority. But eventually there is always going to be a war. And that is how this comes about.

Libby: So, what advice do you have for somebody who is really uncomfortable and afraid of getting the vaccination and/or really does not believe in the vaccination yet they have been put in this position, what advice do you give them?


One creates one’s response to everything. It is not about the vaccination at all. It is about consciousness.

One has an idea there is a physicality and that is the most important thing, they are attacking my physicality. So, I say on one hand I am spiritual, I am beyond all this, and yet do not attack my physicality, I am not really physical but you’re attacking my physicality. It is all much of the play inside of consciousness.

If one becomes conscious it is irrelevant. All of it is irrelevant.

The harm one produces from such vaccinations is irrelevant, it is creation, it is my personal response to something physical. Because I am locked in to my physicality, I am locked into this idea, I have decided my viewpoint, the viewpoint is one that is locked in a perspective.

If one takes out that perspective, if one arises to the point where the world is a projection of my ideas and I take full responsibility for projecting it in that way, then you can hold whatever idea you like, but you are aware that you are manufacturing it. If you become aware that you are manufacturing it, then what decision would you make?

Are you going to hold with it the idea that you are going to avoid the vaccination and lose one’s income and ones position because of this, even though I am taking responsibility that it is my creation? Do you follow what I am saying?

Libby: Yeah, it becomes redundant.

Mercredan: It becomes redundant, it becomes part of a none-sense because one has lost one’s self in the dream. One is now in the dream and everyone has had dreams trying to escape from some horror and eventually they wake up and when they wake up, they realise it was a dream.

The horror most often dissipates, one does not go about discovering what am I creating this horror in this dream. What is the purpose, what is it bringing to my attention in my dream? Because the dream is yet another layer within the dream. Dreams within dreams within dreams.

Libby: What advice could give somebody that is sitting at home right now and feeling that the world is crumbling around them.

Mercredan: I want to say this. First of all, take oneself out of the crumbling of somebody else doing this to you. One is a victim. And if one is a victim one will create victimhood in every direction one looks. Even the idea that someone is saying that puts them at the victimhood of someone else is consistently wrong. One has joined the right and wrong game and that game can only bring about unhappiness. And can bring about barriers and disassociation and loss of love and everything else.

The world is not crumbling. The world is transforming. The environment is waking up to a new world, a new day and if one looks at it and asks the question, how can I be of service in this process, how can I be a giver? How can I become the warrior of consciousness? Then I am not a victim at all, I am a co-creator of a great transformation that will resonate in consciousness, throughout the timelessness.

You understand, then one takes oneself away from that and reinvests in the law of manifestation.

Remember, the first law is the law of paradox, the law that says when something seems to be an enemy it is really one’s greatest friend. And if one looks at that, very often people fall out with others, simply because the other is pointing out some failing in self. So, you fall out, you decide they are wrong and you are right. And in some worst cases one is wrong just because one is. One is wrong. So, you make everything right and you wrong but it is still the right/wrong game. You understand what I am saying?

So, one wakes up to the game.

One wakes up that this is the dream and that one is at the highest point in consciousness that humanity has ever been.

And these trials are trials that ask the question who do you serve? What is the God in your world? The God of things? The God of money? The God of War? The God of Government? The God of Anti-Government? What is the God that you are serving? Is it consciousness? Are you taking responsibility for your creations in your environment, in your time, in your space, in your world? Or are you suggesting someone else is in charge?

Libby: That’s brilliant, that’s very powerful thank you.

Mercredan: The waking up as I pointed out many years ago in your time frame, is the time of responsibility, accountability and transparency.

And at this point in time, this is the failing of government; lack of transparency. It is also the failing of business; lack of transparency. And of course, accountability as well. And so forth it goes.

And one gets locked into one’s own little area, shall we say, in my family and friends there are dis-ease, there are disputes, there is difference of opinions and so it gets heated.

Heated is not a bad thing. It burns out the dross [waste], it brings you to consider are these people truly my friends, do they listen to my point of view and do I listen to their point of view? And do I honour them? Or do I make a right or wrong out of it?

Then there is the community. And then there is the cities and the areas and the nations and you think the whole world is watching and this is truly important. While thousands and thousands of people die every moment of things that come from one’s own of personal lack of accountability.

Because the whole is connected. There are no divisions.

Nature does not make a nation. Humans make a nation.

The humans call themselves belonging to a certain framework and the benefits of it and all those who do not have the benefits of that travel across the globe to get there, to have that, and it distorts everything.

When will humanity wake up? Do you understand the question? When will the heart of humanity open and see that you are not the victims of anything, you are the co-creators of it?

And as such why is your community under so much stress? As if it is a new stress. Of course, it is a new mechanism for stress but it is not any different to what it has always been. It has just been brought to the surface. Those attitudes that humanity have. Those people who wanted to fight with anybody for any reason at all - ‘give me a reason then I can fight’ - but no responsibility, no accountability, no transparency.

Nobody is truly honest with themselves. If they were honest with themselves, they would realise no harm can come to myself unless I impose it. I am not the victim, I am the total creator of my entire experience. And that is the endless spiritual truth.

Libby: So, what is one key message, or the key message, that we could share with the world that would be really of service to consciousness right now?


I want to say this; it is a choice whether you are a victim of something or someone or some external event or you are not a victim but a co-creator of it all. It is a choice.

And if one takes that choice, if one takes that into one’s heart and offers it up then you will see what planet am I on? Am I trapped in the physical world or am I using the physicality as a place to express my consciousness?

Libby: Okay, fantastic, thank you so much.

Then once again it is important that we recognise those who work for the light, the light is to uplift, to lighten the planet, to bring those to a higher state of acceptance, and to take off judgement of others. Then once again thank you for your time and your wonderful energy. Thank you and good afternoon.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 40 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years. Mercredan can give us a higher perspective and deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives and planet, for example, politics, war, climate change, the economy and global events. Click here to read more about Francis’s journey and Mercredan.


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