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The Three Universal Laws

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

On a recent tour Mercredan has been outlining the three universal laws. I feel that it is now my responsibility to explain how these laws operate.

A New Journey Begins....

I just finished listening to yet another promise for the Secret missing from the Law of Attraction that will make you able to manifest everything you've ever wanted without any effort. It explains why every other program by like-sounding promoters doesn't work. You listen for some key phrase which will enlighten you to what this ingredient is, but of course it is worded to lead only to its selling point.

The interesting thing is that the presentation style of marketing certainly does work, and for those who want to know how to manifest money these are a great model. NLP suggests that if you want to be able to do what a successful person does, copy them exactly, their actions, thoughts and feelings. Therefore if you want to manifest money use internet marketing as the tool.

For thirty years I have been “Channelling” Mercredan, who claims to be an open access to consciousness. During this time I have delivered to a wide range of audiences and private sessions without remembering what is said. In the last ten years I seemed to have gained insights through osmosis, and more recently I have been able to draw consciousness into my personal field.

On a recent tour of Hawaii and Australia I had an epiphany when I realised that I have been instructed by the greatest teacher of all time, direct access to consciousness.

I became totally aware that my own mind is blank most of the time, I'm not filled up with thinking about anything. I also knew that it had always been that way since childhood. Thus I am consciously able to direct questions to and receive answers from consciousness. Not only that but when doing so the answers themselves are not contaminated by preconceptions and repetitions.

I became acutely aware that the paradox to clarity was not seeing something clearly but not seeing anything at all. In other words when you know that you know nothing then what you see is crystal clear, the real benefit of an empty mind.

During this tour Mercredan has been delineating the three Universal Laws; 1). The Law of Paradox; 2). The Law of Polarity; 3). The Law of Magnetism. I feel that it is now my responsibility to explain how these laws operate and what they have to do with the Manifest World.

Law of Paradox

Mercredan claims this is the overriding law for all creation. Through it comes the principal that Nothing is as it Seems.

The Law states that two things that are seemingly opposites and mutually exclusive exist at the same time, in the same place. The only thing that changes is perception. There are numerous optical illusions that demonstrate this principle. However, the one that concerns us most is the relationship between the “Ordinary” and the “Non-Ordinary Reality”.

The Ordinary is observed with ordinary awareness, and the non-ordinary though an altered perception. Manifestation occurs in the non-ordinary world before it translates into physicality.

The Law of Paradox also states that You are not who you think you are. You are not the limited body imprisoned personality you have built up in your imagination, nor are you a different version of the same imagination. You are a unique expression of the Divine, and the only problem is you have separated yourself from Source.

The paradox is that you seem to be separate in the ordinary world but you are not separate in the non-ordinary.

Law of Polarity

The second law under Paradox is that in order for something to be a paradox there must be a second expression which is both equal and opposite. In reality this is a reflection of what is. So when you turn up in the ordinary world you are equally present in the non-ordinary one. This is what Carlos Castaneda calls your double. It is the double that creates reality for the ordinary world by creating a reflection in the non-ordinary one.

Thus our worldly experience, often said to be a duality, is really a binary system of on-off polarity blinks.

The primary polarity is between background and foreground, what is important versus what is irrelevant. However the background is far from irrelevant because it contains the remaining information needed to navigate between the two worlds.

This information is openly hidden inside the background through what I choose to call random markers which might be people, places, objects or events; termed randoms for short.

There are two keys to note with randoms, firstly you have to notice them, which in effect draws them out of the background into the foreground, and secondly you have to interpret what they mean, what message they are carrying.

Law of Magnetism

This the law has been poorly reported as the Law of Attraction, and I say that because there is a tendency to repeat that "like attracts like". Magnetic law states that opposites attract such that a North magnetic pole attracts a South and actually repels another North pole. There seems to be a dispute here, but following the Law of Paradox, what seems to be a conflict is really not when it is seen that a powerful North pole will change the polarity of a weaker one until it is a South pole of equal intensity.

This means that if you want to attract something into your life there has to be a space for it.

For example, say you want an intimate relationship then the first thing is to make a space for that person to fit. This doesn't mean fit someone into the time and space you have, but make enough time and space in your life for someone to willingly want to fit. This will of course mean that you have to change because you already fill that time and space.

This means that for every creative manifestation there has to be an emptiness of the required size for that thing to fit. Because everything is created in the non-ordinary world which is really another way of saying uncreated consciousness or fluid consciousness, which by definition occupies no space, it cannot be created in solid consciousness by thinking or imagination.

Putting It All Together

There are paradoxically two distinct worlds each a reflection of the other. The two worlds are polar where one world seems to be solid and the other is naturally fluid. The two worlds are intrinsically connected so that nothing can exist in one world without it showing up in the other. For something to show up in the solid world there has to be a hole for it to manifest into. The solid world is an agreement between a person's thinking, feeling and activity, so for a thing to show up there has to be an opening in the mind or in this case personal consciousness, in willingness or personal engagement, and the physical experience. If any of these are missing, the non-ordinary fluid consciousness cannot fill it.

The general idea is that by changing your mind, beliefs, opinions, attitudes and truly wanting something it will arrive from the non-ordinary world. And sometimes this is true, it does. It will do so if, and this is a big if, the new beliefs, attitudes, etc are in enough alignment to fit the non-ordinary. This often means using effort to force creation to comply with one's desires. Often this mechanism leads to heartache later on.

The alternative is shifting from the ordinary world of knowledge and knowing into the non-ordinary unknown reality. Of course this requires a significant amount of trust and some guidance to know how to do this.

I realised when I began this article that no matter how much information I gave away freely, and I can give everything I know away, it still won't be helpful. In fact the more I give the less helpful it will become. There is an old saying that there is no road to enlightenment without a teacher. I dismissed this idea for years, and sadly I have wasted years along with that choice.

Finally, this year I accepted that my pathway would be to channel Mercredan without resistance and with that decision I accepted my second teacher. I found that what I had been doing all these last forty years was the path, but without trusting myself and obedience I was as lost as the next person.

Aroha and Peace,



Francis Evans has been a researcher into consciousness and human potential for forty years and a channeller for over 30. It is only in recent times that Francis has “come out” into the world as the phenomenon becomes more accepted. You can read more about Francis in his story here.

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