Channelling Transcript: Is 5G safe?

Updated: Jun 16

A channelling on 5G technology

This is a transcript of channelling session with deep-trance medium Francis Evans who channels higher consciousness Mercredan.

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Mercredan: Good afternoon, once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

I want to start by saying that the physical world is evidential, that means that whatever causation is looked for, evidence will be discovered and of course the evidence will stack up to the degree that it is aligned. In other words the more intense one is, the more evidence one will draw in to your universe. Enough to begin a conversation.

Delaine: Thank you. So leading on from that, my question today is for the proposed 5th generation technology that's about to roll out around the world. Can you tell us whether this actually is serious threat to humanity and our health or is it unsafe?

Shall we say this, of course it is a danger to the old system, the old approach and the old generation of humanity. A new version that is rising will of course, be adaptable. The basis of human existence or, should we say, the existence of all species is their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The planet moves through endless cosmic alterations, highly energetic particles and so forth. The planet has consistently drawn those in, in order to shift the overall patterns of its expression. Does that make some sort of sense?

There have been many, approaches. Shall we talk about the third generation, that is the Atlantean expression. These beings communicated not by physical vibratory language but at high frequencies. Shall we talk then about communications at that level of awareness?

So if that is the case then one could say that the frequencies being used were highly evolved and highly specific. Does that follow? One then in your own world are using far lower frequencies than those that were used in that period.

Is that like being psychic? Is that like a psychic level?

Of course, so you are first of all beginning to open to higher frequencies. Higher frequencies, first of all using technological devices, at the same time humankind will begin to hear the very broadcast of such devices auditorily. Does that make sense? One will begin to hear the very frequencies broadcast, then it requires learning to interpret.

Can you give us an example?

Of course, sometimes people already hear frequencies that are seemingly not in the physical world, of course if they were measured with a highly sensitive equipment one would discover that indeed they were broadcast. Sometimes such frequencies are, messages from the planetary system, the solar system as you call it. Each planet speaking, broadcasting in certain qualities, tonalities, or frequencies, does this follow?

So you're talking about non technical frequencies?

I am talking of course that all frequencies are within the ranges that are what you would call electromagnetic but they are of significant speeds, powers. So you are constantly in the range of such frequencies. Should one be worried? Of course, because humankind is as yet not able to be trusted.

You are worried in the wrong fashion of course, because you are allowing something to be, manipulated from a different perspective. So that the real purpose is quite lost. Humankind has a structure that is in the process of being “chaotic”. There is a word they say, it is “chaordic”. That is, it is in the process of enormous changes that occur first of all by the breakdown of order, as it seems, a new order has to emerge and in this time-frame, it is a shift, as we have said, in consciousness brought about by the recognition that one creates reality as a unit. That is, there is no separation.

Whatever one manifests affects the whole, and in the end harms the whole. There is an idea that certain groups can survive at the expense of others but of course in the end that is not plausible because there is a coordination between the whole of consciousness. [This is] because the human race has decided that, that the experience is purely physical, and so everything is determined by its physical outcomes. Evidence then is collected for physical results but of course that is where the fundamental discovery is incorrect. But as I pointed out last time, what is often incorrect might be very useful.

So while one is in the physical body it is useful to consider that all things are physical even though one knows fundamentally that it is creative. One lives in the Garden of Eden, [as] in the story line. It is said that the units of separation, the polarities chose to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and so the fall. The fall is that they became physicalised and forgot their home, but it did not mean that they were cast out of the Garden of Eden. [It means] simply the Garden of Eden retreated into the backdrop. The physical world took precedence, but it was still the garden of creation. Still humankind were creating their own destruction and that has been the case ever since. And yet each one of you still remains on one side of the polarity attempting to unify. The disturbance of that fundamental law causes the disruptions that you see all over your physical emergence.

So through the disruption and destruction of the Garden of Eden, is this likely to be the final movement of destruction for humanity?

Not the physical thing, of course, but the whole of humanity is on the brink of its final failure if you like. That is, can it avert the final destructive war? Because it is in its final throes, as we have pointed out, the two universes will separate out. The question that many want to know is, are these physical universes? Of course not, one will be left as the physical form while those who have awoken arisen, have elevated their consciousness will, of course, return to the Garden of Eden, the promised land as it is.

Will we still be in a body?

At this point, of course, they will be individualised, then their structures will, in terms of physicality, will seem as such because, of course, the physical body is just that. It seems as such. I want to make it clear, there is a fundamental difference between the physicality that you experience in this universe and the physicality or the solidity one experiences in the next. That is the present physical reality is distinctly controlled by time. The next universe is fluid in time, that means it is creative in form and does not follow the current laws of physicality.

So is that like the Aboriginal people?

That is correct, that is correct!

But are we still on the same planet?

The two planets exist in the same space as it were but not at the same frequency. Does that make some sort of sense? Because, once again you are of fundamental loss.

So the two universes, separate because we are on our last throw of this, our destruction?

Because you are on your last moment of elevation. You can see it as the destruction of one physical world or you can see it as the awakening to a new version.

And is it true that many beings have felt drawn to the other universe before this point and there's a good amount of beings who don't live in the destructive world and are separate from it?

I want to say, better to understand, on mass, you understand, there are of course Great Beings. And the Great Beings have been populating and structuring the new universe so it makes some form of sense when those that are to arrive, do so. It would be very disheartening to feel like you are in some other framework. So the Great Masters have populated the structures in ways that are recognisable, at least in the beginning. Does that make sense? So you have to see that there will be ground as such, oceans and towns that you can recognise in the main. Often they will seem somewhat less populated.

So are you speaking, you did say that we would be in the same location but at a different frequency? But it would be like another dimension and somehow it will open up that we are transported to if we're open and conscious...

Of course, one begins to recognise....the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil! You start to see there is a balance between what one creates and what one lets go of, one's attachments. One destroys, one no longer puts attention on them, and they dissolve away, because anything exists only through attachment.

So the current 5G frequencies that are already starting to roll out on the planet...... the beings that are drawn to defend the masses are they part of the waking up, or is it a pointless exercise?

They are exploring their own degree of attachment. Are they attached to the outcomes? Of course, then they are trapped in that desire, everything is creative, you cannot escape. However attached you are to any idea. So it is that certain beings can eat poison and it is ineffectual, because it is not in their realm, it is not poisonous to them. Where it would kill someone else instantly, not even do they have to believe it is that they will die but they will die because they are not free of the attachments. Even to life.

Those that are free of the attachment may do many things that are outside of the ordinary, so you will find, of course, the results, the evidence, will be all around you for what you are attached to that will prove it beyond doubt to yourself, but to nobody else. So many people will become sick and many will seem as though they are somehow protected, has no effect. You understand? And that has been the case for everything. You understand, some people can go into terrible situations where there is terrible diseases and be unaffected by them and become what is called medical miracles, because they have not invested their attention, are not in that realm. You understand, so one has to be careful where you put your energy.

So the idea is to be unattached to anything on the planet?

For yourself, you understand, so one has to be careful where you put your energy. For yourself, you cannot interfere with someone else. They have to recognise what is occurring. One can say it, of course, one can broadcast as we do, we speak to many, but who will hear? Only those that are ready, who have no longer connected to the old syst