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Channeling on Pre-birth Memories and Destiny | EP09

Updated: Mar 25

Channeled Transcript

Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

It is always a good practice to be aware of what one is thinking, because you are online the whole time within your fields of influence; which is your personal, local environment and the mass creation. So one's thoughts [and] ideas are already and perpetually being broadcast out into the world. Enough to begin a conversation.

Thank you. So our topic today is around pre-birth memories and near-death experiences. So when we come into this life as infants, do we remember our last incarnation and slowly forget it or are we a blank slate when we're first born?

First of all, let me remind everyone, the primary law of creation is everything is a paradox. That essentially means that the physical world is both here and not here, that time does not exist and yet has its appearances, that lifetimes then are dependent on a stream of time. So once one begins to understand the principles, it becomes clear that lifetimes are resonant frequencies that populate the infinite nature of time.

So when one awakens, that is one’s consciousness arrives at a focal point within the framework of space and time, one comes in with a certain purpose that is built from one's resonances with previous lifetimes that one resonates with. And for this reason there are many incarnations with a certain claim on the lifetimes of famous characters in one's written history. So it does not mean that one has the lifetime and many others are simply in delusions, but that everyone is collectively working through the responsibilities and the resonances of unfinished nature that resides in the space-time location, deep in historical framework. And so when one comes into the physical awakening, that is when one arrives in consciousness, there are frequencies and attractions that one may either be aware of or become aware of or are simply unaware of. Enough on that perspective.

Thank you. So are we predestined as a personality based on those frameworks?

There is no predestination from outside sources. One is completely the creator of one's personal universe. That is, both in framework, both in characteristics, both in time and location. So, one chooses one's framework; that is the parents, the family dynamics, the order of one's being descent into the family and so on, are all predestined by self.

So one chooses what one is going to be in terms of one's gender, one's sequence in the family, whether one is the firstborn or the lastborn or the middle, or a large family, or whatever. That is the best place to understand and to work through one's purpose within the lifetime. One is an essential piece within the jigsaw of infinity. That should suffice.

OK, thank you. So with that understanding that we choose it and we basically - I was going to say co-create but we create our purpose in where we land in the space-time continuum. Do we choose as you say specific lessons that we didn't learn in the previous incarnation, that we didn't learn then to then practice more?

When you recognize the resonance rather than as if one is the very other lifetime, then one is not responsible for another's choices or creation. One is co-creating with the historical framework practice to complete the lessons for all humanity, for all of creation, in effect.

One chooses one's family, co-creating with the acceptance within such a family and oftentimes these are family dramas as such. They are choosing a certain resonant pattern that is within the previous framework. Often then one comes in with the resonances of a different relationship in historical terms. You understand from the outside this looks exceedingly complicated but from the inner workings of consciousness it is ideal, and like all things ideal, it is quite a simple process from that perspective.

Whenever there is a set of ideas that require a framework of either space or time, it is within the creative forces that make it so. Consciousness awakes within that structure. So consciousness is creating the form in both space and time. That is, if you like, how energy manifests. In other words, there is no such thing as a creation outside of time and space.

Does it shine light on that subject?

Yes, it brings more clarity, thank you. So within that, consciousness shapes itself into the experience of…

That is true.

...continuing to learn through that resonance.

For the benefit of the whole. That is for personal gain as such, because the choice that one descends into from consciousness itself has certain uplifting benefits for overcoming difficulties. Those spirits with great bravery take on some of the most difficult qualities to overcome in a lifetime.

While it might seem from outside of why would anyone choose such a thing, from the inside it has great benefits and upliftment. So you often hear it produced that someone coming in with a disability must have been a bad person in another lifetime. But in many cases - I want to say in the majority of cases - such a person comes in to develop a specific quality that is difficult to bring to the surface in fully able beings. So there is an inner benefit that cannot be perceived from outside of it. And often even from the experience of it, it is not often perceived. And so it is with those beings that come in for only a short period of time. It is of great understanding of the nature of the physical limitations and also for a quality of bringing into the family dynamic. Great beings are often able to see others with greater compassion than is normal.

Right. OK. So with that knowing of our individual experiences in the family and we're resonating from the past - historical resonance - do we have a way of remembering who we were or what resonances we had come from?

Of course. And when one does, one can identify within… Let me put it a different way: Every life form is the descent of consciousness into a focal point. So one traverses history to a place where one is resonating and descends into it as a focal point. One is now that resonance. One is completely experiencing that focal point and not the present time focal point at all.

So one can be completely engulfed in that experience. Now one is not the resonance of it, one is the totality of the lifetime. One is now in the future of that resonance. One is focalized in it. One can perceive, if one were to put one's attention on it, a resonance coming from its future.

The life experience is dependent on consciousness within a focal framework. That is what makes it real in time and space. So from this point of time and space, a passing life does not seem real in the same sense as the reality you experience. But when one travels into the focal point at that time, it becomes real in terms of time and space. That is what resonance is.

OK, so how do we travel back to the past resonance?

First of all, identify the resonance. Where does this behavior or experience I am having come from? Let us say, I am experiencing a car accident. One is having some suffering, some pain, and so forth, and one is projected into a time. Let us say it is a time where there is an accident that happens in the factory that you are owning. Some child, some young girl or whatever loses her life, and you simply add it into the record. That is what it is, is a cost to the factory of losing such a worker. One has no compassion for that whatsoever. That leaves that resonance uncompleted in that lifetime.

So here you are having experienced the results of accidents and looking for some sympathy and compassion. However one experiences and feels with the present time will have influence on that lifetime. For example, if you truly realize and acknowledge one's personal part to play in the accident, then one will influence the nature of that in the past and that influence can even change the minds of that experience in the past. So your present awareness affects the awareness of one's resonant capture.

So whatever one deals with with awareness and compassion and love and higher thinking will release tied up energy across the time history spectrum. Humankinds then are completing long framework energetic systems.

Again it is seemingly complicated, technical and so on, and yet if you simply consider one's behavior in the present time: am I leaving behind anything that some future being has to return and complete? That, shall I say, is true spiritual awakening.

Thank you, Mercredan. Thank you for your time today. Sorry we didn't get time to ask some other questions. We'll look at those in the future.

Then once again what an important topic to explore in terms of one's connection to the whole being of life. Thank you and good morning from this time.


Francis Evans is one of New Zealand's most experienced deep-trance mediums who has been channelling for over 50 years. He has a unique ability to remove his personality during a channelling session, at a distance farther than most. Francis has been channelling the higher consciousness identified as ‘Mercredan’ for over 30 years.

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